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Fantasy Football Rankings

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

You can argue that receiver is the deepest position in fantasy along with the quarterback spot and I’m not sure I’d fight you on that. My early lean if you’re drafting now is typically going to accentuate running back early unless the studs are gone when I pick. The position itself has so many big names that it can be tough to separate but that’s what we’re trying to do in the Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings!

Note – Any ADP (average draft position) is taken from FantasyData.com. In addition, these are my personal ranks and not WinDaily Staff ranks.

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

  1. Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs – There are not many receivers that can finish as the WR2 in PPR setting with just a 23.2% target share in his offense. Hill accomplished that in 2020 despite being seventh in receiving yards and ninth in targets among receivers. Scoring 17 total touchdowns will bump your scoring, but what happens if a secondary receiver doesn’t emerge for KC? What if the bulk of the 14% target share Sammy Watkins left just goes towards Hill and Kelce? We could see Hill go absolutely bonkers this season. 
  2. Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills – He led the league in targets, receptions, and yards in 2020. Even if you’re not the biggest Josh Allen fan, the Bills clearly understand how to use Diggs in this offense. I’m not sure how you could have him anywhere outside of the top-three. 
  3. DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals – Only Diggs had more targets last season and the Cards played at the second-fastest pace in the league last year. Nuk had a 29.4% target share and 32.7% of the air yards in this offense last year. The additions of A.J. Green and Rondale Moore should open the field up more, in theory. Hopkins will always have the bulk of the coverage but Kyler Murray should still have room to grow as a traditional quarterback. Hopkins seems utterly safe. 
  4. Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints – Perhaps folks are spooked after an injury-riddled season or the retirement of Drew Brees. Maybe folks don’t like Taysom Hill as the quarterback potentially with Thomas. Regardless, Thomas with an ADP of WR10 is crazy. With Hill, Thomas had four games. He posted 9/104/0, 4/50/1, 9/105/0, and 8/84/0. In the four reception game, Hill only threw 16 passes since the Broncos played without a quarterback. Thomas accounted for 28% of the targets and 43.6% of the air yards for the Saints. There’s little reason to fade him that far. 
  5. D.K. Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks – This beast of a man showed flashes of taking a giant leap last season, finishing as the WR7 on just 87 receptions (17th in the league). He played 92% of the snaps and accounted for nearly 40% of the air yards. If Metcalf adds just a touch more consistency (five games under 50 yards and he doesn’t catch a ton of passes to help), a top 3-5 finish is just a matter of time. 
  6. Calvin Ridley, Atlanta Falcons – We got a glimpse of Ridley’s life without Julio Jones last year since Julio only played nine games and life for Ridley was good. He finished as the WR4 in PPG and WR5 overall, hauling in 90 receptions and racking up 41.6% of the air yards. Ridley was also tied for the most end zone targets at 20. That may drop some with Kyle Pitts in the fold but Ridley is among the best receivers in the game. 
  7. Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers – Tell me who his quarterback is and he can shoot up to number 2-3 or drop out of the top 10 completely. 
  8. Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings – He walked through the door and smashed as a rookie, just missing a top-five finish. He owned the team lead in air yards and target share but finished third in red zone target share. He racked up 475 more receiving yards than teammate Adam Thielen and even if that gap closes, the 14-7 lead in touchdowns would be tough to repeat for Thielen. 
  9. Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers – Allen played 14 games and finished just 19 targets behind Diggs for the league lead. He led the Chargers in target share at 26.7%, red-zone target share at 26.2%, receptions, and yards. Allen is a monster regardless of format, but PPR remains his best. 
  10. A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans – Brown was likely top-five before Julio became a Titan. They lost roughly 39% of the target share in 2020 between Jonnu Smith and Corey Davis, not to mention about 33% of the air yards. Julio won’t take up all of that but I’d feel less comfortable taking Brown inside the top-five now. He and Mike Evans tied for the least receptions among any top 20 receivers last season. 
  11. Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears – Robinson slogged through another terrible year of QB play to finish fourth in receptions, eighth in yards, and 30% of the air yards in the Bears offense. If Justin Fields hits the ground running, Robinson could flirt with a top-five finish. He’s been one of the best receivers in football for almost his entire career, he just hasn’t had the quarterback to totally prove it. 
  12. Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams – Talk about underrated, Woods is the poster boy. He had another top 12 finish last season and gets a massive upgrade at quarterback. Woods and Cooper Kupp were almost identical in air yards and targets last season but Woods tacked on 24 rushing attempts to put him over the top. 
  13. Terry McLaurin, Washington Football Team – Among receivers that played at least 12 games in 2020, Scary Terry led in air yards share at a massive 42%. Washington was just 30th in yards per attempt and Ryan Fitzpatrick will have zero fear about throwing the ball downfield. McLaurin was also 10th in targets in the league last season and it could all come together this year. 
  14. Diontae Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers – It’s been lost in the shuffle a bit, but Johnson finished sixth in targets among receivers. He was injured and left early in a couple of games and yet he led the Steelers in target share at 22.9%. Additionally, he led in RZ and EZ targets while finishing just nine receptions behind JuJu Smith-Schuster for the team lead. I worry a lot about the offense overall but running back Najee Harris and their number one receiver can overcome the flaws. 
  15. CeeDee Lamb, Dallas Cowboys – I’m not likely to have Lamb in redraft because he’s going as the WR13 in ADP. Dak Prescott is back in action and one would think Lamb would easily exceed his 63.8% snap share from 2020. The target share was only 18% and the air yards share was 22.7% which are both solid, but I’m not sure he should be flirting with a top 10 ranking for some. You’re banking on a second-year leap, which isn’t crazy but it’s also not guaranteed. He finished as the WR24 last year on the 22nd most targets. 
  16. Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – We’ll get a full season with the trio of receivers as opposed to Antonio Brown entering in the middle of the season like 2020. I’m leaning Evans for the lead dog since he led the team in targets, air yard share, RZ targets, and EZ targets. It could be tough to get these guys right every week which is the only reason I’m leaving Evans outside the top 15. 
