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The fun continues with this week’s Thursday night showdown, and we’re breaking it down to help you win big money in the first Week 4 NFL DFS contests!

Introduction to Single-Game Showdowns

DraftKings calls them “Showdowns,” and FanDuel doesn’t really have a name for them other than “Single-Game Contests,” but whatever we call them they require an understanding of game narratives and game theory – which means we need to target low-ownership players that will give us the best opportunities within the narratives and game outcomes we’re expecting.

My picks will focus almost exclusively on finding GPP-winning combinations that have a chance at taking down the contests you’re entering, be they single-entry or MME. While we can’t cover all the possible combos or provide full lineups for you to deploy, the goal here is to give you the tools to win and highlight some names that will help make for profitable results.

If I enter five lineups in a large-field GPP, at least three of those lineups will focus on the most likely game outcome (based on Vegas odds, props and totals), with one or two contrarian builds. As we know, late-breaking news can have a significant effect on full slates, and that’s just amplified with single-game contests. If you have any questions leading up to lock, please consult our NFL DFS experts in Discord.

Let’s get to the game!

Week 4 NFL DFS MVP candidates (1.5x points)

Some notes on the differences between MVP on FanDuel and DraftKings: The 1.5x point boost on FD comes with no salary penalty, while and DK also bumps the salary to 1.5x – a crucial factor in deciding who we can and cannot afford on both sites. We can use this to our advantage on FD by occasionally targeting non-QBs to establish more variance and more unique lineups, and on DK it allows us to build more hearty overall stacks when we punt the MVP position with a cheap but high-upside player.

Chalk: Melvin Gordon (DK $16,500, FD $15,000)

Pivot: Sam Darnold (DK $15,900, FD $14,000)

Contrarian #1: Noah Fant (DK $13,500, FD $12,000)

Contrarian #2: Brett Rypien (DK $15,300, FD $12,000)

It’s going to be difficult for me to build anything tonight without Melvin Gordon atop my favorite showdown lineups, for reasons I should probably not have to explain. But I’m going to have some using both Gordon and Sam Darnold as flex plays with an inexpensive captain — hoping to get me 10-15 fantasy points — so we can squeeze in more upside-laden players. As a standalone NFL contest between two winless teams, it’s not a very fun game to handicap, and it may be an even worse game to watch – but DFS allows us to add some (possibly) lucrative excitement to the mix, doesn’t it?

Both teams are dealing with multiple injuries to their offensive and defensive units and second stringers (or third, in the case of Broncos QB Brett Rypien) have been thrust into prominent roles at the skill positions. One Jets WR has already been ruled out (Breshard Perriman, OUT) and Darnold may also be without Chris Hogan (ribs, knee) and Jamison Crowder (hamstring), both of which currently sport “questionable” tags. Crowder is expected to play, but that doesn’t really diminish my enthusiasm for Braxton Berrios, who has emerged as a viable target for the beleaguered Jets. We’ve also been hearing for a while how awesome Jets TE Chris Herndon is (still waiting on that big breakout game), so a prime time matchup could be an opportunity for him to shine.

The contrarian play, since the Broncos are expected to feature Gordon and attack one of the league’s worst run defenses, is using Rypien in his first NFL start at CPT. Jeff Driskel is not injured (just waiting in the wings if Rypien really struggles) and could be used in the offense as well, so this is a risky move best deployed in multi-entry tournaments. You can get insane leverage by doing it in single entry, but I wouldn’t risk more than a few bucks on that.

Rookie Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy has seen 24 targets from three different QBs through three games, hauling in 13-173-0, and while he’s probably Denver’s most explosive big-play threat, I prefer TE Noah Fant. The athletic former Hawkeye has been more efficient (14-184-2 on 21 targets) and should be easier to find on shorter routes while still bringing some big-play and red zone upside. Tim Patrick is an efficient target and seems to have more upside than KJ Hamler if you’re stacking with Broncos receivers.

On DK, rostering Fant at CPT allows you to fit both QBs and some key offensive cogs, and while the offenses are banged up, I’m still more interested in them than the defenses in this matchup. There’s some pick six leverage in using the Broncos DST, but Denver’s unit is without standouts Jurrell Casey, Von Miller, and A.J. Bouye; dynamic edge rusher and OLB Bradley Chubb (12.0 sacks in 2018) has been on a pitch count (and is without a sack) through the first three games of 2020.

Lastly, on the topic of the Jets “stable” of RBs, I have much more interest in Kalen Ballage or rookie RB La’Mical Perine (in a negative game script/passing barrage) than Frank Gore, who may have finally reached his breaking point as a viable NFL player. Much love to you, Frankie G, but it’s a sad reality that your impressive NFL career is finishing in New Jersey, on a team of mostly scrubs, in the middle of a pandemic. You’re still a large-field GPP play because of your heart — but I can’t get behind you in cash or single-entry.

Week 4 NFL DFS Utility options (and some DOs and DON’Ts)

Remember to build your team based on a narrative that makes sense, and utilize the WinDaily fantasy toolbox for cheatsheets and projections that can help you tremendously with lineup building.

DO: Build a trio (or quartet) of offensive weapons for a team that makes sense together

DON’T: Be afraid to take a shot on a defense on DK. Darnold throws INTs and the Broncos QB is making his first NFL start.

DO: Use the projected team totals to shade one way or the other with your offensive selections, although the small spread doesn’t preclude using more underdogs tonight.

DON’T: Be afraid to get (a little) crazy with this one – from using hobbled players like Crowder or featuring an unproven QB like Rypien. We’ve seen QBs have monster games in their debuts against better defenses than this hideous Jets unit.

Now that we’ve established some narratives and MVP candidates, the best way to round out this piece is with a list of my favorite options in descending order, based on overall value (a combo of salary and projected points):

  1. Melvin Gordon
  2. Noah Fant
  3. Sam Darnold
  4. Braxton Berrios
  5. Brett Rypien
  6. Jamison Crowder (questionable, hamstring)
  7. Jerry Jeudy
  8. Chris Herndon
  9. Broncos DST
  10. Tim Patrick
  11. Brandon McManus
  12. Kalen Ballage
  13. Sam Ficken
  14. K.J. Hamler
  15. La’Michal Perine
  16. Jets DST
  17. Frank Gore
  18. Royce Freeman
  19. Jeff Driskel (not starting)
  20. DaeSean Hamilton
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So nice we’re doing it twice. My original plans were to cover DraftKings featured Showdown only with the Titans at Broncos but you guys have spoken and I will gladly sit down and talk Steelers/Giants. I really do not know why this was not chosen as the featured contest for DK but that is a different conversation all together. Without further delay here is Stoweby’s Showdown For 9.14 Steelers at Giants

As we all know we need to get a little bit weird in order to take down a big showdown by yourself, you have to take stands on guys that you normally would not in a normal slate and take sub-optimal approaches. If your goal is to min cash go ahead and play the chalk and hop into the 50/50’s and double-ups. That’s not what this is. Historically speaking the type of showdown lineups that solo take-down a contest would make you shake your head. Fading studs, leaving too much salary on the table, and negative correlations are a common site on these one game contests.

