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The NFL DFS season continues with the Thursday night showdown, and we’ve got the breakdown to help you win big money in the first Week 4 NFL DFS contests!NOTE: For a refresher on showdown general rules and strategy, see the Week 1 TNF showdown article.Let’s get to the game!Week 4 NFL DFS MVP candida...

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NFL Futures Bets for 2020

We’re always looking for ways to put money in your pockets here at Win Daily. When there is a betting line that we can take advantage of, we let you know about it too! Here are a few plays we like on DraftKings Sportsbook for the NFL Futures Bets for 2020.

Michael’s NFL Futures Bets for 2020

There are a few teams I’m looking to take advantage of this year in the NFL one of them is my beloved Giants… Make sure to give me a follow on Twitter @michaelrasile1 and hop into our Free Expert Chat on Discord.

Team Win Totals

DraftKings Promo

Giantso/u 6.5 on DraftKings- UNDER
The Giants had 4 wins last year, 2 against the Redskins, and they got better. Defense is still terrible but the offensive line did get better through the draft. I can maybe see 1 win in their first 5 games: Home against the Steelers (loss), At the Bears (loss), Home against the 49ers (loss), At the Rams (loss), Home against the Cowboys (loss). Maybe maybe maybe one of those goes the Giants way, but probably not. Facing the AFC North and NFC West with each division potentially making the argument that 3 teams from those divisions can make the playoffs. No shot at 7 wins. High on saquon in fantasy, pretty low on Daniel Jones, especially with a deep QB class.

Ramso/u 8 – UNDER
The Rams went 9-7 last year and easily could have been in the playoffs if Greg the Leg could hit an easy field goal against Seattle. They have almost $65 million tied in dead cap (Gurley, Matthews, Cooks) and a bad QB. Offensive line was the biggest problem last year and they did some to fix it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bad again. Todd was bad, but still had over 1000 yard from scrimmage and 14 touchdowns. AFC East and NFC East are pretty easy. NFC West will be hard this year. 2 extra games are the Bucs and Bears, Tom Brady should be fine, and the Bears defense has given the rams fits the last few years. I think their offense won’t be as it was in 2018 and I think their defense will be middle of the pack.

Bearso/u 7.5 – OVER
Deshaun Watson came out and said the Bears never even spoke with him. Now they are stuck with a terrible QB and Mitch Trubisky. Nick Foles was beat out by a 6th round rookie last year, so the Bears thought they should trade a 4th round pick for him, take on his contract (restructured) and now they’re in a pickle. With all that said, their schedule is super easy and them starting out 5-1 or 6-1. AFC South, and AFC South. Extra games the Giants and Saints. 1-1 there. Probably take the over, but i’d be worried. I also wouldn’t touch anyone on this offense except Allen Robinson and it won’t be until late in the draft.

Chiefso/u 11.5 – UNDER
The Chiefs’ schedule consists of the AFC East, NFC South, with the 2 extra against the Ravens and Texans (both play off teams). Per Warren Sharp, Chiefs are going against a top 10 hardest Pass Efficiency Defense. Chiefs love to throw the ball! But thankfully adding a running back in the draft can make their offense a little less reliant on the pass. Super Bowl hangover for all teams other than the Patriots is real. Currently favorites to win the Super Bowl. Of the last 10 winners, only 2 teams made it back to the Super Bowl, Pats/Seahawks, 3 teams didn’t make it back to the playoffs. AFC is pretty weak this year, so they make the playoffs, but I don’t think they repeat and I think they land at 11 wins.

49erso/u 10.5 – OVER
The 49ers schedule consists of the NFC East, AFC East, and 2 extra games against the Saints and Packers. Top three favorite to win the Super Bowl. Of the last 10 SB losers only one has come back and won it. Roster is still stacked and intact. Added a real receiver in the draft and got Trent Williams from the redskins. NFCE and AFCE are both bad, should be able to hit the over of 10.5. Fantasy will be weird, Deebo might be a fun play in DFS but I don’t see the consistency in season long. Aiyuk is a real receiver in this offense unlike the rest of them. Kittle for sure. Running back by committee, Kyle Shannahan doesn’t care.

Brownso/u 8 – UNDER
The Browns schedule consists of the NFC East, AFC South, and 2 extra games against the Jets and Raiders. Browns were terrible last year and finished 7-9. Stacked on offense, just needed a real coach and a semblance of an offensive line. Picked up Conklin in the off season for right tackle and Jedrick Wills for left tackle, he played right tackle in college, but Tua is a lefty so he was still blindside. NFC East and AFC South are both bad and their two extra games aren’t too tough either. I think if the offense can pick it up a bit, added Austin Hooper as well I think they do great. Stephanski runs a lot of 2 TE sets so it was a great pick up. Only problem is if they start out bad, how quickly does Odell and Jarvis get angry at Baker and start to ruin the locker room and ask to be traded again? I think there is a shot at the over, but the Browns are still the Browns and in that case I take the under.

Sia’s NFL Futures Bets for 2020

Make sure to follow Sia at @SiaNejad on Twitter and hop in our Free Expert Chat on Discord!

Week 1 Lines

DraftKings Promo

Chicago at Detroit (-1.5) – A best bet. Detroit at home with weapons on offense. Defense is shaky but that shouldn’t be a problem against Mitch Trubisky. Lions tend to start fast. Last year derailed by Stafford injury but this team isn’t as poor as people think.  

Indianapolis (-8.5) at Jacksonville – Is it possible for a team to give up before Week 1?  This game is a stay away for me but if I had to bet it I’d take the Minshew magic plus the points. It’s just too many points for a home team in Week 1.  Indy probably overvalued at this point.

