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Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll go through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

Today we are back to having a split slate on a Wednesday.  This article will be focused on the 8-game MLB DFS slate that starts at 7 pm EST.  This slate has a real lack of high-end pitching, but it does have a bunch of mid-level pitching that has some extra upside.  We also have some bats that should be in solid spots tonight.  

Let’s dig in and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Eduardo Rodriguez vs. Kansas City Royals

Although the Royals caused Tarik Skubal to have a negative outing yesterday, I’m still going to go right back to the well and attack them today.  Skubal was cruising along until he completely imploded in the fourth inning.  With Rodriguez being more of a seasoned vet, I don’t see the same thing happening two games in a row.  Rodriguez has now been back for 2 starts. 

In his ...

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Welcome to Monday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

It’s Monday Funday and MLB has blessed us with a 10-game slate of MLB DFS.  This slate is lacking a true ace pitcher but it does have some higher-end pitching that should do well for us.  It also has some gas cans that we should be able to take full advantage of tonight.  At first glance, this is looking to be a fun slate that we can go in multiple directions.

Let’s dig in and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Nick Pivetta vs. Oakland Athletics

Some sites are showing Nick Pivetta as the listed starter for the Boston Red Sox tonight.  Should he start tonight, I really like this spot for him.  The A’s are an inconsistent offense that has shown to have some spunk.  They are also a lineup that has shown a high propensity to strike out as they have a 32% K rate since coming back from the All-Star Break.&n...

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Welcome to Monday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

It’s Monday Funday and we have a nice-sized 8-game slate of MLB DFS tonight.  We have some clear mismatches on the mound and we also have some glaring spots for offense.  It’s looking like a fun evening of MLB DFS.

Let’s dig and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Zac Gallen vs. Miami Marlins

The biggest mismatch of the day today will belong to Zac Gallen vs. the Miami Marlins.  Gallen has been a rockstar this season.  Over the last month, Gallen is sporting a nearly 42% k rate and when he’s not striking batters out, he’s inducing ground balls with a 50% ground ball rate.  Hitters have just a 68% contact rate vs. him as well. 

It’s still early, but Gallen is making a case for his first Cy Young award this season.  He’ll surely be able to breeze through a Marlins lineup that has a 24% strikeout...

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Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

On this fine Wednesday, we have a nice-sized 8-game slate of MLB DFS.  Pitching, as has been the case on most slates this season, is very dicey.  Outside of Shohei Ohtani, there are few pitchers in good spots.  That said, we have a bunch of offense in solid spots so this should be a fun slate of MLB DFS.

Let’s dig and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Shohei Ohtani vs. St. Louis Cardinals

The 2023 version of the Cardinals is an absolute mess.  A team that was dominant vs. lefties last season was held in check last night by Patrick Sandoval.  He let up just a single run.  This was a matchup that a year ago they would have scored a healthy amount of runs.  Well, it's 2023 and the Cardinals are really struggling. With how badly they are struggling this season, Ohtani should be able to have a cei...

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Welcome to Wednesday's edition of Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

It’s Wednesday and that means we have a split slate on our hands.  There’s a 5-game starting at 1pm est and an 8-game slate starting at 6:35pm est.  This article will be focused solely on the main slate of MLB DFS starting this evening.  It’s a doozy with some clear mismatches. 

Let’s dig and make some money!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Bryce Elder vs. Miami Marlins

The pick on the Marlins tour turns to Bryce Elder tonight.  So far in this series we’ve seen Spencer Strider strike out 13 and Charlie (AARP cardholder) Morton strike out 9.  While Elder doesn’t necessarily have the K upside that Strider and Morton have, he has been consistent with at least 6 K’s in 3 of his 4 starts this season. 

With facing the Marlins and their 24% K rate vs. righties, there’s definitely a chance for Elder to grab a c...

