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The NFL DFS season continues with the Monday night showdown, and we’ve got the breakdown to help you win big money in the final Week 14 NFL DFS contests!NOTE: For a refresher on showdown general rules and strategy, see my first showdown article of 2021.Let’s get to the game!Week 14 NFL DFS MVP candi...

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The NFL DFS season continues with the Thursday night showdown, and we’ve got the breakdown to help you win big money in the first Week 6 NFL DFS contests!NOTE: For a refresher on showdown general rules and strategy, see the Week 1 TNF showdown article.Let’s get to the game!Week 6 NFL DFS MVP candida...

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It’s time for our Week 16 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win!

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Week 16 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. DAL

FD($6,900)          DK ($6,000)

The price continues to rise, and now he’s the mostexpensive TE on both sites. I might stay away from him in a few of my GPPs becauseof what promises to be relatively high ownership, but I’m locking him into cashgames.

Darren Waller, OAK vs. LAC

FD($6,500)          DK ($6,100)

We nailed Waller last week as he exploded for 10-122-0 and was the top-scoring TE despite failing to reach the end zone. This week we could see him snag a score along with his normal smattering of 6-10 targets/catches and 50-100 yards. He’s a solid play in all formats.

Week 16 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Austin Hooper, ATL vs. JAC

FD($6,000)         DK ($4,400) 

The price is very reasonable on both sites, and it almost lookslike a mistake on DK. Hooper has immense upside and we know that teamssometimes Julio Jones – forcing Hooper into more targets. The Jags defense is afar cry from the unit it was in 2018, and Hooper could go off in Week 16 in asneaky good spot.

Mark Andrews, BAL at CLE

FD($6,500)          DK ($5,900)

Andrews seems to fly under the radar every weekin GPPs, mainly because there are so many ways for the Ravens to beat you andfolks don’t want to tie their hopes to a TE when so much of their success on thelegs of Lamar Jackson. Andrews is risky, to be sure, but he’s got 25-point upsideand saw eight targets in the Week 4 loss to Cleveland. He’s also pretty cheapon DK.

Hunter Henry, LAC vs. OAK

FD($6,100)         DK ($4,700) 

Henry is a huge risk in DFS, as he goes through serious scoringdroughts and is typically a boom-or-bust GPP play – and this week is no different.I’m willing to take the chance in Week 16 because the Raiders are among the worstat defending TEs.

Week 16 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

Jacob Hollister, SEA vs. ARI

FD ($5,700)        DK ($4,200) 

Death, taxes and playing TEs against the Cards. That’s what the Hollister play boils down to in Week 16. I don’t love the price on FD, but he does have 15-20 point upside in the matchup.

Kaden Smith, NYG at WAS

FD($5,100)         DK ($3,200) 

The Giants will be without Evan Engram once again, so Smithshould maintain an expanded role on offense over the Giants’ final two games.He’s without the monster upside f his fellow receivers, but he’s affordable onDK and could get you 10-15 points.

Additional Week 16 DFS GPP andpunt options:

JaredCook, NO at TEN (FD $6,600, DK $5,000) – GPP only

TaysomHill, NO at TEN (FD $5,200) FD GPP only since he’s a QB on DK

DallasGoedert, PHI vs. DAL (FD $5,900, DK $4,200) – GPP only

MikeGesicki, MIA vs. CIN (FD $5,300, DK $3,600) – GPP punt

TylerEifert, CIN at MIA (FD $4,700, DK $3,200) – GPP punt

Week 16 DFS DST Cash GamePlays 

Baltimore Ravens (BAL at CLE)

FD($4,500)         DK ($4,000) 

The Ravens could be thetop defense of Week 16 in all formats, but they’re especially attractive incash games against a Browns offense that’s thrown in the towel for 2019 and isprone to multiple turnovers.

Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT at NYJ)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,900) 

Pittsburgh’s DST is a juggernaut in DFS and has just two games this season where they’ve not reached double digits. The Jets? They’re still the Jets, possibly even more so now that 2019 is basically “in the tank.”

Week 16 DFS DST GPP Plays

Denver Broncos (DEN vs. DET)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,500) 

You’re getting a discount on DK and the Broncos unit will be happy to face a less formidable opponent, as they’ve been tested the past five weeks up against the Chiefs, Texans, Chargers, Bills, and Vikings. They’re playable in cash or GPP.

Seattle Seahawks (SEA vs. ARI)

FD($4,400)         DK ($3,700) 

The unit has its flaws, but the opponent turns theball over quite a bit. I’m liking the price on both sites and the Seahawks havethe ability to turn this game into more of a defensive slog than the Cards areused to.

Week 16 DFS DST PuntPlays 

New Orleans Saints (NO at TEN)

FD($3,800)         DK ($2,700) 

The Saints are a huge bargain on DK at just$2,700 and could see higher ownership with Derrick Henry looking doubtful toplay this week. I’ll have plenty of shares in GPPs, and they may even be cashviable despite their recent struggles.

