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At Win Daily®, we are committed to promoting transparency in the daily fantasy sports and betting industry. Our goal is to empower daily fantasy sports players and bettors by providing them with the necessary resources to make well-informed decisions when engaging in online wagering. As an organization, we operate with full transparency, and it is important to understand how we work.

Win Daily® considers daily fantasy sports, betting, and gambling as forms of entertainment, and we strive to ensure that your wagering experiences remain enjoyable and entertaining.

To enhance your wagering experience, Win Daily® promotes transparency in the daily fantasy sports and betting markets by offering high-quality content, innovative design, and technological solutions. Achieving our mission requires the support of a talented and knowledgeable staff, which is why we rely on various sources of income.

Our primary business model revolves around a subscription-based DFS tools site. Additionally, we generate revenue through affiliate partnerships.


Under this business method, Win Daily® receives compensation from igaming operators for the traffic generated from our site. The traffic sent to igaming operators is tracked through direct links embedded in text and images, as well as cookies.

Win Daily® earns commissions from operators through the following methods:


Rest assured that our editorial choices are never influenced by the financial compensation we receive from igaming operators or our affiliate agreements. We only recommend bookmakers and casinos that we trust and use ourselves. Win Daily® is designed exclusively for the benefit of our users.

Our objective is to provide impartial advice and comprehensive information about wagering services to enhance your wagering experiences. We develop content and services with this goal in mind because we believe that honesty about the industry is the best way to build trust within our community.

Similar to other news media platforms, we host sponsored content on our site, which is not subject to the same editorial decisions as the rest of the content. In such cases, operators pay for exposure. To maintain transparency, all sponsored content is clearly marked as "sponsored," allowing readers to distinguish between paid promotions and our independent opinions.


Building a trustworthy brand is our long-term strategy at Win Daily®. This approach may occasionally create challenges with operators who may not receive the desired review. However, we will never compromise our integrity and will always deliver content that aligns with the needs of our users. The majority of operators we collaborate with understand and appreciate our commitment to providing impartial reviews that reflect our genuine experiences with their services, without succumbing to external pressures.

It is not Win Daily®'s responsibility to protect the igaming operators we are affiliated with. We will not conceal any deficiencies in their products or services. On the contrary, we expect nothing less than high integrity from the igaming operators featured on Win Daily®. In instances where we encounter a lack of integrity, we do not hesitate to share information regarding any shortcomings. In severe or repeated cases, we terminate our affiliation with such igaming operators.

At Win Daily®, our focus remains on serving our users with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of service. We are committed to the betterment of the daily fantasy sports and betting industry, ensuring that your wagering experiences are both enjoyable and fair.

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    At WIN DAILY®, our motto is to “change your game and change your life.” Sure, we want to help you win that big DFS tournament. But we want you to have a greater enjoyment of Daily Fantasy Sports while you are doing it. Along the way, you also may learn some life lessons and gain some perspectives you may have never considered before.


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