Stoweby’s Showdown For 9.14 Steelers at Giants:

The first thing that we are looking at is our core for our builds that we will want to have in your lineup if playing one lineup and the bulk of your builds for MME. With a projected total of 45 and the Steelers favored by 5.5 the path that we can project as the most likely is Pittsburgh leaning a bit more on their run game and the Giants attacking through the air to catch up. That immediately puts guys like James Connor, Daniel Jones, Evan Engram, and what I suspect will be the toughest pick, one of the Giants receivers into your core. You need to take a stand one way or the other and live with your choice unless you plan on MME. My personal choice is to assume a limited workload or even a no start for Golden Tate and run out Darius Slayton. I think that of the three Giants receivers his ownership will be the lowest and his upside has been displayed in two contests last year where he exceeded 35 DK points against the Jets and Eagles. This is a difficult proposition against the 3-4 Steelers D with Joe Haden and Steven Nelson but with a back like Saquon Barkley they can attack this defense with what is called a four man flood, stick concept which is a concept where you create a lot of traffic on one side (usually four pass catchers and a back in the flat) which creates large openings in the deep post on zone concepts which is where Slayton’s bread and butter is. Speaking of Barkley, we all know what he is so I don’t feel that I need to say much on him. If the Steelers run more man concept today Barkley will be a huge beneficiary receiving out of the backfield using the offensive concept I mentioned above so look for it early. Also you can not afford all of the studs so in this scenario so Ben Rothesberger and his terrible splits and Juju Smith-Schuster get left out for me. You can play that scenario but the build will be vastly different. That gives me my five and as I always state, per DraftKings guidelines I can go no further but that leaves you $4,800 for guys like James Washington, Benny Snell, or Graham Gano, or you can toy around with a different Giants receiver and see where that leads you.

Captains Spot: Preferred Chalk and Low Owned Plays.

Chalk Captains: Saquon Barkley, Daniel Jones, James Conner

Low Owned GPP Captain Pivots: Evan Engram, (any Giants Receiver but Darius Slayton is my play), James Washington, Diontae Johnson

Thanks for taking the time to look through my Win Daily Stoweby’s Showdown For 9.14 Steelers at Giants. Looking forward to seeing some green screens this evening. Any questions about the breakdown, I will be available all day in the WinDaily Discord chat. Don’t forget to subscribe to the WinDaily Youtube channel and follow @WinDailySports on Twitter to stay current and up to date on all of our fresh new content!

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No rest for the weary, as I sit watching our Sunday night showdown contest between the Cowboys and Rams and considering which direction we should go with our Monday Night Football contest between the Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos. It’s going to be a stark contrast from tonight’s contest with two of the slowest paced teams from 2019 and two teams that love to run the football. The build structure is going to looks quite differently where we can even justify the use of kickers and defenses in certain situations. So, if you can get a little crazy and want to have some fun with a showdown slate come check out Stoweby’s Showdown For 9.14 Titans at Broncos.

As we all know we need to get a little bit weird in order to take down a big showdown by yourself, you have to take stands on guys that you normally would not in a normal slate and take sub-optimal approaches. If your goal is to min cash go ahead and play the chalk and hop into the 50/50’s and double-ups. That’s not what this is. Historically speaking the type of showdown lineups that solo take-down a contest would make you shake your head. Fading studs, leaving too much salary on the table, and negative correlations are a common site on these one game contests.

Stoweby’s Showdown For 9.14 Titans at Broncos Core:

The first thing that we are looking at is our core for our builds that we will want to have in your lineup if playing one lineup and the bulk of your builds for MME. I won’t make the same mistake as tonight, Derrick Henry ($17,400/$11,600) is the first name you should but in your builds. It’s his show and we all know it. It’s up to you on whether or not to have him as your flex or captain but know that he will be the highest owned captain without question tomorrow and it will be extremely hard to take the contest without 100+ other people. Next is either Melvin Gordon ($12,000/$8,000) or Phillip Lindsey ($11,400/$7,600), my first instinct is go Gordon but every time the Broncos try to replace him he keeps forcing them to keep him in the backfield. So pick your poison there. Next for me is Jonnu Smith ($8,700/$5,800), I really thing he is mispriced. Once Tannehill took over he became a staple in the offensive game plan seeing between 4-7 targets a game and usually hauling them all in further down the field finishing second in yards per target of fourth in catch rate and I expect his growth to continue. So lets see where that puts us.

Now if you believe this game stays on the ground and Lock has a sophmore slump and this stays a slower running game you can throw in the Titans D ($7,500/$5,000) for another core piece. I don’t really recommend the Broncos D, not because of talent, but because the Titans leverage the crap out of low risk situation with ball control and play action. I do not see much in terms of turnovers or sacks from them. I’m going to pretend we’re going the other way and Drew Lock ($14,400/$9,600) has some success in the air. I do not like his price so I will use him in flex and pair him with Jerry Jeudy ($10,800/$7,200) in the captain spot which leaves us with $4200. In that range we can take advantage of the thin air with Kicker Stephen Gostkowski, Daesean Hamilton who flashed in his final two games last season, or Adam Humphries who likely will not give you 20 PPR points but if he gives you 10 points at $2,200 you’re in good shape if the rest of your lineup hits.

Captains Spot: Preferred Chalk and Low Owned Plays.

Chalk Captains: Derrick Henry, Melvin Gordon, Ryan Tannehill

Low Owned GPP Captains: Jonnu Smith, Courtland Sutton (IF ACTIVE), Daesean Hamilton (IF SUTTON INACTIVE), Titans Defense (If playing the running script)

I think people will be scared off putting Sutton in the captain spot if he’s active and I love that with his upside potential in a match-up where low owned upside will be hard to find.

Thanks for taking the time to look through my Win Daily Stoweby’s Showdown For 9.14 Titans at Broncos. Looking forward to seeing some green screens this evening. Any questions about the breakdown, I will be available all day in the WinDaily Discord chat. Don’t forget to subscribe to the WinDaily Youtube channel and follow @WinDailySports on Twitter to stay current and up to date on all of our fresh new content!

