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As more and more US states expand legal gaming options within their borders, responsible gambling becomes a crucial topic. At WIN DAILY®, we are committed to promoting responsible gambling practices in the daily fantasy sports and betting industry. We prioritize the well-being of our users and strive to provide a safe and enjoyable wagering experience. In line with this commitment, we have developed a comprehensive responsible gambling framework.


Responsible gambling refers to a set of consistent and concerted efforts aimed at ensuring the responsible and proper use of legal gambling options. This includes sports betting at retail sportsbooks and through online mobile sportsbook apps.

Responsible gambling can also be extended to any activity involving the risk of losing real money. It is vital to promote betting within one's financial means, often referred to as discretionary funds that can be comfortably used without negative consequences.

The four key aspects of responsible gambling are as follows:


The most effective way to promote responsible gambling is by establishing personal limits. Understanding and knowing these limits is the first step. It is essential to only gamble with discretionary funds that can be comfortably afforded to be lost.

For instance, using birthday gift money of $50 falls within the scope of discretionary gaming funds, while using money intended for rent or car payments does not.


To ensure responsible gambling, it is crucial to set and monitor personal betting limits. Close monitoring of real money deposits made into betting accounts is essential. Self-imposed limits can be established as part of the tracking process.

Exceeding the set limits should serve as an initial warning sign, indicating the need to step away from gambling and reevaluate responsible gambling practices.

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How do I limit my risk of experiencing negative consequences due to gambling?

Addressing gambling problems before they escalate is often easier and more effective. This applies especially to gambling-related issues. Once gambling problems escalate, they can become challenging to tackle, leading individuals to believe that the only way to reduce problems is by gambling more.

For example, someone facing financial difficulties due to gambling may think that the only solution is to try to recover their losses by continuing to gamble. Unfortunately, this strategy usually leads to further losses and escalating problems. The best approach is to be proactive and take actions to limit your risk, even if you feel you are in control. Setting reasonable limits for yourself is similar to putting on a seatbelt before driving. You may not need it for your trip, but it can save your life if an unexpected accident occurs.

Most gambling providers offer various limit tools to help you control your gambling activities. You can often set deposit limits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some platforms also allow limits on other aspects of gambling, such as maximum time consumption, wager size, or total loss within a specific period.

Setting limits is a personal process, similar to creating a budget. It helps you maintain an overview and stick to your decisions regarding your gambling behavior, even if you occasionally get caught up in the moment. If you gamble with multiple providers, you may need to take extra steps to track your deposits or set lower limits for each provider.

The specific amount of money that can be safely gambled varies from person to person. A good strategy is to create an entertainment budget that includes gambling and set a limit based on how much money you are willing to lose on gambling after covering your regular expenses. It is also beneficial to set limits on the time you spend gambling, ensuring you have ample time for other enjoyable activities. Occasionally reassess your limits to accommodate changes in your financial situation or other important aspects of your life.

If you find it challenging to adhere to your limits, taking a break from gambling and focusing on other activities can be beneficial. Remember that gambling should never cause harm, and you can reach out to the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) if you need to discuss your gambling behavior and explore actions to limit your risk.

Taking the initiative to put on the gambling "seatbelt" can help you avoid dealing with more severe problems in the future.

Your Gambling Behavior (Reflection Exercise) Taking time to reflect on your gambling behavior regularly can help ensure that gambling remains a fun and enjoyable activity without negative consequences such as financial difficulties or neglecting other important aspects of your life.

While various self-assessment tools exist, it is also valuable to reflect on your gambling behavior and the emotions and thoughts associated with it. Be aware of your emotions and thoughts during this exercise. If you feel discomfort, find yourself explaining away actions, or even lying to yourself, these are signs that you may benefit from reducing your gambling or seeking professional help.

Here are some suggested questions to guide your reflection. You can answer all eight questions or choose the ones that resonate with you the most:

You can supplement this reflection exercise with the self-test tool called Gamalyze to assess the risk level of your gambling style.

We hope this exercise provides you with a clearer understanding of your gambling behavior. If you feel that discussing your gambling with a professional or receiving advice on how to reduce your gambling would be beneficial, please reach out to the NCPG. Substituting gambling with other enjoyable activities, such as going for a walk, meeting a friend, starting a creative project, or engaging in hobbies, can be an effective strategy for cutting down on gambling.


Mindway AI has provided Win Daily® with a tool called Gamalyze, designed to assess your risk of problem gambling from a neuroscientific perspective. This tool utilizes mid- to long-term studies on problem gamblers and the general population to offer insights into your gambling habits and provide advice on maintaining responsible gambling practices.


The NCPG, established in 1972, serves as a national advocate for programs and services dedicated to assisting individuals and families affected by problem gambling.

The NCPG's mission is to lead state and national stakeholders in developing comprehensive policies and programs for all those impacted by problem gambling, with the aim of reducing financial and social consequences associated with it.


The NCPG has developed effective programs and vital resources to support individuals impacted by problem gambling.

For instant help, you can contact the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 800-522-4700. This toll-free number is available 24/7 nationwide.

The NCPG organizes programs such as Risk Education for Athletes (REAP) and Problem Gambling Awareness Month, which coincides with college basketball's March Madness.

The National Conference on Problem Gambling welcomes industry regulators, legislators, and company executives, featuring recovering gamblers sharing their experiences.


To address the need for help and treatment, the NCPG provides local assistance on a state-by-state basis. Treatment facilities are established as part of various outreach plans.

Self-help meetings are available through Gamblers Anonymous, while Gam-Anon offers support for families and loved ones affected by problem gambling. Meetings are available in person and through nightly phone calls.

For specific phone numbers and meeting schedules, visit the NCPG.org website's Help & Treatment section.

Financial workbook tools are available as resources for treatment options, and a search tool helps locate certified gambling counselors.


As part of its commitment to problem gambling, the NCPG offers nationally recognized certification programs and quality educational training programs for counselors.

Certifications include International Certified Gambling Counselor (ICGC) and International Co-Occurring Gambling Specialist Competency Credential (ICOGS).

The NCPG maintains an updated calendar of events and training opportunities throughout the year, providing opportunities to earn continuing education units.

Professional networking is facilitated through the NCPG's LinkedIn page, enabling industry peers to connect, share news, and exchange ideas related to problem gambling and responsible gaming.


Gaming operators allocate a portion of their earnings to support responsible gambling efforts. Some companies actively contribute to organizations like the NCPG.
Gaming companies provide online self-exclusion options that prevent individuals from accessing their sites. Betting limits can be implemented to prevent excessive gambling, and cool-off periods restrict access for a specified period.
A gaming site’s account history provides a comprehensive summary of each customer’s online gambling activity.


Effective resources and programs are in place to foster responsible gambling at the national, state, and local levels. The NCPG serves as an exemplary national organization that drives responsible gambling efforts in local communities across the country.

As major stakeholders in responsible gambling and problem gambling prevention, the entire legal gaming industry is committed to this cause. Through education, training, and implementing safeguards to prevent the misuse of gambling products, legal gaming operators play a vital role in promoting responsible gambling.

It is crucial for all individuals and entities with a vested interest in responsible gambling and combating problem gambling to actively participate in these efforts. Prohibiting gambling in any form has proven ineffective, as unregulated and illegal options persist. By regulating and governing legal gambling products, we can effectively promote responsible gambling and address problem gambling on an ongoing basis.

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