  17. Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings – Thielen was the only receiver in the top 10 from 2020 that finished under 1,000 yards but that’s what 14 touchdowns do for you. You’re not drafting him in the top 10 anymore and that risk is already built-in. Thielen still held a 24% target share and only was about 1.5% off in the air yard share lead behind Jefferson. 
  18. Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans – With how much of the passing game from 2020 that is open, Julio walks into a dynamite spot. If the Titans come up into the top half of the league in pass attempts, Julio could have another great season. I’ll be super interested to see how the work splits between him and A.J. Brown.
  19. Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys – Dallas played at the fastest pace in the league last year and their offense is built to throw the ball all over the yard. Cooper led the team in targets at 130 last year which was 12th in the league. He also led in RZ targets, EZ targets, yards, and tied for the lead in touchdowns. You may well get a bargain if that repeats in 2021 and Lamb finishes second in points on the team. 
  20. DJ Moore, Carolina Panthers – The Panthers have a new quarterback in Sam Darnold, and Curtis Samuel is gone, so the offense will absolutely look different. Still, Moore led last year in air yard share at 40.8% and racked up 118 targets. Moore also led the team in yards and EZ targets. Samuel ate up 12 RZ targets, 18.9% of the air yard share, and 19.4% of the target share. Even with a healthy CMC, Moore could be taking a significant step forward. He’ll be one I watch closely in the preseason. 
  21. Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This is generally where things start to get trickier. Godwin only finished about 55 points behind Evans last year playing four games fewer. What is a little worrisome with this ranking is Antonio Brown had a 20% share of the targets, leading the entire team in his snaps. Godwin was 15th in points per game but it’s very difficult to pick. Perhaps the path is taking the last Tampa receiver and using the lowest pick on that player. 
  22. Cooper Kupp, Los Angeles Rams – If we liked Woods so much and they were nearly identical in the metrics, it only stands to reason Kupp can’t be that far behind. 
  23. Tyler Lockett, Seattle Seahawks – He looks great in seasonal data but was a pain to play every week. He seemed to either go nuclear or leave you wanting with around 8-10 points. If Metcalf truly becomes the alpha, Lockett could be more of a second fiddle this year. He still should have a 22-24% target share even if Metcalf is basically locked into the air yards lead. 
  24. Tee Higgins, Cincinnati Bengals – Ja’Marr Chase seems to be universally regarded as the WR1 in the Bengals offense but I’m not sold yet. In 2020, A.J. Green had a 30.5% air yard share and an 18.4% target share. Even with that, Higgins ended as the WR28 with terrible quarterback play through six-plus games. Does Chase take over more than the Green share from 2020? That could be a stretch. Higgins only played 74% of the snaps last year and we should expect that to climb in his second season. 
  25. Kenny Golladay, New York Giants – I believe that Golladay is a talented receiver but I don’t believe in his quarterback by a long shot. The offense in New York is more crowded than Detroit was as well, leading to enough concerns from me to skip him most of the time. 
  26. Brandon Aiyuk, San Francisco 49ers – The rookie last year played just 12 games but led the team in air yards share at 32%, RZ targets, EZ targets, yards, and points. Now, that’s not exactly fair because George Kittle only played eight games and Deebo Samuel played seven. Still, he showed why the 49ers moved up in the draft to add him to their talented offense. The aDOT was 9.3 yards compared to 2.2 for Samuel. Aiyuk was a top 35 option last season despite 12 games played and wildly questionable quarterback play. 
  27. Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals – Chase is one of the more well-rounded receiving prospects to enter the league in the past few years. With the connection Chase and Joe Burrow showed at LSU, Chase could walk in and be dominant off the bat. I would be a little cautious with him but one or two preseason splash plays and we can see the ADP fly up. 
  28. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers – Pittsburgh has plenty of concerns but JuJu sitting at WR33 in ADP doesn’t make a lot of sense. He was seventh in receptions last season and finished as the WR16, well beyond where he’s being taken. The 5.5-yard aDOT can actually help JuJu in PPR because if the offensive line can’t hold up as much as Ben Roethlisberger would like, it could mean a lot of quick passes, just like 2020. 
  29. Odell Beckham Jr., Cleveland Browns – Before OBJ got hurt, he racked up a 33.4% share of the air yards and 21.9% target share. He still finished fourth in yards on the team and even though the Browns won’t throw the ball a ton, he is still the alpha on the squad. It’s kind of crazy to think OBJ is barely in the top 30 after the start of his career, but here we are. 
  30. DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles – It’s very difficult to rank Smith. Not only does he have individual questions about the transfer from Alabama to the NFL, but Jalen Hurts also has yet to prove he’s a capable NFL-caliber quarterback. I would likely prefer Smith in best ball because he’s going to have some big games but I wouldn’t be shocked if he has a few duds as well. 
  31. DJ Chark, Jacksonville Jaguars – The chemistry between him and Trevor Lawerence will be something to watch in camp and preseason. He was the only Jaguar to hit an air yard share above 20% (35.5%) and the target share was 20% in 13 games. Jacksonville added proven veteran option Marvin Jones but Chark should still maintain the alpha role in the passing game. We just need to get an idea of how the targets get distributed between Chark, Jones, Laviska Shenault, and Travis Etienne. 
  32. Brandin Cooks, Houston Texans – The only reason he’s this low is the uncertainty of Deshaun Watson. Cooks was in the top 18 in both points per game and points overall last year and that was with Will Fuller playing 11 games. Cooks racked up a 30% air yards share and a 23.8% target share. We just need the information on the quarterback. 
  33. Antonio Brown, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – If Tom Brady hones in on him early, AB is going to climb quickly in the ranks. As I mentioned, he led the team in target share when he played. That’s going to be very important to monitor this preseason. 
  34. Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos – I love Sutton as a talent and he only got to play one game last season before tearing his ACL. If Denver manages to acquire Aaron Rodgers (speculation based on rumor), Sutton would have a rocket ship strapped to his back. As it stands, the duo of Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater could hold him back a good bit. 
  35. Michael Pittman, Indianapolis Colts – The second-year receiver is tied to quarterback Carson Wentz, and that could be an issue. Pittman flashed upside last season and accumulated a 13.8% target share and 16.3% air yards share as a rookie. He didn’t get a single end zone look but he led the receiving corps in the snap rate at 77.8%. I’d love to gamble at this stage with the next alpha in a passing game and be wrong with my third/fourth receiver. He could easily be the lead option ahead of T.Y. Hilton this season. 