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Welcome to the Thursday edition of Aces and Bases.  Tonight we have a fun 5 game main slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through.Dumpster Fire - an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or occurrence : disasterThis is how I would define the pitching on today’s main slate.  The “top” pitchers on the slate are in less than ideal situations with the pitchers in good positions being very mediocre.  As a result, the goal today will be to limit the damage.With that being said, let’s dig in to today’s slate!MLB DFS: The “Aces”Walker Buehler ($9.8K) vs. San Diego Padres – I’m going to be honest, I want no part of Buehler today.  For the season, Buehler has struggled to K batters.  His K rate compared to years past is way down.  This year he’s at 17.1% vs. 29% if you go all the way back to 2019.  It’s early and I’m sure the k’s will come, but at his price point you want K’s and they just won’t be there today.  The Padres for the season are only strik...

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9/24 MLB DFS Pitching and Prop Picks

The last time I saw this many Top Guns in one night I was at the Movie Theater watching Tom Cruise. So, with Gorilla Biscuits “Start Today” playing in the background on this 9/24 MLB DFS slate, I bring you today’s pitching picks.

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On theDefense

NoahSyndergaard vs. Miami Marlins

$8,200 FD / $9,000 DK

The Marlins have been red hot as of late, how hot? They arethird in wOBA over the last seven days. This scares me about as much as mydaughter Sam throwing a temper tantrum. They are still the Marlins, the same Marlinsteam that is striking out 24.2 percent of the time versus RHPs while being inthe bottom of the league in offense. Thor also has had his way all season with thefish with 12 strikeouts over 14 innings. Sometimes the best play is not alwaysthe best player and that is the case here on this 9/24 MLB DFS slate. Lock himin because Thor is going to bring the hammer tonight.

Max Scherzervs. Philadelphia Phillies

$10,600 FD / $11,000

This one was a struggle for me tonight. Gerrit Cole is the obvious cash cow but for the price I just feel that you can get close enough numbers from other starters, without paying the highest salary on the board.

Next was Mike Clevinger, easy matchup, seems great right? The White Sox are the number one team offensively over the last seven days, why take a chance this continues tonight? This leaves Max Scherzer on this 9/24 MLB DFS slate.

The Phillies are striking out 23.2 percent of the timeversus RHPs with a subpar .315 wOBA. Over the last seven days they have a wRC+of 65, which has little chance of climbing tonight in this matchup. Scherzerthis season facing the Phils has a 0.75 ERA over 12 innings while striking out19. Mad Max should go totally beyond the Terrordome tonight in this cakematchup.

MadisonBumgarner vs. Colorado Rockies

$8,600 FD / $8,200 DK

Looking for a high upside one-two punch on DK for this 9/24 MLB DFS slate? Well you just found the battle of the splits. The Rockies are 29th in MLB on the road in offense while striking out 23.4 percent of the time versus LHPs. Meanwhile, Bumgarner’s home ERA is 2.80 versus his 5.29 ERA on the road. With splits both lining up here it feels like this one is a gift from stars at his price.

JeffHoffman vs. San Francisco Giants

$6,500 FD / $4,800 DK

I am sad to say there is no magic split here, Hoffman is generally just as bad outside of Colorado as he is in. But, for the price on DK it makes a strong argument for large field GPP play. The Giants are striking out 23.6 percent of the time versus RHPs with a low .303 wOBA. Over the last seven days they have generated a wRC+ of 63, which is embarrassing. Don’t expect miracles here on this 9/24 MLB DFS slate but it is reasonable to expect 12-to-18 fantasy points on DK.

Today’s Pitching Stats

Max ScherzerNationals107166.112.611.730.8740.60%10.70%2.812.92
Noah SyndergaardMets108185.29.022.331.0747.60%12.80%4.223.93
Madison BumgarnerGiants99200.28.71.841.2135.80%11.60%3.864.34
Jeff HoffmanRockies2661.

On the Attack

MitchKeller vs. Chicago Cubs

It feels like a Cubs kind of night. The last time Keller faced Chicago he allowed six earned runs over 4 1/3 innings. The Cubbies are on the ropes here, its basically win every game, or go home. Stack away!

