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Welcome to the 5th edition of Formula 1 Race Week: Miami, May 2022. Round 5 of the championship introduces Miami Autodrone to the Formula 1 calendar. This 3.36 mile street circuit winds it’s way around the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins.

Miami reminds me of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where high speed long runs meet slow corners. The Ferrari duo should do well in slow corners, and the Red Bull should get them back in the straights. With an inaugural race anything can happen when the green flag drops Sunday the 8th 3:30pm EST.

Formula 1 DFS: Top Captain Options

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari $17,100. Charles was in the top 2 in all three practice sessions and put himself on the pole to start the race, once again. Miami seems to be a narrow track which should play into Charles gaining maximum DraftKings points by leading laps and a podium finishing position. If you’re playing one lineup or a Single Entry, Charles makes a lot of sense in the Captain position.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull $17,700. Max had an interesting weekend thus far. He started Friday in Free Practice 1 in P3, than followed that up with mechanical issues in FP2. The crew fixed their issue and got Max on the track for FP3 and qualifying. He is set up for long runs and will be featured in my captain spot.

It’s more than possible to play both guys in your lineups utilizing the Cheap 5 points value plays (found later in the article) and dropping down to the mid-priced constructor options, which are not so bad this week.

Low owned captain options

Sergio Perez, Red Bull $15,900. Sergio looked just as competitive as Max in the sister Red Bull. Practing all weekend in the top 3, Sergio will be heavily in the mix for the captain options.

An interesting play this week is Carlos Sainz, Ferrari $15,000. After a tough start to the weekend, crashing in FP1 and getting limited run; Carlos rebounded and qualified in P2. With his recent struggles, he should garner lower ownership and makes for an interesting GPP play.

Formula 1 DFS: Captain options summary

Overall, I would not hesitate to mix and match these top 4 salaried drivers. For DraftKings purposes, keep in mind the 5 points for defeating your teammate as the difference between a 1st place takedown in your tournaments and a 2nd place finish can be as little as 4 points.

Formula 1: DFS Mid Tier options

The mid-tier options are wide open this week. This is where DraftKings scoring strategy comes into play. After 5 weeks of race data, still a small sample size though, there have been fantasy scoring trends; one being: beat your teammate…even better if your select driver finishes in the top 10, and the teammate finished outside that range.

Those 5 points are critical, and if you’re playing multiple lineups this week, I would rotate through the driver options of:

Alpha Tauri

Pierre Gasly $5400 and Yuki Tsunoda $4200. On the Hard compound tires, the Alpha Tauri’s were firmly in play in the top 10. They might opt for a one stop strategy and try to gain track position in the pits. Considering their time on the hards, it could be a strategy that pays off.

Choosing between the two is the really difficult part, but Gasly seems to have the upper hand this weekend. Don’t hesitate to use Alpha Tauri $3800 in the constructor position either.


Lando Norris $8600 Lando should get the 5 Deafeat Teammate points this week as he starts 6 positions ahead in P8. The McLaren is set up for a 2 stop stratergy and has not been really impressive in the long runs.

Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel $3600 and Lance Stroll $3200 The Aston seem to be mimicking Mercedes this weekend, following the same practice strategy all weekend. They will be worthy of roster spots as last man in options for your DraftKings lineups.

The Alfa Romeo of Valtteri Bottas $7400 qualified well, but I have a feeling Valtteri loses out on grid positions during pit rotations.

Formula 1: DFS Cheap 5 points options

Alex Albon $3,400 is always a good cheap 5 points option. Albon has been getting the most out of his Williams, and his teammate really sucks.

Other Options include $9200 Lewis Hamilton and $5800 Fernando Alonso.

Formula 1: DFS Constructor options

  • Red Bull for $12,000 this weekend. It’s hard to overlook what they can do at P3 and P4, especially in the 2nd half of the race.
  • Ferrari $11,600. If Sainz and Leclerc can stay in the top 3, the Ferrari makes for a hell of a play.
  • Mercedes $8400, their race pace always keeps them in the fight.
  • Alpha Tauri $3800, lets see what that long run pace can do.