Green Bay at Minnesota -3.5 – shocking line.  Take it at 3 maybe.  This line will go down to 3 or maybe 2.5 by kickoff.  I’m taking Minnesota with the assumption that I get the line later on at 3 or 3.5.  Not in love with the bet but the line tells you all you need to know about how the oddsmakers feel about the Packers (record from last year may be a little fraudulent).

L.A. Chargers (-3.5) at Cincinnati – Chargers probably win but 3.5 is too much.  This is a bet against on Tyrod and Anthony Lynn.  Chargers can’t help but play close games and Tyrod just isn’t the guy.  Bengals have just enough weapons to move the ball and keep it close.

Arizona at San Francisco (-8) – too many points.  Home game not a factor here. Kyler has done well against SF.  Too many weapons for Arizona.  Game will be close enough.  

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (-4) – line is all over the place.  Anything under 4 and I’m on Saints.  Line opened at -6 when schedule came out which was absurd.  Let’s see if the line moves.  If it stays at -4 I’ll take the dog.  It’s a stay away for now.

Dallas (-3) at L.A. Rams – Feels like they’re in a bad spot. Dallas has a ton of weapons on offense. Defense is very shaky but if they can get a pass rush on Goff, they’ll be okay.  Not a bet I love and i’d probably wait to see if line goes down to -2.5.  Probably won’t since Dallas is a public team.

Team Win Totals

Ravens over (11 with juice to over) – Very easy schedule.  Only travel 6k miles on the season (some teams are between 25k-30k of travel miles).  14-2 last year.  Loaded and did well in the draft (Patrick Queen, JK Dobbins, plenty of offensive line help, DLineman in the third round and a very underrated WR out of Texas in Duvernay and Proche from SMU).  Also got James Daka as an UDFA out of JMU.  Edge rusher with 16.5 sacks last year (I went to JMU).

Steelers over (8.5 with juice to over) – Easy schedule (NFC East/AFC South out of division).  People falling asleep on them.  Great defensive front.  They get their QB back.  Weapons at WR (Juju, Claypool, DJohnson and James Washington) and TE (Ebron/Vance) and RB with Conner and Macfarland.

Bengals under (6) Someone has to be the big loser in this division.  Looking at their schedule I can find 5 wins but not 6.  Certainly not 7 so you’re worst case feels like a push.  Small miracle if this team gets anywhere near 7 games.

Giants under (6.5) (AFC North/NFC West)I know Michael covered them but thought id touch on them too (maybe it’s good to reinforce?).  Under is a good bet here.  Schedule is tough.  Just seems like such a good play felt right to reinforce it.

Broncos over (7.5) (AFC East/NFC South)Not the easiest schedule but still like it.  Won 4 of last 5 games last year.  3 of first 5 on the road but that’s not a bad thing.  Pass rush should be good.  Improved OLine.  Good OC in Pat Shurmur.  Loaded at RB (Gordon and Lindsay) and WR (Jeudy, Sutton, KJ Hamler) and talent at TE.  I believe in Drew Locke.

Cowboys over (9.5) – Defense has to be decent and then they’ll cruise in a weak division.

Super Bowl Winners

Ravens at 7 to 1 –  Best team in the NFL.  14-2 last year.  4th easiest schedule per Warren Sharp metric.  Absolutely loaded up  in the draft on offense and defense (Dobbins/Queen/Duvernay/Proche/OL/DL/Daka out of JMU (16.5 sacks last year).  Only travel 6,000 miles on the entire season (compare that to most NFC/AFC West teams which can travel 25-30 thousand miles).  

Cowboys at 18 to 1 – Competitive NFC but this is a real team which now has a real coach which upgraded in a big way in the draft.  Defense is suspect but these are solid odds.  I like the Cowboys +110 to win the NFC East as well.

Steelers at 28 to 1 – 7th easiest schedule per Warren Sharp metric (NFC East/AFC South). Steelers got to 8 wins with basically no QB.  Juju healthy.  BigBen healthy.  Stout defense.  Upgrades on offense at RB and WR plus solid core of young WRs (Johnson/Washington).  Only two legitimate teams in the AFC so there is a chance for Steelers to make some noise.

Division Winners

Bucs +105 versus the Saints +110 [NFC South]
Saints added Emmanuel Sanders and a few pieces on defense in free agency.  Solid draft with Baun at LB, Ruiz at Center, Troutman at TE.  May take a while for Bucs to get acclimated.  And let’s not forget Brady is 100 years old.  Bucs offense should still be lethal but not sure they’re fit to take over in the NFC South.  I do like what Bucs did in grabbing Wirfs in first round to shore up OLine and like Ke’Shawn Vaughn to be a potential sneaky star at RB.

Packers +170 versus Vikings +165 [NFC North]
Just seems like the Pack may fall apart this year.  Won a lot of close games last year and I expect regression there.  No help for ARod on offense.  Vikings got a headache out of the locker room in Diggs and filled his position in the draft with Jefferson.  Vikings addressed every need in first two rounds with a WR, CB, and a Tackle.  15 picks overall and this is suddenly a young team on the rise with a veteran QB and an elite pair of RB’s

Cowboys +100 versus Eagles +140 [NFC East]
Seems like Cowboys have the easier schedule. Eagles a very solid team but Wentz certainly an injury risk and Eagles draft didn’t address needs like the Cowboys did.  Cowboys did lost Byron Jones (and Philly gained Slay) but Cowboys drafted 2 CBs with their first 4 picks and now have elite weapons all over the offense. Eagles first two picks with Reagor and Hurts may have very minimal impact in 2020.

