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AEW Revolution Win Daily Contest

AEW Revolution Win Daily Contest

AEW is holding the Revolution pay-per-view this Sunday night and with a bunch of wrestling fans in the Discord and on staff, it’s a great time to run a contest to give away a free month. You’re going to compete against me and predict the results of Revolution for every match. The prize? If you can beat me in predictions, you’re entered into a drawing that gives away a FREE month at Win Daily Sports and all of our tools and articles! Let’s layout the rules for the AEW Revolution Win Daily Contest to try and win the free month at the site and have some fun Sunday night! 


  1. All entries must be entered in the Win Daily Discord in the #wrestling Channel. 
  2. Every match winner must be predicted. The entire card is on the Google Sheet (titled AEW Revolution Win Daily Contest) that I will update with all entries and everyone can see. 
  3. Once an entry is received in the Discord, I will mark it with a green checkmark and it will appear on the sheet. 
  4. All entries must be in by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 6th. 
  5. Any entry that predicts more winners than myself will be entered into a drawing to win one free month. That will be conducted by myself and Jason in the days directly following the PPV
  6. In the event of a tie, you are awarded an entry into the drawing. 

Leyla Hirsch vs Kris Statlander (Buy-In)

This feud has been brewing for a little while but hasn’t gotten the most TV time, hence it being on the opening show. With Statlander aligned with the Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, and Wheeler Yuta, she should be the favorite to bring home the win. A lot of pre-show matches are about getting the crowd into it so the heels aren’t typically going to be successful. Additionally, Hirsch hasn’t accomplished a lot quite yet in AEW so they’ll likely go with the more recognizable wrestler here. 

Prediction – Kris Statlander 

HOOK vs QT Marshall (Buy-In)

This is likely the free square for everyone because there is simply no way HOOK is losing this match. Since his debut in AEW, they have presented him as an absolute star despite his young age and inexperience. His first loss is going to mean something and it’s not going to come at the hands of Marshall in a pre-show match. Marshall may get a few shots in and put HOOK on his heels but we should expect a Redrum finisher within a few minutes of the opening bell. 

Winner – HOOK

House Of Black vs Penta/PAC/Erick Redbeard

As much of a fan as I am of all of these guys, this match feels just a bit tacked on, for lack of a better word. I assumed that since it wasn’t on the card before this week’s Rampage, they were waiting for Rey Fenix to get back from his arm injury. That made a lot of sense but I do think that still plays into the finish here. The House of Black has been booked extremely strong with Malakai Black and Brody King even beef they added Buddy Matthews. Sure, they did take a loss when Penta covered Black’s mouth to swallow his own mist recently, but the resounding wins have gone to the House so far. Penta and PAC got some backup on Friday to even the odds with Erick Redbeard (fka Erick Rowan) and he immediately looked like a monster, helping the build for this trios match. It was also nice to see Penta Oscuro embrace his new persona and attack security this week. When they introduced Oscuro, he wrestled the exact same as the former version of Penta. There is a lengthy history of that character but this match feels like a placeholder until we get the true version of Death Triangle back with Fenix. The House should take this one and then we’ll still need a rematch down the road with Penta/PAC/Fenix.

Winner – House Of Black

Chris Jericho vs Eddie Kingston 

Every single match on this entire card should be a good one and this one is no exception. AEW has kept this somewhat on the back burner as far as just Jericho and Kingston. Much of the build involved the Inner Circle and especially Santana and Ortiz. While most of it was involving other parties, Jericho and Kingston lit the fire under this match in one promo segment. That’s no surprise since Kingston is one of the best talkers in the business and Jericho can still throw some haymakers. 

Jericho focused on Kingston not being able to win the big one and he wasn’t exactly wrong. Kingston has lost to Jon Moxley, Miro, and CM Punk in PPV one-on-one matches. That should play into the result because Kingston needs to get over that hump. The crowds love him, he’s one of the more relatable guys on the entire roster, and he needs to be among the elite of the roster. Kingston isn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore but Jericho’s role in AEW should be mostly getting others over. 

Winner – Eddie Kingston 

Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley 

Are we ready for the violence? This match is going to bring it as these two guys might be at the top of their game, which says a lot considering their career paths. Bryan has only suffered one loss so far in his AEW tenure and has embraced being a heel as of late. As for Moxley, he came back from taking time to get healthy and deal with his sobriety and you can not say enough about how he handled it and the support he got. Wrestling history has been filled with tragic stories of performers who have struggled too much with their demons. It was great to see Moxley put himself and his family first, and everyone rallied around him. Moxley is also in phenomenal shape and the crux of this match is the potential formation of a team between these two guys. 

