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We're here for the Valspar Championship from a betting and DFS perspective! Whatever you need, the Bettor Golf crew has you making money from all different angles this weekend.Subscribe if you haven't already and build that bankroll with us!https://twitter.com/BettorGolfPodhttps://twitter.com/StixPickshttps://twitter.com/TeeOffSportshttps://anchor.fm/bettorgolfpod/episodes/Valspar-Championship---Betting-Breakdown-evqbe8Make sure to check out more DFS and betting content at WinDailySports.com...

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It was a short-time ago that you could consider the Phillies lineup as one of the best in baseball, but have now been plagued by injuries as of late. Let's take advantage of that and a couple of plays in Chicago on tonight's 9/16 MLB Slate.Jacob deGrom o7.5 Strikeouts (-148)This one is pretty simple. The Phillies lineup has been decimated by injuries, specifically their hottest of late in Rhys Hoskins and Bryce Harper is in a major slump. The current Phillies lineup isn't the same one that was once near the top in baseball. Eventually the Phillies lineup could get back to form when Hoskins and Realmuto return, along with a resurgence from Harper. However, that's not going to happen anytime soon and especially not tonight against one of baseball's best pitchers in deGrom. The last time out against the Phillies deGrom had 12 strikeouts and also has more than 7.5 strikeouts in his last four starts. Yeah, there's a lot of juice on the over, but this strikeout prop seems pretty safe. As for...

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A trio of doubleheaders highlight today's Major League Baseball slate. Add in a couple of great starting pitching matchups and you have an intriguing 9/14 MLB slate of games. No matter if you're watching these games intently or in the background as you watch Monday Night Football, let's pick some winners for tonight's games!Cardinals F3 ML +107Have to give my guy Jason Mezrahi some credit for this one. Because of how new the 7-inning doubleheaders are, I've never looked deep into ways to handicap these games any differently. However, Jason brought to my attention the first three inning bets and I've liked this play so far. The Cardinals are throwing out Kwang-Hyun Kim on the mound who has been nothing but spectacular so far this season. Kim has not allowed an earned run in his last three starts. Now I will admit, there is a concern here because the Brewers have hit left-handed pitchers well this season. Of the starts that Kim has had, he has faced teams like the Pirates, Reds and Cubs....

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For the most part, pitchers like Jacob deGrom and Max Scherzer will be priced usually well above the teams market value. That's the case tonight as Scherzer takes the mound against one of baseball's hottest teams. Here are a few MLB bets on DraftKings Sportsbook for tonight's 9/2 MLB slate.Phillies Moneyline (+108)This may be going to the well a bit too much here, but I always tend to fade pitchers like Max Scherzer because they are usually priced way above their market value. As mentioned before, the Phillies lineup is one of the tops in baseball. While their numbers slightly decrease against right-handed pitching, they are still very good, ranking 6th in wOBA and 8th in wRC+. Even in the pitching matchup the Phillies may have the advantage as well. Zack Wheeler's groundball percentage this season is the highest it has been since his 2014 season, at 53.8%. The Nationals have the fourth highest GB%, which sits at 45.7%. There's a good chance Wheeler will go deep in this game, while his...

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Now that we are more than halfway through the Major League Baseball season, we have a fairly good idea now of what teams are contenders or pretenders. We'll take a bit of that thinking into the 9/1 MLB slate, which also includes a trend that I've been on for the past week or so. Glad to join the Win Daily Sports team and for the first time let's dive into some MLB bets on DraftKings Sportsbook!White Sox Team Total Over 4.5 (-110)This is been my favorite bet lately and I'm not going to stop now, especially at 4.5. Since August 16 the White Sox have scored less than five runs only twice in 14 games. That doesn't stop tonight. First of all, Michael Pineda is making his first start this season because he was serving a suspension to start the year. Any cause for concern would be the success Pineda had last season against the White Sox, posting a 4-0 record and 2.88 ERA in four starts. However, this isn't nearly the same lineup the White Sox were in 2019. Last season the team was 24th in wOB...

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Sports Betting

The United States has finally given the okay to repeal PASPA and allow states to govern themselves when it comes to Sports Betting. Since 1992, PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) has made Sports Betting essentially illegal everywhere outside of Nevada and Delaware.

There was a one-year period where states could allow sports betting that had physical casinos already, but many did not take advantage (and lost out on a lot of tax revenue).

In 1992, online was barely a thing and the idea that you could do about anything you wanted from a machine in your pocket was thought as a plot from a science fiction movie.

Online – The New Frontier

In 2009, 17 years after PASPA was put into place, Senator Ray Lesniak, a New Jersey State Senator, started to get backing in his questioning of the constitutionality of the bill. This was when the ball started to roll. By 2011, New Jersey put a constitutional amendment for sports betting up for a vote securing a majority with 64% of voters.