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Denver Broncos 2020 Season Preview and Best Bets

Fangio Will Turn the Broncos into Winners

The Denver Broncos have gone ‘all-in’ to second-year head coach Vic Fangio looking for him take a big step forward towards NFL playoff contention. The overall public sentiment is a bit sour coming off three consecutive losing seasons for the first time in franchise history. As a result, substantial betting opportunities arise out of the phoenix when NFL fan sentiment is highly negative for a team.

Denver’s Coaching History

Denver has had a history of significant head coaches, mostnotably Reeves and Shanahan. Let us look at how first and second-year coacheshave done in the Broncos franchise.

Remember Wade Phillips?

In Wade Phillips’ first season, he earned a respectable 9-7straight-up (SU) record and earned his backers a 9-5-2 against-the-spreadrecord (ATS). However, he was unable to build on that success and went a dismal7-9 SU and 5-9-2 ATS and escorted to the exits.

Enter the HOF Shanahan

At the start of 1995, Mike Shanahan took over the reins andwent 8-8 SU and 9-7 ATS. In his second season, he exploded for a 13-3 SU and9-6-1 ATS season and went 2-1 SU in the playoffs losing in the Super Bowl 43-8to the Seattle Seahawks.

After a great run, Shanahan retired and gave way to Josh McDaniels, the offensive genius, and he went 8-8 SU and 9-7 ATS in 2009. After a horrid start to the 2010 season, McDaniels was fired. As a result, Eric Studesville finished off the season and was never truly considered for the head coaching position in 2011.

The Under-Appreciated Coach Fox

The Broncos turned to John Fox among five solid head coaching candidates in 2011, and he went 9-9 SU and 8-10 ATS and earned a playoff berth and won his first playoff game. He built the Broncos into a smash-mouth style of team ranking third in sacks and first in offensive rushing yards. In his second season, he went 13-4 SU and 11-6 ATS, making the playoffs but losing in the Divisional Round. He is only the second coach in NFL history to win four consecutive Divisional crowns with a new team.

Kubiak Inherits a Contender

Gary Kubiak took over in 2015 and inherited a great teamfrom Fox and went 15-4 SU and 12-7 ATS and lost 24-10 as 4.5-point underdogs tothe Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton in the Super Bowl.

GM Elway Loves Fangio

Kubiak was followed by Vance Joseph, who somehow sent thisteam into the abyss with 11-21 SU record spanning two seasons. Now, Vic Fangioenters his Sophomore season amid low expectations after a 7-9 SU and 8-7-1 ATSrecord in 2019.

What are the SB odds and Wins Total for the Broncos?

So, most books I have researched make the Broncos a 75 to 80:1 long shot to win the Super Bowl as offered by the Draft Kings Sportsbook and post seven wins for their 2020 season. I will tell you right now I am all over this 7-win line. The line is calling for a 7-9 record because of their past failures. By contrast, I see them going 9-7 and possibly 10-6 if the stars align. In other words, I love the Denver Broncos and fully expect them to have a great year and the following paragraphs discuss the X-factors that will make it happen.

Drew Lock

Drew Lock (6-4, 228) started the last five games of the 2019season and went 4-1 SUATS, completed 64% of his 156 pass attempts for 1,020yards, and an 89.7 quarterback rating. He will start the season fresh and willhave several new additions to the roster, including their No.1 draft pick JerryJeudy out of Alabama. Jeudy will start at WR and lined up on the right side ofthe formation with speedster Courtland Sutton lined up on the left side.

Draftee Jerry Jeudy

Jeudy enters his NFL rookie season, possessing many of the skillsetsthat established pros possess. He runs extraordinarily tight routes, does notbreak off routes, and has the speed and agility to make catches in tightspaces. When he catches the ball in space, he has been a nightmare for defensestop tackle, and he will be at this level too. Take Jeudy and Sutton and add inK.J. Hamler, and Noah Fant, it becomes pretty easy to see why this is a vastlyunderrated team.

The Broncos defense is coming off a strong season and will be led again by Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. The defensive unit is flat-out frightening to the rest of the quarterbacks on the Broncos schedule this season. Moreover, armed with an improved offensive unit, the defense will spend less time on the field and as a result, will be even better in late-game situations.

What Are the Technical Trends to Know?

The Broncos are 11-1 ATS covering the spread by an averageof 12 points-per-game (PPG) when on playing on a grass field and facing adivisional foe when coming off a win of seven or more points as a home favoriteand were leading by more than three points at the half. The Broncos will facethe Titans in Week1 and installed as 2.5-point home favorites. Should they winby seven or more points, the trend would be active in Week 2 when they travelto face the Steelers as a 5.5-point dog.

The most crucial game of the season just might be in Week 6when they host the Miami Dolphins as 6.5 point favorites. They win this matchupover the Fish by seven or more points the trend is active as they face-offagainst the defending Super Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs.

The second meeting with the Chiefs will be at Arrowhead Stadium, where they are currently an 11.5 point underdog. I have already made this bet on the Broncos plus 11.5-points because the offense is going to monumentally more efficient. This line could be below six points, for instance, if the Broncos play as well as I expect during the first 12 weeks.

In conclusion, the Reigning World Champions are prone to a Super Bowl hangover that could see them drop to 10 or 11 wins. As a result, the Broncos are in perfect position to be the Cinderella team of the 2020 campaign. So, put me down for the Broncos to win 11 games in 2020 and make it a Best Bet ‘OVER’ the posted 7-win regular season wins line.

I hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to check out all of the other fantastic Win Daily Sports articles too. I can be found on Twitter @JohnRyanSports1 and I welcome further discussion from you. Please join me on the Free Discord Chat to get things started. See you soon.

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NFL Futures Bets for 2020

We’re always looking for ways to put money in your pockets here at Win Daily. When there is a betting line that we can take advantage of, we let you know about it too! Here are a few plays we like on DraftKings Sportsbook for the NFL Futures Bets for 2020.

Michael’s NFL Futures Bets for 2020

There are a few teams I’m looking to take advantage of this year in the NFL one of them is my beloved Giants… Make sure to give me a follow on Twitter @michaelrasile1 and hop into our Free Expert Chat on Discord.

Team Win Totals

DraftKings Promo

Giantso/u 6.5 on DraftKings- UNDER
The Giants had 4 wins last year, 2 against the Redskins, and they got better. Defense is still terrible but the offensive line did get better through the draft. I can maybe see 1 win in their first 5 games: Home against the Steelers (loss), At the Bears (loss), Home against the 49ers (loss), At the Rams (loss), Home against the Cowboys (loss). Maybe maybe maybe one of those goes the Giants way, but probably not. Facing the AFC North and NFC West with each division potentially making the argument that 3 teams from those divisions can make the playoffs. No shot at 7 wins. High on saquon in fantasy, pretty low on Daniel Jones, especially with a deep QB class.

