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Tiger golf

The 2024 Masters is nearly upon us. What is it about Augusta National Golf Club that makes this golf course so very special? Is it because this is the only major played at the same golf course every year? Is it the legacy; where winning here places you firmly amongst the greats in the annals of golf history? The lack of cell phones; in an age where we are addicted to those glowing white screens? Or the $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches; which have not changed in price in over 20 years? The blooming azaleas, the roars on Sunday, the carefully manicured grass, or the spring sunshine glistening through the tall pines?

Whatever it is that makes this event special for you, the 2024 Masters feels a little more so than most. As the fractured game of professional golf puts all those conflicts aside (hopefully), we see the best in the game all play together for a change in pursuit of donning the green jacket. A tradition unlike any other.