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Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

With Major League Baseball hitting their All-Star Break, it’s a reminder of how quickly the fantasy football season will be upon us! Quarterback is arguably the most “replaceable” positions in fantasy but that doesn’t mean you can just swing wildly and pick. It’s just about time to get prepared for the drafts that we all know and love, so let’s kick it off with Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings! 

Note – Any ADP (average draft position) is taken from FantasyData.com. In addition, these are my personal ranks and not WinDaily Staff ranks.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

  1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs – The franchise man for the Chiefs finished 2020 third in points per game, third in intended air yards, and second in yards above replacement. Kansas City added some much-needed big men upfront along the offensive line with the likes of Joe Thuney and Kyle Long (hoping to be ready for Week 1). Even with the question marks of who’s the third target in the passing game behind Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, I’m betting Mahomes and coach Andy Reid can figure things out. 
  2. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals – This could be a bit of a jump to some but Murray didn’t finish in the top 12 in passing yards last season yet was the QB6 even in six-point passing touchdown formats. The Cardinals went out and added a veteran in A.J. Green in free agency and used a top 50 draft pick in Rondale Moore. Murray combined for 86 plays inside the red zone last year and converted for a total of 37 touchdowns. 40 is not at all out of the question this season. 
  3. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills – Allen may be the player I have been most wrong about my entire fantasy career, so ranking him third may scare some people. 
  4. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys – Dak could threaten for the number one spot this season. He also gets you a main piece of the high-octane Dallas offense without having to sweat which receiver has the best game week to week. 
  5. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ranking him this high is a risk because, at his age, it could all go away in an instant. Still, we’re talking about the quarterback who was QB7 in 2020 with no real offseason to acclimate to his new offense. He led the entire NFL in intended air yards and still has Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and Antonio Brown as his top receivers. QB9 in ADP feels like an absolute bargain. 
  6. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers – Herbert lit the NFL on fire in his rookie season and they frankly crushed the off-season on paper. Adding Corey Linsley and Matt Feiler to the O-line was great. Then rookie Rashawn Slater fell into their laps in the draft. The departure of tight end Hunter Henry shouldn’t derail this offense much and Herbert should in theory take a nice leap in his second season. 
  7. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens – There is not really a reason to pick on Jackson and it speaks to how loaded the quarterback position is. Most will have Jackson and Brady flipped. 
  8. Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans – This man threw 33 touchdowns last season, got the luxury of adding Julio Jones to throw to, and his ADP is outside of the top 12. They also have some serious defensive concerns since they were 31st in passing touchdowns allowed and 32nd in sacks. If the defensive signings don’t stop that bleeding, Tannehill will finish higher than 18th in attempts. In truth, I wanted him higher but couldn’t justify anyone else moving down. 
  9. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – Let’s see where he plays before getting too attached to a ranking for Rodgers. He may still just be golfing, living his best island life by September. 
  10. Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams – The best coaching staff he’s ever had and a massive upgrade from his 2020 offense all-around. 
  11. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks – Just like Lamar, this is a sign of just how loaded the quarterback position really is. The fizzle down the stretch last year likely leaves certain players leaning away from Wilson. 
  12. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings – Nobody gets excited to add Cousins to the squad but he’s finished 11th, 14th, and 11th in the past three years among his colleagues. If not for a disaster start to the 2020 campaign, a top 10 finish was in sight. Cousins is currently sitting at QB18 in ADP, which makes very little sense. 
  13. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals – The receiving trio for Burrow is not in question with Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, and former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase all in the fold. The offensive line is a different story and Burrow is coming off a serious knee reconstruction. I don’t believe it’s a large difference, but if I’m on the clock in redraft leagues I’d likely go Cousins. 
  14. Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers – I suppose you can say this is my hottest take in the ranks but I’m a big believer in Lance. Most rookie quarterbacks selected third have some issues with the team around them. That’s not the exact case for Lance. He inherits a solid offensive line and has George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, and Deebo Samuel for weapons. Coach Kyle Shanahan is one of the most respected offensive minds in the game. The 49ers gave up an immense amount to get to the third pick. Lance will play early, has some rushing upside, and will be a fantasy dynamo off the hop. 
