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MLB Umpire Report for July 3 (Main DFS Slate)

Cubs vs Pittsburgh- MLB Umpire Will Little  Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.21, Over record (7-6), 53.8% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 9.8, HR/Gm- 2.93

Boston vs Blue Jays- MLB Umpire Larry Vanover   Avg. Ks/Gm- 18.38, Over record (6-6), 50% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 9.3, HR/Gm- 3.08

Brewers vs Reds- Mike Estabrook  Avg. Ks/Gm- 18.53, Over record (7-8), 46.7% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 8.5, HR/Gm- 2.71

Yankees vs Mets- Marvin Hudson  Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.33, Over record (10-5), 66.7% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 10.7, HR/Gm- 2.80

Baltimore vs Tampa Bay- MLB Umpire Lance Barksdale     Avg. Ks/Gm- 16.73, Over record (5-10), 33.3% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 8.7, HR/Gm- 2.87

Phillies vs Braves- MLB Umpire Fieldin Culbreth  Avg. Ks/Gm- 18.14, Over record (8-6), 57.1% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 9.3, HR/Gm- 2.36

Angels vs Rangers- Marty Foster  Avg. Ks/Gm- 18.53, Over record (7-7), 50% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 10.0, HR/Gm- 2.60

Astros vs Rockies- Todd Tichenor   Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.80, Over record (6-10), 37.5% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 8.8, HR/Gm- 2.44

Tigers vs White Sox- Bill Miller  Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.93, Over record (6-9),40% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 8.1, HR/Gm- 2.47

Indians vs Royals- Gerry Davis  Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.13, Over record (7-9), 43.8% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 8.4, HR/Gm- 2.69

Twins vs Oakland- Roberto Ortiz  Avg. Ks/Gm- 19.27 , Over record (6-5), 54.5% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 9.3, HR/Gm- 🔥3.36

Giants vs Padres- MLB Umpire Jeff Nelson   Avg. Ks/Gm- 14.82, Over record (8-8), 50% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 9.1, HR/Gm- 2.71

D-Backs vs Dodgers- MLB Umpire Vic Carapazza Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.90, Over record (7-4), 63.6% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 10.5, HR/Gm- 2.55

Cardinals vs Seattle- Jeremie Rehak   Avg. Ks/Gm- 17.60, Over record (6-8), 42.9% OVER, RUNS/Gm- 9.1, HR/Gm- 🔥3.20

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