Washington Redskins (WAS vs.NYG)

FD($3,800)         DK ($2,800) 

The Giants could always do some scoring, which means the Redskins can’t be used in cash games, but I like the price and what promises to be low ownership in GPPs. Jump aboard and take the risk.

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It’s time for our Week 15 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win!

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Week 15 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

George Kittle, SF vs. ATL

FD($7,200)         DK ($6,200) 

Kittle is the number one fantasy TE this week in cash games, and he’s viable in GPPs too, given his upside. With 60-754-4 on the season and averaging six receptions and 90.3 yards per game over his last four games, it’s obvious that Jimmy G loves him — and he’s what you’re looking for as your top TE  in cash games.

Darren Waller, OAK vs. JAC

FD($6,200)          DK ($5,500)

Waller had 6-72-0 and a fumble last week but remains DerekCarr’s top target. He’s a cash game staple every week but hasn’t broken out fora monster game in a while. The price is still very affordable.

Week 15 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Travis Kelce, KC vs. DEN

FD($7,300)          DK ($6,500)

Kelce isn’t cheap, but he brings massive upsideto the table and is essentially matchup-proof because of the many ways Patrick Mahomescan get him the ball. He’s a consensus Top 3 fantasy TE every week, and becausehe’s expensive he usually doesn’t draw too much ownership in GPPs.

Zach Ertz, PHI at WAS

FD($6,700)          DK ($6,000)

The price has jumped up on both sites, mainly because ofhis big game in Week 14 and the injury to Alshon Jeffery, but we still mustconsider Ertz as a GPP play, especially facing the Redskins. He had 5-54-0 inWeek 1 against them, but I think he’ll find the end zone this time around.

Austin Hooper, ATL vs. CAR

FD($6,200)         DK ($5,000) 

We saw Jared Cook score two big TDs early last week againstthe 49ers, so I’m not counting out Hooper despite the difficult matchup on paper.With Calvin Ridley out of commission and this likely to be a negative game scriptfor the Falcons, I can see Hooper drawing 8-10 targets or more. The price hasdropped too.

Week 15 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

TylerHigbee, LAR at DAL

FD ($5,700)        DK ($3,900) 

Higbeeshould be a popular target for Jared Goff this week facing the Cowboys, whohave a banged up linebacking corps and will struggle in covering the middle of thefield. We’ve seen two huge games in a row (7-107-1 and 7-116-0) and Higbee isstill a great bargain at just $3,900 on DK.

O.J.Howard, TB at DET

FD($5,700)         DK ($3,500) 

Howard gets a decent matchup against the Lions and could seeextra volume with Mike Evans (hamstring) done for the rest of the season. He doesn’thave the upside of the top TEs, but 10-15 DK points for $3,500 could work – andthe chances of him catching a TD really go up without Evans on the field.

IanThomas, CAR vs. SEA

FD ($5,300)        DK ($3,100) 

The pricing on FD is fair, but Thomas is still a massivebargain on DK, where he’s just $3,100.The matchup is a good one, as the Seahawkshave struggled to contain TEs this season, and we saw last week how much KyleAllen relies on Thomas without Greg Olsen.

Additional Week 15 DFS GPP andpunt options:

HunterHenry, LAC vs. MIN (FD $6,400, DK $5,200) – Risky and expensive GPP play

NoahFant, DEN at KC (FD $5,700, DK $4,100) – GPP only (He’s playing)

DallasGoedert, PHI at WAS (FD $5,700, DK $4,300) – GPP only

Week 15 DFS DST Cash GamePlays 

New England Patriots (NE atCIN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($4,000) 

The Patriots might havea little extra steam in their engines this week after the scandalous film crewinvestigation, and there’s no arguing this is a talented unit who can dominateagainst bad teams – the Bengals included.

Philadelphia Eagles (PHI at WAS)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,400) 

The Eagles defenseshould be up to the task against a Redskins team just scraping through the lastfew games of 2019. This one could get ugly, even if the Eagles offense doesn’t clicklike it should.

Week 15 DFS DST GPP Plays

San Francisco 49ers (SF vs.ATL)

FD($4,500)         DK ($3,800) 

You’re getting a discount on FD and the Falcons are not the offensivejuggernaut that the Saints are. I’m not worried about a repeat of last week,and I’ll be locking the 49ers into a lot of my GPP entries.

Green Bay Packers (GB vs. CHI)

FD($4,200)         DK ($3,000) 

We saw what they did against the Bears in Week1, and I’m not convinced Mitch

Trubisky isn’t dreading the kind of pressure thePackers DST can bring. The price is more than fair on both sites for the upsidethis team brings.

Week 15 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Los Angeles Rams (LAR at DAL)

FD($3,600)         DK ($2,900) 

The Rams are a huge bargain this week against aDallas Cowboys team that seems to have given up. I wouldn’t be playing them in cashgams, but I’m fine with shares in GPPs because the Cowboys may not have a planfor Aaron Donald and these greedy, aggressive corners.

