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The NFL DFS season continues with the Monday night showdown, and we’ve got the breakdown to help you win big in one of the final Week 16 NFL DFS contests!

NOTE: For a refresher on showdown general rules and strategy, see my first showdown article of 2021.

Let’s get to the game!

Week 16 NFL DFS MVP candidates (1.5x points)

Some notes on the differences between MVP on FanDuel and DraftKings: The 1.5x point boost on FD comes with no salary penalty, while and DK also bumps the salary to 1.5x – a crucial factor in deciding who we can and cannot afford on both sites. We can use this to our advantage on FD by occasionally targeting non-QBs to establish more variance and more unique lineups, and on DK it allows us to build more hearty overall stacks when we punt the MVP position with a cheap but high-upside player.

Week 16 NFL DFS Chalk: Alvin Kamara (FD $16,500, DK $18,300)

Pivot: Tua Tagovailoa (FD $15,000, DK $15,300)

Contrarian #1: Jalen Waddle (FD $13,000, DK $17,400)

Contrarian #2: Ian Book (FD $12,000, DK $13,500)

Contrarian #3: DeVante Parker (FD $10,500, DK $14,100)

DK Value Play: Mike Gesicki (FD $10,000, DK $9,600)

Alvin Kamara is the obvious chalk play for tonight’s showdown, but there are a few interesting pivots from both teams to consider, including Saints starting QB Ian Book, a largely unheralded rookie who gets the nod with Trevor Siemian and Taysom Hill (COVID) unavailable.

Dolphins notes: Miami has a timeshare going on on at RB right now (starring both Duke Johnson and Myles Gaskin), so it’s much safer to look at the passing game with Tua Tagovailoa and the receivers. Both Jalen Waddle and DeVante Parker are available this week, as is TE Mike Gesicki, who offers decent value on both sites. While I have no preference among the RBs, I think Waddle and Gesicki are the priorities this week — though Parker is coming off his best fantasy performance (4-68-1 in Week 15 vs. NYJ) since Week 4 against the Colts. Kicker Jason Sanders and the Dolphins DST are also firmly in play

Saints notes: The untested Book is likely looking at a lower ownership than most QBs in this showdown, but since he’s an unknown commodity it’s a good idea to get some shares, even if it means generally fading the WRs — including Marquez Callaway and a questionable Tre’Quan Smith (hamstring). Kamara should be the focus of your builds this week but we could see more runs from veteran backup Mark Ingram as well. Kicker Brett Maher and the Saints DST are a slightly lesser priorities than their Miami counterparts.

Week 16 NFL DFS Final thoughts (and some DOs and DON’Ts)

Remember to build your team based on a narrative that makes sense.

DO: Build a trio (or quartet) of offensive weapons for a team that makes sense together.

DON’T: Be afraid to take some risks.

DO: Use the projected team totals to shade one way or the other with your selections.

DON’T: Worry about spending every dollar.

Now that we’ve established some Week 16 NFL DFS narratives and MVP candidates, the best way to round out this piece is with a list of my favorite options in descending order, based on overall value (a combo of salary and projected points):

  1. Alvin Kamara
  2. Jaylen Waddle
  3. Tua Tagovailoa
  4. DeVante Parker
  5. Mike Gesicki
  6. Ian Book
  7. Myles Gaskin
  8. Duke Johnson
  9. Marquez Callaway
  10. Dolphins DST
  11. Tre’Quan Smith (if active)
  12. Mark Ingram
  13. Jason Sanders
  14. Isaiah Ford
  15. Brett Maher
  16. Saints DST
  17. Lil’Jordan Humphrey
  18. Mack Hollins
  19. Ty Montgomery
  20. Nick Vannett
  21. Adam Shaheen
  22. Durham Smythe

Don’t forget to read the rest of WinDaily’s excellent football articles this week as you prep for next week’s action!

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The NFL DFS season continues with the Thursday night showdown, and we’ve got the breakdown to help you win big money in the first Week 10 NFL DFS contests!

NOTE: For a refresher on showdown general rules and strategy, see the Week 1 TNF showdown article.

Let’s get to the game!

Week 10 NFL DFS MVP candidates (1.5x points)

Some notes on the differences between MVP on FanDuel and DraftKings: The 1.5x point boost on FD comes with no salary penalty, while and DK also bumps the salary to 1.5x – a crucial factor in deciding who we can and cannot afford on both sites. We can use this to our advantage on FD by occasionally targeting non-QBs to establish more variance and more unique lineups, and on DK it allows us to build more hearty overall stacks when we punt the MVP position with a cheap but high-upside player.

Week 10 NFL DFS Chalk: Lamar Jackson (FD $17,500, DK $20,700)

Pivot: Mark Andrews (FD $13,000, DK $13,200)

Pivot #2: Marquise Brown (FD $13,500, DK $16,500)

Pivot #3: Jaylen Waddle (FD $12,000, DK $12,300)

Contrarian #1: DeVonta Freeman (FD $10,500, DK $9,900)

Contrarian #2: Mike Gesicki (FD $12,500, DK $11,100)

Oh, boy. We’ve finally gotten to an outrageous price point for our chalk captain, and on DK, the electric Lamar Jackson has eclipsed $20K. And when you consider that his passing yardage and rushing yardage props combine for right about 300 yards, it doesn’t seem all that silly. Jackson is actually from right nearby, in Pompano Beach. It’s only about a 35-minute drive away from Hard Rock Stadium, unless you get caught with faulty GPS in a less-than-desirable section of that city in a sketchy trailer park, which happened to me once. Most frightened I’ve ever been in my life. Anyway, we can find ways to get to Lamar at CPT, but there are some pivots to consider once we recognize that the Ravens don’t actually shut anybody down defensively.

Ravens notes: It probably won’t be the narrative we’ve seen a couple times before this season, where the Ravens need to come back from multiple TDs to notch a win, but I could see the offense starting off without a bang — giving the Dolphins (and their 26th worst defense against opposing fantasy RBs) healthy doses of DeVonta Freeman, who’s coming off his best game of 2021. Freeman is a good value and with Latavius Murray doubtful, we could see Le’Veon Bell get some carries as well. The receiving options have expanded as well, and while Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown are the two most obvious options, we have a healthy Rashod Bateman, a resurgent Devin Duvernay coming off a big Week 9, and god old Sammy Watkins, who’s expected to play. Bateman’s eight targets against the Vikings could be a sign of bigger things to come, so he’s the priority after Andrews and Brown. Of course, the Ravens DST and Justin Tucker are worth mixing into your builds as well.

Dolphins notes: We’re still not sure who’s starting at QB for the Dolphins, but that’s baked into the pricing because they’re not that far apart. I don’t have much interest in Tua Tagovailoa if he starts, but the minimal discount on Jacoby Brissett could mean I’ll use him in 2-3 out of 10 GPP builds. Myles Gaskin could see a few extra targets in the passing game, and while the Ravens run defense isn’t great, the Dolphins have had a rough time making holes for Gaskin in a traditional offensive sense. For that reason, I’m most enamored by the possibilities that exist with Mike Gesicki and Jaylen Waddle, both dynamic players who can rack up catches and yardage. Remaining options include Mack Hollins and my favorite cheap option tonight — WR Preston Williams, who’s just $200 as a flex play and could be worth a look at captain in some contrarian builds — just like I planned for Jimmy Graham on MNF before the football gods yanked away my shot at glory.

Week 10 NFL DFS Final thoughts (and some DOs and DON’Ts)

Remember to build your team based on an NFL DFS narrative that makes sense.