Ramso/u 8 – UNDER
The Rams went 9-7 last year and easily could have been in the playoffs if Greg the Leg could hit an easy field goal against Seattle. They have almost $65 million tied in dead cap (Gurley, Matthews, Cooks) and a bad QB. Offensive line was the biggest problem last year and they did some to fix it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was bad again. Todd was bad, but still had over 1000 yard from scrimmage and 14 touchdowns. AFC East and NFC East are pretty easy. NFC West will be hard this year. 2 extra games are the Bucs and Bears, Tom Brady should be fine, and the Bears defense has given the rams fits the last few years. I think their offense won’t be as it was in 2018 and I think their defense will be middle of the pack.

Bearso/u 7.5 – OVER
Deshaun Watson came out and said the Bears never even spoke with him. Now they are stuck with a terrible QB and Mitch Trubisky. Nick Foles was beat out by a 6th round rookie last year, so the Bears thought they should trade a 4th round pick for him, take on his contract (restructured) and now they’re in a pickle. With all that said, their schedule is super easy and them starting out 5-1 or 6-1. AFC South, and AFC South. Extra games the Giants and Saints. 1-1 there. Probably take the over, but i’d be worried. I also wouldn’t touch anyone on this offense except Allen Robinson and it won’t be until late in the draft.

Chiefso/u 11.5 – UNDER
The Chiefs’ schedule consists of the AFC East, NFC South, with the 2 extra against the Ravens and Texans (both play off teams). Per Warren Sharp, Chiefs are going against a top 10 hardest Pass Efficiency Defense. Chiefs love to throw the ball! But thankfully adding a running back in the draft can make their offense a little less reliant on the pass. Super Bowl hangover for all teams other than the Patriots is real. Currently favorites to win the Super Bowl. Of the last 10 winners, only 2 teams made it back to the Super Bowl, Pats/Seahawks, 3 teams didn’t make it back to the playoffs. AFC is pretty weak this year, so they make the playoffs, but I don’t think they repeat and I think they land at 11 wins.

49erso/u 10.5 – OVER
The 49ers schedule consists of the NFC East, AFC East, and 2 extra games against the Saints and Packers. Top three favorite to win the Super Bowl. Of the last 10 SB losers only one has come back and won it. Roster is still stacked and intact. Added a real receiver in the draft and got Trent Williams from the redskins. NFCE and AFCE are both bad, should be able to hit the over of 10.5. Fantasy will be weird, Deebo might be a fun play in DFS but I don’t see the consistency in season long. Aiyuk is a real receiver in this offense unlike the rest of them. Kittle for sure. Running back by committee, Kyle Shannahan doesn’t care.

Brownso/u 8 – UNDER
The Browns schedule consists of the NFC East, AFC South, and 2 extra games against the Jets and Raiders. Browns were terrible last year and finished 7-9. Stacked on offense, just needed a real coach and a semblance of an offensive line. Picked up Conklin in the off season for right tackle and Jedrick Wills for left tackle, he played right tackle in college, but Tua is a lefty so he was still blindside. NFC East and AFC South are both bad and their two extra games aren’t too tough either. I think if the offense can pick it up a bit, added Austin Hooper as well I think they do great. Stephanski runs a lot of 2 TE sets so it was a great pick up. Only problem is if they start out bad, how quickly does Odell and Jarvis get angry at Baker and start to ruin the locker room and ask to be traded again? I think there is a shot at the over, but the Browns are still the Browns and in that case I take the under.

Sia’s NFL Futures Bets for 2020

Make sure to follow Sia at @SiaNejad on Twitter and hop in our Free Expert Chat on Discord!

Week 1 Lines

DraftKings Promo

Chicago at Detroit (-1.5) – A best bet. Detroit at home with weapons on offense. Defense is shaky but that shouldn’t be a problem against Mitch Trubisky. Lions tend to start fast. Last year derailed by Stafford injury but this team isn’t as poor as people think.  

Indianapolis (-8.5) at Jacksonville – Is it possible for a team to give up before Week 1?  This game is a stay away for me but if I had to bet it I’d take the Minshew magic plus the points. It’s just too many points for a home team in Week 1.  Indy probably overvalued at this point.

Green Bay at Minnesota -3.5 – shocking line.  Take it at 3 maybe.  This line will go down to 3 or maybe 2.5 by kickoff.  I’m taking Minnesota with the assumption that I get the line later on at 3 or 3.5.  Not in love with the bet but the line tells you all you need to know about how the oddsmakers feel about the Packers (record from last year may be a little fraudulent).

L.A. Chargers (-3.5) at Cincinnati – Chargers probably win but 3.5 is too much.  This is a bet against on Tyrod and Anthony Lynn.  Chargers can’t help but play close games and Tyrod just isn’t the guy.  Bengals have just enough weapons to move the ball and keep it close.

Arizona at San Francisco (-8) – too many points.  Home game not a factor here. Kyler has done well against SF.  Too many weapons for Arizona.  Game will be close enough.  

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (-4) – line is all over the place.  Anything under 4 and I’m on Saints.  Line opened at -6 when schedule came out which was absurd.  Let’s see if the line moves.  If it stays at -4 I’ll take the dog.  It’s a stay away for now.

Dallas (-3) at L.A. Rams – Feels like they’re in a bad spot. Dallas has a ton of weapons on offense. Defense is very shaky but if they can get a pass rush on Goff, they’ll be okay.  Not a bet I love and i’d probably wait to see if line goes down to -2.5.  Probably won’t since Dallas is a public team.

Team Win Totals

Ravens over (11 with juice to over) – Very easy schedule.  Only travel 6k miles on the season (some teams are between 25k-30k of travel miles).  14-2 last year.  Loaded and did well in the draft (Patrick Queen, JK Dobbins, plenty of offensive line help, DLineman in the third round and a very underrated WR out of Texas in Duvernay and Proche from SMU).  Also got James Daka as an UDFA out of JMU.  Edge rusher with 16.5 sacks last year (I went to JMU).

Steelers over (8.5 with juice to over) – Easy schedule (NFC East/AFC South out of division).  People falling asleep on them.  Great defensive front.  They get their QB back.  Weapons at WR (Juju, Claypool, DJohnson and James Washington) and TE (Ebron/Vance) and RB with Conner and Macfarland.

Bengals under (6) Someone has to be the big loser in this division.  Looking at their schedule I can find 5 wins but not 6.  Certainly not 7 so you’re worst case feels like a push.  Small miracle if this team gets anywhere near 7 games.

Giants under (6.5) (AFC North/NFC West)I know Michael covered them but thought id touch on them too (maybe it’s good to reinforce?).  Under is a good bet here.  Schedule is tough.  Just seems like such a good play felt right to reinforce it.