Miami Dolphins (MIA at NYG)

FD($3,700)         DK ($2,600) 

This is about as low as I’d like to go in GPPs, but the reality ofthe Giants woes makes the Dolphins a unit we have to consider. It’s a team thatcontinues to get better and Eli Manning and the Giants aren’t really playingfor anything but their pride.

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It’s time for our Week 13 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate, focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win big!

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Week 13 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Travis Kelce, KC vs. OAK

FD($7,100)          DK ($7,200)

Weather is playing a key role in a few games this week, with cold rain being the main culprit. It’s going to be about 35 degrees in KC with no precipitation in the forecast, so I’m perfectly fine rolling with Kelce and his 8-10 targets as my main cash gameplay. He’s coming off his best game since Week 2.

Darren Waller, OAK at KC

FD($6,100)          DK ($5,500)

Waller is cheaper than Kelce and doesn’t have quite the flooror upside, but he’s still worth a look in all formats if you need the savingsat TE. It’s frustrating to see Waller without much red-zone volume and justthree TDs on the season, but he should be more involved against the Chiefs inWeek 13.

Week 13 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

George Kittle, SF at BAL

FD($7,000)         DK ($6,100) 

Kittle isn’t listed on the injury report but is reportedly dealing with a bone chip in his ankle – which could make him a little uncomfortable moving forward. But he returned from a two-game absence with a huge Week 12 (6-129-1 against the Packers). Sunday’s road matchup with the Ravens is a tougher draw and the weather in Baltimore projects to be a cold rain. He’s a GPP play only this week but still has an upside.

Hunter Henry, LAC at DEN

FD($6,600)         DK ($5,800) 

Henry is coming off a Week 12 bye and should have his usualshare of looks (54 targets in seven games this season) against the Broncos inMile High. He’s averaging an excellent 70 receiving yards per game, making himone of the more reliable tight ends in fantasy and a solid GPP play in Week 13.

Mark Andrews, BAL vs. SF

FD($6,500)         DK ($5,700) 

Andrews is in the sameboat as Kittle this week with regard to the game conditions and the difficultmatchup, but he’s a little bit cheaper. He’s a talented player and way too goodto fade completely, but my shares will be slightly diminished this week andthere are a few guys I like better.

Zach Ertz, PHI at MIA

FD($6,900)         DK ($6,700) 

Ertz (hamstring) was a limited participant in Friday’spractice and could always miss this game, but the Eagles are optimistic he’llplay. Goedert would see a huge increase in snaps and volume if Ertz is inactiveagainst Miami, but Ertz is worth rolling out in some GPPs if he’s good to go.

Dallas Goedert, PHI at MIA

FD($5,200)         DK ($4,100) 

Goedert could be an even better option if Zach Ertz misses,but he’s a fine enough play even with the Eagles No. 1 TE available. You’regetting a huge discount on both sites, however, if Ertz is inactive – so he’sbound to get chalky in GPPs and could make a fine enough cash play.

Ryan Griffin, NYJ at CIN

FD($5,600)         DK ($4,200) 

Griffin isn’t a lock-and-load value play anymore, but he’ stillGPP-viable and gets a great matchup against the Bengals. He’s now up to28-282-5 on the season, with most of that production coming after his Week 6breakout against the Cowboys.

Greg Olsen, CAR vs. WAS

FD($5,100)          DK ($4,400)

Olsen is easy to forget in this week’s list of availableTEs in the main slate, but he’s up to 68 targets this season and has now hauledin at least five passes in three straight games. In Week 13 he faces a Redskinsdefense that’s allowed the eighth-most passing touchdowns this season – so he’sworth considering for GPPs.

Week 13 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

MikeGesicki, MIA vs. PHI

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

Gesickibroke through with his first TD of 2019 in Week 12 and should get a handful oftargets this week against the Eagles. He’s still pretty cheap on both sites.

TylerHigbee, LAR at ARI

FD($5,500)         DK ($2,500) 

Higbee will be Jared Goff’s main TE on Sunday with GeraldEverett out for Week 13. He saw six targets last week against the Ravens and hasnow played 70 percent of the Rams’ offensive snaps the past two weeks – a ratethat should increase in Arizona. 

Additional Week 13 DFS GPP andpunt options:

JimmyGraham, GB at NYG (FD $5,800, DK $3,800) – GPP

JonnuSmith, TEN vs. JAC (FD $5,300, DK $3,300) – GPP (If Walker sits)

NoahFant, DEN vs. LAC (FD $5,100, DK $3,700) – GPP

TylerEifert, CIN vs. NYJ (FD $4,700, DK $2,800) – GPP

Week 13 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT vs.CLE)

FD($3,700)         DK ($3,500) 

The Steelers DST pricing is all messed up on FD, so they’re the easy pick for top DST on that site this week, even against a team that gave them fits (and hits!) a couple of weeks ago. I might look elsewhere in DK, but the discount is just too significant on FD to pass up.

Philadelphia Eagles (PHI at MIA)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,600) 

The Eagles are usually GPP-only but are decent cash gameplay this week facing the Dolphins, especially considering how well they did against the dangerous Seahawks last week. They’re expensive on FD but you get a discount on DK.

