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This  DraftKings Fantasy review will give an in-depth look at what DraftKings, one of the premier Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) providers, has to offer. Through an advanced lineup structure, DraftKings Fantasy allows for both amateur and professional Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players to differentiate their lineups from others, just as DraftKings did from other Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platforms with their unique style and vast contest selection. 

Full Review

The Basics

Founded in 2012, DraftKings Fantasy is constantly evolving into bigger and better things. Like all Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites, DraftKings Fantasy offers all major sports and more: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, NCAAB, CFB, NASCAR, Soccer, MMA, and more recently, eSports, all of which can be seen on both their website under and the front page of their mobile application.

After choosing which sport to play, the decision is then which of two contest types to enter: cash games or Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs). Cash games are made up of 50/50s and multipliers (double ups, triple ups, etc.) where approximately half of the field will win; sometimes less, depending on the contest. GPPs are contests with a much larger number of contestants and is where DraftKings thrives with its enormous prize pools; the number of entrants in the available tournaments vary from fields as small as 10 entrants, to over contests with over 100,000 people. With a quarter or less of the field taking home winnings in Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs), there is some risk to them, but DraftKings makes it worth your while with their infamous million-dollar contests and more.

Contest Types

Full Roster

DraftKings Fantasy lineup construction not only differentiates them from other sites, it is what makes their Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contests so fun to play in. The endless amount of lineup possibilities on DraftKings Fantasy prevents the likelihood of duplicate lineups, albeit it is, of course, still possible. DraftKings offers full roster contests for every sport available, with each one having their own DraftKings Fantasy twist to it. For example, NBA contests are wildly unpredictable because of players’ eligibility for multiple positions, making for an immense number of lineup possibilities by switching one player from one position to another. Full roster formats on DraftKings Fantasy have the biggest payouts compared to other contests, specifically in major sports’ Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs). DraftKings Fantasy full roster format is similar to other Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) providers in the industry, with some differences in addition to their multi-position eligibility for NBA players: there are two required starting pitchers in MLB contests, whereas others only require 1, the minimum amount of teams used in lineups in eSports is two, whereas other sites require three, NHL lineups have a “utility” spot where you can select a player of any position other than a goalie, while NFL lineup construction remains the same across major Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites.

Showdown Captain Mode

DraftKings Fantasy single game contests, the is a popular format across all sports. Whether it may be in the NBA, NFL, or other sports, there is plenty of money to be won in DraftKings Fantasy Showdown Captain Mode and make for an interesting alternative to full roster format contests. Each DraftKings Fantasy Showdown Captain Mode contest requires 6 players to be chosen, with the “MVP” position scoring 1.5x the points of a player in a “Flex” position. This is similar to other sites’ format, however DraftKings Fantasy puts their own spin to it; the “MVP” in your lineup does not have the same salary should they be played in the “FLEX” slot, rather they cost 1.5x as much since they score 1.5x the points. This makes lineup construction rather challenging, in a good way, since you cannot simply play the top player on the slate without potentially sacrificing the quality of the remaining players in your lineup.


A DraftKings Fantasy contest suitable for both entry-level and professional Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players, Tiers is simplistic and fun to play. There are no salaries in this contest type. Instead, you choose players from six different “tiers” independent from one another. There is a strong possibility of duplicate lineups given the absence of salary constraints, however that is the challenging part: making your lineup different to beat everyone! Players on a given slate are typically distributed into their respective “tiers” by a combination of fantasy points per game (FPPG) and their salary in the full roster format, and possibly the matchup on that given night.

Lineup Construction

DraftKings Fantasy lineup construction is a different challenge every night, making it a premier Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) destination. The most useful tool available is DraftKings Fantasy famous “Late Swap”, which allows for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contestants to swap players, who have not played yet, in and out of their lineup, barring position eligibility from the replacement(s). In addition, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) contestants can click on the player’s picture to see statistics pictured below, including recent game logs, season statistics, and more.

Contest Selection

DraftKings Fantasy has a plethora of contests available to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players on a nightly basis. There is also a simpler way to choose a contest amongst the thousands available thanks to DraftKings Fantasy detailed website and mobile application; any way you wish to filter your contests, DraftKings Fantasy offers it. Whether on the website itself or using the mobile application, DraftKings has filters to choose contests sorted by sport, entry fee, contest type, and more advanced filters such as field size and entry fee payment options under their “Lobby”. Once you find the right contest for you, there is more information available when clicking on the tournament’s title, such as a brief summary of the contest itself, the entrants and their level of experience, prize payouts based on standings, and contest rules and scoring.

Mobile Application

DraftKings Fantasy support to its customer base extends to when you are on the go with their mobile application. DraftKings’ mobile application is far and beyond the best in the industry, with almost every feature imaginable available. When opening the application, you are immediately shown the “Lobby” with every sport having a designated picture to help you choose your contest by sorting by sport, if you choose. In addition, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players are able to see live, upcoming, and recent contests, edit lineups directly through the application, view and change account information such as your profile or deposit/withdrawal options, and inviting friends to play a particular contest by having a shareable link. In support to their primary mobile application, DraftKings Fantasy offers “DraftKings Live”, where you are able to get play-by-play updates on the players in your lineups, the top performers of the night, player and team news updates, and more. DraftKings Fantasy mobile applications are only getting better every day and are one of the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) provider’s strongest assets.

Special Events

DraftKings Fantasy has plenty of special events throughout the calendar year, both in the form of live and online finals. For almost every sport, including basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), football (NFL), hockey (NHL), NASCAR, eSports, and even sports betting, DraftKings Fantasy gives Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players, and sports bettors alike, the opportunity to attend an exclusive event. Contestants get the chance to partake in one of the finals by winning a ticket in contests during seasons of the respective sport. With the largest prize pools known in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry, live finals are an extravagant trip where leisure meets our love for the game.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook is available for those interested in betting and to allow for its Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players and sports bettors to share a common platform. DraftKings Sportsbook has its own mobile application and has the common features found on the most popular sportsbooks, including moneyline betting, spreads, over/under betting, futures, live/in-game betting, and more. The website itself is well organized and simple to navigate, just as the mobile application is. There are daily promotions for new accounts, in addition to DraftKings offering bonuses when opening a new account and making a deposit of a specific amount.

Welcome Offer20% Deposit Match up to $1,000

Terms and conditions apply.

The bonus amount is equal to 20% of your first deposit amount, not to exceed $1,000 (the customer must deposit $5,000 to be eligible to receive the maximum possible bonus amount of $1,000). For every $25 played on DraftKings in DFS/Sportsbook/Casino, the user will receive $1 in bonus funds released into their customer account (e.g., a $5,000 deposit requires a customer to play through a cumulative total of $25,000 in daily fantasy contests, sportsbook (-300 odds or longer), casino products, or any combination thereof to receive the maximum possible bonus amount of $1,000). The play-through requirement must be met 90 days from the date of the first deposit to receive the maximum bonus.

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