Broncos over (7.5) (AFC East/NFC South)Not the easiest schedule but still like it.  Won 4 of last 5 games last year.  3 of first 5 on the road but that’s not a bad thing.  Pass rush should be good.  Improved OLine.  Good OC in Pat Shurmur.  Loaded at RB (Gordon and Lindsay) and WR (Jeudy, Sutton, KJ Hamler) and talent at TE.  I believe in Drew Locke.

Cowboys over (9.5) – Defense has to be decent and then they’ll cruise in a weak division.

Super Bowl Winners

Ravens at 7 to 1 –  Best team in the NFL.  14-2 last year.  4th easiest schedule per Warren Sharp metric.  Absolutely loaded up  in the draft on offense and defense (Dobbins/Queen/Duvernay/Proche/OL/DL/Daka out of JMU (16.5 sacks last year).  Only travel 6,000 miles on the entire season (compare that to most NFC/AFC West teams which can travel 25-30 thousand miles).  

Cowboys at 18 to 1 – Competitive NFC but this is a real team which now has a real coach which upgraded in a big way in the draft.  Defense is suspect but these are solid odds.  I like the Cowboys +110 to win the NFC East as well.

Steelers at 28 to 1 – 7th easiest schedule per Warren Sharp metric (NFC East/AFC South). Steelers got to 8 wins with basically no QB.  Juju healthy.  BigBen healthy.  Stout defense.  Upgrades on offense at RB and WR plus solid core of young WRs (Johnson/Washington).  Only two legitimate teams in the AFC so there is a chance for Steelers to make some noise.

Division Winners

Bucs +105 versus the Saints +110 [NFC South]
Saints added Emmanuel Sanders and a few pieces on defense in free agency.  Solid draft with Baun at LB, Ruiz at Center, Troutman at TE.  May take a while for Bucs to get acclimated.  And let’s not forget Brady is 100 years old.  Bucs offense should still be lethal but not sure they’re fit to take over in the NFC South.  I do like what Bucs did in grabbing Wirfs in first round to shore up OLine and like Ke’Shawn Vaughn to be a potential sneaky star at RB.

Packers +170 versus Vikings +165 [NFC North]
Just seems like the Pack may fall apart this year.  Won a lot of close games last year and I expect regression there.  No help for ARod on offense.  Vikings got a headache out of the locker room in Diggs and filled his position in the draft with Jefferson.  Vikings addressed every need in first two rounds with a WR, CB, and a Tackle.  15 picks overall and this is suddenly a young team on the rise with a veteran QB and an elite pair of RB’s

Cowboys +100 versus Eagles +140 [NFC East]
Seems like Cowboys have the easier schedule. Eagles a very solid team but Wentz certainly an injury risk and Eagles draft didn’t address needs like the Cowboys did.  Cowboys did lost Byron Jones (and Philly gained Slay) but Cowboys drafted 2 CBs with their first 4 picks and now have elite weapons all over the offense. Eagles first two picks with Reagor and Hurts may have very minimal impact in 2020.

Niners +115 versus Seahawks +225 [NFC West]
At some point Russell Wilson is going to have a problem carrying this entire team.  Niners get almost everyone back.  Buckner gone but they filled his spot with Javon Kinlaw.  Got Brendan Aiyuk from ASU.  Team is loaded and getting value at +115.  Hawks draft seemed full of reaches with Jordyn Brooks and Darrell Taylor with first two picks.

Jason’s NFL Futures Bets for 2020

Make sure to follow Jason on Twitter at @jasonmezrahi and talk to him about his picks in our Free Expert Chat on Discord.

Division Winners

Bucs 12 to 1
Already locked it in at 15 to 1 and I don’t mind it here at 12 to 1. This offense is going to be good to great. Their Run D was good enough. Their secondary was terrible. Licht also made other big moves this offseason, keeping NFL sack leader Shaq Barrett, and bringing back veteran defenders in Jason Pierre-Paul and Ndamukong Suh. He also made sure he landed one of the best offensive tackle prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft, trading up for Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs. Though he has taken his share of grief for his misses in recent years, much of which he admits he deserves, Licht deserves every bit of praise he’s getting for the bold moves he’s made this offseason to make the Bucs a legitimate contender. We’ll see if the on-field results match the hype this fall, but at this point, Licht and the Bucs have been big winners this offseason.

Eagles 17 to 1
Picking up Darius Slay covered a major whole in that philadelphia secondary and if Carson and the wide receiving crew can stay healthy they can cruise thru a weak NFC east and lock up a possible home playoff game. I love what sanders brings to this offense, combined with the two tight end set of Ertz and Goeddert, and hopefully a healthy Alshon, Desean and rookie Reagor this offense can be explosive.

Cardinals 60 to 1
The Cardinals have been busy this offseason. They acquired WR DeAndre Hopkins in a trade that sent RB David Johnson to the Houston Texans. They re-signed RB Kenyan Drake and LT D.J. Humphries. They added DL Jordan Phillips and LBs Devon Kennard and De’Vondre Campbell in free agency. They selected LB Isaiah Simmons (Clemson) in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft and added OL Josh Jones (Houston), DL Leki Fotu (Utah) and DL Rashard Lawrence (LSU) with their next three picks.

Team Win Totals

Ravens – 11
49ers – 10.5
Broncos – 7.5

Giants – 6.5
Jets – 6.5
Rams – 8
Bills – 9

I hope you can make some money on our NFL Futures Bets for 2020, I think these are some solid plays for the year. Considering we don’t know what it will look like, it should be fun either way!

Make sure to hop in our Free Expert Chat on Discord to ask us all questions!

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It’s time for our Week 17DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs)and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win!

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Week 17 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Travis Kelce, KC vs. LAC

FD($7,500)          DK ($7,000)

With the Chiefs needing a win to secure a first-round bye, expect Kelce and the Chiefs to come out firing against the Chargers. While they are utilizing their backs a lot in this one, Kelce racked up 7-92-1 in the Week 11 meeting between the two teams and makes for a fine play in all formats.

Dallas Goedert, PHI at NYG

FD($6,400)          DK ($4,900)

While Zach Ertz (ribs, back) resumed practicing on Friday, Goedert still projects to be heavily involved in the Eagles offense this weekend as they try to clinch a division title and make the playoffs. Ertz is nursing some painful injuries and may not be at 100 percent even if he’s active, and it’s obvious the Eagles trust Goedert as a primary receiving option even when Ertz is logging heavy snaps. He’s a fine cash game play on DK and FD.

