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WIN DAILY® is excited to introduce our new affiliate program. If you have a sports-related blog or social media account and want to monetize your platform, we have an opportunity for you to earn commissions by referring new members to our premium services. Say goodbye to ineffective monetization techniques and join our affiliate program to earn up to 20% of the revenues generated by your referrals.

How It Works:

WIN DAILY® offers a premium membership that provides users with an exceptional combination of optimization tools, including our DFS Domination Station Optimizer, Projections, Pro Picks, and Personalized coaching. We are the ultimate destination for all things DFS advice-related. As an affiliate, you have two ways to monetize your traffic.

By attaching your unique affiliate code to any link pointing to the WIN DAILY® site, you can earn commissions. Whether you share an article on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog, simply add the provided affiliate code at the end of the link.

We offer two commission options: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Revenue Share. Here's how each program works:


This program is straightforward. When a new user visits our site through your affiliate link and signs up to become a WIN DAILY® premium member, you will receive their first month's dues as compensation. On average, new users' dues range from $20 to $25 for the first month. It's that simple. Additionally, our tracking link remains connected to your referral for up to 3 days, so even if they come back and register a few days later, you still receive credit.


Affiliates who choose the RevShare option will earn 20% of the revenues generated by their referrals of new first-time users for a minimum of two years*. Assuming an average new user pays between $40 to $70 per month for their membership, you will receive approximately $12 per month for every referred member. Although it may seem like a small amount, it can quickly accumulate. For instance, with 100 referrals, you could earn $1200 per month or $14,400 per year. Compare that to the $6000 you would have received in the CPA program for the same number of referrals, and you'll realize the power of the RevShare plan. The beauty of our program is that it extends beyond one year. Let's say you acquire 100 new referrals in the first year. By the second year, you may have 200 referrals, potentially earning up to $2400 per month indefinitely just by sharing links on social media or your blog!

After two years, affiliates will need to refer at least 6 new users in a 6-month period to continue receiving revenue for their previous referrals. Become an Affiliate:

To apply for the WIN DAILY® affiliate program, send an email to affiliates@windaily.com with "Affiliate" as the subject. Please provide information about your blog or social media accounts and explain how you intend to promote our site. We look forward to partnering with you!


Boost Your Earnings promoting our Premium Products and Subscriptions.

I'm absolutely thrilled to unveil something exceptional for you: WIN DAILY® PARTNERS - Your Gateway to Ignite a Wave of Recurring Revenue Opportunities!

As we embark on this journey together, remember, you're not just stepping into an ordinary affiliate program; you're becoming part of a vibrant community meticulously designed to empower you to ascend to new pinnacles of financial victory. Embracing the WIN DAILY® ethos, as a cherished member of our community, you're granted exclusive entry to the world of WIN DAILY® PARTNERS. It's more than mere earnings; it's about propelling yourself into a realm of flourishing and thriving.

Imagine it – substantial rewards reaching a remarkable 30% of recurring subscription revenue. It's beyond the realm of income; it's about claiming the financial autonomy and security you truly deserve.

Through WIN DAILY® PARTNERS, we're furnishing you with a toolkit that streamlines the amplification of your earnings through effortless affiliation. Seamlessly lay claim to your portion of the recurring revenue flow while endorsing a program that's defined not just by its simplicity but also by its remarkable strength.

Visualize this: Every maiden sale from a referred customer translates to an impressive 10%-30% commission on subscriptions – and that's just the prelude to your earning voyage. The structure of recurring revenue charts a course toward promising horizons.


Ascend the ladder of prosperity as you accumulate substantial commissions.

Benefit from a 30-day return cookie window, ensuring your efforts are celebrated with deserving rewards.

Harness a curated assortment of finely honed banners, emails, and text links, meticulously designed for optimal conversion rates.

Experience the rhythm of prompt monthly disbursements, timed for the first day of each month, facilitated via the reliable PayPal platform.

Joining is a breeze – no cost, no commitments – just pure potential.

Effortlessly oversee your commissions through a personalized Affiliate Dashboard, where you're at the helm.

Embrace the role of a proud advocate for the pinnacle of WIN DAILY®, championing our Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting Community. This is your clarion call to embark on a journey towards a future brimming with prosperity, starting right now.

If you're already a Partner, sail into your dedicated account here to stay abreast of your triumphs.

With the utmost excitement and warm regards,


Your Champion at WIN DAILY®



Up to $100

Refer an active webmaster and we will pay you up to $100.


We offer up to 50% revenue share on every sale and rebill you make.

up to 50%


We pay you up to $40 for every sale you send, and that includes paid trials.

Up to $40

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