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At WIN DAILY®, we take great pride in the exceptional team of content contributors who play a vital role in shaping our platform and enriching the fantasy sports community. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion are instrumental in providing you with a diverse array of articles, videos, interviews, live shows, and more, all aimed at enhancing your Daily Fantasy Sports experience.

Our team comprises industry-leading experts, seasoned veterans, and rising stars who share a common goal: to help you revolutionize your game and transform your life. They are not only deeply passionate about fantasy sports but also committed to delivering the highest quality content that educates, entertains, and inspires.

Our content contributors form an impressive collective of knowledge and experience, each offering their unique perspectives, strategies, and insights. Whether you seek comprehensive analysis, expert predictions, player evaluations, or strategic tips, our team excels in providing you with a wealth of valuable information.

However, the contributions of our team extend beyond delivering exceptional content. They actively engage with the community, fostering discussions, addressing inquiries, and forging connections. Their presence breathes life into our platform, creating a vibrant and inclusive environment where sports enthusiasts can unite, learn from one another, and share their unwavering passion.

From thought-provoking articles that challenge conventional wisdom to engaging videos that unravel intricate concepts, our team utilizes their expertise and creativity to offer you a multifaceted experience. They recognize that fantasy sports transcend mere games—they serve as a medium to connect with others, explore innovative strategies, and expand horizons.

Beyond their individual talents, our team embodies a collaborative spirit. They work closely, exchanging ideas, insights, and experiences, to ensure our content remains comprehensive, diverse, and well-rounded. This collaborative approach enables us to cover a wide range of sports, leagues, and formats, catering to the varied interests and preferences of our esteemed community.

At WIN DAILY®, we uphold transparency and accountability as paramount principles. Each content contributor undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure they possess the knowledge, expertise, and integrity necessary to provide you with reliable and trustworthy information. We continuously strive to maintain the highest standards of accuracy, ethics, and professionalism.

We wholeheartedly invite you to explore our platform, engage with our remarkable team, and embark on an exhilarating journey of knowledge, strategy, and community. Together, let us revolutionize your approach to Daily Fantasy Sports and propel your game to unparalleled heights.

Thank you for being an invaluable part of the WIN DAILY® community, where our team remains devoted to making a resounding impact on your sports experience.



Allan Fabrykant

71 Posts

A passionate hockey fan since 2007 and introduced to NHL DFS through FanDuel in 2017 by a family member, Allan ventured into the realm of NHL writing, contributing to Daily Play Action from 2018 onwards. Embracing the challenges of DFS, he relentlessly honed his skills season after season, with a singular focus on excelling as an NHL and UFC DFS player, passionately aligning with their love for the sports. Notably, in 2019, Allan provided key recommendations, including Sean Kuraly in the NHL Winter Classic, where he emerged as the slate's most valuable player with a goal and 5 shots. The foresight extended to players like Mantha, Perlini, and Ennis, achieving impressive values of 12.9x, 10x, and 14.9x, respectively. Demonstrating prowess in NHL contests, his most remarkable triumph was securing a notable NHL 4.44 Breakaway victory, earning $5,000 in prize money. Follow Allan on Twitter @AFabrykant and on FanDuel under the username InAustonWeTrust.

Dave Gloeckner

81 Posts

Dave is a lifelong enthusiast of fantasy sports, actively engaging in football, baseball, basketball, and golf. Hailing from the Philadelphia area, he holds a deep devotion to the Philadelphia Eagles, owning season tickets to support his beloved team. Embracing DFS in 2012, Dave has achieved notable success with several significant takedowns on DraftKings. He has developed a newfound passion for CFB DFS, going by the username @dgloeck. In 2022, Dave became a valued member of the WinDaily team, contributing video and written content across the platform. Additionally, he shares his betting picks through WinDaily and Tallysite, boasting an impressive record of 42-19 for the MLB 2023 season. Recognized as the Bell Ringer, Dave also lends his voice to the WinDaily Show on Sirius radio, airing on Sundays. On Twitter (@dgloeck), he actively shares his content and passionate insights on a daily basis.

David Bieleski

49 Posts

David takes the business international, joining the team from New Zealand and having grown up in Dubai. It was when living in the Middle East where he first developed his love of golf whilst working at local DP World Tour events, getting inside the ropes with the world’s best, and being fortunate enough to be coached as a junior by elite instructor Justin Parsons. Despite having experience working in multiple other areas of the sports industry, golf remains his main passion. David relies heavily on data, agronomy, topography, and meteorology in providing his @DeepDiveGolf analysis and betting tips for both the PGA and DP World Tour events.