Senator Lesniak introduced the Sports Wagering Act which would allow for legalized sports gambling in New Jersey. A year later, in 2012, New Jersey law makers approved of the Sports Wagering Act and Governor Chris Christie signed it into law! After that, the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and NCAA all sued Governor Christie and New Jersey to prevent sports gambling from becoming legal in the state.

Unfortunately for New Jersey, and the rest of the country, PASPA was upheld in the court of law during 2013. This lead Governor Christie and New Jersey down another path. Rather than trying to make sport gambling legal, they decided to propose ending the self-imposed ban on sports betting. By looking at it this way, their would be no violation of PASPA if the state was not involved. The bill was introduced and signed leading to New Jersey Casinos to start preparing the opportunity to have sports betting on site.

Again, the professional sports leagues and the NCAA stayed the course and the bill was shot down in the US District Court and the Third Circuit Court. In a twist, the Supreme Court of the United States decided to take the case on and hear both sides of the argument.

Governor Chris Christie at this point left New Jersey Office and on December 4th, 2017, Governor Murphy vs. NCAA took place in front of the SCOTUS. The hearing went well in favor of Governor Murphy and the State of New Jersey. By May of 2018, SCOTUS awarded Governor Murphy a 6 – 3 win repealing PASPA and allowing online sports gambling across states!

Sports Betting Legality

NevadaPartial Mobile1992/2018
DelawarePhysical OnlyJune 2018
New JerseyFullJune 2018
MichiganPartial MobileAug. 2018
MississippiPartial MobileAug. 2018
Rhode IslandPartial MobileNov. 2018
PennsylvaniaFullMay 2019
ArkansasPhysical OnlyJuly 2019
New YorkPhysical OnlyJuly 2019
IowaPartial MobileAug. 2019
West VirginiaFullAug. 2019
IndianaFullSept. 2019
OregonPartial MobileOct. 2019
New HampshireFullDec. 2019
IllinoisPhysical OnlyMarch 2020
MontanaPhysical OnlyMarch 2020
ColoradoFullMay 2020
New MexicoPhysical Only2019
North CarolinaLegal Not LiveETA 2021
TennesseeLegal Not LiveETA July 2020
VirginiaLegal Not LiveETA End 2020
WashingtonLegal Not LiveETA Beg. 2021
Washington D.C.Legal Not LiveETA End 2020


We all know that sports betting and Las Vegas go hand in hand, within PASPA, any state that it was already legal in was fine. Nevada ran with this. They are currently behind in terms of Mobile betting though. Only partial currently, needing bettors to come to a casino to register before being allowed to only use their phone.


Delaware actually beat New Jersey to the punch and legalized sports betting first after PASPA was repealed. They didn’t quite do it in the best way though. There is no Mobile Betting and the lottery is currently running the operation. This has resulted in low handles for the state.

New Jersey

New Jersey fought for states to legalize Sports Betting at their own descretion and it worked well for them! Easily the most advanced, handles have been going up since the start. Over $4.5 billion in handles for 2019 with over 80% of that money coming in through Mobile Betting.


Michigan is currently opened up for Physical Betting only with Mobile Betting well on it’s way. Multiple online retailers have already announced partnerships with the retail casinos.


Mississippi is currently in limbo with only Partial Mobile Betting. You can walk into a physical location and place a bet in person, or electronically. Full Mobile Betting is expected to come in the near future.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island allows both Physical and Mobile Betting, with the Mobile Betting ran through a partnership between William Hill and the Rhode Island Lottery.


Pennsylvania is fully open for both Physical and Mobile Betting. In 2019, PA tallied over $1.5 billion in wagers, 3rd most in the country.


Arkansas is open for Physical Betting only. A bill to introduce Mobile Betting was announced by was turned down due to language within it.

New York

New York has not yet allowed for Mobile Betting to take place, Physical Betting only. There is a lot to gain for New York, so it’s expected to gain Mobile Betting eventually.


Iowa has Physical Betting and Partial Mobile Betting. Before placing a wager on your phone, you must register at a Physical location.

West Virginia

West Virginia is fully live for Mobile Betting and Physical Betting. Take me home!


Indiana has full Mobile Betting capabilities with an average monthly handle of over $100 million.


Oregon was one of the few states grandfathered into PASPA, but never took advantage. Tribal casinos started to offer Physical Betting and the state lottery has taken over the Mobile Betting.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has full Mobile Betting within state lines and is gearing up to have Physical Betting locations as well.


Illinois currently has Physical Betting locations and these locations get an “18 month head start” from online only retailers. Each of the physical locations can allow Mobile Betting, but a person will need to register in the location. This will also allow for the stadiums in Illinois to apply for betting kiosks for in stadium betting.


