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Win Daily Show Interview with Nate Hamilton



Win Daily Show Interview with Nate Hamilton

On this Win Daily Show Interview with Nate Hamilton, he and Jason discuss Nate’s Fantasy Sports career as well as balancing his day job and family life.

Nate and Jason discuss how he started in the Fantasy Sports world and why he pivoted! Nate spent part of his career working on the famous Fantasy Footballers team but now is riding solo and leading his own podcast and Fantasy Football media company.

Nate is a student of the game and has dove head first into the Fantasy Football pool. A lot of people try to multi-task and cover all fantasy sports but Nate prefers to be an expert and the very best at football rather than being good or average across all sports.

Nate provides daily commentary on Fantasy Football which ranges on season long fantasy hot takes, daily fantasy plays, and overall NFL news. Make sure you tune into this podcast, follow his live streams on twitter, and also try to take him out in the Win Daily Poker Showdown on Sunday May 31st that he will be participating in.

I’m personally rooting for Nate because he is one of the good guys in the industry and who knows maybe one day you will see him on the Win Daily team. Listen to Nate’s Interview below!

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