Chicago Cubs vs. RHPs

Anthony Rizzo45712.30%14.20%0.8640.4180.5510.9690.406152
Kris Bryant50510.10%23.20%0.4430.370.4950.8660.366126
Willson Contreras3099.10%24.60%0.3710.3460.5130.8590.358120
Kyle Schwarber47011.90%25.10%0.4720.3380.5380.8760.358120
David Bote25513.30%24.70%0.5430.380.4490.8290.352116
Jason Heyward46212.80%17.30%0.7480.3660.4720.8380.352116
Nicholas Castellanos5365.80%23.50%0.2520.3230.4930.8160.34109
Victor Caratini21410.30%21.00%0.4910.3460.4570.8030.339108
Ian Happ1019.90%22.80%0.4320.3070.4670.7740.32397
Robel Garcia525.80%40.40%0.1400.2690.50.7690.31190
Jonathan Lucroy2169.70%14.40%0.6800.3330.3780.7110.3193
Nico Hoerner515.90%13.70%0.4300.3140.4380.7510.3189
Ben Zobrist13410.40%12.70%0.8200.3510.3420.6930.30686
Albert Almora Jr.2414.10%16.20%0.2620.2840.4420.7260.29982
Addison Russell1676.60%21.60%0.3120.3010.4040.7050.29881

Anthony Kay vs. Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles bats are very unpredictable but go off often.Kay has surrendered nine earned runs in his last 14 innings pitched. In a smallpark like Toronto I am going all in on O’s tonight.

Baltimore Orioles vs. LHPs

Hanser Alberto2242.70%11.20%0.2420.4150.5370.9520.402151
Trey Mancini21510.20%20.90%0.4900.3670.5450.9130.377135
Renato Nunez2176.50%19.40%0.3300.3270.510.8370.345113
Pedro Severino1556.50%21.30%0.300.3230.490.8120.339109
Anthony Santander1454.80%25.50%0.1910.310.50.810.336107
D.J. Stewart424.80%14.30%0.3310.3570.3750.7320.31995
Jonathan Villar2436.60%26.70%0.2590.3110.4350.7460.31493
Richie Martin Jr.1605.60%21.90%0.2660.2910.3380.6290.27365
Rio Ruiz735.50%24.70%0.2200.2920.3430.6350.27365
Dwight Smith Jr.1098.30%29.40%0.2830.2750.3470.6220.26862
Mark Trumbo175.90%17.60%0.3300.2350.3750.610.25553
Mason Williams1010.00%30.00%0.3310.30.2220.5220.24345
Chance Sisco2412.50%37.50%0.3300.2920.1050.3970.21928
Steve Wilkerson1275.50%35.40%0.1600.2360.2280.4640.21223
Chris Davis688.80%44.10%0.200.2210.230.450.20519

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Monkey Knife Fight Prop Pick – Play These Picks Now and Get 100 Percent Bonus!

Although Randal Grichuk has struggled this season versus Bundy going 1-for-9, he has picked it up as of late with three home runs over his last seven days. He is dialing in and I see no reason why that does not continue tonight. Over here for sure.

Trey Mancini is 2-for-2 this season off of Kay, and I know that is not much to go on. Right handed hitters are also batting .283 this season versus Kay, seems easy enough for Trey. Have I said over yet?

Madbum is facing a Rockies team tonight that strikes out a ton versus LHPs, and he has easily reached this number in both home starts this season facing the Rocks. Over, over, and over.

The Giants are a difficult team at times to rack up strikeouts against. Hoffman has a hard enough time against easy prey, I am going under here all the way.


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We’ve got a 13-game main slate for 9/24 DFS and while a playoff picture is finally emerging and the season is winding down, there are still some high-upside hitters and stacks to get you prepped to win some green!

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9/24 DFS Hitting Stacks of the Day

Red Sox at Edinson Vólquez/Ariel Jurado

The Red Sox shouldn’t have problems getting to either Vólquez, who’s having a last hurrah in the big leagues before retiring, or Jurado, who has a 5.73 ERA this season and has trouble getting Ks. You may want to skip Betts, who’s been getting rest since coming back from a foot injury, but grab shares of J.D. Martinez, Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts and some of the more inexpensive bats (Mitch Moreland, Brock Holt, Jackie Bradley) that should help you make salary. I think the 2-5 plus Christian Vazquez (the projected 7 hitter) might be my favorite stack among the Red Sox bats.