  15. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles – Possibly the toughest quarterback to rank. He’s the clear starter and has serious rushing upside but legit questions on the passing game as a whole in Philly make life difficult. 
  16. Trevor Lawerence, Jacksonville Jaguars – It wouldn’t be surprising if Lawerence ends up higher at the end of the year. He’s been the consensus first pick for so long that I think some have forgotten how good he actually is. My questions are more on the side of coaching but Lawrence has a god cast and should trail plenty this year. 
  17. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns – Our founder thinks this is about 15 spots too high. Baker is a good quarterback but with a strong run game that Cleveland loves to lean on (fifth-most rush attempts per game in 2020), I’m not sure where the ceiling truly is for Mayfield. 
  18. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons – Can he do enough to support Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts as dominant players at their respective positions? I believe so, but Ryan losing Julio with no real replacement is just a huge loss for an offense. I know Julio was hurt through a lot of 2020 and Ryan finished as the QB13 in part due to that reason. Finishing second for intended air yards and outside of the top 12 for quarterbacks, last year isn’t the best sign to my eyes. 
  19. Tua Tagovialoa, Miami Dolphins – The vibe around Tua is weird. He has just 290 attempts under his belt and it seems like plenty are ready to give up. I’m not there yet. Tua shouldn’t have to worry about getting yanked from the game midway no that Ryan Fitzpatrick is gone. He also has been drawing great reviews with his command of the offense in OTA’s. Adding Jaylen Waddle in the draft and Will Fuller via free agency to DeVante Parker and Mike Gesicki should help the 6.3 yards per pass thrown, ranked 31st in the league last year. 
  20. Derek Carr, Las Vegas Raiders – He’s like Kirk Cousins-lite. Nobody is excited to draft him, but the field is leaving him below QB25 in ADP. He was the QB14 last year and passed for over 4,100 yards, threw for 27 touchdowns, and got almost nothing from Henry Ruggs or Bryan Edwards. There is profit to be had at QB29 in ADP, even with some concerns about the offensive line. 
  21. Carson Wentz, Indianapolis Colts – Talk about someone tough to rank. Wentz could take the reunion with coach Frank Reich, get his head right, and take massive advantage of the upgrade in offense line and weaponry. He could also continue to just be a guy, take a ton of sacks, and turn the ball over. Indy was top 10 in rush attempts per game, so they don’t need Wentz to be a hero. 
  22. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington Football Team – Fitzpatrick and his majestic beard are now in Washington and he has some weapons to work with Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, Logan Thomas, and Antonio Gibson. I’m not sure Fitzmagic is going to be required to have many huge games because Washington should continue to have a very good defense. 
  23. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans – The team is a mess and he has large issues off the field right now. I’m in no position to address those, but if I was drafting today I wouldn’t take Watson in case the NFL hands down discipline. He’s a player that could see his ranking change instantly. 
  24. Justin Fields, Chicago Bears – Full disclosure, I love Fields and I wanted the Steelers to make the same type of trade to draft him. However, Matt Nagy has not proven to be a coach that we can trust to elevate folks for fantasy. We also don’t know when he gets on the field. You can make that same argument with Lance but the trade packages were far different and San Francisco is a clearly better offensive environment. 
  25. Sam Darnold, Carolina Panthers – A lot of my dynasty teams are littered with whatever New York spit out of Darnold. A friendly reminder that he just turned 24 and is free of the tyranny of Adam Gase for the first time in his career. His weapons are far better, the coaching is far better, and Darnold costs you nothing with a very tangible reward at his QB31 ADP. 
  26. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers – Well, nobody can accuse me of being a homer. Big Ben was 29th in yards per completion last year and struggled to hit anything deep downfield. Now he has an offensive line in flux (and that is being very kind), is a year older, and has a lot of folks saying he should’ve hung it up last year. His receivers are very talented but he’s learning a new offense with major question marks around him. It’s a tough sell for fantasy. 
  27. Zach WilsonNew York Jets – New York did a pretty solid job of re-vamping the offense this past offseason and Wilson will have to fail pretty spectacularly to get the starting job taken away. 
  28. Daniel Jones, New York Giants – The talent around him is not a question as far as pass catchers go, but the O-line is and Jones has always been turnover-prone. 
  29. Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints – Until we know who the starter is, I’m not going to be that excited for Winston or Taysom Hill. 
  30. Jared Goff, Detroit Lions – Goff was 23rd in points per game with Sean McVay as his coach and much better weapons in LA last season. You’d be banking on a lot of garbage time stats (which count all the same) but the environment is way inferior to 2020. 