Niners +115 versus Seahawks +225 [NFC West]
At some point Russell Wilson is going to have a problem carrying this entire team.  Niners get almost everyone back.  Buckner gone but they filled his spot with Javon Kinlaw.  Got Brendan Aiyuk from ASU.  Team is loaded and getting value at +115.  Hawks draft seemed full of reaches with Jordyn Brooks and Darrell Taylor with first two picks.

Jason’s NFL Futures Bets for 2020

Make sure to follow Jason on Twitter at @jasonmezrahi and talk to him about his picks in our Free Expert Chat on Discord.

Division Winners

Bucs 12 to 1
Already locked it in at 15 to 1 and I don’t mind it here at 12 to 1. This offense is going to be good to great. Their Run D was good enough. Their secondary was terrible. Licht also made other big moves this offseason, keeping NFL sack leader Shaq Barrett, and bringing back veteran defenders in Jason Pierre-Paul and Ndamukong Suh. He also made sure he landed one of the best offensive tackle prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft, trading up for Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs. Though he has taken his share of grief for his misses in recent years, much of which he admits he deserves, Licht deserves every bit of praise he’s getting for the bold moves he’s made this offseason to make the Bucs a legitimate contender. We’ll see if the on-field results match the hype this fall, but at this point, Licht and the Bucs have been big winners this offseason.

Eagles 17 to 1
Picking up Darius Slay covered a major whole in that philadelphia secondary and if Carson and the wide receiving crew can stay healthy they can cruise thru a weak NFC east and lock up a possible home playoff game. I love what sanders brings to this offense, combined with the two tight end set of Ertz and Goeddert, and hopefully a healthy Alshon, Desean and rookie Reagor this offense can be explosive.

Cardinals 60 to 1
The Cardinals have been busy this offseason. They acquired WR DeAndre Hopkins in a trade that sent RB David Johnson to the Houston Texans. They re-signed RB Kenyan Drake and LT D.J. Humphries. They added DL Jordan Phillips and LBs Devon Kennard and De’Vondre Campbell in free agency. They selected LB Isaiah Simmons (Clemson) in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft and added OL Josh Jones (Houston), DL Leki Fotu (Utah) and DL Rashard Lawrence (LSU) with their next three picks.

Team Win Totals

Ravens – 11
49ers – 10.5
Broncos – 7.5

Giants – 6.5
Jets – 6.5
Rams – 8
Bills – 9

I hope you can make some money on our NFL Futures Bets for 2020, I think these are some solid plays for the year. Considering we don’t know what it will look like, it should be fun either way!

Make sure to hop in our Free Expert Chat on Discord to ask us all questions!

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It’s time for our Week 13 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate, focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win big!

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Week 13 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Travis Kelce, KC vs. OAK

FD($7,100)          DK ($7,200)

Weather is playing a key role in a few games this week, with cold rain being the main culprit. It’s going to be about 35 degrees in KC with no precipitation in the forecast, so I’m perfectly fine rolling with Kelce and his 8-10 targets as my main cash gameplay. He’s coming off his best game since Week 2.

Darren Waller, OAK at KC

FD($6,100)          DK ($5,500)

Waller is cheaper than Kelce and doesn’t have quite the flooror upside, but he’s still worth a look in all formats if you need the savingsat TE. It’s frustrating to see Waller without much red-zone volume and justthree TDs on the season, but he should be more involved against the Chiefs inWeek 13.

Week 13 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

George Kittle, SF at BAL

FD($7,000)         DK ($6,100) 

Kittle isn’t listed on the injury report but is reportedly dealing with a bone chip in his ankle – which could make him a little uncomfortable moving forward. But he returned from a two-game absence with a huge Week 12 (6-129-1 against the Packers). Sunday’s road matchup with the Ravens is a tougher draw and the weather in Baltimore projects to be a cold rain. He’s a GPP play only this week but still has an upside.

Hunter Henry, LAC at DEN

FD($6,600)         DK ($5,800) 

Henry is coming off a Week 12 bye and should have his usualshare of looks (54 targets in seven games this season) against the Broncos inMile High. He’s averaging an excellent 70 receiving yards per game, making himone of the more reliable tight ends in fantasy and a solid GPP play in Week 13.

Mark Andrews, BAL vs. SF

FD($6,500)         DK ($5,700) 

Andrews is in the sameboat as Kittle this week with regard to the game conditions and the difficultmatchup, but he’s a little bit cheaper. He’s a talented player and way too goodto fade completely, but my shares will be slightly diminished this week andthere are a few guys I like better.

Zach Ertz, PHI at MIA

FD($6,900)         DK ($6,700) 

Ertz (hamstring) was a limited participant in Friday’spractice and could always miss this game, but the Eagles are optimistic he’llplay. Goedert would see a huge increase in snaps and volume if Ertz is inactiveagainst Miami, but Ertz is worth rolling out in some GPPs if he’s good to go.

Dallas Goedert, PHI at MIA

FD($5,200)         DK ($4,100) 

Goedert could be an even better option if Zach Ertz misses,but he’s a fine enough play even with the Eagles No. 1 TE available. You’regetting a huge discount on both sites, however, if Ertz is inactive – so he’sbound to get chalky in GPPs and could make a fine enough cash play.

Ryan Griffin, NYJ at CIN

FD($5,600)         DK ($4,200) 

Griffin isn’t a lock-and-load value play anymore, but he’ stillGPP-viable and gets a great matchup against the Bengals. He’s now up to28-282-5 on the season, with most of that production coming after his Week 6breakout against the Cowboys.

