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FanDuel MLB 4/9 Aces and Bases with A Through Z

What is up everyone! Happy Masters Friday. Check out the FanDuel MLB 4/9 breakdown below.

As usual, I will be going over 3 pitchers and 3 teams that we should be looking to stack in our FanDuel lineups. The main slate has six games on it tonight and locks at 7:07 PM, so let's get to it!

The Aces

A. The first ace to discuss on the slate today is Joe Musgrove ($9,700). This is a tricky spot for him as the Rangers have been raking to start this season, but Joe owns the lowest SIERA on the entire day today at 3.26. For those that are new to baseball metrics, SIERA stands for Skill-Interactive ERA, which attempts to take out the fielding aspect of ERA and get at the true ERA of a pitcher regardless of fielding. The other top pitcher that I touch on next does not exactly have a cakewalk matchup either, so I prefer Musgrove at the slight discount.

B. As I mentioned above, the other top pitcher, and the highest priced on as well, is Zack Wheeler ($10,500), who is priced up quite a...