Before any potential team forms, Moxley has said he needs to bleed with someone before teaming with someone and Danielson offered to shape up the AEW roster. Danielson contends there is too much fluff and silliness among the roster and he, Moxley, and a few hand-selected wrestlers could be the ones to correct that. This is one of the matches in the running for the best of the night on paper and it’s harder to pick. If the story is that Moxley and Danielson will team up, Danielson takes it. If it’s not, perhaps Moxley outlasts Danielson but that’s not where I lean. I’m mostly hoping for a version of a stable called The Dragon’s Dojo with Danielson and Moxley mowing through a large chunk of the roster with some young guns under their wings. 

Winner – Bryan Danielson 

Matt Hardy/Andrade El Idolo/Isaiah Kassiday vs Sting/Darby Allin/Sammy Guevara (Tornado Trios)

I’m surprised that El Idolo, Allin, and Guevara are facing each other in a Triple Threat for the TNT Title (can we go back to one belt please?) on Friday’s episode of Rampage. That is a pay-per-view quality match right there and the other three members of this match aren’t exactly needed. However, I’m not about to complain about this Tornado Trios match with the focus on the three main guys. In fairness, the match weaves together storylines for all six people. El Idolo has been trying to “buy” Allin’s service because he thinks Allin works for “Mr. Stink” as opposed to them just being friends. With Hardy working with El Idolo, his inclusion along with Cassidy makes sense here and will probably lead into the finish. 

The rumors of Matt Hardy reuniting with Jeff Hardy have been rampant for almost 90 days now and the Hardy boys getting their final run together. It’s been teased that there’s some tension between Private Party and Hardy lately so a miscommunication likely leads to Kassidy taking the finishers of all three of these baby faces. I see it as Allin being the babyface in peril until he tags in Guevara for the hot tag. While Guevara cleans house and gets things back to even, Hardy will cost Cassidy to take a GTH from Guevara, a Coffin Drop from Allin, and then tapping to the Scorpion Death Lock from Sting. This should be a fun match and leaves El Idolo without taking a loss himself and pushes the next chapter for Hardy. 

Winners – Sting/Darby Allin/ Sammy Guevara 

Wardlow vs Keith Lee vs Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ricky Starks vs Orange Cassidy vs ??? (Ladder Match)

As of this writing, there is still one entrant to be named for this Face of the Revolution Ladder Match with a guaranteed shot at the TNT Title. Ethan Page is facing Christian on Friday night to decide that last spot but I will be surprised if either man turns out to win this match. The five that have been announced stand a better chance and this seems like a match that will serve to branch out the performers for what’s next. I think the guy that will serve as the biggest storyline coming out of this is Wardlow but not because he wins this match. This has Shawn Spears interference written all over it and something that will prevent Wardlow from a clear win. That will come into play later as well but as for the winner, Lee would likely be the favorite. 

He’s only been in AEW for a few weeks but that has never stopped them from putting a new guy in the challenger role right off the hop, especially for the TNT title. I could see some friction happening between Hobbs and Starks to have some drama in Team Taz, which could be a fun angle. I’d like to see Hobbs start racking up some important wins but this may not be quite the one to start with. As for OC, he’s not a personal favorite and perhaps I’m underestimating his chances. He’s a major asset for views and sales in AEW but he also doesn’t need to be in a title match to get over. Lee could use some rehab as far as how good he is after his last year, year and a half so even as the new guy on the block, he’s going to be Limitless on Sunday. As a side note, Miro attacking the winner of this match makes a lot of sense now that he is reportedly healthy from an injury. 

Winner – Keith Lee

Jade Cargill (c) vs Tay Conti (TBS Women’s Championship)

If the HOOK match is the free square, this match has to be close to it. To take nothing away from Conti and how much she is improving and her legitimate real-life skills as a fighter, she’s not winning this match. Cargill is approaching 30-0 in AEW, she has been protected from the first minute, and she’s part of the present and the future of the women’s division. Jade is improving at a rapid pace every time she’s in the ring it’s no mistake she and Danielson are training partners. Conti will get some spots to shine but Cargill will not lose this match and I believe she’s going to be undefeated for a while. It’s hard to be mad when she’s got charisma, is skilled in the ring and looks like she could smack the Hulk in the face. 

