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Sports Betting Picks 12/4



I would like to welcome everyone to the Win Daily Sports Betting Section. We are dedicated to providing you with the best Sports Betting Picks possible.  I’m going to go over a few guidelines that will make the betting section easier to navigate.

It’s imperative to have correct bankroll management.  This can vary slightly person to person based on a few variables however around 100 units is correct.  It doesn’t matter how much money is in your bankroll as long as you are betting the correct amount of units.  The units that I will be attributing to each bet are based off of having the correct bankroll and the correct bankroll management.

Patience is immensely important to succeeding in both DFS and Betting Sports.  There will be some days that the Sports Betting Picks don’t work out.  Not pressing or doing anything hastily on those days goes a long way toward winning at the end of the year.  There will also be some days that don’t have many bets at all.  You need to accept that and not bet games just to get more action.

All of this is intended for your benefit and to create a winning community and provide the best Sports Betting Picks.  I will be in slack chat numerous times throughout the week.  Any questions or concerns you may have don’t hesitate to ask.  I look forward to creating this community with all of you.

Not the start to the week that I had envisioned. There are ups and downs constantly, handling them both emotionally and logically is imperative. This means that going into each night you have to know that win/lose/draw, the plays you make are ones that you deem to be +ev(expected value). What that means is that over time you expect that play to make money. Not making bets bigger to cover losses, or making random plays to try and hit. Staying patient and sticking to what has provably worked is needed. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to certain people is to have big runs. This elevates expectations to unrealistic levels and has them questioning things too much when a couple days don’t work out. Stay on an even keel, take the big runs when they happen but don’t delude yourself into believing that every day/week will be that good.

This has been a big discussion in the chat lately and I wanted to elaborate more on the subject. I’m in there all the time so you can DM me, or post any questions you might have.

Tonight is a full slate in the NBA. Hopefully we can right the ship tonight and get back to our usual winning ways.

Suns -1.5 1.65 to win 1.5
Hawks +3.5 2.2 to win 2
Thunder -1 3.3 to win 3
T'Wolves +5 2.2 to win 2
Jazz -130 3.25 to win 2.5
Kings +4.5 2.2 to win 2

Always make sure to check back for updates to the page. This is especially true Saturdays and Sundays.

Also make sure you hop into the Win Daily Premium Slack channel as we will be adding more Sports Betting Picks and Live Bets in there. As a gold member of Win Daily, you will be able to join other members of the Win Daily family as well as DFS pros in the coaching channels. There you will find great DFS conversation on lineup construction, contest selection, etc. It is a great place to find the daily fantasy sports winning formula 24/7. Whether you are looking for coaching on pitching or an under-owned stack, you will find it all in our premium Slack coaching channel.


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Capper Steve is our featured handicapper. He is a former professional poker player and highly successful DFS cash game competitor. His career highlights include winning 10 of 13 wagers during the 2018 NFL playoffs and correctly predicting and successfully wagering on the last three CFB National Champions. He is also very profitable in NBA and NHL wagering and is a dedicated MLB handicapper.

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