DO: Build a trio (or quartet) of offensive weapons for a team that makes sense together

DON’T: Worry about spending every dollar.

DO: Use the projected team totals to shade one way or the other with your selections.

DON’T: Neglect Preston Williams. His price tag allows for lots of stacked builds and a shot at rostering Lamar with some other high-upside plays.

Now that we’ve established some Week 10 NFL DFS narratives and MVP candidates, the best way to round out this piece is with a list of my favorite options in descending order, based on overall value (a combo of salary and projected points):

  1. Lamar Jackson
  2. Mark Andrews
  3. Marquise Brown
  4. DeVonta Freeman
  5. Jaylen Waddle
  6. Mike Gesicki
  7. Rashod Bateman
  8. Myles Gaskin
  9. Jacoby Brissett
  10. Ravens DST
  11. Preston Williams
  12. Tua Tagovailoa (if active)
  13. Justin Tucker
  14. Sammy Watkins
  15. Mack Hollins
  16. Jason Sanders
  17. Devin Duvernay
  18. Le’Veon Bell
  19. Dolphins DST
  20. Albert Wilson
  21. Salvon Ahmed
  22. Patrick Ricard
  23. Durham Smythe

Don’t forget to read the rest of WinDaily’s excellent football articles this week as you prep for Week 9 action!

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Thursday night football brings us to sunny Miami for a match up between my hometown Baltimore Ravens (6-2) and the Miami Dolphins (2-7).  Both of these teams are on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of the standings as the Ravens are currently in first in the AFC North while the Dolphins are in dead last in the AFC East.  Yes, even behind the New York Jets.  The Dolphins will more than likely be without their starter in Tua Tagovailoa but as we’ve seen this season, Jacoby Brissett has been able to fill in admirably.  Well sometimes. 

With that said, lets dig in!

More or Less

Lamar Jackson – 235.5 Passing Yards – More

While I expect the Ravens to get up early and stay up, this game has the makings of a celling type game for Lamar Jackson.  Jackson grew up less than an hour from Miami and will surely be extra motivated in what should be a ton of family and friends. 

His main counterpart, Marquise Brown, is also a South Florida native who grew up about 30 minutes from Miami.  I anticipate Jackson going to Brown early and often in this one.  Jackson has had only 2 games this season where he’s had less than 236 yards passing, with one of those games being right at 235.  Look for Jackson to have a monster game tonight.

Jacoby Brissett – 230.5 Passing Yards – Less

The Ravens are a touchdown favorite tonight on the road and if the game script goes to plan, they’ll be up early in this game. In theory that would mean Brissett will be throwing often in this one.  Although the Ravens defense has looked suspect at times this year, they looked solid last week against the Vikings.  Cousins ended up with less than 200 yards passing.  I just don’t see Brissett being able to solve this defense tonight. 

Rapid Fire

Lamar Jackson vs. Jacoby Brissett (+5.5)

I’ve already highlighted above that I think that Brissett struggles tonight against a defense that played much better last week.  Jackson will be extra motivated tonight playing in a city that he was close to growing up.  I’m picking Lamar Jackson here, even with the extra 5.5 yards Brissett would get.

Myles Gaskin vs. Devonta Freeman (+2.5)

With my expectation that Brissett struggles tonight, I expect that the Dolphins will run and find some success doing it.  In 4 out of the last 5 weeks the Ravens have given up more than 100 yards rushing.  While Gaskin hasn’t really had much success on the ground this season, the Ravens haven’t proven they can stop anyone on the ground. 

If we look on the other side of the game we have a running back that nearly doubled his season output in rushing yards last weekend in Freeman. He’s been a part time back for the majority of the year.  The Dolphins have progressively gotten better against the run over the course of the season.  To start the year they gave up over 100 yards rushing in weeks 1-5.  Since then, they haven’t given up more than 75 yards rushing in a game.  If the Ravens have success on the ground tonight it will be from Lamar Jackson and not Devonta Freeman.  I’m picking Myles Gaskin in this one.


This should be a fun game tonight. Lamar Jackson has been his best in prime time this season. Look for him to have one of his monster games in the air and on the ground tonight.

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Hello everyone, once again the NFL has bestowed upon us another random day of the week to enjoy some NFL action. They have given us a few contests with a number of unknowns that if we can get some clarity on we can give ourselves a huge advantage over the field. As always, be mindful that we are going to have to keep an eye out for information leading up to kickoff. The NFL Week 16 Saturday Slate 12.26 should be a good one so lets dig into Win Daily Sports NFL Week 16 Saturday Slate 12.26.

As always, if I name a player for cash they are GPP’s viable as well, just know I think they will have higher than usual ownership. My projected exposure is based overall between Cash and GPP

Win Daily Sports NFL Week 15 Saturday Slate 12.26 QB’s:

Kyler Murray, $7,500(DK)(Cash):

The fantasy goat of 2020. Not gonna go in depth here. Consistently scores above 30 DK points and he looks to be healthy again. Don’t overthink it in cash.

Tom Brady, $6,800(DK)(Cash)

Only other guy I would CONSIDER is Brady for cash games. I personally will run 100% Murray but if you were inclined to pivot TB12 is a solid option. He has put up a number of duds but his ceiling games usually come against teams who lack any kind of pass rush to get him moving around in the pocket like the Lions. Also, who else on this slate has three number 1 receivers to throw to?

Matthew Stafford, $5,600(DK)(GPP):

If you want a GPP pivot and a little extra salary relief Stafford is your guy. This may be a scenario much like last Saturday where I play the chalk at QB and get different elsewhere. Pairing him with TJ Hockenson and Marvin Jones and running back with someone like Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski for a game stack will provide you with a ton of leverage against the field this slate.

***Note*** I never found a solid answer so I avoided it altogether but if Marcus Mariota gets the nod this week he is worth consideration. His running ability provides you a run dynamic similar to Murray at $2,500 cheaper.

Win Daily Sports NFL Week 15 Saturday Slate 12.26 RB’s:

Leonard Fournette $5,500 (DK) (Cash):

Begrudgingly he is my best point per dollar play on the slate. Another week without Ronald Jones and he gets the tissue paper soft run defense of the Lions. He didn’t do much in terms of yards but he did get over 20 DK points with two touchdowns and I expect it to be an even easier road ahead for him.

D’Andre Swift, $6,400(DK)(GPP):

Bucs dominate inside runners and have all season. One place where they have a little bit of an issue is you outside the tackles style, pass catching running backs. Lions have tilted me on so many occasions opting to continue using Adrian Peterson over Swift but I just don’t know how they can opt to go this route in a game where I’m expecting them to get behind in a hurry. He has finally started to pull ahead in terms of snap count and I expect that trend to continue today.

Myles Gaskin, $5,300(DK)(Cash):

Raiders are a sieve defensively, especially on the ground where they just gave up 150 yards and 2TD’s to Jonathon Taylor two weeks ago. The Dolphins are also dealing with a ton of injuries at receiver with guys like Devante Parker, Mike Gesicki, and Jakeem Grant being questionable with a variety of injuries so I wouldn’t be shocked in the least to see them take the air out of the ball and run it 40 times today.

Don’t Forget: Josh Jacobs, Jeff Wilson JR, Salvon Ahmed, Kenyan Drake, Chase Edmonds

Win Daily Sports NFL Week 16 Saturday Slate 12.26 WR’s

DeAndre Hopkins, $8,300(DK)(Cash):

Best receiver on the slate, not much explanation needed.

