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Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

Happy Hump Day!  Tonight we have ourselves an 11-game slate of MLB DFS.  At first glance, this slate brings us some strong matchups both on the mound and at bat.  We a pitcher in Justin Steele with a beautiful matchup and we also have the Braves in another matchup where they should absolutely smash.  Let’s see if those can be some building blocks for us today. 

Let’s dig and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Justin Steele vs. Milwaukee Brewers

If you’ve been following me this season, you know that I’ve been targeting lefties vs. the Brewers.  Last time out, we went with Dick Mountain against them and he proceeded to turn back the clock and get 17 DK points at a $6.2k salary.  Now Justin Steele is way more expensive than Hill was so he isn’t even remotely a value play, but he’s been pitching a...

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Welcome to Monday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

It’s Monday and we have a very manageable 7-game slate of MLB DFS to navigate through.  We are now close to a month into the 2023 season and some things have become abundantly clear.  The A’s are bad, very very bad.  The Tigers are bad, very very bad.  These are 2 teams we’ll often want to pick on with pitching and stacking.  Tonight will be no different. 

Let’s dig and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Spencer Strider vs. Miami Marlins

From a pure strikeout standpoint, there isn’t a single pitcher on tonight’s slate that has the upside that Spencer Strider has.  Through 22 innings of work this season, Strider is already up to 36 K’s.  That equates to a massive 14.73 k/9.  The next closest person pitching tonight is Lance Lynn at 11.81.  Add in the fact that he’s facing the Marlin...

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Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

We’ve got day baseball!  On this fine Wednesday, we have ourselves a 9-game slate of MLB DFS to navigate through.  As we look at who’s on the mound, we have pretty much every end of the spectrum possible.  We have the best pitcher in the game in Jacob deGrom.  We have the worst pitcher in the game Patrick Corbin.  And we also have one of the top prospects in all of baseball making his major league debut in Grayson Rodriguez.  What a Wednesday!

Let’s dig and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Jacob deGrom vs. Baltimore Orioles

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Jacob deGrom in the aces section of this article.  Yes, the Orioles lineup has been on fire. And yes, deGrom looked somewhat human in his first appearance this season vs. the Phillies.  Even though he gave up 5 ER in less than 4...

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Today's edition of Aces and Bases focuses ONLY on FanDuel's nine-game MLB DFS Main Slate for 7:05PM ET, hopefully finding you some green screens!The ugliest weather is in St. Louis, and there's a good shot at a delay or postponement there. Some other trouble spots to be aware of as well, but the Cubs-Cards is the worst of it.MLB DFS: The AcesTop MLB DFS Ace: Lucas Giolito ($9,900)Giolito has pretty balanced splits against both sides of the plate, which is a good thing when facing a Tigers lineup that's full of switch-hitters. While there are some rain concerns in this game, most of the heavy stuff probably stays south of the ballpark, and there's a good chance they just play through some lighter rain. It's one of the early games, so we'll have to check back on the radar before lock and hopefully get confirmation there's no late start or delay -- which could complicate things. But I love his upside on a slate where Corbin Burnes and Julio Urias both have tough matchups and could have an...

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Today’s edition of Aces and Bases focuses ONLY on FanDuel’s eight-game MLB DFS Main Slate for 7:10PM ET, hopefully finding you some green screens!

No rain in the forecast but we do have winds blowing out in St. Louis for the Reds-Cards game — something to consider for Cincinnati GPP stacks.

MLB DFS: The Aces

Top MLB DFS Ace: Walker Buehler ($9,700)

We can chalk up his last outing (3 IP, 7 H, 1 K, 6 ER @SF) to a bad day, and his last start vs. the Padres yielded a solid outcome. The K rate is down a bit in 2021, but the walks are down, the ground ball rate has increased and the solid 2.31 ERA isn’t too far separated from the 3.18/3.59 FIP/xFIP combo. We’re looking at about a 35-40 point projections here, with a 50-point ceiling, and that’s good enough to make him the top SP for cash games and single-entry.