Montana has legal Physical Betting and is allowing bars and restaurants to apply for licenses to allow betting in their establishments. Mobile Betting will only be allowed within these Physical Locations.


Colorado has full Mobile Betting capabilities and is looked at as one of the most consumer and retailer friendly.

New Mexico

New Mexico has not passed a bill to allow sports betting, but Native American Tribes have interpreted that they are allowed under the current state tribal gaming compact.

North Carolina

North Carolina has legalized sports betting but has it currently limited to two Physical Betting locations. They are looking to put together a gaming commission to determine the viability of Mobile Betting.


Tennessee has legalized sports betting but it is still working out the kinks. They are looking at Mobile Betting ONLY with an added “feature” of allowing a bettor to win at 85% of their stake. This will most likely affect the wagers once fully operational.


Virginia has legalized sports betting but has not gone online yet. They will allow Mobile Betting and Physical Betting. They are looking to have up to 18 online sportsbooks, similar to New Jersey.


Washington has legalized betting within the state, but has not made it possible yet. It will be limited to Physical and Mobile Betting in the states Tribal Casinos.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. has legalized sports betting but does not have it up and running yet. There will be Physical Betting locations and the Mobile Betting will be ran through Washington D.C.’s Lottery App.

Make sure to visit WinDailySports.com for sports betting articles from our professional handicappers! Follow us on Twitter at @WinDailySports and hop into our Expert Discord Chat to have one on one conversations with our pros and community!

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UFC 249 Picks

Y2JAYWEEZY’s UFC 249 Picks

Here are the UFC 249 Picks for the May 9th fights.
Check the website for other UFC Picks.

Spann 9300 vs Alvey 6900
Sam Alvey is basically a gatekeeper in the UFC nowadays. Too keep this short and sweet Spann will win this fight with ease but at his price he has to get a first round KO. I believe he can do it but won’t be so heavy on him in my lineups.

Mitchell 8500 vs Rosa 7700
This fight is between two tough grapplers in the UFC. Both of these guys could submit each other in the first round. Mitchell doesn’t throw strikes at a high volume and if this fight stays in the feet that worries me. Rosa is a BJJ black belt and a great submission grappler. My pick is Rosa just because he has a better pedigree of Jui Jitsu and a better striker if this fight was to stay on the feet. Mitchell is an undefeated fighter so keep that in mind when making lineups. His only finish is a submission and Rosa has never been submitted.

Luque 9000 vs Price 7200
This is a very interesting rematch. Luque was able to get the submission against price in their last bout. Luque is a very high volume striker with good submissions. Price is a wildcard. He has power to finish a fight he probably could finish Luque. With Luque at 9000 he has to finish to meet value. Price at 7200 could meet value easy but only play him if you think he can upset Luque based off your own research. I’m thinking Luque gets this done nice and easy.
WINNER – Luque

Esparza 8400 vs Waterson 7800
Both of these fighters have a grappling based approach. In a win they most likely won’t meet value. They don’t throw strikes at a high volume or don’t have any KO power. This fight will be a decision most likely and the winner might be Esparza based on the odds. I’m picking Waterson just because she has a better striking output than Esparza.
WINNER – Waterson

Werdum 9200 vs Oleinik 7000
Werdum is pretty much a lock for me. He is just a 10 times better version than Oleinik. He should get the finish easy. Keep in mind Oleinik is a sneaky submission artist but Werdum is a former heavyweight champ.
WINNER – Werdum


Pettis 8200 vs Cerrone 8000
This fight is pretty much a 50/50 for me. I have no idea who will win. Pettis can’t handle pressure and Cerrone lost against 3 of the best 155 pound fighters on the planet. You’re choice here .
WINNER – 50/50

Hardy 8500 vs De Castro 7600
This fight is kind of iffy for me. De Castro is a former Kickboxing world champion and is coming off a KO win vs Tafa. He has the power to finish fights but Hardy isn’t the type to get KOed. He showed toughness against Alexander Volkov who is a top heavyweight. He has the drive to win. I’m not to heavy on this fight but if I was to pick I would go De Castro because he has a better striking background than Hardy.
WINNER – De Castro

Kattar 8900 vs Stephens 7300
This will be Kattars first real test at someone with KO power. Stephens is on a 3 fight losing streak and Kattar is coming off a loss. Both fighters need a win but one more than the other. Kattar has smooth hands and can put together punches very smoothly. His only problem is defending leg kicks. Stephens has the power to put this fight away but he doesn’t fight at that high of a pace. I don’t know how well Kattar scores without a finish. Stephens hasn’t been finished since Jose Aldo but I believe Kattar can get the job done.
WINNER – Kattar

Ngannou 9100 vs Rozenstruik 7100
This is a battle between two KO artist. Both can KO each other in a flash . For Ngannou to meet value he has to get a first round KO. This fight will go ham or flop completely like Ngannou’s last fight against Derrick Lewis. If this fight makes it out of round one Rozenstruik could win but I’ve never seen Ngannou hurt. This fight is a 50/50 in my eyes.
WINNER – 50/50.