Nelson Agholor, $4,500(DK)(GPP):

For those of you who don’t know, the Dolphins defense is legit and they have been since about week three. Xavien Howard and Byron Jones have made this an incredibly difficult secondary to go off on so this is only a GPP play. Nelson has finally shown what people were expecting with the eagles and is on pace to finish the year with over 800 yards and he already has 7TD’s. Those number are pretty solid but when you take into consideration that he barely played in his first two weeks that is down right impressive.

Devante Parker, $5,500(DK)(GPP):

I don’t care what anyone on the Dolphins coaching staff says when it comes to Mike Gesicki, there is no way he will be a full go. When he his the ground last week it looked like he was going straight to the hospital. It was that bad. Unfortunately for us, Parker is also dealing with a nagging hamstring issue so he goes from a cash play to GPP for me. Dolphins may just opt to live on the ground this game as the Raiders are one of the worst in the NFL.

Brandon Aiyuk, $6,700(DK)(Cash):

This guys usage is obscene, the Niners offense is riddled with injuries, and they will need to score quickly to keep up so if you are using Murray and Hopkins Aiyuk NEEDS to be you run back in most circumstances. Niners coaching staff said that roughly 35% of their plays were designed for Brandon a few weeks ago and it shows. He has had 14, 9, 16, and 13 targets in the last four weeks with no signs of slowing down this week.

Don’t Forget: Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, Henry Ruggs, Christian Kirk, Richie James

Win Daily Sports NFL Week 15 Saturday Slate 12.26 TE’s

Darren Waller, $7,000(DK)(Cash)

Not explaining him either. Best Tight End play on the slate

TJ Hockenson, $4,600(DK)(GPP)

I’m likely only going to be using him in GPP stacks where I run Stafford out there but aside from last week the guys has been a lock for 10+ DK points so if you can’t get up to Waller and want a safe option you can certainly consider him.

Rob Gronkowski, $3,600(DK)(GPP):

Brady’s favorite guy at a sub 4K price and sub 10% ownership in against a Lions team with no defensive secondary to speak off? Yes please.

***Note*** I know Kittle is active but he’s been out six weeks so I have no clue if or how much he will be used.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my Win Daily Sports NFL Week 16 Saturday Slate 12.26. Looking forward to seeing some green screens this evening. Any questions about the breakdown, I will be available all day in the WinDaily Discord chat. Don’t forget to subscribe to the WinDaily Youtube channel and follow @WinDailySports on Twitter to stay current and up to date on all of our fresh new content!

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A tough NFL Sunday is on the way and sometimes we all need a little help to win. Jacob has torn through the numbers and has found you three od Jacob’s Above Average Plays to help you cash today.

Take Pittsburgh Steelers -129 vs Buffalo Bills (8:20 pm EST, Sunday, December 15, 2019 NBC)

These are two great defenses who like to play smash-mouth football. Buffalo had been playing well up until last week when they fell to the Ravens – That’s the reason I really like the Steelers. Teams don’t play well the week after playing Baltimore, (likely due to how tough those games have been), while the Steelers play well at home. The Steelers also get a bunch of offensive weapons back, including James Connor and Ju-Ju. Duck Hodges has been more than serviceable, and I like him to help Pittsburgh pull out the win in a low scoring home game.

Take Miami Dolphins +3 vs NY Giants (1:00 pm EST, Sunday, December 15, 2019, CBS)

I feel like I should just stop typing before I actually take a side in this game. I mean, really – there is an entire slate of NFL football and this is one of the games I take. I’m not sure if there is a subconscious message coming through for actually risking my money on a dumpster fire of a game, but here we are. I can tell you this these two teams are not above average, or even average, they are just bad. We are going to see a game that feels more 2010 than 2020, with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eli Manning as starting quarterbacks for two NFC East teams. The Giants this year has been one of the worst teams in the NFL. They currently rank 26th in total overall offense, with a total of 4,055 yards amassed this season – averaging 311 yards per game on offense. Most of this was done by Daniel Jones after the early season benching of Eli Manning, so there aren’t many stats for Eli this year. Last week, however, he was 15 of 30 for 203 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions. They are rushing for an average of 93.8 yards per game, and, honestly, I expected more from Saquon Barkley. I thought he would come into the league with above average stats across the board, but he’s been more than just lacking. When I watch him play, I feel like he has no energy towards the game and that he may have given up on his sophomore season. You can’t really blame him, though. He is trying to run behind an offensive line that ranks 21st in the NFL – As you can imagine, it has been a tough year. As for the Giant’s defense, they have one player who has been playing above average this year. Janoris Jenkins has been playing well. He has 4 interceptions on the year, but overall – the defense stinks just as bad as the offense (if not worse). They rank 27th in overall defense, giving up 27.9 points per game with an average of 362 yards allowed. I think all of these stats are BIG problems when taking on the Dolphins today. Fitz-magic is headed back to New York and he’s ready to play. Ryan Fitzpatrick has added a real spark to the Dolphins offense and, while they rank near the bottom in every offensive category, he’s made games exciting. I believe Fitzpatrick will really exploit the Giants defense with his deep threat option, Devante Parker, who is averaging 16.3 yards per catch. The Giants don’t have the offense to keep up if this turns into a shootout, and I will definitely take 3 points in what should be an above-average game in New York. Just a fun fact: the Giants are 1-5 ATS at home while Miami is 4-2 on the road 🤑. Also, shop around for a good line. You may still be able to find +3.5 points.

Take Oakland Raiders -6.5 verse Jacksonville Jaguars (4:05 pm EST, Sunday, December 15, 2019)

One of these teams is going to have their entire staff fired when the season ends. They have changed quarterbacks multiple times and are winless in their last five games, straight up and against the spread. The other team has won four of the last five games at home, they have won the last three meetings verse Jacksonville, and – oh yeah! They’re playing their final home game at their long-time stadium. The Oakland Raiders will soon become the Vegas Raiders, and die-hard fans will fill the stands one last time to have an MVP game as the 12th Man. The Raiders have been above average at home verse bad teams, winning ten out of the last twelve games – including seven and three against the spread the last ten games. The Raiders take on a struggling Jacksonville Jaguars team that hasn’t covered a game on the West Coast in their last six games. In their last five games: They haven’t rushed for more than eighty-eight yards except once, and they only scored more than thirteen points in one, single game. Gardner Minshew was brought in for an injured Nick Foles before being benched for Foles when he was healthy again. Foles was then benched after three lopsided games; now Minshew is back. I don’t see any improvement. This is the time of year you start to see bad teams quit, and the Jaguars have been added to my list of those who have. I see Oakland stepping up to play an above-average game verse a bad Jacksonville team, and they’ll give their fans some fireworks as a sendoff (I would guess literally and figuratively!). This line opened at -5.5 and the sharps immediately pounded it up to 6.5, so get on it before it goes any higher.

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It’s time for our Week 15 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win!

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Week 15 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

George Kittle, SF vs. ATL

FD($7,200)         DK ($6,200) 

Kittle is the number one fantasy TE this week in cash games, and he’s viable in GPPs too, given his upside. With 60-754-4 on the season and averaging six receptions and 90.3 yards per game over his last four games, it’s obvious that Jimmy G loves him — and he’s what you’re looking for as your top TE  in cash games.

Darren Waller, OAK vs. JAC

FD($6,200)          DK ($5,500)

Waller had 6-72-0 and a fumble last week but remains DerekCarr’s top target. He’s a cash game staple every week but hasn’t broken out fora monster game in a while. The price is still very affordable.