Week 13 DFS DST GPP Plays

New York Jets (NYJ at CIN)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,700) 

Jets fans know that you should never get too comfortable with theJets defense, and that heartache is just around the corner. While I’d love toinclude this unit in my cash game recommendations, it’s just too risky.

Carolina Panthers (CAR vs. WAS)

FD($4,700)         DK ($3,800) 

The Panthers defense has its problems, so they’renot really viable in cash games – but this is a fine enough matchup for GPPsand the Redskins offense is an excellent one to pick on.

Green Bay Packers (GB at NYG)

FD($4,600)         DK ($3,600) 

This game could get interesting.Cold rains are an awful weather component for football, and Daniel Jones hasbeen known to fumble. The Packers are a sneaky good play this week against theGiants, though their struggles against the run should limit your ownership toGPPs.

Week 13 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC vs.TB)

FD($4,400)         DK ($3,300) 

The Jags make an excellent play this week at home vs. the Bucs – ateam that turns the ball over frequently and doesn’t have a very dynamicrunning game. They’re on my list of bargain options.

Los Angeles Rams (LAR at ARI)

FD($4,100)         DK ($3,200)

The Rams DST turned in areal stinker last week against the Ravens, but the matchup this week is muchmore favorable, and they had scored 58 DK points total over the past four weeksbefore the negative performance in Week 12. Expect Aaron Donald and the rest ofthis unit to give Kyler Murray some trouble.

Also consider: Colts,Browns

Photo of Kelce by Master Sgt. April Wickes, U.S. Air Force

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As we approach the second half of Week 13, keep in mind that although there are many injuries across the league, there is only a handful that impacts DFS significantly (i.e. Adam Thielen, Zach Ertz). It will be critical to staying up to date on these injuries to help make fade/play decisions so check back with me for more information as the weekend unfolds. With that said I’ll get into the Week 13 Injury Fades/Plays. Keep in mind that all of the following prices are from DraftKings.

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Zach Ertz ($6,700)

Ertz did not practice on Wednesday or Thursday before getting in a limited practice on Friday due to a hamstring injury from last week. Despite the fact that Dallas Goedert ($4,100) was optimistic Ertz would play, the general feel from the collection of reports is less rosy. This will be a true game-time decision this week making him a fade in cash for me on Sunday despite a smash spot against Miami. Ertz is at risk for missing time or if he plays, re-aggravating the injury. Pivoting to Goedert is the obvious over-owned play here, so instead look to teammate Miles Sanders ($5,400) in the showdown slates. Sanders will likely pick up the leftover volume in Ertz’s absence. If you’re playing the Thursday to Sunday slate and were going to pay up for tight end anyway, look at Travis Kelce ($7,200) who over the last three games against the Raiders has three touchdowns, over 20 receptions, and more than 300 receiving yards.

Update: The reports are that Ertz is “pushing to play” which does not give us any more comfort in his utilization or effectiveness. It also does not detract from his risk of re-aggravation. He’s still a fade in cash games. Goedert and the tight ends I mention above are cash plays in Ertz’ absence

Gerald Everett ($4,600)

Everett has been dealing with wrist and knee injuries for a couple of weeks now and will not play on Sunday. This coincides perfectly with a matchup against the Cardinals who are bad at defending the pass and especially bad at defending the tight end.

*Enter Tyler Higbee*

Higbee is nothing special from a talent perspective, but he soaks up enough targets even with Everett active to warrant cash game consideration this week. At $2,500 he could run an incorrect route and return value on accident. Higbee also gives you massive savings to jam in players you want this week.

Damien Williams ($4,800)

Williams has an injury to his ribs which can be extremely painful, so he’s going to sit this one out. Teammates LeSean McCoy ($4,800) and Darrel Williams ($4,400) will look to hold down the backfield in his absence, but I’m not particularly interested in either as Andy Reid has made this backfield a nightmare for DFS players. Instead, I’m pivoting away from this game and looking at Miles Sanders again who is likely to be very involved as the 1. A. running back in a matchup where the Eagles should be in control.

Adam Thielen ($7,000)

It’s not often that players are hesitant to discuss their game status, but that’s exactly what we got from Thielen on Friday. His interview with reporters essentially amounted to Thielen saying “we’ll see” in response to the question of whether he would play or not on Sunday. This is an injury red flag if I’ve ever seen one. DFS players should make lineups without Thielen in it. Even if he’s active, he’s a serious risk for re-injury as we saw happen a few weeks ago. This means you can continue to roll with Stefon Diggs ($7,400) against this uninspiring Seattle secondary that will also now be without pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

Tyler Lockett ($7,200)

My favorite receiver can’t catch a break. Following the scary injury to his shin, Lockett was downgraded to “did not practice” on Friday due to an illness. This isn’t great as a stomach bug can cause fatigue and dehydration for a few days after the worst of it subsides. If it’s the flu virus, Lockett could be dealing with those same symptoms but at an amplified level. Lockett is a fade for me in cash and I’m watching his status for Monday night closely. Look at D.K. Metcalf ($6,100) in tournaments to once again fill the void, but this Minnesota defense is nothing to mess with.

