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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.1

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.1

For a slate that has so many big names on it, I'm not thrilled with the options available to us. The calendar has flipped to September and that means teams can call up extra players. With expanded rosters, pitchers could have pretty short leashes at this point be it a workload concern or just not as effective as the team would like. It can be a frustrating time of the year but we press on in the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.1 to lay our foundation for green! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 9.1 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

So there are four big-name aces tonight but two of them can be discarded fairly quickly in my mind. Both Carlos Rodon and Chris Sale have pitch count concerns and that's a no-fly zone for me at these price tags. Sale has not thrown more than 89 pitches in three starts (though the Sox really need a longer start badly) and Rodon was pulled at 67 pitches last time out. He's already at a high inning coun...