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Change your game, Change your life!

At Win Daily, our motto is to “change your game and change your life.” Sure, we want to help you win that big DFS tournament. But we want you to have a greater enjoyment of Daily Fantasy Sports while you are doing it. Along the way, you also may learn some life lessons and gain some perspectives you may have never considered before.

Jason Mezrahi

Founder and CEO

Jason has been a successful entrepreneur his whole life. Jason has been a professional, top-ranked Daily Fantasy Player on FanDuel and DraftKings for more than seven years. He has won FanDuel’s $155,555 King of the Diamond competition and placed second in DraftKings’ Fantasy Basketball World Championship earning him $300,000. Jason has been a finalist at multiple live fantasy sports championships, and he recently achieved the one-million-dollar milestone for entry fees at DraftKings. From this experience, Jason developed Win Daily Inc. to help others succeed at playing Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and winning at the game of life. He owns and operates, which supports the DFS community with resources such as tools, projection models, in-depth written analysis and podcasts, plus much more.

Nick Bretwisch

Director of NFL and MLB

Nick is an Illinois State University Alumn and a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan. Been playing DFS for over 8 years specifically NFL and MLB. Nick is the NFL Content Director at Win Daily Sports and enjoys a well-balanced and disciplined bankroll management angle when playing DFS. Whether it’s locking in your optimal cash-game lineup or leveraging the field ownership to get an edge in GPP’s, Nick is our go-to-guy for everything on the gridiron. Feel free to reach out to him directly on Twitter @StixPicks at any time!

Jim Thomson

Director of eSports and MMA

Jim “JT” Thomson is a former professional poker player and a self-proclaimed mathematical mastermind. He has been playing daily fantasy sports for five years. He has multiple first place take downs in various showdowns and tournaments. Using an “outside of the box” way of thinking, he has been able to dominate the esports industry, posting close to 100 thousand dollars in winnings in 2020, which includes a run of hitting 10 out of 11 League Of Legends DFS first place takedowns, and continually be profitable in DFS. JT has taken up a love for UFC over the years, studying fight film and fighter tendencies in order to create his own personal optimal DFS lineups prior to any new UFC DFS slate. He specializes in esports, UFC, NFL, NBA, and MLB DFS, but there is no fantasy sport that he does not like to play. If there is a prize to win, he will figure out how to win it. Over the previous months JT has used his love for numbers to create his own esports and UFC projection models. Using his knowledge and experience, he wants to teach everyone everything he knows, to turn them into a winning DFS player.

Sia Nejad

Director of Golf

Sia Nejad is a 20-year veteran of fantasy sports and began creating fantasy content for one of the first daily fantasy sports sites, He is an avid DFS player and year-long fantasy player and his fantasy football acumen has been referenced on ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard show. He has also appeared on CBS Fantasy Football Today. Sia is also an avid sports bettor, handicapper and poker player and recently appeared in his first World Series of Poker Main Event where he cashed. Sia is also an attorney who has contributed legal analysis to various media outlets including content related to the NFL Concussion lawsuit.

Michael Rasile

Director of Possibilties

Michael has played season long fantasy sports for over a decade and is gearing up to help all those out there to turn their possibilities to profit! Michael helps run the media operations here at Win Daily Sports, he runs the Live Streams and Podcasts, and is a co-host on SiriusXM!

William Cowan

Director of Data

William joined Win Daily out of a Tech, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Background in October 2019.

Nicholas Di Tommaso

Director of NBA and CSGO

Nicholas Di Tommaso “Ghost” has been playing daily fantasy sports for five years, in addition to his season-long expertise across various sports. He has since set out to combine his passions of finance and sports to successfully become a professional DFS player. Nick loves a healthy balance of both cash games and tournament play, but prefers the latter, especially in NFL and NBA, where he mostly plays single entry GPPs and 3-max tournaments. The Montreal, Canada native is looking to put WinDaily on the map by representing the North of the border in all fields, specifically NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, along with other Canadian staff members

Rich Masana

Director of Soccer and NHL

Rich Masana is a daily fantasy player who plays on DraftKings under the username “JetsFan303” and on FanDuel under the username “JetsFan3032”. Rich has many major take downs in MLB, NHL, and Soccer! Rich is ranked in the top 4% of all DFS players according to

Scott Engel

Director Of Season Long

Scott Engel is a 20-plus year veteran of the Fantasy Sports industry and an inaugural member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association’s Hall of Fame. He is a four-time FSWA award winner and nine-time finalist. He won the CBS SportsLine Hall of Fame Award for his longstanding service and was a featured Fantasy analyst for Scott is a longtime and award-winning host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He was the Managing Director and driving content force behind for more than a decade and helped launch the FNTSY Sports Network.