Week 15 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Travis Kelce, KC vs. DEN

FD($7,300)          DK ($6,500)

Kelce isn’t cheap, but he brings massive upsideto the table and is essentially matchup-proof because of the many ways Patrick Mahomescan get him the ball. He’s a consensus Top 3 fantasy TE every week, and becausehe’s expensive he usually doesn’t draw too much ownership in GPPs.

Zach Ertz, PHI at WAS

FD($6,700)          DK ($6,000)

The price has jumped up on both sites, mainly because ofhis big game in Week 14 and the injury to Alshon Jeffery, but we still mustconsider Ertz as a GPP play, especially facing the Redskins. He had 5-54-0 inWeek 1 against them, but I think he’ll find the end zone this time around.

Austin Hooper, ATL vs. CAR

FD($6,200)         DK ($5,000) 

We saw Jared Cook score two big TDs early last week againstthe 49ers, so I’m not counting out Hooper despite the difficult matchup on paper.With Calvin Ridley out of commission and this likely to be a negative game scriptfor the Falcons, I can see Hooper drawing 8-10 targets or more. The price hasdropped too.

Week 15 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

TylerHigbee, LAR at DAL

FD ($5,700)        DK ($3,900) 

Higbeeshould be a popular target for Jared Goff this week facing the Cowboys, whohave a banged up linebacking corps and will struggle in covering the middle of thefield. We’ve seen two huge games in a row (7-107-1 and 7-116-0) and Higbee isstill a great bargain at just $3,900 on DK.

O.J.Howard, TB at DET

FD($5,700)         DK ($3,500) 

Howard gets a decent matchup against the Lions and could seeextra volume with Mike Evans (hamstring) done for the rest of the season. He doesn’thave the upside of the top TEs, but 10-15 DK points for $3,500 could work – andthe chances of him catching a TD really go up without Evans on the field.

IanThomas, CAR vs. SEA

FD ($5,300)        DK ($3,100) 

The pricing on FD is fair, but Thomas is still a massivebargain on DK, where he’s just $3,100.The matchup is a good one, as the Seahawkshave struggled to contain TEs this season, and we saw last week how much KyleAllen relies on Thomas without Greg Olsen.

Additional Week 15 DFS GPP andpunt options:

HunterHenry, LAC vs. MIN (FD $6,400, DK $5,200) – Risky and expensive GPP play

NoahFant, DEN at KC (FD $5,700, DK $4,100) – GPP only (He’s playing)

DallasGoedert, PHI at WAS (FD $5,700, DK $4,300) – GPP only

Week 15 DFS DST Cash GamePlays 

New England Patriots (NE atCIN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($4,000) 

The Patriots might havea little extra steam in their engines this week after the scandalous film crewinvestigation, and there’s no arguing this is a talented unit who can dominateagainst bad teams – the Bengals included.

Philadelphia Eagles (PHI at WAS)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,400) 

The Eagles defenseshould be up to the task against a Redskins team just scraping through the lastfew games of 2019. This one could get ugly, even if the Eagles offense doesn’t clicklike it should.

Week 15 DFS DST GPP Plays

San Francisco 49ers (SF vs.ATL)

FD($4,500)         DK ($3,800) 

You’re getting a discount on FD and the Falcons are not the offensivejuggernaut that the Saints are. I’m not worried about a repeat of last week,and I’ll be locking the 49ers into a lot of my GPP entries.

Green Bay Packers (GB vs. CHI)

FD($4,200)         DK ($3,000) 

We saw what they did against the Bears in Week1, and I’m not convinced Mitch

Trubisky isn’t dreading the kind of pressure thePackers DST can bring. The price is more than fair on both sites for the upsidethis team brings.

Week 15 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Los Angeles Rams (LAR at DAL)

FD($3,600)         DK ($2,900) 

The Rams are a huge bargain this week against aDallas Cowboys team that seems to have given up. I wouldn’t be playing them in cashgams, but I’m fine with shares in GPPs because the Cowboys may not have a planfor Aaron Donald and these greedy, aggressive corners.

Miami Dolphins (MIA at NYG)

FD($3,700)         DK ($2,600) 

This is about as low as I’d like to go in GPPs, but the reality ofthe Giants woes makes the Dolphins a unit we have to consider. It’s a team thatcontinues to get better and Eli Manning and the Giants aren’t really playingfor anything but their pride.

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It’s time for Week 9 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win some green!

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Week9 DFS Tight End Cash Game Plays 

Travis Kelce, KC vs. MIN

FD ($6,700)         DK ($6,900) 

It’s a stark reality that most TEs just aren’t that reliable in DFS, but Kelce (65 targets, 42-604-2 this season) is about as automatic for 10+ fantasy points as you can get. He’s got only one game this season (9.8 DK points in Week 8 against the Texans) where he didn’t reach that mark – but he was darn close, and he said he was disgusted with his performance vs. Green Bay. The Vikings have a solid defense but are middle of the roads vs. TEs, and even with one more week of Matt Moore under center for the Chiefs, Kelce is one of the two best cash game plays.

DarrenWaller, OAK vs. DET

FD ($6,800)         DK ($6,300) 

Waller didn’t have a great week last Sunday (he caught just two of eight targets for 11 yards and a touchdown), a result of constant attention from the Houston defense, though his score salvaged what would have been a DFS disaster. The matchup is much better for Week 9 DFS against a Lions defense that ranks 27th against TEs. Waller is still seeing plentiful targets, so he’s about as safe as it gets for cash games.

Week9 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Hunter Henry, LAC vs. GB

FD ($6,400)          DK ($6,000)

The Chargers TE is oneof the top GPP plays, as he’s a consensus Top 5 five this week. With 23 targetsover his past three games, Henry is an elite GPP play with multi-TD upsidefacing the Packers.

JimmyGraham, GB at LAC

FD ($6,000)          DK ($4,300)

The veteran TE is a huge bargain on DK but makes for a solid GPP play on both sites. There’s 15-20 point upside, which is actually a pretty high mark this week given the player pool. He’s worth a look in Week 9 DFS because of the matchup and his QB – but Graham’s play this season has been streaky. He’s pretty far down the list in the consensus Week 9 rankings, so his ownership shouldn’t be too high.

GregOlsen, CAR vs. TEN

FD ($5,300)         DK ($3,500) 

Olsen had a solid start with two monster games in his first three weeks, but he’s been held scoreless over his past four appearances. He dealt with a back injury in late September, but hasn’t had a designation in a while and is facing a Titans defense that’s yielded plenty of scores to opposing TEs. He’s an under-the-radar GPP play in a decent matchup.

ZachErtz, PHI vs. CHI

FD ($6,000)         DK ($4,700) 

The main slate ismissing several of the game’s best TEs due to prime-time affairs or bye weeks,so we’re going to have to take chances in GPPs, and Ertz is a huge risk at themoment – with three straight games scoring fewer than 10 DK points and just oneTD on the season. The price has come down on DK to a point that’s reasonable,and his upside makes me comfortable rolling him out in GPPs – even against theBears.

Week9 DFS Tight End Punt Plays 

JonnuSmith, TEN at CAR

FD ($5,500)         DK ($3,800) 

With fellow Titans TE Delanie Walker (ankle) ruled out, Smithdraws another start in Week 9 against the Panthers, and while the matchup istougher than last week, I’m going right back to the well following his 6-78-1 (onseven targets) performance.