355 Posts

Ghost has been playing daily fantasy sports everyday for the past five years, in addition to his season-long expertise across various sports. He has since set out to combine his passions of finance and sports to successfully become a professional DFS player. Having multiple GPP wins over the course of the last year (2019), the Canadian known as “Ghost” is seeking bigger and better things in the future. Ghost loves a healthy balance of both cash games and tournament play, but prefers the latter, especially in NFL and NBA, where he mostly plays single entry GPPs and 3-max tournaments. The Montreal, Canada native is looking to put Win Daily Sports on the map by representing the North of the border in all fields, specifically NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and eSports.

Jared Levitt

59 Posts

Jared is a seasoned fantasy sports player with a passion that dates back to the time when his parents would drive him to drafts as he was too young to drive, and the internet wasn't yet available for online drafts. Growing up in both Coney Island and Central Jersey, he developed a deep love for the Mets, Rangers, and Knicks, cementing his fandom for these teams. Currently residing in Baltimore, Jared leads the charge in managing collection strategies for a major bank, showcasing his expertise in the financial sector. Alongside his professional pursuits, he remains an ardent participant in the world of fantasy sports, continually enjoying the thrill and strategy the games offer.

Jim Thomson

76 Posts

Jim “JT” Thomson is a former professional poker player and a self-proclaimed mathematical mastermind. He has been playing daily fantasy sports for five years. He has multiple first place take downs in various showdowns and tournaments. Using an “outside of the box” way of thinking, he has been able to dominate the esports industry, posting close to 100 thousand dollars in winnings in 2020, which includes a run of hitting 10 out of 11 League Of Legends DFS first place takedowns, and continually be profitable in DFS. JT has taken up a love for UFC over the years, studying fight film and fighter tendencies in order to create his own personal optimal DFS lineups prior to any new UFC DFS slate. He specializes in esports, UFC, NFL, NBA, and MLB DFS, but there is no fantasy sport that he does not like to play. If there is a prize to win, he will figure out how to win it. Over the previous months JT has used his love for numbers to create his own esports and UFC projection models. Using his knowledge and experience, he wants to teach everyone everything he knows, to turn them into a winning DFS player.

Joe DiCarlo

10 Posts

Joe, born and raised in Hackensack, NJ, has held a lifelong passion for sports. From a young age, he embraced betting and gambling, achieving early success with his first 5-Leg parlay on the NFL at the age of 14. As an Italian-American, his family affectionately nicknamed him "Cucuzza," a moniker he adopted as his screen name on platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel after sports gambling became legalized in New Jersey in 2018. Professionally, Joe has been an HVAC technician since 1998, spending long days and nights on the road with the radio tuned into sports stations. A dedicated listener of Fantasy Radio on Sirius XM from its inception, he has harnessed this knowledge and passion to excel in NFL Season-Long leagues, Best Ball, and Daily Fantasy Sports. Joe's love for fantasy sports led him to pursue writing, and he proudly became a member of the WinDailySports family, securing an NFL slot as a writer for the platform.

Joel Schreck

12 Posts

As a fantasy sports enthusiast and DFS veteran, Joel has found a niche in capitalizing on unique showdown slates to cash in on 6 figure prizes! You may have seen him as DraftMasterFlex (on DraftKings) at the top of NFL and College Football leaderboards. While new to PGA this season, Joel has cashed for over $100,000 in prizes in his first three weeks playing and took the worst bad beat of the year moving from 1st ($200k) to 2nd ($50k) after the July 2020 Memorial Tournament ended and a meaningless penalty was assessed to Jon Rahm (meaningless to Jon at least).

Joey Ikez

5 Posts

Joseph, an NFL best ball and season-long analyst, recently joined Win Daily. With a lifelong devotion to the New York Jets, he attends their home games regularly, engaging in spirited tailgating with his crew in Parking Lot D at Met Life stadium. A seasoned commissioner in season-long NFL, NBA, and MLB fantasy leagues for two decades, Joseph also delves into best ball leagues for these major sports, providing NFL best ball content leading up to the season's opening day. You can find him on DraftKings as NYKfan718, Underdog Fantasy as NYJfan718, and FanDuel as joeyikez. Beyond his love for sports, Joseph remains deeply committed to his family, friends, and unwavering loyalty to NY sports teams.