Greg Olsen, CAR vs. WAS

FD($5,100)          DK ($4,400)

Olsen is easy to forget in this week’s list of availableTEs in the main slate, but he’s up to 68 targets this season and has now hauledin at least five passes in three straight games. In Week 13 he faces a Redskinsdefense that’s allowed the eighth-most passing touchdowns this season – so he’sworth considering for GPPs.

Week 13 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

MikeGesicki, MIA vs. PHI

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

Gesickibroke through with his first TD of 2019 in Week 12 and should get a handful oftargets this week against the Eagles. He’s still pretty cheap on both sites.

TylerHigbee, LAR at ARI

FD($5,500)         DK ($2,500) 

Higbee will be Jared Goff’s main TE on Sunday with GeraldEverett out for Week 13. He saw six targets last week against the Ravens and hasnow played 70 percent of the Rams’ offensive snaps the past two weeks – a ratethat should increase in Arizona. 

Additional Week 13 DFS GPP andpunt options:

JimmyGraham, GB at NYG (FD $5,800, DK $3,800) – GPP

JonnuSmith, TEN vs. JAC (FD $5,300, DK $3,300) – GPP (If Walker sits)

NoahFant, DEN vs. LAC (FD $5,100, DK $3,700) – GPP

TylerEifert, CIN vs. NYJ (FD $4,700, DK $2,800) – GPP

Week 13 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT vs.CLE)

FD($3,700)         DK ($3,500) 

The Steelers DST pricing is all messed up on FD, so they’re the easy pick for top DST on that site this week, even against a team that gave them fits (and hits!) a couple of weeks ago. I might look elsewhere in DK, but the discount is just too significant on FD to pass up.

Philadelphia Eagles (PHI at MIA)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,600) 

The Eagles are usually GPP-only but are decent cash gameplay this week facing the Dolphins, especially considering how well they did against the dangerous Seahawks last week. They’re expensive on FD but you get a discount on DK.

Week 13 DFS DST GPP Plays

New York Jets (NYJ at CIN)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,700) 

Jets fans know that you should never get too comfortable with theJets defense, and that heartache is just around the corner. While I’d love toinclude this unit in my cash game recommendations, it’s just too risky.

Carolina Panthers (CAR vs. WAS)

FD($4,700)         DK ($3,800) 

The Panthers defense has its problems, so they’renot really viable in cash games – but this is a fine enough matchup for GPPsand the Redskins offense is an excellent one to pick on.

Green Bay Packers (GB at NYG)

FD($4,600)         DK ($3,600) 

This game could get interesting.Cold rains are an awful weather component for football, and Daniel Jones hasbeen known to fumble. The Packers are a sneaky good play this week against theGiants, though their struggles against the run should limit your ownership toGPPs.

Week 13 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC vs.TB)

FD($4,400)         DK ($3,300) 

The Jags make an excellent play this week at home vs. the Bucs – ateam that turns the ball over frequently and doesn’t have a very dynamicrunning game. They’re on my list of bargain options.

Los Angeles Rams (LAR at ARI)

FD($4,100)         DK ($3,200)

The Rams DST turned in areal stinker last week against the Ravens, but the matchup this week is muchmore favorable, and they had scored 58 DK points total over the past four weeksbefore the negative performance in Week 12. Expect Aaron Donald and the rest ofthis unit to give Kyler Murray some trouble.

Also consider: Colts,Browns

Photo of Kelce by Master Sgt. April Wickes, U.S. Air Force

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It’s time for our Week 12 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate, focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you take it down!

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Week 12 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Darren Waller, OAK at NYJ

FD($6,200)          DK ($5,700)

Waller’s price has risen on DraftKings, but dropped a few hundred on FD – but that’s just minutiae. After a seven-target week and another 7-78-0 tacked onto his season total (56-666-3), we’ve got to see him as a solid cash game pick in a week without many sure things. He’s a much-matured player now, has a relatively safe floor and has plenty of upside against the Jets.

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. SEA

FD($6,100)         DK ($6,000) 

It’s a concern that his price jumped $1K on DK, but he’s coming off back-to-back 11-targets weeks, is looking a lot more like his old self and silencing his critics. I’m not going to overthink my cash game TEs this week. I think Waller and Ertz are the best options unless you’re paying down for a bargain like Mike Gesicki (more on him later).

Week 12 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Ryan Griffin, NYJ vs. OAK

FD($5,600)         DK ($4,200) 

Last week I mentioned that Griffin gets no respect in theDK pricing algorithm, and it’s been corrected – kind of. He’s still a solid GPPplay on both sites and has as much upside as any TE this week, coming off a5-109-1 game in Week 11.

Jared Cook, NO vs. CAR

FD($6,000)          DK ($4,500)

Cookhas a difficult matchup in Week 12 facing the Panthers, who defend TEs quitewell. He’s not my favorite choice this week and his price is a little too highon FD, but his ownership will likely be restricted to Saints stacks, and that’sa good way to get exposure to him in GPPs.

Jacob Hollister, SEA at PHI

FD($5,100)         DK ($4,300) 

Coming off two big performance then a Week 11bye, Hollister’s price has shot up to $4,300 on DK, but I think he’s worth it.I’m, not convinced he’s a great cash game play just yet, but he’s certainly gotthe upside to make him a solid GPP play (10-62-1 in Week 10 at SF).