Formula 1: Race Week Miami DFS overall strategy

I’m building from the bottom up with weekend in DraftKings. Its tough to outscore the potential 60 points from a constructor finishing with both drivers on the podium. After stressing staying in the midfield with longer run potential (the Alpha Tauris and Astons) Ill be sprinkling in the drivers whom have seriously outscored their teammates (Bottas and Hamilton)

As always I’m excited about another race and am happy to see the hype behind this one. Its been fun watching people like George Lucas, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Danica Patrick, freaking Snoop Dogg running around the paddock. If you have questions please feel free to hit me up in discord @tcuz86. Have fun and thanks for reading Formula 1: Race Week Miami May 2022.

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Welcome to the first edition of Formula 1 DFS: Race Week!! My name is Theodore or tcuz86 in the discord chat and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the wonderful world of Formula 1. I would like to extend my gratitude to Jason, @Windaily, and Matt Vecchio @Vecchio for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions on Formula 1 for the Win Daily Sports community. 

With that out of the way, Ladies and Gentleman, it’s Race Week 1: Bahrain March 20th, and I’m freaking excited!

We kick off the season going 57, 3.3-mile laps in the country of Bahrain, in the Middle East. In this article, I will help introduce you to the drivers, teams, and help you set your daily fantasy lineups.

DK Scoring

The DraftKings Format is just like a showdown event, you’d select 5 drivers, including 1 captain, with the captain gaining 1.5x points, 4 other drivers, and a constructor.

DraftKings scoring for the drivers.

The better your finishing position the higher you will score. P1 gives 25 pts, P2 18 pts, P3 15 pts; all the way to P10, giving 1 point. Bonus points are given for the fastest lap of the race +3 points, laps led +.1 points and beating your teammate +5 points. There are points for place differential (+3 spots, 2 points; +5 spots, 3 points; +10 spots, 5 points) and negative points for losing spots, just like in NASCAR. 

DraftKings scoring for the Constructors

Since there are 2 cars per team DK gives out points for both cars’ finishing positions as long as they are in the top 10 spots. As a result, if both Mercedes’ race cars finish P2 and P6 then the Mercedes constructor points would be 26 points (P2 18 points + P6 8 points = 26 points.) Moreover, if both racecars finished on the Podium (positions 1-3) then bonus points would be rewarded.

Therefore, let’s just focus on finishing position more so than place differential. So let’s get to the plays.

Formula 1 DFS: Top Captain Options

  1. Charles Leclerc $16,200. Ferrari. There’s going to be a recurring theme in this First edition of Formula 1 Race Week, and that’s Ferrari is back! Throughout preseason testing, practices, and qualifying, the talk of the paddock has been the resurgence of Scuderia Ferrari. The top driver at Ferrari is Charles Leclerc. Charles has been dominant since teams arrived in Bahrain. As a result, he was P2 in all three practices which mean as teams have been practicing in qualifying and long-run race trim he and his Ferrari were consistently in the top 3 positions. Consequently, he put it all together in qualifying as he qualified P1 for Sunday’s race and he will be my heaviest used top captain option.
  1. Max Verstappen $18,000. Red Bull Racing. Max is the defending 2021 Formula 1 Driver’s Champion after beating Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in the final race last year. Therefore, He and his #1 Red Bull Racecar are set to defend his championship as the Red Bull looks strong again. He qualified P2 after averaging P2.3 over all three practices. As a result, Max will definitely be cycled through in my multiple lineups for the captain position.
  1. Carlos Sainz $15,300 Ferrari. Carlos is Charles Leclerc’s teammate and will be piloting the sister Ferrari on Sunday. Likewise, he had an average position of P3 during practices and qualified in the same position for Sunday’s race. I don’t see him outperforming his teammate but he will definitely be used in my rosters for Sunday.

Secondary Captain options

  1. Lewis Hamilton $17,400 Mercedes. Lewis is a 7x Formula 1 Driver Champion, tied with the great Michael Schumacher. Lewis and his teammate George Russell are having issues early on in the season with the design of the new 2022 Mercedes. However, he was still able to qualify P5 with an average practice position of 7th. He will be a part of my rotation for the captain spot.
  1. Sergio Perez $13,200 Red Bull Racing. Sergio “Checo” Perez will be piloting the other Red Bull Racing car. Sergio qualified P4 with a 6.7 average practice position. As a result he be rotated through my lineups as a captain. 