EricEbron, IND at PIT

FD ($5,200)         DK ($3,600) 

Ebron has been a hit-or-miss fantasy option this season,but he’s in a good spot against the Steelers. He’s mired in a timeshare attight end with Jack Doyle, but has at least three targets in every game this seasonand has scored over 10 DK points in three contests – the three he caught TDpasses in. It’s possible he and Doyle will both get more targets in the comingweeks with T.Y. Hilton slated to miss time, even if their upside is limited abit with both TEs healthy.

RyanGriffin, NYJ at MIA

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

Griffin has been one of the lone bright spots these pastcouple weeks for the Jets, and he’s coming off his best game of the season, atwo-touchdown performance against the Jaguars (4-66-2). I keep hearing talkthat Griffin will be relegated to a backup role once Chris Herndon returns fromhis hamstring injury, which could be as soon as this week in Miami, but Herndonis still a 50-50 shot to play. If he sits, Griffin is an option.

T.J.Hockenson, DET at OAK

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,700) 

The rookie tight end hasbeen relatively quiet lately, with just four catches in his last two weeks, butthat could change versus an Oakland defense that’s 28th against TEs. He’s stillgot 15-20 point upside but is a TD-dependent option who’s fine for GPPs.

Additional Week 9 DFS GPP and punt options:

Cameron Brate, TB at SEA (FD $5,100, DK $3,100)

Jack Doyle, IND at PIT (FD $5,000, DK $3,000)

Trey Burton, CHI at PHI (FD $4,800, DK $2,900)

Anthony Firkser, TEN at CAR (FD $4,700, DK $2,500)

Noah Fant, DEN vs. CLE (FD $4,600, DK $3,000)

Foster Moreau, OAK at HOU (FD $4,900, DK $2,600)

Week 9 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

BuffaloBills (BUF vs. WAS)

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,800) 

The Bills have disappointed us as the chalk DST before, but they’ve been serviceable against bad offenses, and this week they have a great home matchup against Washington. They’re relatively safe, have some upside, and Washington has just a 13-point implied total – the lowest of Week 9 – with turnover-prone rookie Dwayne Haskins starting at QB. The Bills DST should rebound in a big way.

PhiladelphiaEagles (PHI vs. CHI)

FD ($4,600)         DK ($3,000) 

Considering the Bears have one of the worst offenses in football and the Eagles defensive unit has been solid, I’m giving the Eagles the green light in cash games this week. Philly’s DST dropped 35 DK points on the Jets in Week 5, and they have similar upside this week against Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears.

DenverBroncos (DEN vs. CLE)

FD ($4,300)         DK ($2,900) 

If you’re looking for a cheap defense to play in cashgames, the Broncos face a turnover-prone Browns team at Mile High, where they usuallyplay a lot better as a unit. Give them a look if you’re in a salary crunch foryour lineup’s final spot.

Week9 DFS DST GPP Plays

SeattleSeahawks (SEA vs. TB)

FD ($4,900)         DK ($3,600) 

Seattle faces a Bucs team that’s got an implied total of 24.5 points, but Jameis Winston has thrown seven INTs over his past two weeks, making them a great GPP play. The secondary does have some issues with depth – last Sunday they were missing Tre Flowers, Quandre Diggs among others, and saw just a handful of snaps from Bradley McDougald. Those recurring injury problems and the implied total make them a little riskier for cash, but they’re one of my top tournament plays of Week 9.

GreenBay Packers (GB at LAC)

FD ($4,400)         DK ($3,400) 

The Packers were an under-the-radar DST for a while, and now’sthey’re one of the top defenses thanks to stellar play from the entire unit, especiallyZa’Darius Smith and Preston Smith at LB. And they have Darnell Savage back atsafety – which gives them a big boost. I’ll have some Aaron Jones/GB DSTlineups in GPPs.

NewYork Jets (NYJ at MIA)

FD ($4,600)         DK ($3,500) 

The Jets defense is a bit of a mess right now with a lot ofbackup players forced into starting roles, but the matchup versus Miami means wehave to consider them.

ChicagoBears (CHI at PHI)

FD ($4,400)          DK ($2,900)

The Bears DST came into the season a juggernaut, had acouple monster games in weeks 3 and 4, and now is struggling to make a bigsplash because of how poorly the offense is playing. They’re under $3K on DKnow, and the Eagles offensive line is in disarray, so that’s enough for me toconsider them in DFS.

ClevelandBrowns (CLE at DEN)

FD ($4,300)         DK ($3,100) 

The Browns get to face an untested QB, and they still havean effective pass rush and decent cornerbacks – so I’m buying some shares in Week9. A risk as a road play, but one with plenty of upside.

Week9 DFS DST Punt Plays 

Carolina Panthers CAR vs. TEN)

FD ($4,000)         DK ($2,800) 

The Panthers are cheap and their opponent, the Titans, havean implied total under 20 – making this one of the bets matchups of Week 9. Don’toverthink it.

MiamiDolphins (MIA vs. NYJ)

FD ($3,600)         DK ($2,700) 

The Dolphins defense has its moments – and so does SamDarnold the Ghost Whisperer. Seriously, though, we can make a case for theDolphins DST even in full tank mode based solely on the awfulness of the Jets.

WashingtonRedskins (WAS at BUF)

FD ($3,000)         DK ($1,800) 

The ultimate punt, it shouldn’t be hard for this team to make 4x or 5x value at the $1,800 price tag. I like Josh Allen, but he’s far from perfect, and has been known to throw ‘em to the opposition.

Monkey Knife Fight Pick of the Week – Click Here to Play and Get 100 Percent Bonus!

Pick the Players that will get the most Receptions

Focused on TEs, here, I will go with Kelce, Ertz and Olsen for a goal of 17.5 at 2x.

Photo of Travis Kelce by: Master Sgt. April Wickes, U.S. Air Force

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Week 8 in the NFL is all about finding the best opportunities for guaranteed production with high upside. Follow my stud and value plays and lock in the NFL DFS Picks of Destiny.

David Jones took down the Week 3 Sunday Night Showdown in his second tournament takedown in two days! He also has won three consecutive Showdowns!

David Jones won 100K on FanDuel! Read about it here

I want to start off this article by saying you must have the absolute nuts to win the top prize up top on large field GPPs. There is no room for mistakes with so many entries in these contests. If you think you are going to win it all by playing a combo of the top seven guys in the player pool, you are not. If a combo of a bunch of guys you have heard of before is indeed the best scoring lineup, you will most likely tie for first. If that sounds good to you, then go for it. It will be profitable if you nail it, but for me I like to be a little different on these slates. I will be making multiple teams and taking long shots on a few cheap guys. 

Leaving cash on the table in these NFL DFS contests is fine too. This makes your lineup even more unique and lower owned because a lot of amateurs will be pulling their hair out to use their entire salary. 

That all being said, I have looked at every possible player that can get on the field and listed my picks below.

The NFL DFS Week 8 Sunday Night Showdown Picks

MVP: James Conner ($15,000 FD) He is a dual threat running back going against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The way to attack the Dolphins really is through the air but the good news about Conner is he catches too. Factor in that Mason Rudolph has targeted him more in the pass game than any of the receivers and we have found the NFL DFS MVP for tonight. Backup running back Jaylen Samuels is questionable for tonight, but even if he plays I think the Steelers don’t give him much run. There should not be much reason to risk injury against the worst team in the league. Conner should get around 15-17 carries and 6-7 targets through the air. He will have the ball in his hands more than any other player in Monday night’s game besides the quarterbacks.