Best GPP Value: Charlie Morton ($9,000)

Morton looks like a solid value tonight against the Marlins, who have the second-highest team K% in MLB. The veteran’s upside probably even exceeds Buehler’s tonight given the matchup, and that upside comes with a built-in discount from the top two arms on the slate in Buehler and Luis Castillo. I’m not as interested in Castillo because of how he can get lit up, especially against a team filled with potent bats like the Cards, but he’d make for a semi-contrarian choice given that tougher matchup. Morton seems to fit the best and carry the highest chance of notching both a QS and W, so he’s my first choice for GPPs.

Contrarian GPP Play: Luis Garcia ($8,300)

Garcia isn’t a very exciting play, but if we need a leverage pivot with some upside, he’s probably it. His ownership should be lower than Morton’s, and he’s seen an uptick in velocity on his pitches lately. The problem is that he’s got a much lower floor than either Morton or Buehler, and while the price is severely discounted compared to DraftKings, he hasn’t notched double-digit Ks in any start this season despite a 10.41 K% because he rarely pitches six full innings.

MLB DFS: The Bases

Top Stack: Houston Astros

The implied run total is well over 5, and the Astros have been red-hot offensively over the past few games, so we should start any stack off with Alex Bregman ($3,200), and then play some combination of Jose Altuve ($3,800) and Yordan Alvarez ($3,400), Carlos Correa ($3,500), Kyle Tucker ($3,200) Yuri Gurriel ($2,900) and value options Michael Brantley ($2,600) and Martin Maldonado ($2,100). There’s really nobody that’s out of consideration given the circular nature of this powerful lineup.

GPP Stack #1: Chicago White Sox

The prices are still relatively affordable for the White Sox (even moreso on DK), with Luis Robert ($3,900), Jose Abreu ($3,800), Eloy Jimenez ($3,500) and Yasmani Grandal ($3,800) all in play for stacks against Red Sox projected starter Connor Seabold. Andrew Vaughn is just $2,300, and both Brian Goodwin ($2,200) and Yoan Moncada ($3,200) are in play as well. It’s simply a great spot for mixing and matching a few different four-man stacks of White Sox.

GPP Stack #2: Cincinnati Reds

Miles Mikolas doesn’t scare me one bit, and while the Reds are a dynamic bunch who can disappoint on occasion, I like the four-man stack of Jonathan India ($3,700), Nick Castellanos ($4,100), Joey Votto ($3,700) and Tyler Naquin ($2,700) the best among this bunch, with Eugenio Suarez ($3,200), Max Schrock ($2,100) and Tucker Barnhart ($2,400) the best of the rest.

Bonus Value Stacks: Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins

Make sure to keep an eye on the starters as lineups are released. Good luck tonight, and please utilize the MLB Projection models to land on your one-offs and off-the-wall value plays!

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Welcome to the Sunday Funday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a nice sized 8 game main slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through. 

Happy July 4 everyone.  Hope you will all get to celebrate with good food and a drink in hand.  Today’s slate, while a little smaller than normal for a Sunday, provides us with solid options on the hill and also some solid options at the plate.  It’s shaping up for a fun slate.

Let’s dig in to today’s slates!

MLB DFS: The Aces

Freddy Peralta ($9.9k) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – I should preface this pick with saying that the Pirates are not a high strike out time.  That somewhat puts a cap on Peralta’s ceiling today.  Peralta however is an elite strikeout arm.  Strike out pitchers find strike outs.  There’s a reason they are strike out pitchers. 

If Houser was able to K 5 against this team on Friday night, I see no reason why Peralta can’t get that number up to 7 or 8.  My concern always with Peralta is his efficiency.  He throws a lot of pitches in a short period of time and rarely goes beyond 6 innings.  That said, he has a great match-up today against a weak hitting Pirates lineup.  With Peralta’s elite level 37% K rate, I see some upside in him today.

Charlie Morton ($9k) vs. Miami Marlins – Over the past week the Marlins have the third highest K rate of any team in baseball and the third lowest hard hit rate.  I’m going to attack them, especially when a solid pitcher is on the mound.  Today we have a solid pitcher throwing against them in Morton. 

Over the past month Morton has been pitching extremely well.  He has a 27% K rate to go with a 3.7 XFIP.  He’s giving up a ton of grounders also which really helps to limit damage as he’s only given up one long ball in his last 29 innings of work.  With the Marlins struggling and Morton pitching well, he’s my clear number 2 today. 