Jonny Colbert

0 Posts

Hailing from a small town outside of the Kansas City area, Jonny is a sports enthusiast with an unwavering passion for the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL football as a whole. He is the creator and charismatic host of The PK Sportscast, and hosts Win Daily's Standouts & Setbacks. With Jonny, every game day is a celebration. Go Chiefs!

Julia Papworth

0 Posts

Writer, CrossFitter, and fantasy football fanatic - Julia makes her home in sunny Los Angeles, California. An Arizona State University alum, you can find her writing for The Fantasy Footballers and Morning Chalk Up, and contributing to other outlets across the fantasy football space. Her guilty pleasures include animals dressed as humans, babies wearing tiny headphones at sporting events, and drafting Samaje Perine in the 10th round.

Justin Elick

42 Posts

Justin is a seasoned player in the realm of fantasy sports, having engaged in this passion since its inception. He stands among the pioneers of Daily Fantasy Sports, having been present during the era of DraftStreet, DraftDay, and various other platforms. A supporter of all things Cincinnati (WHO DEY), Justin remains an enthusiastic presence on Twitter (@BigItaly42) and actively participates in sports discussions within the WinDailySports Discord, where he goes by the handle "Myrtle Beach Mermen."

Michael Sicoli

0 Posts

Michael Sicoli graduated from Quinnipiac University with a master’s in sports journalism in 2023. He writes for numerous football websites and specializes in defensive fantasy football with The IDP Guys.

Rich McAteer

0 Posts

I was born and raised in The City of Brotherly Love. As a sports enthusiast and Philly sports devotee I’ve loved sports radio for as long as I can remember and fantasy football has been a constant in my life since I was a teenager. Talking fantasy has always been one of my favorite hobbies, so I’ve been excited to give this hobby some wings. Over the years, I have absorbed an immense amount of research that has allowed me to excel in the Fantasy Football space. Go Birds.


85 Posts

Sia Nejad is a 20-year veteran of fantasy sports and began creating fantasy content for one of the first daily fantasy sports sites, fantazzle.com. He is an avid DFS player and year-long fantasy player and his fantasy football acumen has been referenced on ESPN’s The Dan LeBatard show. He has also appeared on CBS Fantasy Football Today. Sia is also an avid sports bettor, handicapper and poker player and recently appeared in his first World Series of Poker Main Event where he cashed. Sia is also an attorney who has contributed legal analysis to various media outlets including content related to the NFL Concussion lawsuit.

Spencer Aguiar

5 Posts

Spencer Aguiar is a professional sports bettor and host of the 'Bettor Golf Podcast' and 'PGA Draftcast' here at Win Daily Sports. Aguiar specializes in finding incongruities in the market using his 'Rankings Wizard' model - one of the industry's most in-depth and advanced tools for those looking to gain an edge. His outside-the-box mentality was a leading proponent for why he captured the 2021 FSWA award for 'Golf Writer of the Year,' and you can access all the high-level content Spencer releases daily if you follow him on Twitter.

Steven Polardi

79 Posts

Steven Polardi plays DraftKings GPP golf and NFL under the name sicilykid. Using metrics and data on predictive models to gain an edge on my competition he has taken down several GPP tourneys and placed well enough to make money. Steven served honorably in the Marine Corps, played sports most of his young adult life, played poker professionally, and is now retired to focus on making money in golf.


97 Posts

Content Director for Win Daily Sports NFL/MLB. Creator of the AETY Model. Chicago White Sox die-hard. Focusing on helping others manage their bankroll and cross the pay line in NFL/MLB Cash Games & GPP's. CoFounder of thoroughbred horse racing partnership, Reta Racing LLC.

Tony Cutillo

8 Posts

Tony has been talking and playing fantasy sports for the better part of 25 years. From designing his own season-long leagues to creating DFS streams, there’s not much he hasn’t been involved with. Tony is the founder of the Heat Ratio Sports Network, which encapsulates the entire local and national sports scene throughout its 7 days a week programming. He has been featured on numerous television and radio networks including ABC, FOX, and ESPN Radio. His Fantasy Vignettes (fastest 90 seconds in Fantasy Sports) can be heard M-F at 3:50pm on Fox Sports the Gambler. On top of that, he oversees the day-to-day operation of his own PR Company, Rize and React Media. When he is not laying out DFS picks, you will see him behind the mic covering live/virtual events at many different venues. Tony got the nickname Jigsaw for his fiery takes, unique opinions, and unwillingness to back down from a good debate. He looks forward to bringing you a unique look at the Fantasy world, as he carves out his own space here at WNS.


0 Posts

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