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Starting Rotation 6.9

Starting Rotation 6.9

This slate is another massive one but man it is a weird one. Pitching looks pretty poor on the surface but we also could have a couple of glaring values. One of the biggest decisions on the slate lies at the very top so let's get busy in the Starting Rotation 6.9 to lay the foundation for green screens! 

Starting Rotation 6.9 - Main Targets 

Gerrit Cole 

Twins Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 1st SL - 26th CB - 14th CH - 16th

I'm going to say this right off the hop, and perhaps this stand backfires. I will not have any Gerrit Cole outside of cash (if he's popular). Look, this is far less about anything Cole brings to the mound statistically throughout the season more than what he might not be bringing. Cole is at the epicenter of the "scandal" in MLB right now that sees pitchers using sticky stuff to gain higher spin rates and more movement on their pitches. The last start saw Cole drop his RPM by an awful lot to the lowest...