Week 17 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Austin Hooper, ATL at TB

FD($6,000)         DK ($5,800) 

The price took a big jump on DraftKings, but Hooper couldbe Matt Ryan’s most popular target in Week 17 in a matchup at Tampa Bay. TheBucs rank 29th against TEs on DK and Julio Jones could be out, funneling moretargets to Hooper. With Calvin Ridley on IR and the running game a somewhat unappealingoption against the stout run defense, we could see a huge game from the bigFalcons TE.

Darren Waller, OAK at DEN

FD($6,200)          DK ($5,400)

Waller disappointed last week as the Raiders didn’t havemuch need to throw the ball in the second half as they salted away a win using heavydoses of DeAndre Washington, but this time around they could be forced intomore passing. The matchup is a tough one but Waller had as solid Week 1 againstthe Broncos (7-70-0 on eight targets) and he’ll garner low ownership at anaffordable price.

Hunter Henry, LAC at KC

FD($6,000)         DK ($4,500) 

Henry had another ho-hum game in Week 16 and remains a riskin DFS, but he could be forced into more pressing duties facing the Chiefs inWeek 17. He had 6-69-0 against the division rival in Week 12 and remains one ofthe top 10 fantasy TEs with some big-game upside. He’s also very affordable onDK.

Week 17 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

O.J.Howard, TB vs. ATL

FD ($5,700)        DK ($4,200) 

Howard started the season off slowly but now has at leastthree catches and 46 yards in four straight games. This could be the week he getsin the end zone, and he makes for an affordable GPP Bucs passing game stackalong with Jameis Winston and either Breshad Perriman or Justin Watson.

KadenSmith, NYG vs. PHI

FD($5,300)         DK ($3,700) 

The Giants have relied on Smith quite a bit the past few weeks, and he’s shown to have a nose for the end zone, with 6-35-2 last week in the OT win over Washington. He’s on the GPP radar for Week 17, even in a tough matchup against Philly.

Additional Week 17 DFS GPP andpunt options:

TylerHigbee, LAR vs. ARI (FD $6,900, DK $5,600) – Cash or GPP

JaredCook, NO at CAR (FD $6,800, DK $5,200) – GPP only

JonnuSmith, TEN at HOU (FD $5,800, DK $4,200) – GPP punt

NoahFant, DEN vs. OAK (FD $5,600, DK $3,600) – GPP punt

Week 17 DFS DST Cash GamePlays 

Baltimore Ravens (BAL vs. PIT)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,100) 

The Ravens look like apretty safe play in cash games against a Steelers offense that has major QB issuesand nothing to play for. I’m locking them into cash games, especially on DK atjust $3,100.

Indianapolis Colts (IND at JAC)

FD ($4,800)        DK ($3,200) 

I’m not excited aboutplaying the Colts, but they’re a fine cash game play facing the Jaguars – whocould be without RB Leonard Fournette. They have an excellent matchup and the priceis plenty affordable on DK.

Also consider: Minnesota Vikings (DK), BuffaloBills

Week 17 DFS DST GPP Plays

New England Patriots (NE vs.MIA)

FD($4,700)         DK ($4,300) 

The Pats are expensive and there’s some risk rolling them out againsta Dolphins offense that’s looked a heck of a lot better the past few weeks. Butthis defense can score points and there’s no reason to avoid them in GPPs.

New Orleans Saints (NO at CAR)

FD($5,000)         DK ($4,000) 

The Panthers QBs have been throwing lots ofinterceptions the past few weeks and this Saints DST takes advantage ofmistakes. I’ll downgrade them a bit if they’re missing Vonn Bell at safety, butthey’re in consideration for GPPs.

Alsoconsider: Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys

Week 17 DFS DST PuntPlays 

Green Bay Packers (GB vs. NYG)

FD($4,800)         DK ($3,000) 

They’re overpriced on FanDuel, but they’re a punt on DraftKings at just $3K. The Lions are a mess right now and the Packers DST is filled with playmakers who capitalize on bad throws and poor blocking. They’re worth plugging in for both cash and GPP on DK.

Denver Broncos (DEN vs. OAK)

FD($4,600)         DK ($3,300) 

Again, I’m not interested in FD, but the price on DK in a favorable home matchup is just too good to pass up. The Raiders have played better lately, but they do have some injury issues to navigate and the Broncos DST will look to close out the season on a high note.

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It’s time for our Week 16 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win!

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Week 16 DFS Tight End CashGame Plays 

Zach Ertz, PHI vs. DAL

FD($6,900)          DK ($6,000)

The price continues to rise, and now he’s the mostexpensive TE on both sites. I might stay away from him in a few of my GPPs becauseof what promises to be relatively high ownership, but I’m locking him into cashgames.

Darren Waller, OAK vs. LAC

FD($6,500)          DK ($6,100)

We nailed Waller last week as he exploded for 10-122-0 and was the top-scoring TE despite failing to reach the end zone. This week we could see him snag a score along with his normal smattering of 6-10 targets/catches and 50-100 yards. He’s a solid play in all formats.

Week 16 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Austin Hooper, ATL vs. JAC

FD($6,000)         DK ($4,400) 

The price is very reasonable on both sites, and it almost lookslike a mistake on DK. Hooper has immense upside and we know that teamssometimes Julio Jones – forcing Hooper into more targets. The Jags defense is afar cry from the unit it was in 2018, and Hooper could go off in Week 16 in asneaky good spot.

Mark Andrews, BAL at CLE

FD($6,500)          DK ($5,900)

Andrews seems to fly under the radar every weekin GPPs, mainly because there are so many ways for the Ravens to beat you andfolks don’t want to tie their hopes to a TE when so much of their success on thelegs of Lamar Jackson. Andrews is risky, to be sure, but he’s got 25-point upsideand saw eight targets in the Week 4 loss to Cleveland. He’s also pretty cheapon DK.

Hunter Henry, LAC vs. OAK

FD($6,100)         DK ($4,700) 

Henry is a huge risk in DFS, as he goes through serious scoringdroughts and is typically a boom-or-bust GPP play – and this week is no different.I’m willing to take the chance in Week 16 because the Raiders are among the worstat defending TEs.

Week 16 DFS Tight End PuntPlays 

Jacob Hollister, SEA vs. ARI

FD ($5,700)        DK ($4,200) 

Death, taxes and playing TEs against the Cards. That’s what the Hollister play boils down to in Week 16. I don’t love the price on FD, but he does have 15-20 point upside in the matchup.

Kaden Smith, NYG at WAS

FD($5,100)         DK ($3,200) 

The Giants will be without Evan Engram once again, so Smithshould maintain an expanded role on offense over the Giants’ final two games.He’s without the monster upside f his fellow receivers, but he’s affordable onDK and could get you 10-15 points.