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Win Daily Show 6.3

On the Win Daily Show 6.3, Sia Nejad (@SiaNejad for all you Bills and Ravens fans..) and Michael Rasile (@michaelrasile1) take some time to talk about what’s happening here in the United States. We then discuss another successful Win Daily Poker Showdown where Sia got 4th place!

We dive into previewing the NHL Playoffs and Playins, what the PGA Tour event on 6.11 will look like for DFS and value plays for betting the event.

Some NFL news and notes, per usual, with a bit of Fantasy Running Backs ‘This or That’ on who we choose out of some of these RBBC backfields. We take a look at running backs with similar ADPs that will be apart of potential running back by committee backfields.

The boys then welcome on Ghost (@DFS_Ghost) to talk about his favorite KBO and CS:GO plays for the 6.3 slate! Ghost goes indepth on each of the CS:GO slates for tomorrow with multiple showdowns. He also gives us some great picks for betting and DFS for early morning/late night KBO action!

Ghost’s KBO Article -> https://windailysports.com/kbo-dfs-ghosts-breakdown-06-03-2020/

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Win Daily Show: @StixPicks 2020 QB Evaluation

On this Win Daily Show, we have @StixPicks 2020 QB Evaluation for the upcoming Fantasy Football Season.

Nick Bretwisch joins Michael Rasile to discuss the 2020 Fantasy Football Quarterback outlook. Through the lens of strength of schedule, past performances, and future projections, they breakdown the top 36 QBs that could potentially be drafted in your Fantasy Football draft.

In this show, we are discussing where we are targeting some of our favorite QBs, how late we are willing to go before drafting a QB, what 2QB league drafts might look like, and more.

Through the discuss Nick and Michael also look at what other options may be available on the board, especially in the beginning of your draft when Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes are expected to be taken.

They dive deep into the QB class and talk about who some sleepers to the year can be, who is underrated, and who they are not interested in touching. Finding the right QB for your team can be hard, but with @StixPicks by your side, winning your Fantasy Football Championship will be much, much easier.

Listen to the episode below and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review!

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Whether you’re in a PPR, half-point PPR, or standard scoring league, here are six fantasy football sleepers that you should target in your season-long drafts!

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Leonard Fournette (ADP 27)

I know, I know, Leonard Fournette absolutely should not be considered among “sleepers”, but he is being quite overlooked in drafts. Currently being selected as the 14th running back off the board, Fournette has plenty of upside to offer fantasy players. With Nick Foles now under center, the Jaguars offense is already miles ahead of where they were this time last year with Blake Bortles.

Fournette’s production was nothing to write home about when he was on the field in 2018, but with a healthy off-season, a new offense led by new Offensive Coordinator, John DeFilippo, and a competent starting Quarterback, there should be plenty of reasons to buy-in to shares of Leonard Fournette in 2019.

I’d advise fantasy players to draft Fournette before Melvin Gordon, Joe Mixon, and Le’Veon Bell… all of who are going in front of Leonard Fournette when looking at the NFFC’s Average Draft Position Report.

Allen Robinson (ADP 62)

The 26 year-old wideout is primed up for a huge year in Chicago so he makes our sleepers rundown. Like Fournette, health has always been a bit of an issue for Robinson. Everything that I’ve seen on Robinson this summer says that he is as explosive as ever and building great chemistry with third year Quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

This wide receiving core in Chicago does not impress me on paper, and second year standout Anthony Miller, is already banged up. If the Bears are going to move the ball through the air, they’re going to pepper Allen Robinson with targets.

I have him projected for 140 targets, 85 catches, and nine touchdowns. If I’m anywhere near accurate, Allen Robinson would finish well ahead of guys like Tyler Boyd, Calvin Ridley and D.J. Moore. All of those mentioned are currently being drafted in front of Allen Robinson.

