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At Win Daily Sports we want to turn your love of sports into a profit center. By signing up today you will gain access to some of the best minds in the Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting Industry. For Limited time only you can receive some of our DFS content for free with registration. That means NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, UFC, NASCAR, ESPORTS articles for free. Read articles, listen to podcasts, watch our live streams breaking down all the latest sports news and updates. You can also check out our sports betting data that provides all the up to date live odds across all sportsbooks in the United States. Along with that you will receive 7 Days FREE of our Expert Chat where we discuss lineups and place live bets 24/7/365. There is no credit card needed so Sign Up Today!

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Projection Models

Take advantage of our player projections created from our top ranked daily fantasy pros and gain a massive advantage over the competition on FanDuel and DraftKings. The optimal tool for all of your DFS research and lineup building. Our proprietary projection models get updated as the news comes in and will present to you the best plays of every slate. Not only will it display the top scorers, but it will find those hidden gems that are the difference makers to help you climb up the leaderboards.

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Win Daily Expert Chat

Become part of our Family in our Expert Chat! This is where all the magic happens. We created a community which we consider a family of DFS players and Sports Bettors  like yourself. Join our Expert Discord chat and gain access to our team of analysts to talk strategy, analyze games and adapt the Win Daily mindset. We have a chat room for each and every sport and topic. The chat is open 24/7/365 and you can interact with and be coached 1on1 from some of the greatest minds in the industry. You can ask all your lineup questions and discuss game strategy, contest selection, bankroll management, and simply get help with those tough lineup questions.

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The Win Daily Sports Optimizer is world class and will be the tool that separates you from the competition. The Lineup Optimizer will allow you to build hundreds of lineups with just a few clicks of the button. If you mass enter lineups, need a quick fix and want to rely on the numbers, or you’re simply running out of time to get all your lineups in you can quickly optimize your lineups and directly export them to DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo. With projections for every sport and the lineup optimizer by your side it’s time for you to change your game and change your life!

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Our Pros

Our team of pros don’t just talk about Daily Fantasy Sports, they are ranked as some of the top players in the world. We don’t just write articles but you will find us on the top of leaderboards across all DFS contests. We have 6 figure wins, qualified for live finals in multiple sports, have a show on the SiriusXM Fantasy channel and you have access to the plays and strategies we use on a daily basis. On our Cheat Sheets we will list our favorite players at each position on the slate. We will list the top value plays, top stacks, and top leverage plays of the day. If you’re busy at work or your family a quick glance at the cheat sheets will put you in the position to cash in your contests.

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Win Daily Tools

With all the tools above you’re ready to start cashing in like the rest of our community as you can see from the screenshots. It’s not only our pros who have hit big but our subscribers have been cashing in as well. The benefits of being able to work directly with our DFS pros until lineup lock and gain access to all the tools they use will set you apart from the masses. We will keep you up to date with late breaking news updates, ownership usage, and our DFS Pro Core plays. The 1 on 1 Coaching will help you build a strategy plan for long term success and we will make sure you have a proper Bankroll Management and Contest Selection plan as well.

Sports Betting

Our Sports Betting subscription is exactly what you need to beat the book. Sportsbooks are out there to try to take your money but we won’t let them. Our analytic tools, our live odds comparison, and our experienced handicappers will provide you with the resources to convert you into a long term profitable player. We will not only provide you with the right picks but we will coach you in our expert chat to ensure you’re playing with the proper bankroll management as well. We will teach you the fundamentals of how to bet, where to bet, and also due to our partnerships will all the major sportsbooks we will make sure you have the best promo codes and offers to take advantage of.

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Win Daily Tools

At Win Daily Sports, our motto is to “Change Your Game and Change Your Life.” Sure, we want to help you win that big DFS tournament. But we also want you to have a greater enjoyment of Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting while you are doing it. While turning your love of sports into a profit center, you also may learn some life lessons and gain some perspectives you may have never considered before. Winning is contagious and when you surround yourself with good people who know how to win, it will allow you to reach new highs.

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At Win Daily, our motto is to “change your game and change your life.” Sure, we want to help you win that big DFS tournament. But we want you to have a greater enjoyment of Daily Fantasy Sports while you are doing it. Along the way, you also may learn some life lessons and gain some perspectives you may have never considered before.

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