Greg Olsen, CAR at NO

FD($5,100)         DK ($4,100) 

Olsen had just five targets last week but he went for 5-57-0. If he can have another day like that and add a TD, he’ll be in good shape. This game could get high-scoring (45.5 total), so the game script could help his cause, and Olsen is a target that Kyle Allen trusts.

Cameron Brate, TB at ATL

FD($5,400)          DK ($3,600)

The Bucs are playing games with us. Brate was targeted 14times in Week 11, hauling in 10-73-0. He’s on my list of GPP plays because of thematchup and the obvious upside, but I’ll limit my exposure when I feel like I’mgetting toyed with.

Dallas Goedert, PHI vs. SEA

FD($5,200)         DK ($3,700) 

I wouldn’t play Goedert with Zach Ertz, but they both havesolid matchups this week against Seattle. He’s actually been more consistentthan Ertz over the past week weeks, so he’s another cash game option if you’dprefer not to spend up, but I’ll be focusing on him in GPPs because he’s scoreda TD in three of his last four games and has two-TD upside this week.

Week 12 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

MikeGesicki, MIA at CLE

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

Gesickihas been solid, and if the Dolphins are serious about beating the Browns, they’llbe using him. Joe Schobert is questionable, the Browns defense is missing someimportant defensive line components, and Gesicki is an athletic, big-play orientedTE who’s been woefully underutilized. He’s had six targets in each of the lastthree, but that’s just not enough. We could see a 10-target game for him in Wek12, and I’ll be way ahead of the field on my ownership in GPPs.

TylerEifert, CIN vs. PIT

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,100) 

Eifert’s price is stilldown and he’s probably going to see more usage in Week 12 against a Steelersdefense that ranks 28th in the NFL against TEs. He’s probably dependenton a TD to be worth using in GPPs, but he did see 9 targets and haul in 6-74-0in Week 9 against the Rams, so he’s got some upside.

Additional Week 12 DFS GPP andpunt options:

BenWatson, NE vs. DAL (FD $5,300, DK $3,100) – GPP

JonnuSmith, TEN vs. JAC (FD $5,300, DK $3,600) – GPP

NoahFant, DEN at BUF (FD $5,100, DK $3,900) – GPP

O.J.Howard, TB vs. NO (FD $5,000, DK $3,300) – GPP

BlakeJarwin, DAL at DET (FD $4,500, DK $2,900) – Punt

FosterMoreau, OAK (FD $4,700, DK $2,800) – Punt

Week 12 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

Chicago Bears (CHI vs. NYG)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,700) 

The Bears, with theirability tot get to the QB, have to be one of the top plays of Week 12 in allformats. Daniel Jones, for as good as he’s looked, is a fumbler. He fumbles theball over and over, and he’ll be in that position on Sunday, likely dodgingBears lineman and being forced into bad throws.

Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT at CIN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($4,000) 

The Bengals are terrible and the Steelers DST has been one of the most productive units in DFS. They had a bad week against the Browns, but are in an excellent spot for a rebound in Week 12.

Week 12 DFS DST GPP Plays

Buffalo Bills (BUF at DEN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

It’s not my favorite thing to go after the Broncos in Mile High, but the Bills should be up to the task of stopping this mediocre offense and creating some turnovers by their inexperienced QB. They are a consensus top-five pick DST in Week 12.

Detroit Lions (DET at WAS)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,100) 

This is a great matchup on paper, but the Lions could be down some key defensive players in Week 12 (Trey Flowers included), so my use of them will be restricted to GPPs, with the possibility of multiple Dwayne Haskins gaffes still lurking as a distinct possibility. Get some shares in tourneys.

Oakland Raiders (OAK at NYJ)

FD($4,600)         DK ($3,600) 

The Raiders defenselooks better every week, and the Jets can get a little silly with the turnovers,as you all know. Clelin Farrell and Max Crosby make a mean defensive end combo,so Sam Darnold better be on his toes.

Week 12 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Jacksonville Jaguars (JAC atTEN)

FD($4,200)         DK ($2,800) 

I’m not looking at too many punts this week for DST, but the Jags make my list. They’ve had a couple of bad losses over the past couple weeks and will likely come out pretty fired up in this divisional matchup. I’m not sold on Ryan Tannehill, and if they can contain Derrick Henry to a relatively pedestrian day, we could see some results.

Seattle Seahawks (SEA at PHI)

FD($4,100)         DK ($3,600)

The Seattle DST is massivelyunderpriced, especially against an Eagles team that’s missing so many of its offensivecomponents. I’ll have some shares of them in contrarian GPP stacks using Jacob Hollisterand Chris Carson (without Russell Wilson).

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It’s Week 8 DFS of the NFL season, and I’ve got your Sunday main slate plays for Tight Ends and DSTs to win you some big green in cash and GPP!

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Week8 DFS Tight End Cash Game Plays 

Week 8 DFS — Darren Waller, OAK at HOU

FD($6,800)         DK ($5,900) 

Houston doesn’t normally give up a ton of points to TEs, but Waller is no ordinary TE. And last week Eric Ebron had a nice game against them, so the matchup should be more favorable than the red numbers indicate. I’m going to have massive shares of Waller in cash and GPPs.

Week 8 DFS — Austin Hooper, ATL vs. SEA

FD($6,600)         DK ($5,500) 

Hooper should get a boatload of targets from whomever plays QB for the Falcons this week, and he’s been the best TE in football this season (by a small margin over Darren Waller). Roll with him confidently against a Seattle team that’s been “no great shakes” – as the old-timers said – against TEs. He’s safe for cash and fine for GPPs.

