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This partnership review will break down one of the industry’s leading Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) providers, FanDuel. Through its model of simplicity and convenience, FanDuel has been one of, if not the premier DFS provider to the industry since its founding. The combination of its detailed website and functional mobile application make it the perfect destination for DFS players to get started and later be at the top of the DFS world player rankings.

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The Basics

When selecting your sport of choice, there will be two types of contests available: cash games and Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs). Cash games are comprised of 50/50s and multipliers (double ups, triple ups, etc.) where 45%-50% of the field will win. GPPs are much larger contests, where the number of entrants in the tournament varies from small fields of 50-100 players to over 100,000. Typically, 16%-25% of the field will win in these types of contests, with payouts varying depending on both the size of the contest and the entry fee but are greater than that of cash games.

Full Rosters

FanDuel’s lineup construction is favorable and enjoyable to both newcomers to the DFS industry and experienced players across all sports. Every sport that FanDuel offers has the option to enter contests with full rosters should it be preferred to the options listed below. Full roster formats often have the biggest payouts, specifically in Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) tournaments. There is no sport that is the same on FanDuel which makes building daily full roster lineups exciting. MLB lineups consist of one player per position, with FanDuel putting a lot of emphasis on the selection of the starting pitcher while NBA lineups follow suit by being comprised of two players at every position, with the exception of only needing to select one center.

Single Game

FanDuel’s single game was recently introduced and has had great success in its short tenure. The DFS provider’s Single Game format is most popular in NFL but has an increasing number of users in other sports as well, such as NBA and eSports. The Single Game format has the same salary component as regular lineups and features an “MVP” position in its lineup construction that provides 1.5x the points of a player in a “Flex” position in a contest that does not have a “Star” or “Pro” position. Where there are “Star” and “Pro” positions, the “MVP”, “Star”, and “Pro” positions provide 2x, 1.5x, and 1.2x the points, respectively, than that of a “Flex” player. FanDuel differs from the competition by having consistent salaries; whether your player is in a “MVP”, “Star”, “Pro”, or “Flex” position, their salary remains the same.

Quick Pick

This is one of FanDuel’s most fun contests for both entry-level and experienced players because it takes the complications of distributing salaries out of the question. By selecting players in each “tier”, players are likely to have duplicate lineups but can differentiate themselves from the field in the sixth spot which gives you the choice to round out your lineup with anyone from the field of available players! Players on a given slate are typically distributed into “tiers” by a combination of fantasy points per game (FPPG) and their salary in the full roster format.

Lineup Construction

FanDuel’s lineup construction is simple and repetitive, which is perfect for amateur Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players and is also relieving for experienced players since they do not have to consider the competition’s advanced variables, such as players being eligible for multiple positions and “MVPs” having different salaries in single game contests. FanDuel has a collection of underrated features when constructing lineups, including the search function, recommended players to start your lineups via Guru Suggestions in the form of “studs”, players on a hot streak, “value plays”, players that will see a usage increase due to another player’s injury, and targeted matchups, recent game logs and statistics, and displaying a player’s fantasy points per game (FPPG) on the season. Over the course of a professional sport’s season, salaries fluctuate based on recent performance and injuries on a given team albeit sporadically; salaries are fairly consistent throughout the season, making it easier to construct your FanDuel lineups day-to-day.

Contest Selection

FanDuel has a wide variety of contests available to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players of all kinds. On any given night, FanDuel can have more than 100 contests available – per sport! While it may be confusing as to which contest is best for you, FanDuel helps you narrow it down with advanced filter options, transparency, and organization. When on both the mobile application and the website, players have filter options that will help them determine their choice a contest type listed above, the start time of the slate, the entry fee, prize pool, and the maximum amount of entries allowed. FanDuel is also transparent in their tournaments’ payout structures by prompting it immediately after clicking on the contest; the payout structure can also be found under “Prizes” when clicking the additional information logo on the mobile application. FanDuel also divides its contest types at the top of the page so that you can find the type of contest you’d want to play before narrowing your choice down to an individual contest.

Mobile Application

When unavailable to build and edit lineups from a computer, FanDuel’s mobile application is there to help you! There is almost every feature available on mobile that there is on their website, such as viewing the lobby, selecting contests and filter options, editing lineups/players, and administrative actions such as account changes and deposits and withdrawals. Most recently, FanDuel had a tremendous addition to its mobile application: the ability to reserve contests by paying the fee upon reservation and setting your lineup later on. Although there are some functionalities on the web that are unavailable on the mobile application, such as setting a profile picture and replacing an injured player in multiple lineups at once, FanDuel’s mobile application is user-friendly and a great asset to both the company and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players alike.

Special Events

World Fantasy Basketball Championship (WFBBC)

Although the 2020 WFBBC has been put on pause, there is no denying that FanDuel had originally planned for an extravagant event. Totaling $2.5M in prizes, including $500,000 to first, FanDuel had planned to fly contestants and one guest down to Los Angeles free of charge, have hotel accommodations paid for, two tickets to a Lakers vs Rockets game, and an after party featuring a live concert from Snoop Dogg. WinDaily will be represented by Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) professional and staff member Javi Prellezo, who won two tickets to this year’s event.

World Fantasy Baseball Championship (WFBC)

The 2019 WFBC held in San Diego featured 125 contestants battling for a share of $2M in total prizes, including $500,000 to first place. In addition to paying for flight and hotel accommodations, FanDuel provides its contestants with two tickets to a Padres vs Red Sox game and an after party with a live concert. WinDaily was represented with four total seats featuring Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) professionals and staff members Javi Prellezo, David Jones, and James Rocker.

World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC)

The 2019 WFFC was held in Puerto Rico. Featuring $2.5M in prizes, including $500,000 to first, WinDaily was represented with six total seats featuring Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) professionals and staff members David Jones and Javi Prellezo, joined by our founder and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) professional Jason Mezrahi. With a plethora of events daily and a concert by none other than Ludicrous, the 2019 WFFC was one for the ages.

FanDuel Scout

To accompany their mobile application, FanDuel released an adjoining mobile application, FanDuel Scout. Powered by NumberFire, FanDuel’s secondary mobile application is a great asset for all players in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry by providing player news, articles, team updates, and more. FanDuel Scout syncs automatically when you log in with your FanDuel credentials is completely FREE! FanDuel Scout provides FanDuel players with a significant edge by providing important player updates throughout the day, game analysis and predictions, and the option to add players to a “Watchlist” to keep your eyes on certain players.

FanDuel Sportsbook

In 2018, FanDuel released FanDuel Sportsbook to give sports bettors and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) players an opportunity to share the same platform. Using the same mobile application as Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), those that bet on sporting events can now use FanDuel Sportsbook and its advanced features. The website itself is well organized, being able to sort by sport or type of bet (futures, in-play, popular). There are daily promotions for new accounts, in addition to FanDuel’s “Odds Boost” bets where they increase the standard odds provided by other sportsbooks, giving you the chance for a higher payout on a winning wager.

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