Cejudo 8800 vs Cruz 7400
This is a 5 round war that could score high. A stack wouldn’t be that bad. Cejudo has been evolving his striking game a lot lately and could keep up with Cruz. He is on a tear and momentum is everything. But Cruz is an Anomaly. Maybe the greatest Bantamweight ever. If he wins this fight he will be. I think Cejudo will bring the pressure but Cruz will match it. You could go either guy cause Cejudo has the heart and determination to win. But Cruz is a technically sound and smart fighter. I would call this is a 50/50 but I’m gong. Cruz because of his IQ and he provides a pretty bad matchup for Cejudo because of size. But size doesn’t matter.

Ferguson 8700 vs Gatheje 7500
This maybe fight of the year. Two badass fighters going head to head for the Gold . Anything could happen. Gatheje throws with power and intent to kill. Ferguson throws moderately but has good damage in his punches. Gatheje could honestly win this fight by KO. But Ferguson is a robot and is on a 12 fight win streak. I see him beating Gatheje down the stretch but that doesn’t mean I’ll be right. This fight will be a war and anything could happen but my gut is Tony Ferguson. Gatheje throws at a high volume but he eats too many punches. If this fight goes all 5 both fighters may score very very well. It’s your choice. You can pick one or stack it.
WINNER – Ferguson

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Cash with Flash Best Bets is now on video and Flash has issued a 30 Day Cash with Flash Sports Handicapping Challenge. Cash with Flash the Los Angeles Lakers to defeat the Boston Celtics and that didn’t happen. The Flash is now 12-7 through the first twenty days of the 30 Day Sports Handicapping Challenge. 

What is the Cash with Flash 30 Day Sports Handicapping Challenge? Flash shared the details in the first video of this series and everything that you need to know is in the video below.

Before we get to Day Twenty-One of the Cash with Flash 30 Day Sports Handicapping Challenge, Flash would like to share a very special offer with you.

Cash with Flash Best Bets will gift the winner of the Cash with Flash Best Bets 30 Day Sports Handicapping Challenge with a one month Gold Membership to Win Daily Sports but in order to win the membership, we need you to do the following to help us keep score.

1). Follow @windailydfs and @cashwithflash on Twitter and Instagram.

2). Leave your picks with the hashtag #cashwithflash on Twitter or in our Discord Sports Betting Channel and include @windailysports and @cashwithflash so we can count 

3). Missing a day or more won’t disqualify you from winning the FREE one month Win Daily Sports Gold membership. Just be sure to publish your picks with the hashtag #cashwithflash and the one with the highest winning percentage grabs the prize. 

That’s all you have to do and the winner will receive a complimentary one month Gold Membership to Win Daily Sports. 

Day twenty-one of the Cash with Flash 30 Day Challenge is here and Flash has left us this video that includes his pick for today!!


Good luck and don’t forget to follow us on social media and tweet us your picks to be included in this contest.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views or opinions of Win Daily or any of the employees and/or executives of Win Daily.  All data and information provided on this site are for informational purposes only. Win Daily makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.  All information is provided on an as-is basis.

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Cash with Flash Best Bets is back!! The rain came down and seven of our eleven picks from yesterday were rained out. We were 3-1 when play was postponed and we’ll have plenty of opportunities to make our wagers today prior to the 7:00 pm ET start of play today. I strongly suggest you listen to This Week in Tennis. Craig Doyle and I are considered to be two of the very best tennis handicappers in the business and we drop plenty of advice on the podcast. Have a listen and maybe learn a thing or two before plunging into the waters of the first Grand Slam event of the season.https://media.blubrry.com/tennis/ia601502.us.archive.org/27/items/0115wdp/TWIT01152020.mp3The Australian Open is a difficult tournament to handicap and my best suggestion would be to tread lightly. There are many unanswered questions in terms of injuries, motivation, etc and anything can happen at this event.Cash with Flash Best Bets doesn’t play DFS tennis because we don’t have time for it but you can use the fol...

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Cash with Flash Best Bets is now on video and Flash has issued a 30 Day Cash with Flash Sports Handicapping Challenge. Cash with Flash picked the Milwaukee Bucks to defeat the Portland Trail Blazers by five points and that is exactly what Milwaukee did. The Flash is now 7-3 after eleven days of the Cash with Flash 30 Day Sports Handicapping Challenge. 

What is the Cash with Flash 30 Day Sports Handicapping Challenge? Flash shared the details in the first video of this series and everything that you need to know is in the video below.