Lucas Giolito ($9.6k) vs. Detroit Tigers – This is the cheapest we are getting Giolito in more than a month.  He gets a great match-up today against a team that has a 26% K rate this year vs. righties.  While the Tigers will show some signs of life every now and then, if we look at their body of work as a whole this season they are still a very weak offense.  Especially against righties. 

They have one of the lowest wRC+’s of any team today against the handedness at which they are facing.  It sits at just 91.  With Giolito we’re still getting a pitcher who has a 27% K rate over the past 30 days and an xFIP under 4. 

The one area of concern with Gio is that he is giving up homers at a pretty quick pace.  He’s given up 8 in his last 31 innings.  While it is a high number, he doesn’t put many runners on with a WHIP of just 1.03 over that same time frame.  So we know if he gives up a homer or two they will more than likely be solo shots. 

I also really like Robbie Ray ($10.8K).  He’s just really expensive and when we look at price point and match-up, I like the other 3 better.  He still warrants consideration as he has a ton of upside every outing with his extremely high K rate.

MLB DFS: The Bats

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Tyler Anderson – While I prefer the Brewers vs. against righties, they do have a handful of guys that hit for power vs. lefties. 

I like attacking pitchers that have low K upside and have a high HR/FB ratio.  We have that today in Anderson.  His HR/FB ratio is 18.5% which is the second highest on the slate.  His K rate at 12.7% over the past 30 days is the second lowest on the slate. 

With how hot the Brewers have been recently, you just have to love the match-up here.  The two guys that standout the most to me today with the Brewers are Garcia ($3k) and Taylor ($2.3k).  Both have ISO’s greater than .260 against lefties this year and wOBA’s over .370.  I’m building around them.  All Brewers are in play though as they are just scorching hot right now. 

Chicago White Sox vs. Matt Manning – White Sox are a little banged up right now but they have a great match-up today.  Manning hast just not been good since getting called up to the bigs.  So far this year he’s giving up a 56% hard hit rate with just a 6.7% K rate.  So he’s giving up a ton of hard contact and not getting any K’s. 

If we look at splits, the hard hit rate is pretty much equal to both sides of the plate.  Where we see the difference is the fly ball rate as it jumps to 44% vs. lefties.  Because of that, I want to prioritize the lefties. If Goodwin ($3.1k) hits in the cleanup spot, he’s a must play.  Sheets ($3.2k) is also a must play as he gets the platoon match-up and he’s swinging a hot bat.  Over the past week he has a .531 wOBA and a 1.345 OPS.  All batters in this lineup should be in play today.

Minnesota Twins vs. Brad Keller – Twins lost a little bit of their lineup yesterday with Donaldson getting banged up, but I really like this spot for the Twins.  While Keller is a high ground-ball pitcher, he’s also someone that when giving up a fly ball there’s a strong likelihood of the ball going over the fence due to his high hard hit rate.  Keller has one of the highest HR/FB ratios of the pitchers going today.    

In looking at his pitch profile he’s a sinker ball pitcher.  Twins have some guys that have had great success against this pitch.  Nelson Cruz ($4.2k) automatically comes to mind.  Over the past several seasons he has a .255 ISO to this pitch with a low whiff rate.  He’s also been heating up as he has a .505 wOBA over the past week with a 1.218 OPS.  He’s my building block with a Twins stack.  While he hasn’t been hot of late, Arraez ($3k) will be hitting lead-off and also has some success against this pitch.

MLB DFS: The Wrap Up

Sunday always presents us with the added risk of veterans sitting due to it being getaway day.  Make sure to keep an extra eye on lineups.  Unlike the last few days we are blessed with clear skies everywhere today.    

Good luck and hope to see you in the green!

Make sure you follow me on Twitter at @rangerzfan79 and be sure to sign up for an ALL ACCESS GOLD ACCOUNT here at Win Daily Sports. Gain access to our Projection Models and jump into our Discord where we will have our experts talking plays across every sport and slate! 