Capper Steve

Director of Sportsbetting

Capper Steve is a featured Win daily handicapper. He is a former professional poker player and highly successful DFS cash game competitor. His career highlights include winning 10 of 13 wagers during the 2018 NFL playoffs and correctly predicting and successfully wagering on the last three CFB National Champions. He is also very profitable in NBA and NHL wagering and is a dedicated MLB handicapper.

James Rocker

Director of Discord and KBO

James Rocker is an entrepreneur with a passion for everything technology and business. He started out his career as a cyber security analyst and has over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. James currently serves as the CEO of a rapidly growing MSP and Cyber Security company in New York. During the day he is overseeing the majority of operations in the company, but by night James is a DFS Professional. He puts a lot of his energy in NFL, MLB, and new found favorites of KBO and LOL. James is a smart thrifty player and understands the game, and the industry very well. During his first season of playing MLB he won his first ticket to a Live MLB Final. And while he didn’t place at that event, you can bet you’ll see him at the top of leaderboards in future contests and the next live final.

Brian Tulloch

Director of Projections

Brian Tulloch is an industry veteran who has spent the better part of the last decade building and running fantasy sports and DFS content sites like FanSided Fantasy (Fantasy CPR) and DraftManager and joins the team at Win Daily as the Director of Projections. Brian brings his expertise of MLB & NBA DFS to the team and his daily article "Picks and Pivots" which focuses on the slate strategy and roster construction. Brian is an official member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) and an unofficial member of the Tim Hardaway Fan Club and a firm believer that stacking against Jon Lester every fifth day is the best path to early retirement.

Zak Smith

Expert - Sports Betting

Zak grew up in Calgary Canada and has watched Hockey Night in Canada since he was three years old. When he turned six he had his first hand at betting picking all six winners on a sports select. Sadly for him and his Father, Dad filled out the wrong box on the Calgary vs LA Kings game and we didn't cash in. Zak now does Handicapping here at Win Daily Sports slinging winners all around.

Patrick Waters

Expert - PGA DFS

Patrick Scott has been playing fantasy sports for nearly 20 years. 5 years ago he got into DFS for its weekly excitement and clean slate. Few years back leaned more towards golf with a number heavy approach. Created the #InsightSheet on Twitter (@DFSPatrickScott) to help others create their player pool for free. For the last year he has been working with Win Daily Sports to help broaden there reach into the DFS community.

Isaiah Frechette

Expert - NBA DFS

Isaiah Frechette has been playing fantasy sports for over 15 years, and been involved with DFS for the last 10. His love for crunching numbers and enthusiasm for sports has led him to become more serious about his DFS expertise and writing, over the past 3 years. Isaiah has won multiple DFS tournaments, and become a master of bankroll management using cash games. He looks forward to sharing his confident projections and general understanding of DFS strategy through his sports writing, in hopes of making us all better players.

Allan Fabrykant

Expert - NHL DFS

Allan Fabrykant is a seasoned NHL DFS veteran who is an avid Leafs fan and loves helping the average player improve their DFS game. Among other strong wins Allan has taken down major GPP wins with a single entry in a 150 max in late 2019.

Antonio D'Arcangelis

Expert - DFS

Antonio D’ Arcangelis specializes in baseball, football, golf and hoops. He has written for, RotoExperts and Baseball America, to name a few.

Austin Harmon

Expert - Soccer DFS

Austin Harmon has been in daily fantasy sports for the last six years. He specializes in soccer and NHL, and has had several large GPP wins. Graduating from Ohio University, I currently work as an environmental consultant, and love to spend my free time with my dog and watching sports to find the next edge to help you win in DFS.