Formula 1 DFS: Mid Tier Options

  1. George Russell $9600 Mercedes. George will be piloting the other Silver Arrow Mercedes Racing car. George has been waiting to get into this seat for years and is seen as the eventual replacement for Hamilton whenever he decides to retire. George averaged the 4th best practice position and had an issue in qualifying putting him in P9 to start the race, I expect him to gain some positions.
  1. Fernando Alonso $6600 Alpine. Fernando, a 2x F1 driver champ, will be in the Alpine, the former Renault race car. Renault is the parent company to Infiniti, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Alpine, and others. Fernando qualified P8 and had an average practice position of 9.6.
  1. Pierre Gasly $7600 Alpha Tauri. Pierre is the former teammate to Max Verstappen. After being overshadowed and outperformed by Max, Red Bull sent Pierre down to the “junior” sister Alpha Tauri team. Pierre has thrived in the secondary team and the start of the 2022 season has been no different. Pierre qualified P9 and had the same average practice position. He should be a fine mid-tier play in your DK lines.
  1. Esteban Ocon $6200 Alpine. Esteban will be piloting the other Alpine race car. Esteban had an average practice position of P14 and qualified P11. 
  1. Nico Hulkenberg $5600 Aston Martin Racing. Nico Makes his return to Formula 1, filling in for former champion Sebastian Vettel who will be back as soon as he clears Covid-19 protocols. Nico slightly underqualified, consequently I expect him to move up some positions. He had an average practice position of 14.3 and qualified P17. 

Formula 1 DFS: Top Value drivers and constructor plays

  1. The HAAS drivers, Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher. HAAS uses Ferrari engines, and just like their engine supplier, they have what appears to be a return to competitive form. The HAAS, which is owned by Gene Haas who also co-owns the Stewart-Haas NASCAR racing team, sacrificed the 2021 season in order to assimilate to the 2022 regulations better. Because of the sacrifice it has appeared to have paid off. Since they were so bad last year the drivers are cheap and make for good values as they are $3800 and $3200 respectively. As a result of HAAS’ 2021 performance they can be used as a value constructor.
  1. Ferrari-powered cars are in play early in the 2022 season. Subsequently, this includes the other Ferrari-powered race team, Alfa Romeo, and their drivers Valtteri Bottas and newcomer to F1 Guanyu Zhou, $4600 and $2400. Valtteri used to race with Mercedes last year but is now the top driver on an up-and-coming race team. In the Ferrari powered Alfa Romeo he has shown some quick speeds qualifying in the top 10, P6. However, the Alfa Romeo has had some reliability issues so I would use him and his teammate sparingly. 
  1. The other top constructors are the Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes. 

Formula 1 DFS: Final Thoughts

Salary and construction-wise you cant use both drivers and the team in your rosters. Therefore, you would have to use a combination of either both drivers and a different constructor in your DFS lineups, or one driver and the constructor. For example Charles Leclerc and Ferrari and if I can fit in Max Verstappen I will. I’ll be trying to rotate in both Ferrari drivers and Ferrari in the constructor spot, same with Red Bull drivers and Red Bull Racing in the constructor spot.

If you’d like help with rosters, or have questions, @ me in the discord chat @tcuz86, and if there are any updates I can be reached there.

It’s my honor to bring to you Formula 1: Race Week Bahrain on March 20th and I’m looking forward to sharing my insight with all. 


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We spend endless hours here at Win Daily Sports breaking down every detail of every sport for every slate. 365 days a year we comb through injury news, matchup data, weather reports, depth charts, and coaching styles to give the the best chance to Win Daily. Our name is more than just a catchy title to grab your attention. It is a mantra that we aim to live up to inside and outside of fantasy sports. For this reason we are going to start taking deeper dives into fundamentals that you may not always think about but are no less important than the lineups that you build and WinDaily Sports Bankroll Management- DFS 101 is a step towards helping you have long term success.

If your goal is to have long term success in Fantasy Sports there are good habits that you need to develop and bad habits that you need to actively avoid. Bankroll Management is rarely talked about outside of generalized statements in most of the community but if you listen to Jason talk on our show on SiriusXM during the NFL season I know for a fact that you have heard it. He talks about taking the budget that you are willing to spend and breaking it down either into 16 smaller weekly budgets so that you don’t overextend yourself in any given week. In the explanation below for ease of explanation I’ll talk about a sample NFL budget 10 weeks long but you can apply this in whatever segments work best for you (by day, week, month, by sport broken down by day/week/month) so that you can understand where your budget is at any given point so that can see where you should adjust.