Week8 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Week 8 DFS — Evan Engram, NYG at DET

FD($6,300)         DK ($5,300) 

Engram missed a week with an MCL sprain, but he’s apparentlyshed the wrap that was on his left knee – and despite the fact that he didn’t domuch in Sunday’s 27-21 loss to the Cardinals, he’s in a great spot now that he’shealthy and facing a battered Lions defense that’s allowed some big games to tightends. He’s a great option for GPPs – we know his upside and the recency biaswill keep him from high ownership.

Week 8 DFS — George Kittle, SF vs. CAR

FD($6,900)         DK ($6,500) 

Kittle (groin) just got cleared to play in Sunday’s gameagainst the Panthers, so I’m a little worried about cash games but he’s atop target for GPPs. As long as Kittle suits up and there’s no talk of arestriction, we’re getting aboard.

Week 8 DFS — Zach Ertz, PHI at BUF

FD($6,300)         DK ($5,100) 

Ertz and the Eagles’ passing attack got stymied by the Cowboys,and the stud tight end ended up being a stinker. Worry not, Ertz fans, becausehe’s still the top dog TE in Philly, not Dallas Goedert, and the Eagles will bemaking use of him against a Buffalo team where they’ll have to throw underneathand trust their big targets in the flats.

Week 8 DFS — Hunter Henry, LAC at CHI

FD ($6,700)          DK (4,900)

Henry’s 2019 season got offto a bad start, but since returning from injury he’s had two big games – one abona fide monster (8-100-2 vs. PIT). The Bears have actually been just okayagainst TEs this year, so Henry is still fully in play against a defense that’sranked No. 22 in most fantasy points allowed to TEs.

Week8 DFS Tight End Punt Plays 

Week 8 DFS — Eric Ebron, IND vs. DEN

FD ($5,400)         DK ($3,400) 

Ebron could see a larger chunk of targets if Jack Doyle sitson Sunday, and is coming off a big game where he caught four of five targetsfor 70 yards and a touchdown in a win over Houston. The TD was a nice one, too,as he got his feet in bounds on a short TD pass in the third that helped propelthem to victory. Denver is okay against TEs, but his upside shouldn’t be significantlylimited.

Week 8 DFS — T.J. Hockenson, DET vs. NYG

FD($5,300)         DK ($3,500) 

The rookie tight end hasbeen building more consistency in his game but had some mistakes last week againstthe Vikings. We’re hoping for a high-upside outlier (like Week 1) in a matchupagainst the Giants, who will have trouble containing this talented pass catcherand athlete.

Week 8 DFS — Cameron Brate, TB at TEN

FD($5,200)         DK ($2,700) 

Brate takes on some moretargets with O.J. Howard out Sunday, which propels him into GPP territory at apretty low price on DK. It’s a lot on FanDuel, but he’s still in play forlarge-field GPPs – he’s got two TDs in his last three games and Howard’stargets, while minimal, should be heading his way.

Additional Week 8 DFS GPPand punt options:

Gerald Everett, LAR vs. CIN(FD $6,100, DK $4,300)

Darren Fells, HOU vs. OAKIND (FD $5,100, DK $3,400)

Jordan Akins, HOU vs. OAK (FD$4,900), DK $2,800)

Ben Watson, NE vs. CLE (FD$4,900, DK $3,000)

Foster Moreau, OAK at HOU(FD $4,900, DK $2,700)

Week8 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

NewEngland Patriots (NE vs. CLE)

FD($5,000)         DK ($4,300) 

The Pats remain the best defense in football by a large marginand get a team that coughs it up quite a bit. Do we really need to tell you toplay this unit in cash games, GPPs, or basically any format? The cream of the crop– and the price is still lower than what it could be.

LosAngeles Rams (LAR vs. CIN)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,800) 

As long as they don’t jump out to a huge lead and spend the final quarter or so in prevent, the Rams make an excellent cash game play facing the struggling Bengals. The Patriots are still a much better play at the same price on FD, but the $500 price difference on DK makes them worth a look if you’re locked into all the other lineup components and the Pats just can’t fit


Week8 DFS DST GPP Plays

JacksonvilleJaguars (JAC vs. NYJ)

FD($4,500)         DK ($2,900) 

It’s approaching Halloween, and Jacksonville can be prettyscary – especially if you’re already seeing ghosts. The Jags at home present aperfect GPP opportunity in a week where the Pats and Rams will take a good chunkof the ownership. The Jets produce just 142.2 passing yards per game, and rank 32ndin total offense this season.

ChicagoBears (CHI vs. LAC)

FD($4,500)         DK ($3,600) 

The Bears are fine for GPPs because they have massiveupside facing the bumbling Chargers, but I have an inkling that Austin Ekeleris the magic man for them this week. The Bears give up a lot of passes to RBsand sometimes can get caught in over-pursuit, where Ekeler can make his mark inspace. I’m not going to freak out if you roll them out in cash, but I’d preferthe Pats and Rams. The price is certainly fair on both sites.

TennesseeTitans (TEN vs. TB)

FD($4,600)         DK ($3,200) 

The Bucs turn it over a lot and the Titans have a solidsecondary. I could see 3 INTs and a pick six for this defense, and that’s the kindof upside we need to win GPPs. Just play these guys at this affordable price.

SanFrancisco 49ers (SF vs. CAR)

FD($4,800)         DK ($3,700) 

The49ers are loaded with talent and have played extremely well. Facing thePanthers and the versatility of fantasy stud Christian McCaffrey is a toughtask, but you can’t argue the 49ers defense hasn’t delivered this season. They’rea bit expensive, but fine for GPPs.

