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MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.27

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.27

We have every single team in action on this slate but the pitching selection overall is not exactly the best. There are options at every level tonight which isn't always the case so let's dig into the MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.27 to carve our paths to green screens! 

MLB DFS Starting Rotation 8.27 - Main Targets 

Ace Tier 

I will almost surely say that Gerrit Cole will be the highest-rostered pitcher on the slate and it's tough to mount a strong argument against it. He may have only whiffed six in the last start but it seemed like he had almost every hitter on two strikes and just couldn't get those putaway pitches. The fly-ball rate is 41% and pitching in Oakland is a big improvement over pitching in New York for that facet. Every pitch has a whiff rate over 28% and his four-seam/slider combo has 140 total strikeouts. Oakland is 18th against the fastball but they are second against the slider, which is worth noting...