Update: Pete Carroll said that all players listed with an illness, including Lockett, will play on Monday. Jadeveon Clowney says he will try to play.

Additions and Updates:

Matt Breida ($4,900)

Breida will be out again which is not surprising considering the ankle issue he’s dealing with is of the high variety. Mostert ($3,800) is a cheap option but I’m fading him in cash and tournaments as his volume is simply too low.

Thank you for reading the DFS Week 13 Fades/Plays. Be sure to bookmark this page or follow me on Twitter for more updates or changes. Good luck this week.


Featured image courtesy of Jason Peters.

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It’s time for our Week 12 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate, focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you take it down!

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Week 12 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Darren Waller, OAK at NYJ

FD($6,200)          DK ($5,700)

Waller’s price has risen on DraftKings, but dropped a few hundred on FD – but that’s just minutiae. After a seven-target week and another 7-78-0 tacked onto his season total (56-666-3), we’ve got to see him as a solid cash game pick in a week without many sure things. He’s a much-matured player now, has a relatively safe floor and has plenty of upside against the Jets.

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. SEA

FD($6,100)         DK ($6,000) 

It’s a concern that his price jumped $1K on DK, but he’s coming off back-to-back 11-targets weeks, is looking a lot more like his old self and silencing his critics. I’m not going to overthink my cash game TEs this week. I think Waller and Ertz are the best options unless you’re paying down for a bargain like Mike Gesicki (more on him later).

Week 12 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Ryan Griffin, NYJ vs. OAK

FD($5,600)         DK ($4,200) 

Last week I mentioned that Griffin gets no respect in theDK pricing algorithm, and it’s been corrected – kind of. He’s still a solid GPPplay on both sites and has as much upside as any TE this week, coming off a5-109-1 game in Week 11.

Jared Cook, NO vs. CAR

FD($6,000)          DK ($4,500)

Cookhas a difficult matchup in Week 12 facing the Panthers, who defend TEs quitewell. He’s not my favorite choice this week and his price is a little too highon FD, but his ownership will likely be restricted to Saints stacks, and that’sa good way to get exposure to him in GPPs.

Jacob Hollister, SEA at PHI

FD($5,100)         DK ($4,300) 

Coming off two big performance then a Week 11bye, Hollister’s price has shot up to $4,300 on DK, but I think he’s worth it.I’m, not convinced he’s a great cash game play just yet, but he’s certainly gotthe upside to make him a solid GPP play (10-62-1 in Week 10 at SF).

Greg Olsen, CAR at NO

FD($5,100)         DK ($4,100) 

Olsen had just five targets last week but he went for 5-57-0. If he can have another day like that and add a TD, he’ll be in good shape. This game could get high-scoring (45.5 total), so the game script could help his cause, and Olsen is a target that Kyle Allen trusts.

Cameron Brate, TB at ATL

FD($5,400)          DK ($3,600)

The Bucs are playing games with us. Brate was targeted 14times in Week 11, hauling in 10-73-0. He’s on my list of GPP plays because of thematchup and the obvious upside, but I’ll limit my exposure when I feel like I’mgetting toyed with.

Dallas Goedert, PHI vs. SEA

FD($5,200)         DK ($3,700) 

I wouldn’t play Goedert with Zach Ertz, but they both havesolid matchups this week against Seattle. He’s actually been more consistentthan Ertz over the past week weeks, so he’s another cash game option if you’dprefer not to spend up, but I’ll be focusing on him in GPPs because he’s scoreda TD in three of his last four games and has two-TD upside this week.

Week 12 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

MikeGesicki, MIA at CLE

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

Gesickihas been solid, and if the Dolphins are serious about beating the Browns, they’llbe using him. Joe Schobert is questionable, the Browns defense is missing someimportant defensive line components, and Gesicki is an athletic, big-play orientedTE who’s been woefully underutilized. He’s had six targets in each of the lastthree, but that’s just not enough. We could see a 10-target game for him in Wek12, and I’ll be way ahead of the field on my ownership in GPPs.

TylerEifert, CIN vs. PIT

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,100) 

Eifert’s price is stilldown and he’s probably going to see more usage in Week 12 against a Steelersdefense that ranks 28th in the NFL against TEs. He’s probably dependenton a TD to be worth using in GPPs, but he did see 9 targets and haul in 6-74-0in Week 9 against the Rams, so he’s got some upside.

Additional Week 12 DFS GPP andpunt options:

BenWatson, NE vs. DAL (FD $5,300, DK $3,100) – GPP

JonnuSmith, TEN vs. JAC (FD $5,300, DK $3,600) – GPP

NoahFant, DEN at BUF (FD $5,100, DK $3,900) – GPP

O.J.Howard, TB vs. NO (FD $5,000, DK $3,300) – GPP

BlakeJarwin, DAL at DET (FD $4,500, DK $2,900) – Punt

FosterMoreau, OAK (FD $4,700, DK $2,800) – Punt

Week 12 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

Chicago Bears (CHI vs. NYG)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,700) 

The Bears, with theirability tot get to the QB, have to be one of the top plays of Week 12 in allformats. Daniel Jones, for as good as he’s looked, is a fumbler. He fumbles theball over and over, and he’ll be in that position on Sunday, likely dodgingBears lineman and being forced into bad throws.

Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT at CIN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($4,000) 

The Bengals are terrible and the Steelers DST has been one of the most productive units in DFS. They had a bad week against the Browns, but are in an excellent spot for a rebound in Week 12.

Week 12 DFS DST GPP Plays

Buffalo Bills (BUF at DEN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

It’s not my favorite thing to go after the Broncos in Mile High, but the Bills should be up to the task of stopping this mediocre offense and creating some turnovers by their inexperienced QB. They are a consensus top-five pick DST in Week 12.

Detroit Lions (DET at WAS)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,100) 

This is a great matchup on paper, but the Lions could be down some key defensive players in Week 12 (Trey Flowers included), so my use of them will be restricted to GPPs, with the possibility of multiple Dwayne Haskins gaffes still lurking as a distinct possibility. Get some shares in tourneys.

Oakland Raiders (OAK at NYJ)

FD($4,600)         DK ($3,600) 

The Raiders defenselooks better every week, and the Jets can get a little silly with the turnovers,as you all know. Clelin Farrell and Max Crosby make a mean defensive end combo,so Sam Darnold better be on his toes.

Week 12 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC atTEN)

FD($4,200)         DK ($2,800) 

I’m not looking at too many punts this week for DST, but the Jags make my list. They’ve had a couple of bad losses over the past couple weeks and will likely come out pretty fired up in this divisional matchup. I’m not sold on Ryan Tannehill, and if they can contain Derrick Henry to a relatively pedestrian day, we could see some results.

Seattle Seahawks (SEA at PHI)

FD($4,100)         DK ($3,600)

The Seattle DST is massivelyunderpriced, especially against an Eagles team that’s missing so many of its offensivecomponents. I’ll have some shares of them in contrarian GPP stacks using Jacob Hollisterand Chris Carson (without Russell Wilson).

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As I’ve said over and over again: every player is banged up to a certain extent at this point in the season. The key to winning at DFS is navigating the medical implications for said injuries. Enter the DFS Injury Fades and Plays article. Despite what I just said about the state of the NFL’s health, this week there are only a handful of decisions to make in terms of injuries as many guys have already been ruled out or are on bye. I’ll walk you through who those players are. Note that the following prices are from FanDuel.

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Tyler Lockett ($7,400)

First up on the DFS Injury Fades and Plays is a guy who looks to be active on Sunday. Lockett was limited in practice all week, but coach Pete Carroll said on Friday that he’s now “good to go”. Keep in mind that although Lockett will probably be active, his effectiveness is not guaranteed. I’m extremely conservative with players coming back from serious injuries (e.g. Emmanuel Sanders in Week 11 playing through rib damage) and considering that he stayed in the hospital for two nights, I need a “prove it” game from him. Not to mention that from a strategy perspective, injuries alter game plans and there is a small chance he’s not as involved in the offensive scheme as we’re used to seeing. So, although I love Tyler Lockett on paper, he’s a fade for me in cash this week. The flip side is that he’s a great tournament play and the potential to pop off for 100 yards and 7 catches still exist. In reality, I’m really only eyeing Russell Wilson ($8,200) in cash for this game.

Alshon Jeffery ($6,200)

Jeffery was a limited practiced participant all week and is now questionable with an ankle injury. He’s a difficult player to prognosticate as this ankle injury has stubbornly stuck around for weeks now, meaning I’m not convinced that he can be that Alshon even if he plays. Despite all of those things, Jeffery still might give it a go due to the fact that fellow receiver Nelson Agholor might sit out with a knee injury, adding extra pressure for Jeffery to try and go. As a result, he’s a fade for me but his teammates Zach Ertz ($6,100) and Miles Sanders ($5,600) become cash and tournament plays respectively. I’m especially bullish on Miles Sanders in tournaments this week despite his dud against the Patriots due to the fact that Jordan Howard will once again be inactive. Additionally, Sanders is a big play waiting to happen. Another rarely discussed factor in situations such as this are injuries on the other side of the ball. The Seahawks’ star defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney did not practice all week, which significantly hurts a Seattle rushing defense that is just barely middle of the pack. Check back with me for an update on that.

Update: Alshon is inactive. Clowney is also inactive. Consider Ajayi as a tournament option.

Phillip Dorsett ($5,400)

Dorsett is still in the concussion protocol as of this morning, which means that he’s truly a game-time decision. Because of the fact that every concussion is unique and non-linear in nature in terms of recovery, I think this is the first time that the Patriots aren’t just playing whack-a-mole with the reports. It is concerning that Dorsett has not been cleared for contact and the fact that he participated in individual drills on Friday, though a good sign overall, does not guarantee he’s active on Sunday. With the added factor that Mohamed Sanu is a likely inactive (or will at least be limited), I believe this is a ceiling game for Julian Edelman ($7,500) so I’m more than okay using him in cash. His teammates, on the other hand, are fades if active.