BuffaloBills (BUF vs. PHI)

FD($4,300)         DK ($3,000) 

The Bills defense shouldn’t have much trouble containing aPhilly offense that’s missing a spark. The offensive line is dealing withinjuries and Carson Wentz looks off this year. If the Bills can pressure him,they might be looking at some big plays and enough sacks to keep them relevant inthe GPP discussion.

Week8 DFS DST Value GPP and Punt Plays 

SeattleSeahawks (SEA at ATL)

FD($4,900)         DK ($2,800) 

The Seahawks are a prime punt on DK at $2,800. They aren’t thedefensive juggernaut of the past, but even they can make some stuff happenagainst the Falcons, who have played sloppy football this season and may be missingMatt Ryan. If they have both Ziggy Ansah and Bradley McDougald for Sunday, I’dbe more interested in taking the chance in GPPs where they should be prettylow-owned on FD at the high price.

LosAngeles Chargers (LAC at CHI)

FD($4,100)         DK ($2,300) 

The Chargers are dirt cheap and facing a team thatstruggles to score. If they can get Melvin Ingram back this week, they are aneven better play. I keep coming back to Mitchell Trubisky, though. The dude isnot a great QB, and the Chargers have Joey Bosa to wreak havoc him and the underachievingbackfield.

TampaBay Buccaneers (TB at TEN)

FD($3,500)         DK ($2,500) 

The Bucs were second-to-last in turnover differential last season and they turned it over a lot last week (seven times!). But this is about defense, and the Bucs could have some under-the-radar potential in Week 8 due to the Titans’ inability to pass protect. They are risky, and the Titans have played better – but Ryan Tannehill is still Ryan Tannehill, so there’s upside here.

Monkey Knife Fight Pick of the Week – Click Here to Play and Get 100 Percent Bonus!

Pick the Players that will get the most Receptions

Goal: 16.50, Prize: 2x

Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley and Kenny Golladay. Do not let the red crosses keep you from choosing these high-volume pass catchers from the Giants and the top WR on the Lions. They will see upwards of 30 targets between them in this game, so reaching 17 catches seems like its very doable.

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The DFS Fantasy Football Podcast features co-hosts Javi Prellezo (DFS Pro) and Brandon C. Williams discussing the Week 6 quarterback performances along with getting a look on the Week 7 plays to run with.

Week 7’s main slate will be thin on star talent. Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz and Tom Brady are among the quarterbacks playing prime-time games.

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Fantasy Football Podcast: Seriously, Josh Allen is a Week 7 play worth considering

Bills quarterback Josh Allen may not seem like an ideal Fantasy play, but he’s going against the Dolphins with a improved receiving corps that should offer more of Week 5 hero Duke Williams.

Daniel Jones can be an interesting play. The Giants QB gets to face the Cardinals, who are the worst defense in Fantasy when it comes to taking on quarterbacks. On the surface, he’s a major risk, but if TE Evan Engram returns, Jones has the makings of a punt play with value.

Other topics:

*Giants QB Daniel Jones is an interesting punt play.

*Gardner Minshew is an under the radar Cash Game option.

*Don’t buy too much into Russell Wilson this week, as the Ravens’ pass defense is much better than the numbers suggest.

*Do buy in to Lamar Jackson on the road against the Seahawks.

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Perhaps the Week 7 DFS QB Picks will be more fruitful than last week, especially for those who got burned by Patrick Mahomes. There’s also us darned fools who underestimated Kirk Cousins (but didn’t call him a “weak link”), and for those who went with Jared Goff, well, we told ya.

As usual, the main slate’s the focus, so nuts to Chiefs-Broncos (Thursday night), Eagles-Cowboys (Sunday night) and Patriots-Jets (Monday night). The bye week also means no Browns, Buccaneers (Thank God), Panthers and Steelers.

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Week 7 DFS QB Picks – Cash Game Passers

1) Matt Ryan, ATL vs. LAR

DK ($6,300), FD ($7,900) 

One could make a case of putting Ryan ahead of Watson, but Ryan isn’t remotely close to being the running threat that Watson is. Still, Ryan leads the league in both actual (2,011) and air (1,233) yards and will have a chance to light up a Rams defense that may not be up to the task of playing a track meet-style of contest that Atlanta will attempt to force.

The Rams are allowing 11.6 yards per catch, a total that could go higher now that Austin Hooper is a legit TE1 that can open the field for Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, two of the best run after the catch receivers in the game. Ryan is a still a value play, especially for someone attempting 43 passes per contest. You can’t be faulted for going with Ryan instead of Watson and using the savings elsewhere.

2) Kyler Murray, ARI @ NYG

DK ($6,700), FD ($7,700) 

The Giants are 26th in Fantasy points allowed per game to opposing quarterbacks, making this a solid play on the undervalued Murray. He’s progressed over the past two weeks, completing 68.1% of his passes while raising his rating from 78.8 to 109.1 in October. The O-line is showing considerable improvement, as Murray has been sacked just one in his last 69 attempts.

Murray is now in the Top 10 in air yards (eighth, 934) and if Christian Kirk returns soon, he’ll go higher. Momentum is on Murray’s side and he’s worth the play with his current value.

3) Gardner Minshew II, JAC @ CIN

DK ($5,400), FD ($6,900) 

A bigger bargain than Murray, Minshew will be under the radar because of his tepid performance against a suspect Saints secondary last week. My only concern here is that with the Bengals ranked dead last in run defense, this could open the door for a monster afternoon for Leonard Fournette.

Minshew doesn’t do anything spectacular, yet he does have a 9-2 TD:INT margin and a lower bad throw completion rate (16.5%) than the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Joe Flacco. Even if he gets 25-28 attempts, he’ll be efficient enough to rack up points.