Additional Week 16 DFS GPP andpunt options:

JaredCook, NO at TEN (FD $6,600, DK $5,000) – GPP only

TaysomHill, NO at TEN (FD $5,200) FD GPP only since he’s a QB on DK

DallasGoedert, PHI vs. DAL (FD $5,900, DK $4,200) – GPP only

MikeGesicki, MIA vs. CIN (FD $5,300, DK $3,600) – GPP punt

TylerEifert, CIN at MIA (FD $4,700, DK $3,200) – GPP punt

Week 16 DFS DST Cash GamePlays 

Baltimore Ravens (BAL at CLE)

FD($4,500)         DK ($4,000) 

The Ravens could be thetop defense of Week 16 in all formats, but they’re especially attractive incash games against a Browns offense that’s thrown in the towel for 2019 and isprone to multiple turnovers.

Pittsburgh Steelers (PIT at NYJ)

FD($4,900)         DK ($3,900) 

Pittsburgh’s DST is a juggernaut in DFS and has just two games this season where they’ve not reached double digits. The Jets? They’re still the Jets, possibly even more so now that 2019 is basically “in the tank.”

Week 16 DFS DST GPP Plays

Denver Broncos (DEN vs. DET)

FD($5,000)         DK ($3,500) 

You’re getting a discount on DK and the Broncos unit will be happy to face a less formidable opponent, as they’ve been tested the past five weeks up against the Chiefs, Texans, Chargers, Bills, and Vikings. They’re playable in cash or GPP.

Seattle Seahawks (SEA vs. ARI)

FD($4,400)         DK ($3,700) 

The unit has its flaws, but the opponent turns theball over quite a bit. I’m liking the price on both sites and the Seahawks havethe ability to turn this game into more of a defensive slog than the Cards areused to.

Week 16 DFS DST PuntPlays 

New Orleans Saints (NO at TEN)

FD($3,800)         DK ($2,700) 

The Saints are a huge bargain on DK at just$2,700 and could see higher ownership with Derrick Henry looking doubtful toplay this week. I’ll have plenty of shares in GPPs, and they may even be cashviable despite their recent struggles.

Washington Redskins (WAS vs.NYG)

FD($3,800)         DK ($2,800) 

The Giants could always do some scoring, which means the Redskins can’t be used in cash games, but I like the price and what promises to be low ownership in GPPs. Jump aboard and take the risk.

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It’s time for Week 9 DFS recommendations for the Sunday main slate. I’m focusing on tight ends (TEs) and defenses (DSTs) that will help you win some green!

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Week9 DFS Tight End Cash Game Plays 

Travis Kelce, KC vs. MIN

FD ($6,700)         DK ($6,900) 

It’s a stark reality that most TEs just aren’t that reliable in DFS, but Kelce (65 targets, 42-604-2 this season) is about as automatic for 10+ fantasy points as you can get. He’s got only one game this season (9.8 DK points in Week 8 against the Texans) where he didn’t reach that mark – but he was darn close, and he said he was disgusted with his performance vs. Green Bay. The Vikings have a solid defense but are middle of the roads vs. TEs, and even with one more week of Matt Moore under center for the Chiefs, Kelce is one of the two best cash game plays.

DarrenWaller, OAK vs. DET

FD ($6,800)         DK ($6,300) 

Waller didn’t have a great week last Sunday (he caught just two of eight targets for 11 yards and a touchdown), a result of constant attention from the Houston defense, though his score salvaged what would have been a DFS disaster. The matchup is much better for Week 9 DFS against a Lions defense that ranks 27th against TEs. Waller is still seeing plentiful targets, so he’s about as safe as it gets for cash games.

Week9 DFS Tight End GPP Plays

Hunter Henry, LAC vs. GB

FD ($6,400)          DK ($6,000)

The Chargers TE is oneof the top GPP plays, as he’s a consensus Top 5 five this week. With 23 targetsover his past three games, Henry is an elite GPP play with multi-TD upsidefacing the Packers.

JimmyGraham, GB at LAC

FD ($6,000)          DK ($4,300)

The veteran TE is a huge bargain on DK but makes for a solid GPP play on both sites. There’s 15-20 point upside, which is actually a pretty high mark this week given the player pool. He’s worth a look in Week 9 DFS because of the matchup and his QB – but Graham’s play this season has been streaky. He’s pretty far down the list in the consensus Week 9 rankings, so his ownership shouldn’t be too high.

GregOlsen, CAR vs. TEN

FD ($5,300)         DK ($3,500) 

Olsen had a solid start with two monster games in his first three weeks, but he’s been held scoreless over his past four appearances. He dealt with a back injury in late September, but hasn’t had a designation in a while and is facing a Titans defense that’s yielded plenty of scores to opposing TEs. He’s an under-the-radar GPP play in a decent matchup.

ZachErtz, PHI vs. CHI

FD ($6,000)         DK ($4,700) 

The main slate ismissing several of the game’s best TEs due to prime-time affairs or bye weeks,so we’re going to have to take chances in GPPs, and Ertz is a huge risk at themoment – with three straight games scoring fewer than 10 DK points and just oneTD on the season. The price has come down on DK to a point that’s reasonable,and his upside makes me comfortable rolling him out in GPPs – even against theBears.

Week9 DFS Tight End Punt Plays 

JonnuSmith, TEN at CAR

FD ($5,500)         DK ($3,800) 

With fellow Titans TE Delanie Walker (ankle) ruled out, Smithdraws another start in Week 9 against the Panthers, and while the matchup istougher than last week, I’m going right back to the well following his 6-78-1 (onseven targets) performance.

EricEbron, IND at PIT

FD ($5,200)         DK ($3,600) 

Ebron has been a hit-or-miss fantasy option this season,but he’s in a good spot against the Steelers. He’s mired in a timeshare attight end with Jack Doyle, but has at least three targets in every game this seasonand has scored over 10 DK points in three contests – the three he caught TDpasses in. It’s possible he and Doyle will both get more targets in the comingweeks with T.Y. Hilton slated to miss time, even if their upside is limited abit with both TEs healthy.

RyanGriffin, NYJ at MIA

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,400) 

Griffin has been one of the lone bright spots these pastcouple weeks for the Jets, and he’s coming off his best game of the season, atwo-touchdown performance against the Jaguars (4-66-2). I keep hearing talkthat Griffin will be relegated to a backup role once Chris Herndon returns fromhis hamstring injury, which could be as soon as this week in Miami, but Herndonis still a 50-50 shot to play. If he sits, Griffin is an option.

T.J.Hockenson, DET at OAK

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,700) 

The rookie tight end hasbeen relatively quiet lately, with just four catches in his last two weeks, butthat could change versus an Oakland defense that’s 28th against TEs. He’s stillgot 15-20 point upside but is a TD-dependent option who’s fine for GPPs.