Winner – Jade Cargill

Jurassic Express (c) vs The Young Bucks vs reDDragon (Tag Team Championship)

The build for this match has been much more focused on the latter two teams as opposed to the champs, although Jurassic Express has a couple of strong defenses under their belts. The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) and reDDragon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) have had plenty of drama surrounding The Elite and the Bullet Club, not to mention Adam Cole. The Bucks have been very hesitant to accept the duo of Fish and O’Reilly but they both won Battle Royals to get to this spot. The Bucks had a helping hand from reDDragon on Wednesday to win the second Battle Royal which likely leads to the match starting as a 2 on 1 affair. The Jurassic Express team of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are going to be the team in peril for a good chunk of this match but it will hit a point when the other two teams remember only one team can walk out of Revolution with the belts. The drama with the Bucks and reDDragon needs more time to build and simmer until Kenny Omega is ready to return so I’m going with Jurassic Express to retain in this one. 

Winner – Jurassic Express

CM Punk vs MJF (Dog Collar Match) 

When this feud first started, I was beyond excited. I’ve been a Punk fan for years and he’s proven to still be at the top of his game after the seven years away and MJF might well be the best young star in the business. The build to this point has had everything you can ask for. They wrestled once in a classic in Chicago, they have had some epic promo battles, and MJF had what I suspect will be the promo of the year recently. He brought layers to the classic heel vs face dynamic, telling the world about how much he looked up to Punk and how important Punk was for a kid that was being bullied. It hit home and brought depth to a feud that isn’t always seen in wrestling and MJF made it feel real. 

Maybe a lot of it was based on his real experiences but he planted the seed of doubt in Punk’s mind. Once Punk let his guard down and considered how much he may have had an effect on MJF, Punk let him in close and that’s when MJF struck. He left Punk laying in a pool of his own blood after a sneak attack this past Wednesday and even recalled an old promo from Punk from early in his career. MJF already has one win over Punk but that came with help from Wardlow. I expect this match to go on after the Ladder Match and Wardlow is going to turn on MJF this Sunday. He’s going to help Punk win so each man can claim a (tainted) victory. AEW can give MJF an excuse to lose, turn Wardlow into the wildly popular face he’s earned, and set up a trilogy match where both Punk and MJF have been wronged in the previous loss. Maybe one day that rubber match is for bigger stakes. 

Winner – CM Punk 

Britt Baker (c) vs Thunder Rosa (AEW Women’s Championship) 

It’s been a while of these two ladies squaring off and they already have one of the most memorable matches against each other in recent Westling history. Baker and Rosa had a Lights Out match almost a year ago with Rosa earning the win but both women moved the industry forward in that match. One could easily argue that Baker wound up “winning” that match with a lengthy title reign, performer of the year awards, T-shirts, and even an action figure. If you don’t believe me, just ask Baker who pointed all of this out at their contract signing. She’s now been the champ for a little over 275 days and it is time for her to drop the title. Rosa has been chasing Baker since the Lights Out match in as a way to validate what she’s done in AEW. At the end of the day, Baker isn’t wrong that many people don’t always remember that Rosa won that match. Rosa is a very popular wrestler, Baker does not need the title at all with her popularity, and if she retained here….who’s going to legitimately beat her? It’s time to pull the trigger and elevate Rosa up to that last level she can acheive. 

Winner – Thunder Rosa

Hangman Adam Page (c) vs Adam Cole (AEW World Championship)

This is the main event of the evening and while I really enjoy both guys and know this match is going to be awesome, I can’t help but feel the build for this has been slightly lackluster. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Perhaps it’s Hangman coming off an emotional title victory against Omega in November and that following that with two incredible matches against Danielson. The story with Omega took years to tell and Cole only entered the picture against Hangman at the start of February. It also didn’t help that Cole lost to Orange Cassidy recently. Yes, it was a “non-sanctioned” match that didn’t count against Cole’s record but it’s hard to shake the image of him getting hugged off a scaffolding to lose to OC and then turn around to challenge for the belt. While Hangman has looked great defending his title (some of the bumps he took against Lance Archer in the Texas Deathmatch were insane), Cole has had plenty of help in racking up his wins. 

Wrestling is always subjective to maybe others think the build has been enough but in my mind, it hasn’t been enough for the title to change hands. As I mentioned, Page went through a long journey to win and it would be a major disappointment for him to drop the title so quickly. One aspect that I think AEW has done very well is protecting their main titles. The AEW Women’s championship has been held by four women while the World Championship has only been held by Jericho, Moxley, Omega, and Page. When these titles have been won, it has been a big deal every time. Cole is wildly over right now. It’s all about the boom but Cole is not going to miss a beat if he doesn’t win this time out and Hangman deserves a longer reign. 

Winner – Hangman Page

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