Miles Sanders (ADP 76)

The third name to mention in my fantasy football sleepers list is going to be rookie running back Miles Sanders. Again, none of these guys mentioned yet are really “sleepers”… more so bargain targets in your upcoming drafts.

Sanders has had an excellent summer in the Philadelphia Eagles system so far and should have every opportunity to lead this backfield in touches in the 2018 season. We all know what Jordan Howard brings to the table and that isn’t much.

Currently coming off the board in drafts as the 30th running back and as a mid-sixth round pick, why not take a chance on a guy who should be the bell cow for an explosive Eagles’ offense?

Darwin Thompson (ADP 162)

The rookie from Utah State looked explosive in the Chiefs’ preseason. Everyone seems to be talking about Darwin Thompson over the past couple of weeks, yet his ADP his not rising all that much so he is on my sleepers list.

Thompson is currently averaging five yards per carry in the preseason and another 12 yards per catch through the air. There are rumors that Carlos Hyde is on the hot seat and that should be music to the ears of Darwin Thompson.

This Kansas City offense is something fantasy players are going to want shares of, so why not take a flyer on Darwin Thompson in round 13 of your fantasy drafts? The sky is the limit!

Mecole Hardman (ADP 165)

I love targeting Hardman in fantasy drafts for the same reason I love targeting Darwin Thompson: CHEAP shares of the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense.

Hardman is an uber-talented wideout from Georgia who made a name for himself at the NFL combine when he clocked a 4.33 40-yard dash. He has been quite active in the Cheifs’ preseason, leading them in receiving touchdowns and second on the team in receptions. Yes, Sammy Watkins is still on the Chiefs’ roster, but we all know he cannot stay on the field, so Hardman is here among the sleepers.

It is only a matter of time before Hardman is playing 70% or more of the Chiefs offensive snaps. He can blow the doors off of the defense like Tyreek Hill can, but he is also a pristine route-runner inside the hashes. I love the idea of drafting Hardman late and letting him become your WR3 (if not more) a few weeks into the season.

Randall Cobb (ADP 215)

Remember Randall Cobb?

I most certainly do, and you should too. For a guy that used to be drafted in the first six rounds of fantasy drafts, 2019 Randall Cobb is the true reprsentation of what we look for in fantasy football sleepers.

With Cole Beasley leaving the team to join the Buffalo Bills, those middle of the field targets to the slot receiver are up for grabs. Dak Prescott loves to dump the ball off in the slot, and if healthy, the 29 year-old Cobb has the opportunity to revive his young career in Dallas.

I’d give him a slight bump up in PPR leagues, but he is worth a last-round pick in all formats if you want to add some depth to your fantasy receiving core. If he doesn’t work out, it didn’t cost you much

Randall Cobb Featured Image: Gabriel Cervantes

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If you are drafting this week, Win Daily has you covered . Here are our Top 200 updated Fantasy Football Rankings for PPR formats. Use these to gain the ultimate advantage over the opposition. Our Win Daily staff gathered together to come up with a consensus.

Our Fantasy Football Rankings indicate that you should go for a prime WR if you don’t get one of the Top 3 RBs right away. As you can see, the Win Daily Staff recommends waiting on a QB. The position is too deep to reach for Patrick Mahomes too early.

The Win Daily staff is not only well trained to help you win big in DFS. Our writers are proven winners in seasonal leagues as well. So keep these Fantasy Football rankings handy for your upcoming drafts.

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It’s the question everyone wants the perfect answer to. It’sthe most asked question in Fantasy Sports.

Who do I take with the first pick in my Fantasy Football Draft?

We tell you how to approach your first pick from every spotin the first round in a PPR format.

Pick One: Saquon Barkley is the consensus No. 1 overall pick, but when play begins for real, I believe the Giants passing game will still have to earn its respect from opposing defenses. Meanwhile, Christian McCaffrey performed like the best RB in Fantasy last year with his QB playing with a bum shoulder. Barkley will get even more defensive attention this year with Odell Beckham Jr. gone and nothing much will change in Carolina.

Ideal Pick: Christian McCaffrey

Top Alternative: Saquon Barkley

Pick Two: Barkley is now the obvious pick. Alvin Kamara won’t compile as many total yards from scrimmage as Barkley or McCaffrey.

Ideal Pick: Saquon Barkley.

Top Alternative: You Take McCaffrey if you are at this Fantasy Football Draft spot and Barkley goes first.

Pick Three: Alvin Kamara is the last true elite RB remaining and is now an obvious choice.

Ideal Pick: Alvin Kamara

Top Alternative: McCaffrey does slide to this spot in some drafts. The third spot is a McCaffrey or Kamara slot this season. Some do take Kamara as early as No. 1 overall, but the workload is not going to be expanded in a major way with Mark Ingram gone. Latavius Murray will take over that role.

Pick Four: Most Fantasy owners go for a WR here in their Fantasy Football Draft. I say if you get a shot to draft one of the Top 6 RBs this year you cannot pass on it. James Conner more than proved last year he is capable of posting quality RB1 numbers and he will likely pace himself better over the full season this year.