Additional Week 9 DFS GPP and punt options:

Cameron Brate, TB at SEA (FD $5,100, DK $3,100)

Jack Doyle, IND at PIT (FD $5,000, DK $3,000)

Trey Burton, CHI at PHI (FD $4,800, DK $2,900)

Anthony Firkser, TEN at CAR (FD $4,700, DK $2,500)

Noah Fant, DEN vs. CLE (FD $4,600, DK $3,000)

Foster Moreau, OAK at HOU (FD $4,900, DK $2,600)

Week 9 DFS DST Cash Game Plays 

BuffaloBills (BUF vs. WAS)

FD ($5,000)         DK ($3,800) 

The Bills have disappointed us as the chalk DST before, but they’ve been serviceable against bad offenses, and this week they have a great home matchup against Washington. They’re relatively safe, have some upside, and Washington has just a 13-point implied total – the lowest of Week 9 – with turnover-prone rookie Dwayne Haskins starting at QB. The Bills DST should rebound in a big way.

PhiladelphiaEagles (PHI vs. CHI)

FD ($4,600)         DK ($3,000) 

Considering the Bears have one of the worst offenses in football and the Eagles defensive unit has been solid, I’m giving the Eagles the green light in cash games this week. Philly’s DST dropped 35 DK points on the Jets in Week 5, and they have similar upside this week against Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears.

DenverBroncos (DEN vs. CLE)

FD ($4,300)         DK ($2,900) 

If you’re looking for a cheap defense to play in cashgames, the Broncos face a turnover-prone Browns team at Mile High, where they usuallyplay a lot better as a unit. Give them a look if you’re in a salary crunch foryour lineup’s final spot.

Week9 DFS DST GPP Plays

SeattleSeahawks (SEA vs. TB)

FD ($4,900)         DK ($3,600) 

Seattle faces a Bucs team that’s got an implied total of 24.5 points, but Jameis Winston has thrown seven INTs over his past two weeks, making them a great GPP play. The secondary does have some issues with depth – last Sunday they were missing Tre Flowers, Quandre Diggs among others, and saw just a handful of snaps from Bradley McDougald. Those recurring injury problems and the implied total make them a little riskier for cash, but they’re one of my top tournament plays of Week 9.

GreenBay Packers (GB at LAC)

FD ($4,400)         DK ($3,400) 

The Packers were an under-the-radar DST for a while, and now’sthey’re one of the top defenses thanks to stellar play from the entire unit, especiallyZa’Darius Smith and Preston Smith at LB. And they have Darnell Savage back atsafety – which gives them a big boost. I’ll have some Aaron Jones/GB DSTlineups in GPPs.

NewYork Jets (NYJ at MIA)

FD ($4,600)         DK ($3,500) 

The Jets defense is a bit of a mess right now with a lot ofbackup players forced into starting roles, but the matchup versus Miami means wehave to consider them.

ChicagoBears (CHI at PHI)

FD ($4,400)          DK ($2,900)

The Bears DST came into the season a juggernaut, had acouple monster games in weeks 3 and 4, and now is struggling to make a bigsplash because of how poorly the offense is playing. They’re under $3K on DKnow, and the Eagles offensive line is in disarray, so that’s enough for me toconsider them in DFS.

ClevelandBrowns (CLE at DEN)

FD ($4,300)         DK ($3,100) 

The Browns get to face an untested QB, and they still havean effective pass rush and decent cornerbacks – so I’m buying some shares in Week9. A risk as a road play, but one with plenty of upside.

Week9 DFS DST Punt Plays 

Carolina Panthers CAR vs. TEN)

FD ($4,000)         DK ($2,800) 

The Panthers are cheap and their opponent, the Titans, havean implied total under 20 – making this one of the bets matchups of Week 9. Don’toverthink it.

MiamiDolphins (MIA vs. NYJ)

FD ($3,600)         DK ($2,700) 

The Dolphins defense has its moments – and so does SamDarnold the Ghost Whisperer. Seriously, though, we can make a case for theDolphins DST even in full tank mode based solely on the awfulness of the Jets.

WashingtonRedskins (WAS at BUF)

FD ($3,000)         DK ($1,800) 

The ultimate punt, it shouldn’t be hard for this team to make 4x or 5x value at the $1,800 price tag. I like Josh Allen, but he’s far from perfect, and has been known to throw ‘em to the opposition.

Monkey Knife Fight Pick of the Week – Click Here to Play and Get 100 Percent Bonus!

Pick the Players that will get the most Receptions

Focused on TEs, here, I will go with Kelce, Ertz and Olsen for a goal of 17.5 at 2x.

Photo of Travis Kelce by: Master Sgt. April Wickes, U.S. Air Force

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Watch below to Find Out How to Build Your Lineup in Showdown for Thursday Night Football!


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Get Ready For Thursday Night Football!

The NFL season is entering Week 7! That means it is time for another Showdown Slate on Thursday night football for DraftKings. If it’s your first time watching remember Showdown differs from traditional contests. It features just six players to the roster. The caveat being one is slotted in as your captain. The captain spot is unique though. The players slotted there earn 1.5x fantasy points. They also cost 1.5x their normal price. Finding the right player for your captain spot will be especially important to win because if they have a big game and are not owned highly they are the difference-makers to bring home a victory.

Final Takeaways

For all the strategies you can use the number one is to buy into a narrative. Remember storytime as a kid? Same concept here. How will the game go in your eyes? Give yourself an idea of how you think the game will go and build your roster in correspondence to the game flow. Check out the full video to get the players I recommend targeting. As a sneak peek some of the players that I am touting for Thursday night football include Royce Freeman, Travis Kelce, Damien Williams, Demarcus Robinson, and Harrison Butker. You also have to love the Chiefs DST in this game. The current FanDuel Sportsbook has the current total at 48.5 with the Chiefs at -3.

Featured Image via Brook Ward

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Cash with the Flash Best Bets had a tough Saturday across the board. It was a weird day and we’re ready for NFL Sunday football. It will be a great way to forget about a terrible week and a good way to kick back and relax as Cash with the Flash Best Bets prepares for a hopefully much better week ahead. Cashwith the Flash Best Bets is still shaking our head at how the NHL games played outand it was a weird day and everything that could possibly go wrong did.Today isn’t going to be any easier with the three games on the NHL schedule. The six teams playing today also played yesterday and Vegas hasn’t posted anything yet about today’s three-game slate. If Vegasdoesn’t have a strong enough opinion to post a line, then Cashwith the Flash Bets will leave this one alone today.  Sign up NOW for WIN DAILY Premium Gold righthere! Projections, wagering info, 24/7 expert chatsand more!There is a goodNFL slate today and plenty of games to talk about, so why not have a look? Cash withthe Fl...

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