WinDaily Sports Bankroll Management- DFS 101 Bankroll Overview:

First thing that you need to do is take an honest stock of your financial situation. Everyone is different. Some of us can play $100 dollars a night and not think twice. Others play the quarters or dollar. The process remains the same. The one thing that you can not do is throw all of you money into a slate at any given night. We all want to hit it big but there is no worse long term choice.

Let’s say for this ten week stretch you can commit $1,000 dollars to your bankroll. At this baseline you should divide this up into close to equal segments (you can move up or down on a given week based on an honest assessment of you confidence in a given slate but don’t go crazy) so $100 dollars per week so here is

Money/Time= Budget or (M/T)=B or 1000/10= $100 per week

WinDaily Sports Bankroll Management- DFS 101 Contest Selection:

Everyone wants the big win, I get it. That $1,000,000 top prize is enticing. It is also no better than a lottery ticket if you are putting one or two entries in it. The players you always see up top are putting 150 entries into EVERY SINGLE CONTEST IN EVERY SINGLE SPORT. That means at the exact same skill level if you enter two lineups you have a .013% chance of winning before even taking skill, other players, contest size, or pay line into consideration. That’s just head to head. Do you understand why we want you to avoid until you have the bankroll to do it? You should live in single entry in both cash and GPP until you can go toe to toe with these guys/gals. Those contests also have the worst pay structure and they take the highest percentage of cash out as rake (payment to the dfs site pulled from player entries) sometimes reaching as much as 18% of the prize pool. The question you need to ask next is how much of your money should you put in each type of contest below.

WinDaily Sports Bankroll Management- DFS 101 The 80/20/10 Rule

Here is where the rubber meets the road. How do we finally divide this up. The standard rule for the longest time was 80/20/10 but now the game has changed over the years to be a little more advantageous towards GPP’s so people have started going with 75/25/10 or even 70/30/10 but the premise is the same and it just depends on your risk tolerance. The 10 is simple. It is the percentage of your total bankroll that you should spend during any predetermined period of time that you selected. We already did that when we took our $1,000 budget and divided it up over 10 weeks so $100 per the example. Of that $100 you should split it between 80% Cash games (50/50’s, Double-Ups) and 20% GPP’s (Single Entry). If you want to take 5% of the GPP’s and apply it to the lottery tickets to have some fun have at it, we all love the big win. So taking the earlier formula (M/T) and apply the 80/20 (we already have the 10 for budget) rule and we get $80 dollars for for Single entry cash games and $20 dollars for single entry GPP’s or $18 for Single entry GPP’s and $2 for the lotto tickets.

(M/T)=B, then (C/B), (G/B), (B/MG) or (1000/10)= $100, then (80/100)= .08 or $80 (move the decimal two spaces to the right for your dollar number) then (20/100)= .2 or $20 for GPP, or $15 for SE GPP and $5 for Multi Entry GPP if putting the 5% in the lotto tickets. I know that sounds confusing so without the word salad it’s:$1,000 total, $100 per slate, $80 to cash, and $20 to GPP’s for any slate over your chosen budget period.


The most important question, Why? Simple, we all experience periods where we struggle to hit that cash line and bankroll management aims to minimize the amount of money you lose during these down periods. In some cases, you can continue to make a small consistent profit in your cash games while not cashing in your tournaments allowing you to grow your bankroll and capitalize on GPP’s easier once you have that perfect lineup.

Hope you enjoyed my Win Daily Sports Bankroll Management- DFS 101. I hope this has been an informative article for you all and that you can take the guidelines I have provided and apply them for your long-term benefit. Any questions about this or any other general strategies, any of our team members will be available all day in the WinDaily Discord chat. Don’t forget to subscribe to the WinDaily Youtube channel and follow me @stoweby and @WinDailySports on Twitter to stay current and up to date on all of our fresh new content!

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After a couple of days of only LPL LOL DFS, we have the LCK LPL combo slates back in action. We have four outstanding games that will leave everyone on the edges of their seats. I’m going to give you two of my top plays for tonight’s LOL DFS four-game slate.TOP PLAY:The first team I am going to focu...

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