Update: Mo Sanu’s ankle injury is of the high ankle variety and it seems like he’s pushing to play. Although it’s a valiant effort to say he’ll play, I would be shocked if he plays and even more shocked if he’s productive.

Emmanuel Sanders ($6,400)

Sanders was a risky play last week due to cartilage damage of his ribs and this week is no different. Last week he was painfully limited and it was cringe-worthy to watch. Ribs injuries are brutal to play through and Sanders showed us that last week. Enough times have not passed for Sanders to be significantly improved. So, even though I think San Francisco runs the ball against Green Bay, somebody has to catch the ball. Looking at you in tournaments Deebo Samuel ($6,200).


George Kittle ($7,000)

Although Kittle is making steady progress in his recovery by practicing in a limited fashion all week, he is still reportedly wearing a non-contact jersey, which is not a great sign for his availability on Sunday. On the off chance that he does get activated, he’s merely a deep tournament play. Instead, I’m looking at Tevin Coleman ($6,300) in tournaments (and potentially cash depending on format) and his counterpart Raheem Mostert ($4,800) who will get the nod as Matt Breida is highly unlike to play. Why you ask? Because the Packers are 5th to last in rushing DVOA and this could become a game of keep away from Aaron Rodgers. Kittle is fade for me if he’s active (which I don’t necessarily expect).

Reports: The reports this morning are that Kittle has a fracture in his foot or ankle but will play tonight. I think that decision is extremely, ahem, not smart. I’m fading Kittle in all formats and willing to live with the consequences (even though I do not expect a productive day from him).

Thank you for reading the DFS Injury Fades and Plays. Make sure to follow up with me on Sunday morning for the final updated version!


Image courtesy of Larry Maurer.

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It’s time for our Week 11 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win big!

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Week 11 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Mark Andrews, BAL vs. HOU

FD ($6,900)          DK ($6,100)

With 6-53-2 in Week 10, things worked out for Andrews, who we listed as our top GPP choice. There’s a dearth of viable cash game options this week, so even in a tough matchup against the Texans, Andrews is likely the best we’ve got. You can always spend down at TE in cash games and assume a little more risk since it’s a generally inconsistent position in terms of week-to-week production, but Andrews should be considered an elite TE at this point.

Jared Cook, NO at TB

FD ($6,000)         DK ($4,400) 

It’s a ugly week at TE. Cook rarely can be considered a lock forproduction, but he’s been remarkably consistent for the past three weeks withdouble-digit DK points in all three, and his 10 targets last week were aseason-high for him.  His price has comeup on FD, but DK still has him listed as just $4,400, making him a huge bargainin a great matchup (TB ranks 31st against TEs)

Week 9 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Darren Waller, OAK vs. CIN

FD ($6,700)          DK ($5,500)

Waller has just as much upside as any TE this week based on matchup and typical volume, but Derek Carr is spreading the ball around more to his other TEs and WRs like Hunter Renfrow. Waller is worth a look in GPPs, but he’s no cash game lock.

Eric Ebron, IND vs. JAC

FD ($5,200)          DK ($3,600)

Ebronis actually the discounted Colts TE this week, coming in at a remarkably low $3,600after a 12-target game in Week 10 against the Dolphins. His ownership might bea little higher than Doyle’s based on the pricing.

Jack Doyle, IND vs. JAC

FD ($5,400)          DK ($4,000)

It’s fascinating to watch Doyle and Ebron flip back andforth on DK, with Doyle priced up this week despite just four targets to Ebron’s12 a week ago. Both make sense for GPPs, though it would take some hutzpah toplay them both together. That’s not recommended.

T.J. Hockenson, DET vs. DAL

FD ($5,300)         DK ($3,900) 

Hockenson gets a favorable matchup against Dallas, as the Cowboys are30th in the league against TEs based on DK points allowed. The rookie parlayedhis six targets into 3-47-0 last week facing the Bears, and he gets Jeff Driskelagain this week. He’s not a lock, but worth sprinkling into some GPPs.

Ross Dwelley, SF vs. ARI

FD ($4,900)         DK ($3,400) 

Dwelley only hauled in three of his seven targets last week,but he faces the worst defense in the league against TEs and should have moresuccess against the Cards than he did against Seattle. George Kittle is listedas doubtful for Week 11.

Week 9 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

TylerEifert, CIN at OAK

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,200) 

Eifert’s stock is on therise, as theBengals have installed Ryan Finley down the stretch and a big-bodied, sturdytarget like Tyler could offer a security blanket for the rookie. This week hegets a favorable matchup against a Raiders team that has struggled in passdefense and will likely allow multiple dump-offs to Eifert and the RBs.

Ryan Griffin, NYJ at MIA

FD ($4,800)         DK ($2,900) 

Griffin gets no respect ion the DK pricing algorithm, andthat’s just fine with me. I’ll have tons of shares of the Jets TE, especiallywith Chris Herndon out for the season and no longer a threat to cut into hissnaps and targets.

