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How To Build Winning UFC DFS Lineups.



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Have you ever stepped into an uncomfortable situation and thought to yourself, ” How do I do this and Win?” That is the case with many people who love daily fantasy sports and have no other option but to attempt to play UFC DFS blindly. Today is your lucky day. I am here to teach you the ins and outs of building a winning UFC DFS lineup without knowing much about the sport at all. Without further adieu, let’s get started.

Step One: Acknowledge and look up each fighter.

The first step is acknowledging who is fighting and against who, followed by looking into the fighter’s fight history. This can be done by simply googling each fighter by name and using certain websites that prioritize each fighter and allow you to type a fighter’s name and see exactly who they previously have fought and when ( Use this information to determine if the fighter is in a battle against someone they have an advantage over by looking to see the different types of fight styles that the opponent has won or lost to. This will also allow you to potentially find an underdog who is in a position to win.

Step Two: Determine lineup construction.

Whether you are playing on Draftkings or Fanduel, lineup construction is key to a winning DFS lineup. This is where you will decide if you want to build a stars and scrubs lineup or a more balanced lineup. When you are looking into fighter statistics, you will find one or two fighters that you want to build your lineup around, and this is called your “core.” You want to input those fighters and fill in the other roster spots. After you lock in your top two plays, you will start to build your very own unique lineup. When creating this lineup, you will begin to see if you are making a stars and scrubs lineup or a balanced lineup.

In my opinion, the most optimal way to build changes every fight card, and if you predict underdogs to win, you will be building a stars and scrubs lineup. If you anticipate all favorites to win, you will be building a more balanced lineup. Don’t forget that you want to create a lineup that has the potential to be an OVERALL top score and not just a lineup that has big-name fighters. Sometimes it is better to avoid a guaranteed knockout and fit in six projected winners than forcing in three high projecting fighters and three dart throws.

Step Three: Review

After filling in your DFS lineup’s final spots, make sure you do not have fighters in the same fight in the same lineup. ALWAYS double-check your work. There’s nothing more discouraging than finding out you have the top five high scorers and you made a mistake on the sixth. If there is a fight that projects to have a high scoring fighter, but it could go either way, I recommend building an identical lineup with just one switch of a fighter and going the other way of the knockout fight.

UFC DFS GPP lineups:

When building lineups for GPP’s, you want to make sure that you have one or two fighters going to go under-owned. This will allow you to create leverage and help you make your lineup different than any others in the large field GPP. Remember, it only takes one punch to knock out a heavy popular favorite.

UFC DFS Cash lineups:

When building cash lineups, you want to have fighters that are projected to win. The higher Vegas has the odds, the better they are for your lineup. When building this lineup, you usually want to have the popular fighters and give you a balanced lineup. In cash games, it is okay to have the same lineup as other people because usually, the top 50% of the players are the ones that make money.


There is a big difference between cash games and GPP lineups, and it is crucial to understand what you are playing. With UFC DFS, I like to prioritize single entry and three entry max GPP’s. This will give you the best opportunity to win without going up against people that enter 150 lineups. If cash games are your style, then we have all the tools to help you with that as well.

Feel free to contact me any day of the week in the Win Daily Discord @JThomsonDFS or on Twitter @JThomsonDFS. We have many tools at that can help you with any sport you can dream of, whether it’s for DFS or anything else. We are available 24/7. Don’t forget to check out all of our projections and all of the content that we have to offer. WinDailySports can help you with EVERYTHING, so don’t forget to come back and WIN DAILY!

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