Tai Pham

Expert - LoL DFS

Tai "JSiX: Pham has been playing DFS since 2015, he specializes in single-entry and 3-max entry contest and is an expert in the League of Legends DFS scene but also plays NBA, MLB, NFL. He's also taken down multiple GPP's in all sports across the board and has a good understanding on how to use game theory, ownership, & leverage to gain an edge in GPP's. With his knowledge he's looking forward to help the Win Daily Family become a better DFS player.

Steven Polardi

Expert - PGA DFS

Steven Polardi plays DraftKings GPP golf and NFL under the name sicilykid. Using metrics and data on predictive models to gain an edge on my competition he has taken down several GPP tourneys and placed well enough to make money. Steven served honorably in the Marine Corps, played sports most of his young adult life, played poker professionally, and is now retired to focus on making money in golf.

Timmy Sigs

Expert - MLB Season Long

Timmy Sigs is a lifelong White Sox fan that grew up on the south side of Chicago. Timmy still lives in Chicago and when not watching or writing about baseball you can find him bartending around the city, slinging drinks like he does fantasy baseball winners.

Mitchell Thoennes

Expert - NBA DFS

Mitchell Thoennes a 23-year-old that has been playing daily fantasy sports since the day he turned 18 in 2015 and was still in high school. Two months later got his first large field tournament win in NBA as he was still just a high schooler. Since then he took down the 100K on an NBA slate using DraftKings as a 21-year-old. Currently ranks in the top four percent of DFS players according to RotoGrinders ranking numbers. Mostly a GPP/tournament player that specializes in NBA, MLB, PGA, and NFL in that order, NBA being his strongest sport. He works with numbers every day and including that with his love for sports explains why he has been a DFS player since the day he was able.

Adam Strangis

Expert - MLB and NFL Fantasy

Adam has been playing fantasy sports for well over a decade and writing across various sites for the past five years. After a brief stint with retirement, he decided to come back to the scene with the great team at WinDailySports. He wears his sports on his sleeve with a Pittsburgh based tattoo that covers a good portion of his right arm and is a loving husband living with a great doggo named Meeko. When not writing about betting and DFS, he can be found making good barbecue right outside Pittsburgh.

Matt Rogers

Expert - NHL, MLB, and NFL DFS

Author of FanDuel NHL, MLB FanDuel, and NFL Daily Fantasy Sports columns. Member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) and Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA). Husband, Father, and Baseball Coach. Originally from the Philadelphia area but now reside in Washington, DC.

Matthew Vecchio

Expert - NASCAR and NHL

Matt is a married father of two and a mail carrier. He has been playing fantasy sports since the mid 90's when Yahoo! first added fantasy baseball, and began playing daily fantasy sports in 2015. While he has dabbled in practically every DFS sport offered, Matt specializes in NASCAR and NHL.

Joel Schreck

Expert - PGA, NFL, CFB

As a fantasy sports enthusiast and DFS veteran, Joel has found a niche in capitalizing on unique showdown slates to cash in on 6 figure prizes! You may have seen him as DraftMasterFlex (on DraftKings) at the top of NFL and College Football leaderboards. While new to PGA this season, Joel has cashed for over $100,000 in prizes in his first three weeks playing and took the worst bad beat of the year moving from 1st ($200k) to 2nd ($50k) after the July 2020 Memorial Tournament ended and a meaningless penalty was assessed to Jon Rahm (meaningless to Jon at least).

David Stowe

Expert - MLB and NBA

David has been playing Fantasy sports for over 2 decades and brings his winning ways to Win Daily Sports! He is a 9 year army vet, Aircraft Structural Mechanic, and Small Business owner. But he's here to help you win a bunch of money!

Joe Johnson

Expert - NASCAR

If going fast and turning left is your thing, meet Joe Johnson. Joe’s strategy and projections will have you pulling into the DFS winners circle in no time.

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At Win Daily, our motto is to “change your game and change your life.” Sure, we want to help you win that big DFS tournament. But we want you to have a greater enjoyment of Daily Fantasy Sports while you are doing it. Along the way, you also may learn some life lessons and gain some perspectives you may have never considered before.

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