Ideal Pick: James Conner

Top Alternatives: Le’Veon Bell, Davante Adams.

Pick Five: Bell is going to come back determined to prove he can still perform at a superstar level.

Ideal Pick: Le’Veon Bell

Top Alternatives: David Johnson, Davante Adams

Pick Six: Many owners have been burned by Johnson and are afraid to go back to him this season. That could be a Fantasy Football draft mistake. The Cardinals offense will be improved and he will be a big part of the progress. He is also the last of the truly prime RBs on the board at this point.

Ideal Pick: David Johnson

Top Alternative: Davante Adams

Pick Seven: This is where you start to nab the WRs. Adams is the No. 1 WR in Fantasy Football, as his role should not change much at all in 2019.

Ideal Pick: Davante Adams

Top Alternative: Michael Thomas

Pick Eight: No DeAndre Hopkins yet you say? Read on. In the meantime, I’ll take Thomas as a very safe Fantasy superstar selection.

Ideal Pick: Michael Thomas

Top Alternative: Julio Jones

Pick Nine: Hopkins now? Nope. I am going to go with Julio Jones here in my Fantasy Football Draft. No other WR has as much weekly upside and while he does get injured from time to time, it does not seem like his foot issue is a major one.

Ideal Pick: Julio Jones

Top Alternative: DeAndre Hopkins

Pick 10: Okay, now you can go for Hopkins. But why did I wait five to six picks longer than everyone else usually does? Because as indicated in this report, Hopkins has battled a lot of injuries recently and is at risk to start missing some time this year. Hopkins is unlikely to fall to the 10 spot in most leagues, though, so realistically you should be going with Thomas or Jones here.

Ideal Pick: DeAndre Hopkins

Realistic Picks: Michael Thomas, Julio Jones

Top Alternatives: Joe Mixon, Tyreek Hill

Pick 11: Joe Mixon will face a lot of defensive attention without A.J. Green and plays behind a shaky offensive line. But that was also true last year and he finished eighth at the position in points per game after 16 weeks last year. Mixon will be a true workhorse and is versatile. He will be a big Fantasy stats compiler.

Ideal Pick: Joe Mixon

Top Alternatives: Tyreek Hill, Odell Beckham Jr.

Pick 12: Tyreek Hill was the No. 1 WR in Fantasy Football last season after 16 weeks. If you get him at this point of your Fantasy Football Draft, I would actually consider pairing him with Patrick Mahomes as your back-to-back picks in Rounds One and Two. I always strongly recommend waiting on a QB, but this situation is the exception. If you can pair up Hill with Mahomes, I say go for it. It’s an aggressive strategy DFS players will admire. Treat your league like a GPP and get the best upside combination in all of Fantasy Football. I won two championships riding with the combination last year.

Ideal Pick: Tyreek Hill

Top Alternatives (and final first rounders for larger leagues): Odell Beckham Jr., JuJu Smith-Schuster, Travis Kelce, Ezekiel Elliott.

Christian McCaffrey Featured Image by Keith Allison

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With the NFL season right around the corner, it’s time to target some Fantasy Football value picks. Let’s take a loot at some Running Backs who seem to be a bit overlooked in regards to their current NFFC ADP. Here are 5 Value Running Backs that I am targeting in my Best Ball and Seasonal drafts.

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Devonta Freeman

With a current ADP of 35, the Atlanta bell cow is one of the first Running Backs on the board that stands out as a “value pick”. Freeman is still relatively young at age 27 and is entering the season fully healthy after basically missing all of 2018 with injuries. In addition to health, Freeman no longer has to worry about splitting snaps with former teammate Tevin Coleman.

Freeman is a proven 3-down back and will be running behind arguably the best offensive line in football. The Falcons are going to score a lot of points this year and you can bet Freeman will be getting in the end zone early and often. There is no reason to think Ito Smith will bite into Devonta’s workload.

All in all, Freeman is going to be a workhorse in 2019 and if he stays healthy (needless to say) he is a lock to be back in the Top-10 fantasy running back tier. With a price tag of a third-round draft pick, Devonta Freeman is absolutely one of the top fantasy football value picks.

Kerryon Johnson

After a very impressive rookie season, I am all over Kerryon Johnson in 2019. Kerryon showed all sorts of ability during the 2018 campaign with an elite 5.4 yards per carry and a catch rate of over 80%. He certainly passes the “eye test” as a stud running back, and I’m extremely excited to see the fantasy numbers he puts up under the new, run-heavy, Offensive Coordinator, Darrell Bevell.

There are certainly concerns with the Offensive Line, but I currently have Johnson ranked as the #11 fantasy running back (much higher than most in the industry), so I am more than happy to draft him early in the third-round where his ADP currently sits.

Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman packed his bags and headed out west to get back together with his old Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan has always been looked at as an “offensive guru”, so I am extremely excited to see Tevin get a chance to be a 3-down running back for a whole season.