MVP Pivot: JuJu Smith-Schuster ($13,000 FD) He has not lived up to expectations this year but he is still probably the second best candidate to have a big game tonight. If JuJu can’t expose this defense, even with Rudolph throwing him the ball, it might be time for Steelers fans to panic.

MVP Pivot: Mason Rudolph ($14,000 FD) Quarterbacks against the Dolphins are always a good idea. Unfortunately Rudolph has not shown much reason to trust him against anyone this year. If Conner and JuJu are catching passes of course Rudolph is getting points too. I will not have much of him at the MVP spot, but he is worth mentioning as a second pivot.

High Risk MVP: Diontae Johnson ($7,000 FD) Steelers’ WR2

NFL DFS Flex Options:

Listed in order of preference with prices factored it

  1. JuJu ($15,000 FD) See above
  2. Mason Rudolph ($14,000 FD) See above
  3. Steelers Defense (on DraftKings) I know its not the “old Steelers defense” but I think they get up for this Monday night game at home.
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick ($14,000 FD) He looked competent last week, but I still don’t feel safe about the turnover prone Fitzpatrick. If we are looking for production from a team that should have to throw it, you have to look at the quarterback. There is a real concern he gets pulled for Josh Rosen if he looks terrible the first half.
  5. Mark Walton ($10,500 FD) I really hate the matchup for Walton but he is going to get a chance to showcase his skill set as the Dolphins new (probably starting) running back. This morning Miami traded away starter Kenyan Drake, which just opens up more attempts for Walton.
  6. Diontae Johnson ($7,000 FD) Nice price for Steelers WR against a terrible Dolphins defense. Could be a sneaky MVP
  7. Preston Williams ($8,000 FD) Dolphins WR2. He has gotten over six targets in every game except one this season. He is getting WR2 yards, just not getting in the end zone. I wouldn’t play two receives from the Dolphins without Fitzmagic.
  8. DeVante Parker ($12,000 FD) Steelers are worse defending the pass than the run. The Dolphins should have to lean on pass game here and Parker is their main guy. The last three weeks Parker has a touchdown in each game. What worries me with him is that Joe Haden will be lined up on him all night. I don’t expect a huge game from him, even though the opportunity should be there.
  9. Chris Boswell ($10,000 FD) I am high on the Steelers scoring points tonight. Every time they score, Boswell gets a piece.
  10. Update: James Washington
  11. Mike Gesicki ($7,500 FD) Dolphins starting TE who has looked solid lately. He needs more targets and hopefully Fitz keys in on him tonight.
  12. Vance McDonald ($6,500 FD) Steelers’ TE
  13. Albert Wilson ($6,000 FD) Pretty nice price on the big play Dolphins receiver. Boom or bust
  14. Kalen Ballage ($7,500 FD) He benefits from the Drake trade too, however he has looked pretty bad. He might get a goal line attempt, if the Dolphins can get there, but there is no guarantee he makes it in the end zone without getting stuffed.
  15. Update OUT Jaylen Samuels ($7,000 FD) He is questionable to play tonight. If he does get in the game, he will be coming off injury and I don’t think the Steelers will play him much, against a bad Dolphins team, even if he does suit up. Not high on him.


  1. Allen Hurns ($7,000 FD) He has not done anything this year and I am not very high on him. You have to get random on these slates sometimes. Worth a dart throw
  2. Benny Snell ($5,000 FD) If Samuels is out. No real interest if Samuels plays
  3. Nick Vannett ($5,500 FD) Steelers TE2. Don’t play him with McDonald
  4. Josh Rosen ($5,000 FD) If Fitz gets pulled, Rosen will get a shot. At $5,000 he should be able to pay off his price in two quarters. He carries an enormous risk and is more likely to score zero than anything else.
  5. Johnny Holton and Ryan Switzer are two guys at minimum salary ($5,000 FD) who could catch a pass for the Steelers. You can punt with them if you don’t care if you lose, because you probably will.

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The Dolphins are terrible defending the pass so Rudolph really is set up for one of the best opportunities of his career. Fitzpatrick struggles basically every week and isn’t even a lock to make it the whole game, in my opinion. I like Rudolph over and Fitzpatrick under.

Follow Win Daily Sports on twitter @WinDailyDFS.

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Cash withthe Flash Best Bets had a forgettable Saturday and one where we won’t betalking about it other than to say we’ve had better days. Days like our Saturdayalso remind me of something I heard years ago on a Las Vegas sports betting TVshow.

Never get toohigh or too low because what’s done is done and tomorrow is another day.

Bankrollmanagement isthe key to survival in sports betting and since I don’t know your personalfinancial situation, it’s up to you to decide what to bet, how much to bet, whento fade these plays or even to go against us.

Cash with the Flash Best Bets is cool with whatever helps you win becausewe are here to help you win cash.  

The NBA begins Tuesday night and Cash with the Flash Best Bets will have an NBA Betting Primer with terms and strategies and whatever else you need to kick off the NBA season in the right way. Look for that Tuesday.

Sunday is anew day and Cashwith the Flash Bets has some ideas for you to consider for this action-packedsports day.

BaltimoreRavens vs SeattleSeahawks

Cash withthe Flash Best Bets: Seattle -150

Cash with the Flash Best Bets believes this to be our play of theday. How can you not at least consider the Seahawks at home against the Ravens?That’s a great price on a football team that is 5-1 overall and 2-1 at home withtheir only home loss coming against the now 5-1 New Orleans Saints? Seattleopened as a four-point favorite and that’s been bet down to where it now sitsat Seahawks -3 points.

Cash with the FlashBest Bets believesthe Seahawks will win this game and refuses to lay any points on this game asthis could end up one of those old-fashioned shootouts that end in a one-pointvictory.

Both Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson are MVP candidates and both quarterbacks are up against two decent defenses and it should be fun to watch them do their thing this afternoon. According to Football Outsiders, Seattle has the edge in both offensive and defensive DVOA and Seattle is playing at home.

It will be a wetday in Seattle with winds under 10 miles per hour and both teams shouldbe able to do whatever they intend on doing offensively without the weathergetting in the way. Cash with the Flash Best Bets suggests playing the SeattleSeahawks to defeat the Baltimore Ravens in this contest.

Cash with the Flash Best Bets likes the following NFL plays thisafternoon.

NewOrleans Saints +4 over the Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphins+17.5 points over the Buffalo Bills

HoustonTexans +105 over the Indianapolis Colts

LosAngeles Rams -165 over the Atlanta Falcons

JacksonvilleJaguars -4.5 over the Cincinnati Bengals

DetroitLions +2.5 over the Minnesota Vikings


The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and donot reflect the views or opinions of Win Daily or any of the employees and/orexecutives of Win Daily.  All data and information provided on this siteare for informational purposes only.  Win Daily makes no representationsas to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of anyinformation on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, ordelays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from itsdisplay or use.  All information is provided on an as-is basis.

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To those of you that don’t recognize me, I go by JPrellezo on FanDuel and DraftKings, but you can call me Javi. My goal here in the 10/11 DFS column is to assist you in becoming more successful and profitable with some fantasy gold. I’ll go through what works for me and I hope I can guide you to the Promised Land!  

Iwant to focus this article on a deep dive into NFL Week 6 and guide you to winbig. I will go game by game with my takes on each game along with my core andvalue plays for Week 6.