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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a massive 14 game main slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through. This slate brings us a healthy amount of options on both the pitching front and stacking front.  We also have my favorite GPP pitcher in Robbie Ray in a bounce back position.  Coors Field is back so we’ll also need to determine if we go all in or fade.  Let’s dig in to today’s slates!MLB DFS: The AcesTyler Glasnow ($10.7k) vs. New York Yankees – After a down performance vs. the Toronto Blue Jays Glasnow rebounded with arguably his most dominant performance of the year, 11 K’s and only 3 hits vs. the Royals.  Today he gets to take on a very up and down offense in the Yankees.  For the season, the Yankees are striking out more than 25% of the time to righties.  They’ve also shown limited power to righties with a sub .700 OPS and just a .141 ISO.  The Yankees can be had.  They can strikeout in bunches.  Glasnow has elite K ability with a strikeout rate o...

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Welcome to the Thursday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a smaller sized 8 game main slate on Fanduel that has a start time of 1:05.  So for us East Coast folks, we’ll know if we cashed by dinner time! Our slate provides us today 1 clear ace, 1 near ace, and the Tigers.Let’s dig in to today’s slate!MLB DFS: The AcesGerritt Cole ($12.3k) vs. Houston Astros – Cole is the clear ace of the staff today.  For the season, he’s k’ing batters at a 44% rate, has a 16.4% swinging strike rate, and 1.78 xFIP.  The Astros are a stingy team against righties.  K’ing less than 20% of the time. But Cole is a stud and will find his strikeouts regardless of who he is facing.  There’s also a bit of a narrative today as he’s facing his old squad for the first time.  Zach Wheeler ($9.1k) vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Just when you thought the Brewers were getting some help with Yelich back, they got it taken away after just one gam...

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We’ve got some live arms and potent bats in this edition of Aces and Bases focusing ONLY on FanDuel’s five-game MLB DFS Main Slate for 7:05PM ET.

There are no bad weather issues but a possible COVID outbreak on the Houston Astros means we have to stay vigilant on news and have pivots at the ready!

MLB DFS: The Aces

Top Ace: Yu Darvish ($9,900)

Kershaw is the highest-priced arm and the likely chalk, but I’d venture to say that Darvish has more contrarian upside in a home matchup against a team that’s not known for swing-and-misses, but doesn’t have a lot of experience facing Darvish. The Japanese marvel is notoriously tricky to solve and seemed at ease in his last two starts — and while Kershaw might be the preferred option in cash games, I’ll take the cheaper San Diego RHP in GPPs for some leverage on the field, since only a small percentage of DFS gamers will use pitchers against the “Boys in Blue.”

Best Value: Dane Dunning ($8,000)

I’m a little concerned about getting six innings from Dunning, and that seems to be where he’d max out at his current pitch count progression, but he’ striking out more than a batter per inning in three major league starts and the command for this 26-year-old RHP. He throws a nasty sinker that complements his four-seamer and mixes in a decent slider and occasional use of a change and curveball. The Orioles strike out at the second-highest clip in the majors this season and Dunning could offer the cheapest path to 8+ Ks and a quality start.

MLB DFS: The Bases

Top Stack: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners (RHP Chris Flexen)

The Astros have the fourth-highest team xOBA in baseball (.342) and shouldn’t have much trouble against the eminently hittable Chris Flexen. I’m most interested in some combination of the 2-6 hitters here, which could include Aledmys Diaz ($2,600), Michael Brantley ($3,600), Yuri Gurriel ($2,800), Kyle Tucker ($3,500) and Carlos Correa ($3,000). The prices are discounted a bit on these guys without Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez and Alex Bregman — who all hit the injured listed for undisclosed reasons, prompting rumors of a possible COVID outbreak. Stay tuned since there could be some news of a postponement or more players hitting that list.

Value/Contrarian Stack: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels (Jose Quintana)

So far this season, Jose Quintana has had a very difficult time retiring the 27 RH batters he’s faced, and he’s clearly on the downside of his career when those splits tend to become a little more exaggerated. The Twins are loaded with relatively inexpensive powerful righty hitters like Nelson Cruz ($3,800), Josh Donaldson ($3,000), Mitch Garver ($2,400) and Miguel Sano ($2,800). I was on them last night and they didn’t deliver against Andrew Heaney — a solid pitcher in his own right — but I’m going right back to the well. Cruz alone sports an obscene .570 wOBA and .440 ISO vs. LHP over his last 63 games, and Donaldson, Garver and Kyle Garlick ($2,200) all mash against LHP.