We have seen flashes of how explosive Coleman can be over the past few seasons in Atlanta, but now we get the chance to potentially see that for a full season, as the RB1 in San Francisco. I do not care what anyone says about Jerick McKinnon or Matt Breida, the RB1 spot for the 49ers should be Tevin’s job to lose.

I look at it this way:

  • Coleman is only 26 years old and is coming off of his best season in the NFL
  • He will be entering an offensive scheme he is very familiar with and has succeeded in the past
  • Coleman has excellent “big play ability” (great for Best Ball leagues) and his extremely durable (in comparison to McKinnon/Breida)
  • The offensive line in San Francisco is above average, and should continue to improve throughout the season

With an ADP of 70, Tevin Coleman is the poster boy for my fantasy football value picks in 2019. If you need an RB2/RB3, feel confident in drafting Coleman towards the end of Round 5.

Lamar Miller

I never thought I’d have to tout Lamar Miller, but he is still clearly the RB1 in Houston (which should be a Top-10 Offense in 2019) and is coming off his his best fantasy season since he first broke-out in 2014. Miller is currently being drafted as a borderline RB2/high-end RB3 in the late 6th round… there is simply too much value in Lamar Miller at that point in 12-team fantasy drafts.

The Texans were well aware that their offensive line needed help after the 2018 season and that’s exactly what they addressed in the NFL Draft where they locked up two Offensive Linemen in the first two rounds.

There are talks that D’Onta Foreman is finally ready to produce at the running back position for the Texans, but I’m confident that Lamar Miller will have plenty of chances to sustain the RB1 job in Houston. He is a talented runner and a capable pass catcher in a high-octane style offense. At the end of Round 6, why get cute with a “sleeper” when you can just pencil in a starting RB from a high scoring team?

Ronald Jones

Believe it or not, Ronald Jones is my favorite fantasy football value pick in this article. Jones did absolutely nothing in 2018 to warrant excitement for the 2019 season, but Bruce Arians is now the Head Coach and that’s about all I needed to buy-in to Ronald Jones Fantasy stock for 2019. That, and the fact that the Bucs did not take a running back in this year’s draft. I’m assuming this means they are quite certain Ronald Jones can handle the duties as the RB1.

The last two seasons when Arians had a healthy, lead running back, his scheme produced a Top-10 fantasy running back both times (David Johnson in 2015 and 2016, injuries plagued the 2017 season). Obviously, Johnson is a special talent at the running back position so please do not think I’m saying Ronald Jones can produce at the level of a healthy David Johnson.

Jones will likely never become the player David Johnson was in 2015-2016, but it is no secret that Arians loves to give touches to his lead running back (both via the pass and run). When you’re drafting Ronald Jones in the early part of round 10 in 12-team leagues (ADP is currently 121), you’re drafting a successful system for fantasy running backs.

If he doesn’t pan out, it will not hurt your team as he is borderline risk-free with a 10th-round price-point.

Honorable Mention

  • David Montgomery (ADP ~61, round 5 in a 12-team draft)
  • Latavius Murray (ADP ~95, round 7 in a 12-team draft)
  • Jaylen Samuels (ADP ~82, round 9 in a 12-team draft)
  • Adrian Peterson (ADP ~156, round 13 in a 12-team draft)
  • Kalen Ballage (ADP ~160, round 12 in a 12-team draft)
  • Ryquell Armstead (ADP ~240, round 20 in a 12-team draft)


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Win Daily presents our 2019 Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings for PPR formats in 2019. Our staff came together for a consensus that should help you in Best Ball and seasonal drafts. Use this as your cheat sheet, as our experts are experienced league winners in many high level formats.

In what is a rare instance among Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings across the industry, we have George Kittle ahead of Zach Ertz. That is because Ertz is coming off the best season of his career and may be do for regression. Meanwhile, Kittle just seems to be entering the prime of his career.

O.J. Howard is fourth and might be headed for an outstanding year if he stays healthy. When you get outside the Top Seven or so in our Fantasy Football Tight End Rankings, the questions begin to mount with each descending player. Eric Ebron is not coming close to 13 TD receptions again.

Thanks for consulting our Tight End Rankings. Make sure you upgrade to Premium Gold now for prime access to all of DFS Tools and Features for the 2019 season! You will also gain instant access to our Slack Chat Channel for one on one advice from our experts.

More Win Daily 2019 Rankings: Quarterbacks and Running Backs


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Win Daily not only delivers great DFS advice for you, we also break open our seasonal coverage with our Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings for the new season. The Win Daily staff came together to present our combined positional ranks for the new season. Of course, this year’s class is deep, but the top two choices offer a lot of upside.

Patrick Mahomes tops our Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings, as it seems he will now have Tyreek Hill for a full season, but Andrew Luck may have the best receiving crew in rhe league this year. Baker Mayfield is getting a lot of hype, but if you are willing to wait at the position you could end up with solid choices like Jared Goff and Philip Rivers.

Make sure you register for our Premium Gold package now to get all of our great preseason and regular season DFS NFL Picks. We are just getting you started here with our Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings.

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Featured Image via Jeffery Beall

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