Deep Dive and Top Plays

Cowboys vs. Jets

I’mgoing to start with this game because you may not know this, but I’m a big Cowboysfan. In this game, the Cowboys are coming off two straight losses to actualcompetition and are looking to end this streak. Sam Darnold is back, which bumpsup the projections and values of a few players, but I’ll be on the Cowboys sidefor the most part.

Cowboys –  The Jets rankin the middle of the pack for defense and have been pretty solid behind a pouroffense that was being run by Luke Falk. The Cowboys are projecting fora bounce back game and I’m high on Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. TheCowboys thrive against bad teams and I’d expect them to continue theirdominance against bad teams.

JetsSam Darnold is back, which means JamisonCrowder and Le’Veon Bell receive a boost in projections. In Week 1, JamisonCrowder had 10+ targets and had quite a game. Bell was also used in thepassing game and on the field for 100% of their offensive snaps.  Le’Veon Bell will garner some ownershipand he’s projecting well over 20% for Week 6, but I won’t be that high on him.Yes, the Cowboys defense allowed 4 TDs to Aaron Jones, but the Dallas defenseis pretty solid and should bounce back against a poor Jets team.

10/11 DFS Core Plays 

  • FanDuel
    • Michael Gallup, WR, DAL – $6,100
    • Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL – $8,500
  • DraftKings
    • Amari Cooper, WR, DAL – $7,000
    • Michael Gallup, WR, DAL – $5,600
    • Dak Prescott, QB, DAL – $6,200

10/11 DFS Value Plays

  • FanDuel
    • Jamison Crowder, WR, NYJ – $5,400
  • DraftKings
    • Le’Veon Bell, RB, NYJ – $6,400
    • Jamison Crowder, WR, NYJ – $4,000
    • Michael Gallup, WR, DAL – $5,600

49ers vs. Rams

Thisgame is probably 1 of 3 games that I won’t be focusing on as much. I believethat this is a tough game to predict due to which LA Rams defense will show upthis Sunday. Jameis Winston had a field day against the Rams a few weeks agoand the Rams don’t look solid at all. Meanwhile, the 49ers are looking like oneof the best teams in the NFL and the defense might be legit. It’s still early,but time will tell.

49ers – I like the 49ers side for value, but it is very difficult to predict which Wide Receivers will perform as Jimmy Garoppolo loves to spread the ball around. George Kittle is severely underpriced and I’ll definitely have some shares on DraftKings. I also like the price tag of Marquise Goodwin on FanDuel.  As for the running backs, I’m at a complete fade given how many they are using right now. I’d use them in GPPs, but a definite fade in cash.

Rams – Besides all our questions surrounding Gurley and his usage, we’re also wondering about Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods.  Cooper Kupp is settling in as Jared Goff’s favorite WR, but everyone else seems to be a big question mark.  I do like the price tag for Robert Woods, but I’m not high on the Rams side given the rejuvenation of the 49ers defense.  

10/11 DFS Core Plays 

  • FanDuel
    • George Kittle, TE, SF – $6,500
    • Cooper Kupp, WR, LAR – $7,800
    • Robert Woods, WR, LAR – $7,100
  • DraftKings
    • George Kittle, TE, SF – $5,200
    • Jared Goff, QB, LAR – $6,100
    • Robert Woods, WR, LAR – $5,600

10/11 DFS Value Plays

  • FanDuel
    • Marquise Goodwin, WR, SF – $5,200
    • Tevin Coleman, RB, SF – $5,000
  • DraftKings
    • Todd Gurley, RB, LAR – $6,200
    • Tevin Coleman, RB, SF – $4,400
    • Marquise Goodwin, WR, SF – $4,500
    • Gerald Everett, TE, LAR – $3,600

Saints vs. Jaguars

Thishas the potential to be the sneakiest game of the slate, but I believe it’smore a GPP game stack then cash game. The New Orleans Saints defense is middleof the pack , but have one of the best run defenses in all of football.  Meanwhile, the Jaguars defense is a shell ofits former self and ranks towards the bottom of the NFL. With two weak pass defenses,this has the potential to be a higher scoring game.

Saints – Is Teddy Bridgewater the real deal? He could be getting into the swing of things, but only time will tell. You can use him and Michael Thomas in GPP’s, but my main focus is going to be Alvin Kamara. He will be the only Saints player with most of my exposure.

Jaguars – I believe in Minshew Mania. That’s the first point I want to get across before I dive into this.  DJ Chark is priced a little too high for me right now given his recent success so I won’t be using him in as many lineups except for my Gardner Minshew stacks in GPP’s. The value play for me will be Dede Westbrook. He is still a vital part of the passing game and he’s a solid salary saver.  As for Leonard Fournette, he projects well, but this Saints run defense is the real deal and I won’t be as high on him. He does have high usage in this Jaguars offense, but the defense and price tag make me shy away from him.  On DraftKings, I’m more on Fournette and Chark because of their price tags.

10/11 DFS Core Plays 

  • FanDuel
    • Alvin Kamara, RB, NO – $7,900
    • Dede Westbrook, WR, JAX – 5,400
  • DraftKings
    • Alvin Kamara, RB, NO – $8,000
    • Leonard Fournette, RB , JAX – $6,700
    • Gardner Minshew, QB, JAX – $5,000

10/11 DFS Value Plays

  • FanDuel
    • Dede Westbrook, WR, JAX – 5,400
  • DraftKings
    • DJ Chark, WR, JAX – $5,500
    • Dede Westbrook, WR, JAX – $5,100

Seahawks vs. Browns

This isanother interesting game that I will have some pieces for my lineups, but alower amount of stacks. My favorite play of this slate is from this gamebecause of his price tag and usage and he will be in a lot of my GPP and cashlineups. Also, we see a pretty steep discount on Odell Beckham.

Seahawks – This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. My core play of the entire slate. Are you ready? If you listened to my podcast yesterday, you’ll know that I love the price tag of Tyler Lockett and he is going to be locked and loaded in my cash lineups along with most of my GPP lineups. Chris Carson has a pretty nice price tag, but I want to see one more solid game before I roster him in multiple lineups. D.K. Metcalf is also interesting to me, but I’ll mainly be on Lockett. Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman did just run all over this defense so I can see the case for Chris Carson, but I don’t trust him given his ball security issues.

Browns – If there is to be a bounce back game for the Browns, I think this might be the one. I see them trailing for a good portion of this game so they will be passing the ball a ton. Odell Beckham is at a discount and I’ll lock him in GPP lineups until I see more consistency. I’m mainly off the Browns for this game except for tournaments.

10/11 DFS Core Plays 

  • FanDuel
    • Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA – $6,300
    • Odell Beckham, WR, CLE – $7,600
  • DraftKings
    • Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA – $6,400
    • Odell Beckham, WR, CLE – $6,800

10/11 DFS Value Plays

  • FanDuel
    • Tyler Lockett, WR, SEA – $6,300
    • D.K. Metcalf – WR, SEA – $5,800
  • DraftKings
    • Chris Carson, RB, SEA – $6,000
    • D.K. Metcalf , WR, SEA – $4,700

Titans vs. Broncos

Thisgame is a fade for me. Since I’m doing 150 lineups on the Milly Makertournaments on FanDuel and DraftKings, I’ll have 1 or 2 stacks for each team,but I am far from a fan of this game.

Titans – The only two things I’m considering for the Titans are using their DST and a few Derrick Henry lineups. With a low Vegas total, this team is not a focus for me.

Broncos – Another low Vegas total for the Broncos and until they have someone other than Joe Flacco throwing to Emmanuel Sanders or Courtland Sutton, they are a fade. Sutton and Sanders do have a nice number of targets, but I’m not a fan because of Flacco.  They are pretty much a fade for me.