4) Josh Allen, BUF vs. MIA

DK ($6,500), FD ($7,700) 

There’s plenty of work to make Allen Fantasy-viable on a consistent basis, but I like the fact he’s 27th in bad throw percentage at 14.1%. Allen is 12th in average depth of target at 8.7 and I’m enthused about the prospects of former CFL All-Star Duke Williams becoming more involved in the offense. The Dolphins are very QB-friendly, so take advantage of the one time Allen appears here.

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Week 7 DFS QB Picks – GPP Passers

1) Lamar Jackson, BAL @ SEA

DK ($6,800), FD ($8,400) 

With each week, Jackson falls down the rankings in bad throw percentage, and that’s a good thing. The Seahawks allow 277.8 passing yards per contest, making Jackson’s 9.4 average depth per target more tempting to use. He finally had that game rushing against the Bengals, and while it’s too much (perhaps) to expect a similar effort, let’s be mindful of the fact that Seattle does allow 4.7 yards per carry.

2) Deshaun Watson, HOU @ IND

DK ($7,000), FD ($8,300) 

Watson is on pace to account for 43 touchdowns, including 11 on the ground. That alone puts him in this category, but as good as he was in September, he’s downright lethal in October. He’s completed a staggering 77.3% of his passes with a 9.4 yards per attempt while accounting for eight scores (two rushing).

Sixth in average depth of target (9.6), Watson gets a Colts defense that 22 completions, 260 yards and two touchdowns per game. Indy must also be mindful that Watson averages 7.9 yards per scramble and that we haven’t seen a monster game from DeAndre Hopkins. Yet.

3) Jared Goff, LAR @ ATL

DK ($6,200), FD ($7,800) 

The fleas from the dog Goff had on Sunday will linger for some, but it’s indoors and the Falcons’ secondary has let Deshaun Watson and Kyler Murray look Canton-worthy the past two weeks. Atlanta has the third-worst defense against QBs Fantasy-wise, and if Goff can survive the Falcons blitzing him to no end (opponents average more than 14 blitzes per game on him), he has a chance to rebound nicely.

4) Kirk Cousins, MIN @ DET

DK ($6,200), FD ($7,800) 

To hell with ball control. Let Cousins fling the damn ball, because it’s working. He’s gone from an average of 7.4 yards per attempt in September to 11.4 YPA in his two October games while completing 78.6% of his passes. Cousins is now in the Top 10 in air yards per pass attempt (4.4) after languishing in the mid 3s last month. The Lions allow 291.6 passing yards per game but are limiting passers to 1.2 TD tosses per. He’ll get the yards but I also think he’ll get the TDs, especially if they get TE Kyle Rudolph back into the flow.

5) Russell Wilson, SEA vs. BAL

DK ($6,600), FD ($8,500) 

Unlike many, I’m not enamored with this matchup. Yes, the Ravens are 29th overall against the pass. However, they’re 10th overall in Fantasy because they don’t allow touchdowns. B-More is allowing a TD pass per game on average, and QBs are averaging a mere 7.3 yards on the ground. Wilson is going to miss TE Will Dissly (Achilles, done for 2019), especially near the red zone, so it’s going to come down to whether WRs Jaron Brown and DK.Metcalf can fill in from the 4-6 targets per game that were going to Dissly.

6) Aaron Rodgers, GB vs. OAK

DK ($6,400), FD ($7,600) 

In a Sentence: Everything hinges on Davante Adams’ toe.

7) Jacoby Brissett, IND vs. HOU

DK ($5,600), FD ($7,300) 

In a Sentence: For all the giddy feelings about the Texans following their win over the Chiefs, the defense is still 27th in Fantasy against opposing QBs.

8) Matthew Stafford, DET vs. MIN

DK ($5,200), FD ($7,300) 

In a Sentence: Only Jameis Winston has a better air yards per pass completion mark than Stafford’s 8.2.

9) Philip Rivers, LAC at TEN

DK ($5,500), FD ($7,600) 

In a Sentence: He’s second to Patrick Mahomes in passing yards after the catch (825).

10) Jimmy Garoppolo, SF @ WAS

DK ($6,000), FD ($7,500) 

In a Sentence: The Redskins allow 2.3 TD passes per game, and we have yet to see a monster game from Garoppolo….just sayin’.

Week 7 DFS QB Picks – Punt & Value Passers

1) Daniel Jones, NYG vs. ARI

DK ($6,100), FD ($7,200) 

In a Sentence: The Cardinals are the worst Fantasy defense against opposing QBs, making Jones an interesting punt who becomes very intriguing if Evan Engram is available.

2) Teddy Bridgewater, NO @ CHI

DK ($5,300), FD ($7,000) 

In a Sentence: The Bears allow 0.8 TD passes per game; if Bridgewater is the answer here, I sure as hell don’t want to know the question.

3) Andy Dalton, CIN vs. JAX

DK ($5,400), FD ($6,900) 

In a Sentence: On average, Dalton is blitzed 16.1 times per game, which means you may need a spatula to scrape him off the field.

4) Case Keenum, WAS vs. SF

DK ($4,600), FD ($6,500) 

In a Sentence: I’d put good money that you’ll see Dwayne Haskins at some point.

5) Ryan Fitzpatrick, MIA @ BUF

DK ($4,500), FD ($6,400) 

In a Sentence: The Bills are one of three teams (Patriots, 49ers) allowing fewer than 10 Fantasy points per game against opposing passers, so good luck with that, Ryan.

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