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MLB DFS: Starting Rotation 9.16

MLB DFS: Starting Rotation 9.16

We knew it was going to be a fairly tough slate and the results tended to show. Some pitchers did well like Yu Darvish and Matt Boyd while others were iffy, like Jack Flaherty. Tonight’s slate is great up top with four legit aces and then the bottom really falls out. It’s a night better spent with double aces and being creative with bats, but let’s take a closer look for MLB DFS: Starting Rotation 9.16!

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Cash Options

Jacob deGrom

Pitch Data – FB – 7th SL – 20th CH – 1st

I was joking with Brian that I could likely write Picks and Pivots for him since we get deGrom on a #LesterDay, but I’ll let him handle the second part. In any other spot, the pitching data would give me pause. It doesn’t when it’s deGrom and he racked up 38.8 DK last time against Philly. For some unknown reason, his price actually went down $100 from the last time he was on a regular slate. deGrom should never be this cheap.

The K rate is 37.8%, the WHIP is 0.87, the ERA is 1.67…you start to run out of ways to describe the dominance. The swinging strike rate is an astounding 21.1% and there is literally no reason to not just lock him in.

Gerrit Cole

Pitch Data – FB – 17th SL – 18th CH – 11th

Cole has had a big weakness this year and it’s been lefty hitters (and not keeping the ball in the park). The lefties aren’t a giant concern with the Blue Jays lineup as they don’t have a lot of power lefties to worry about. Cole’s strikeout rate has come down a bit to just 33.2% but that’s still plenty to use under $10,000.

His swinging strike rate is down about 1% from last year but it’s still almost 16%. Cole has shown some flaws compared to last year but the salary is so easy to pay for. The upside is still there as his last two starts have generated 27.9 and 41 DK. To pair up deGrom and Cole for barely over $20,000 is not something to be done very often.

GPP Options

Lucas Giolito

Pitch Data – FB – 12th CH – 9th SL – 19th

I’m not sure I could mount a strong case to not play Giolito in cash, but he would definitely be my third choice. What’s interesting here is he’s coming off a start where he was the overwhelming chalk. Giolito really stunk against expectations in that one. Now the matchup ramps up to get much tougher. I doubt many flock to him given the other options.

Giolito has shown he can get it done against the Twins. He has a 20.3 DK start against this team and they do strike out quite a bit to RHP at 24.9%. The flip side is they are top-eight across almost every single offensive category. He could be the least -used ace of the bunch and that’s worth it alone in GPP.

Aaron Nola

Pitch Data – FB – 5th CH – 3rd CB – 11th

I usually don’t go after the Mets with pitching. The MLB DFS: Starting Rotation 9.16 could be an exception. They only whiff 21.6% of the time and they lead the league in average, OBP and wRC+ to RHP. However, Nola is a true ace and has got them twice this year. He’s generated 18 strikeouts in two starts and he does have a 35.5% K rate on the year.

Nola pitches better at home with just a 1.57 ERA and he’s a hair better to LHB at a .247 wOBA. He does strike out the right side of the plate at a much higher rate, but that hasn’t bothered him against the Mets yet. Much like Giolito, Nola could be far overlooked on this slate.

Honorable Mention – Brian Singer (I’ll give any RHP against the Tigers a look, especially at the salary)

Monkey Knife Fight

If we’re looking for the most amount of strikeouts in a single game, look no further than the Mets at the Phillies. With deGrom and Nola on the mound, I’m going for broke as they have the ability to post 20 total tonight.

Let’s get after it tonight my friends! 

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