EDIT: The Twins-Angels game has been postponed, so remove any players associated with that game ASAP.

Value Stack: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Trevor Cahill)

It’s not one of those slates where you need to deploy a very inexpensive secondary value stack, but the Brewers strike me as a classic boom-or-bust GPP stack you might want to mix into a few large, low-cost tournaments for their upside and potent lefty bats, including Travis Shaw ($2,900), Omar Narvaez ($2,700) and Christian Yelich ($4,100), who’s missed four straight with a back injury but is still considered DTD. If he can’t go, Billy McKinney ($2,000) could get the start, as both he and Jackie Bradley ($2,400) have been used to spell Yelich. Also keep an eye on Daniel Vogelbach at just $2,100. If you’re looking to run a Pirtes hitter back against the group, I’d prefer 3B Phillip Evans, who’s been raking against LHP this season and hits out of the 4 slot.

Good luck!

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Today’s four-game playoff slate means the 10/4 DFS MLB Hitting Picks can go back to basics with a full lineup.

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10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Catcher

Robinson Chirinos, HOU vs. TB

DK ($3,600), FD ($2,800)

Chirinos is devastating at Minute Maid Park, evidenced by a .915 OPS with 10 of his 14 homers coming in front of the H-Town faithful. He does have a homer among his four hits in 15 at-bats this season against the Rays. You do have to like his 39.5% hard contact rate and a similar 39.5% fly ball rate. He’s the best overall play among 10/4 DFS Hitting Picks behind the plate.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — First Baseman

C.J. Cron, MIN at NYY

DK ($3,600), FD ($3,100)

A value pick with good reason: Cron has six hits in 18 career at-bats against New York starter James Paxton. Two of those hits were homers, giving Cron a 1.017 OPS against the Pinstripes southpaw. Cron was able to cut his strikeout rate to 21.4% this season and maintained a solid fly ball rate (36.3%) while taking his hard contact rate from 39.6% last season to 41.1% this year.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Second Baseman

Kolten Wong, STL at ATL

DK ($3,800), FD ($2,600)

Like Cron, I’m looking for past success against today’s starters. Enter Wong, who has a homer and a stolen base in 11 career at-bats versus Braves starter Mike Foltynewicz, producing a 1.625 OPS in the process. Wong went 2-for-4 with two RBI and a walk in Thursday’s Game 1 victory. That’s a tremendous way to shake off a sluggish September that saw Wong offer up a .735 OPS despite hitting .290. The free pass is encouraging since Wong had a mere .315 OBP in September that put a scratch on a Post All-Star break OBP of .409.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Third Baseman

Miguel Sano, MIN at NYY

DK ($4,900), FD ($3,800)

Sano gives the Twins another hammer that has nailed James Paxton in the past. In 11 career at-bats versus Paxton, Sano has four hits that include a homer that helped boost his OPS to 1.326 against Paxton. A strong second half OBP of .362 was helped in part of Sano improving his walk rate to 12.5%. His HR/FB rate of 36.6% is downright frightening in homer-friendly Yankee Stadium. More frightening is Sano’s 52.7% hard contact rate.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Shortstop

Trea Turner, WAS at LAD

DK ($4,600), FD ($4,200)

Turner admitted to “trying too hard” on Thursday night, so let’s take him at his word. He’ll need a different approach against Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw, even though he has three hits in 10 at-bats against him. One way Turner could achieve that would be resuming his more aggressive ways on the road when it comes to baserunning. Of his 35 steals, 20 have come in enemy territory. He has a .444 slugging percentage against southpaws, compared to .512 versus righties, so look for him to more contact-oriented.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Outfielder

Yordan Alvarez, HOU vs. TB

DK ($4,800), FD ($4,000)

The Rays were not exempt from Alvarez’s tour of destruction, as Tampa Bay hurlers allowed a pair of homers and a double to him in 11 at-bats. Alvarez’s best work came at Minute Maid Park, where he sported an 1.140 OPS built on a slash line of .349/.441/.699. Rays starter Tyler Glasnow allowed just one homer in 97 at-bats versus left-handed hitters. Facing a slugger with a 51.1% hard contact rate, Glasnow could see that number increase by at least one.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Outfielder

Marcell Ozuna, STL at ATL

DK ($4,100), FD ($3,600)

Ozuna has a pair of homers off Braves hurler Mike Foltynewicz, who was shelled by the Cardinals this season for nine runs (eight earned) and 12 hits over 10.2 innings for a robust 6.79 ERA. Ozuna doubled twice, drove in a pair of runs and scored once on Thursday, making us all forget his .143 average against Atlanta pitching this season. Ozuna’s .243 batting average and .259 BABIP also make you forget his career-best 48.1% hard contact rate and the fact his 2018 BABIP was exactly 50 points higher.