Greg Olsen, CAR vs. ATL

FD ($5,100)         DK ($3,900) 

Olsen had 10 targetslast week and he could have a huge impact in this game if the Falcons stack thebox against CMC. I love the Panthers offense as a whole this week, as last week’sperformance vs. the Saints was probably an anomaly.

Kyle Rudolph, MIN vs. DEN

FD ($4,500)         DK ($3,600) 

FanDuel must have something against Rudolph, because he’s just $4,500 there. For a guy with four TDs in his last four weeks, that’s way too low. Use him in GPPs at TE or flex if you aren’t loading up on Dalvin Cook and the run game.

Additional Week 9 DFS GPP andpunt options:

ZachErtz, PHI vs. NE (FD $6,200, DK $5,000) – GPP

NoahFant, DEN at MIN (FD $5,100, DK $3,700) – GPP

O.J.Howard, TB vs. NO (FD $5,300, DK $3,600) – GPP

MikeGesicki, MIA vs. BUF (FD $5,100, DK $3,500) – GPP

BlakeJarwin, DAL at DET (FD $4,500, DK $2,900) – Punt

NickBoyle, BAL (FD $4,900, DK $2,700) – Punt

Week 11 DFS DST Cash GamePlays 

Buffalo Bills (BUF at MIA)

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,800) 

In Week 11, the Bills facethe Dolphins. They had a poor showing versus the Browns in Week 10 but scored10+ against this Miami team in Week 7 when Preston Williams was healthy andthey had more viable RBs. They offer a solid floor and upside this week and shouldbe a cash game staple, and the price on DK is still affordable.

New Orleans Saints (NO vs. ATL)

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,700) 

With 14 sacks over theirpast four games, the Saints make for a solid option in all formats against abanged-up Falcons offensive unit. They’re cash-viable with 20-point upside inGPPs.

San Francisco 49ers (SF vs.ARI)

FD ($4,900)         DK ($4,000) 

The 49ers defense gets a favorable matchup and is one of thebest units in the game, and they didn’t take advantage a couple weeks ago in Arizona.Now, on their home turf, we could see a completely different story emerge. They’re  solid play in all formats.

Week 11 DFS DST GPP Plays

New England Patriots (NE atPHI)

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,500) 

This might be the cheapest you’ll see the Patriots defense the restof the way out this season on DK, where they’ve scored double digits in everyweek of the season except Week 9 and their bye. They should easily be $4Kagainst a banged-up Eagles team that’s lacking in consistent offensive options.The best option for GPPs (20+ upside) and cash-viable as well.

Minnesota Vikings (MIN vs. DEN)

FD ($4,700)         DK ($3,400) 

The Vikings defensive line must be licking theircollective chops at the prospect of going after Brandon Allen on their hometurf. This week could feature their highest DST score since the dropped 16 DKpoints on Atlanta in Week 1.

Oakland Raiders (OAK vs. CIN)

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,300) 

The Raiders face one ofthe worst teams in the league, if not the worst, and should put plenty of pressureon Ryan Finley despite their issues with pass coverage. They might have a lowerflor than some of these other STs listed, but they have just as much upside asanyone except the Pats and Vikings.

Dallas Cowboys (DAL at DET)

FD ($4,100)         DK ($3,600) 

The Cowboys are relatively inexpensive, because they’re a risky bunchto get into shootouts and don’t create a ton of turnovers. They have muchhigher upside this week against a poor run defense (they can slow it down andyou can pair Ezekiel Elliott with the Cowboys DST in a few GPP builds)) and apositive game script for the defense against Jeff Driskel.

Indianapolis Colts (IND vs. JAC)

FD ($4,400)         DK ($3,300) 

TheColts are a boom-or-bust GPP play this week, as they face the Jaguars and NickFoles. I’m willing to consider them at home against a QB who could be rusty,especially sine they have a solid run defense and Foles might be forced to throwa bit more than he’d like in his first game back.

Week 11 DFS DST PuntPlays 

New York Jets (NYJ at WAS)

FD ($4,500)         DK ($3,100) 

The Jets face a rookie QB (Dwayne Haskins) and have looked muchbetter defensively the past few weeks. They’re a viable play in all formatsthis week and still won’t cost you much.

Baltimore Ravens (BAL vs. HOU)

FD ($4,300)         DK ($3,000) 

The Ravens DST has a toughmatchup, but the Texans are not immune to mistakes. They’re a risky play butcheap on both sites and GPP viable.

Carolina Panthers (CAR vs. ATL)

FD ($3,700)         DK ($3,000) 

The Panthers might be my favorite punt defense this week in GPPs,because they have the best RB in fantasy and the Falcons are a mistake-prone groupmissing their top RB and TE Austin Hooper, a key safety valve for Matt Ryan.

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Goal: 21.5, Prize: 2x

Michael Thomas, Jared Cook and Mike Evans are my guys, though if youre skittish about using a TE you can go with Alvin Kamara or Chris Godwin.

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