10/11 DFS Core Plays 

  • FanDuel
    • Derrick Henry, RB, TEN – $6,700
  • DraftKings
    • Derrick Henry, RB, TEN – $6,100

10/11 DFS Value Plays

  • FanDuel
    • Delanie Walker, TE, TEN – $5,200
    • Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN – $5,900
    • Emmanuel Sanders, WR, DEN – $5,500
    • Royce Freeman, RB, DEN – $5,200
  • DraftKings
    • Delanie Walker, TE, TEN – $3,700
    • Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN – $5,000
    • Emmanuel Sanders, WR, DEN – $4,800

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Bengals vs. Ravens

I tooka stab at this game in my Wednesday article talking about the Bengals and theirhorrific defense. In my $40,000 victory this past Sunday, I used the Bengals DSTand it hurt my chances at the $100,000. The Bengals rank in the bottom 5 in overall defense and rank 27thin points allowed.

Ravens – Given Lamar Jackson has struggled the past 2 weeks, I expect a bounce back game. I’m a little off Mark Ingram because of his price tag, but you can use him in GPP as he projects to be under 10% owned.  Marquise Brown will garner ownership because of price tag, especially on FanDuel. Mark Andrews is just too cheap on DraftKings to pass up on him

Bengals – Although the Ravens defense is nothing to brag about, the Bengals offense has been struggling since week 2.  I’m high on the Ravens defense is season long leagues, but that price tag is way too high in a matchup against a mediocre Bengals offense.  The Bengals rank in the bottom 5 in offense as well, but they will be passing a lot this game given they will be trailing from the get go.  I’ll have a few lineups with Joe Mixon and Auden Tate on DraftKings because of their price, but my main play in GPP’s will most likely be Tyler Boyd.  The Bengals side of this game is not my favorite play, but I’ll have some GPP lineups with them.


  • FanDuel
    • Lamar Jackson, QB, BAL – $8,200
    • Marquise Brown, WR, BAL – $5,800 (only on FanDuel)
  • DraftKings
    • Lamar Jackson, QB, BAL – $6,900
    • Mark Andrews, TE, BAL  – $4,800


  • FanDuel
    • Joe Mixon, RB, CIN – $6,400
  • DraftKings
    • Auden Tate, WR, CIN – $4,500

Texans vs. Chiefs

I’mgoing to stick with this game as the “Game Stack of the Week”.  Both sides will garner ownership given their letit fly mentalities

TexansDeAndre Hopkins is due to breakout. Plain and simple. Given Will Fuller’s recent performance, I expect DeAndre Hopkins to break out of his funk versus a mediocre Chiefs defense.  As always, we are unsure of what’s wrong with the DraftKings pricing model because Carlos Hyde is ridiculously cheap and the best value on the slate.

Chiefs – The same narrative can be said here about Travis Kelce. Kelce has struggled in recent weeks and Patrick Mahomes seems to be human.  I’m hoping many shy away from the Chiefs given their price tags, but I’m still high on them this week given Atlanta was passing all over Houston last week. I don’t have Mahomes listed as a core play, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have shares of him.   


  • FanDuel
    • DeAndre Hopkins, WR, HOU- $8,400
    • Will Fuller, WR, HOU – $6,600
    • Travis Kelce, TE, KC – $7,500
  • DraftKings
    • DeAndre Hopkins, WR, HOU – $7,400
    • Travis Kelce, TE, KC – $7,000
    • Will Fuller, WR, HOU – $6,000
    • Deshaun Watson, QB, HOU – $6,700


  • FanDuel
    • Carlos Hyde, RB, HOU – $6,000
  • DraftKings
    • Deshaun Watson, QB, HOU – $6,700
    • Carlos Hyde , RB, HOU – $4,400

Falcons vs. Cardinals

Couldthis be the game that Julio Jones breaks out of his funk? He is one of myfavorite plays of this slate. I honestly think Hooper will go lower owned giventhe Cards shutting down Tyler Eifert, but I’m locking in Hooper as the Falconsare pass happy and I expect lots of targets to head Hooper’s way.

Falcons – Arizona defense is bad. Plain and simple. They arebroken when it comes to defending the TE. I will load up on Falcons stacks as I expect them to continue to be passheavy.

CardinalsKyler Murray is coming off his first win and this was without doing as well as we wanted him to. Given the Falcons and Cardinals having two of the worst defenses in the NFL, I’d expect a shootout. This game will most likely be my number two game stack I heavily use. Look for Christian Kirk news because I’ll be loading up on Larry Fitzgerald along with some KeeShan Johnson if Kirk is ruled out.   


  • FanDuel
    • Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL – $5,500
    • Julio Jones, WR, ATL – $8,500
  • DraftKings
    • Austin Hooper, TE, ATL – $5,000
    • Julio Jones, WR, ATL – $8,000
    • Matt Ryan, QB, ATL – $6,400


  • FanDuel
    • Larry Fitzgerald, WR, ARI – $5,600
    • Christian Kirk, WR, ARI – $5,600
    • Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL – $5,500
  • DraftKings
    • Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL – $5,700
    • Christian Kirk, WR, ARI – $5,200 (if active)
    • Devonta Freeman, RB, ATL – $5,700

Eagles vs. Vikings

I sidemore with the Vikings side over the Eagles side for this game. Vikings DSTstill ranks as one of the top defenses, but they are susceptible to the pass. Isee the Eagles trailing in this game so they’ll need to pass. Ertz projectswell from the Eagles side.

Eagles – As I mentioned, my main target is Ertz, but Jordan Howard comes in as value on DraftKings given that he seems to have won the feature back role.

Vikings – This is where things get dicey. The Eagles secondary is garbage and Kirk Cousins should have a field day. The question is whether Stefon Diggs will finally have his breakout game. I’m high on him this week given his price tag, but you just never know. I do like Dalvin Cook this week after a down week in Week 5.    


  • FanDuel
    • Stefon Diggs, WR, MIN – $5,800
    • Zach Ertz, TE, PHI – $6,600
    • Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN – $8,200
  • DraftKings
    • Dalvin Cook, RB, MIN – $8,400


  • FanDuel
    • Stefon Diggs, WR, MIN – $5,800
  • DraftKings
    • Stefon Diggs, WR, MIN – $5,900
    • Jordan Howard, RB, PHI – $4,900
    • Zach Ertz , TE, PHI – $5,400

Redskins vs. Dolphins

Battle of the defeated! One of my least favorite games, but could be a GPP gold mine. There is value all over the place with this game and both defenses rank towards the bottom. Not much to dive deep into for this game as it has the lowest projected total in Vegas so I’ll keep the value plays on this end. I will have some Case Keenum and Terry McLaurin stacks given the chemistry they’ve had this season.


  • FanDuel
    • Adrian Peterson, RB, WAS – $5,300
    • Preston Williams, WR, MIA – $5,600
  • DraftKings
    • Adrian Peterson, RB, WAS – $4,500
    • Preston Williams, WR, MIA – $4,100
    • Case Keenum, QB, WAS – $5,000

My rankings for DST are as follows:

  • Washington Redskins
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Minnesota Vikings

My offenses to target and stacks to focus on are as follows

  • Houston Texans
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Kansas City Chiefs

Thanks for reading and good luck this weekend!

I’ll be in Las Vegas this weekend so I’ll beon and off until Sunday morning, but please contactme with any questions on Twitter @Javi_Prellezo or on our Win Daily Slackchannel!

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