10/4 DFS Hitting Picks — Outfielder

Aaron Judge, NYY vs. MIN

DK ($4,700), FD ($4,400)

Although he failed to record a homer against them this season, Judge did hit .462 (6-for-13) against Twins pitching, making him a good 10/4 DFS Hitting Picks play. He also comes into the postseason with the momentum of an 1.109 OPS with four homers over the past two weeks and an equally imposing .948 OPS under the lights. Judge also has three hits in five career at-bats versus Twins starter Jose Berrios, while his late season surge boosted his Isolated Power to .267. Ignore the 31.5% strikeout rate, and Judge offers you a hitter with a .360 BABIP and an intimidating 53.8% hard contact rate.

10/4 DFS Hitting Stacks

10/4 Hitting Stack of the Day: St. Louis Cardinals: Wong and Ozuna should be paired with Paul DeJong ($3100 FD), who has a homer and a 1.064 OPS versus Foltynewicz, along with Matt Carpenter ($4100 DK), who also sports a career dinger off the Braves’ Game 2 starter.

10/4 DFS Showdown

Using the FanDuel template, it’s 2x the points for MVP, 1.5x the points for All-Star and regular production for the three Utility spots. October is filled with unsung efforts, something to keep in mind when filling out the Utility roles. Look for players who’ve had success this season against a particular team, along with taking a gander of recent production. I’m a strong believer in OPS, more so if a strong OPS is bolstered with stolen bases.

My MVP plays for Showdown:

Tampa Bay at Houston: Yordan Alvarez, HOU, OF, $8,000 Salary

St. Louis at Atlanta: Paul Goldschmidt, STL, 1B, $8,500 Salary

Minnesota at NY Yankees: Gleyber Torres, NYY, 2B, $6,500 Salary

Washington at LA Dodgers: Cody Bellinger, LAD, OF, $9,500 Salary

10/4 DFS Pitching Picks

Justin Verlander, HOU vs. TB

DK ($10,700), FD ($11,200)

No shock here, as he is projected to deliver 45.03 points at FanDuel and 26.03 points at DraftKings. Verlander has produced 15 straight starts of at least 30 points at FD, hitting above 50 points nine times in the same span. The 12.11 K/9 rate assures DFSers of plenty of whiffs, and while the 1.45 HR/9 rate raises the eyebrows a wee, Verlander has been able to keep most them solo blasts.

Jack Flaherty, STL at ATL

DK ($8,200), FD ($10,500)

You could save some salary and run with Flaherty over Verlander. In his one start versus the Braves this season, Flaherty allowed one hit and struck out 11 over seven innings. His 0.91 ERA and .142 OBA after the All-Star break was overshadowed by a host of hitting performances and the “can you top this?” clash between Verlander and Astros teammate Gerrit Cole, but Flaherty’s 124 strikeouts over 99.1 post-ASB frames were anything but a fluke.

Clayton Kershaw, LAD vs. WAS

DK ($9,300), FD ($10,300)

Only Kershaw can post a 2.95 ERA and fan nearly 10 batters per nine innings post-ASB and still have people wondering about his effectiveness. The home run rate (1.41) was a career-high, and the 2.07 BB/9 was his highest since 2012. Name recognition will make his usage rate climb, yet Kershaw presents something of a bargain compared to the two hurlers above him.

Stephen Strasburg, WAS at LAD

DK ($9,600), FD ($10,100)

He’s good to go after throwing 34 pitches in relief on Tuesday, allowing just two hits and fanning four. Strasburg could be overlooked by some, yet he did strike out 16 and allowed only three earned runs in 16 innings against the Dodgers this season, sporting a 2.08 ERA.

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