Houston Astros at Justin Dunn/Tommy Milone

The Astros are always worth looking to considering their 121 team wRC+ and .349 wOBA, but they face a couple mashable pitchers and you don’t have to worry about splits since they rake just about everybody. Get some shares of the red-hot George Springer (three HRs on Sunday) as well as Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, Yuri Gurriel and Yordan Alvarez. they have the highest implied total among the teams with set lines so far.

TorontoBlue Jays at Dylan Bundy

These teams have been bashing each other’s brains in, and while I prefer the Blue Jays side of this offensive tilt, the entire game stack is in play. It’s been a GPP winner recently, so I have no qualms about rolling out the usual suspects again: Cavan Biggio, Randal Grichuk, Rowdy Tellez, and value bats like Brandon Drury and Teoscar Hernandez – especially if Lourdes Gurriel, Jr. (illness) sits for a second consecutive day.

9/24 DFS Hitting Stacks to Consider 

Chicago Cubs at Mitch Keller – The Cubs are nearly out of the playoff picture thanks to the Cardinals, but for 9/24 DFS you shouldn’t consider them officially dead yet – and they’re a bunch who can still pile on the runs. The Pirates home park isn’t the best venue for stacks, so ownership should be relatively low.

Atlanta Braves at Danny Duffy – Plenty of bats to like for this potent Braves lineup facing the lefty in Kansas City, you’ll just have to leave out a couple since they’re all so good. I may be fading the Yankees in Tampa, but I’m not worried about the Braves against a hittable pitcher in the heartland.

Cleveland Indians vs. Hector Santiago – The Indians aren’t as consistent as the Braves offensively, but they have a bunch of lefty mashers with a special affinity for Santiago. The implied run total is over 5.5, which means you should have shares of the 1-5 bats along with some exposure to Franmil Reyes and Jordan Luplow. I might take a wait-and-see approach with Jose Ramirez, who’s set to be activated from the IL.

Oakland Athletics at Dillon Peters – The A’s aren’t as good against LHPs (.305 team wOBA), but it’s a viable contrarian stack to consider for 9/24 DFS. The implied total is also over 5.5 runs and seems a bit high — so tread lightly with this bunch.


9/24 DFS Hitting Catcher  

Christian Vazquez, BOS at TEX

DK ($4,600)   FD($3,200)

Vazquez got a day off yesterday against the Rays, but he should beback in the lineup Tuesday in Texas. He’s got 3 homers in his last seven gamesand his overall numbers in 2019 have been impressive: .273/.316/.472 with 22 HRs.Digging a little deeper, we find a .232 road ISO, with 14 of his dingers comingaway from Fenway Park.

9/24 DFS Hitting First Baseman 

Carlos Santana, CLE at DET

DK (4,900)   FD ($4,000)   

Santana is having a career year, and I’m plugging him into most ofmy GPP builds against Hector Santiago. Hisseason slash sits at .288/.403/.529 with a 139 wRC+ and he’s destroying LHPsthis season (1.015 OPS, 162 wRC+ and .421 wOBA). There are many ways to go at1B on this slate, but Santana is my bet for a monster game.

9/24 DFS Hitting Second Baseman 

Cavan Biggio, TOR at BAL

DK ($4,900)   FD ($3,700) 

Did you expect me to play some other than Biggio? He hit anotherbomb last night and has ben raking every time I use him in GPPs – from lastTuesday’s cycle and Thursday’s home run to helping me spike some decent cashesin last night’s Rally contests on FanDuel. He’s way too cheap on that site andhis price tag on DK should keep him from being chalk – especially with so manyhigh-priced arms.

9/24 DFS Hitting Third Baseman 

Manny Machado, SD vs. LAD (3B/SS on DK)

(DK $3,700)   FD($3,000)

It’s been a disappointing season for Machado, but he’d like to endit with some standout performances against his old team, the Dodgers. I lovethe matchup against LHP Rich Hill since Machado – with some really pronouncedsplits this season – hits .314/.401/.683 against southpaws. The price is rightfor Machado, and using him as a one-off or with OF Hunter Renfroe ($4,000 onDK, $3,100 on FD) – who’s another viable Padres power hitter with a 132 wRC+against LHPs – makes a lot of sense if you’re trying to find some value and buildingmultiple lineups.

9/24 DFS Hitting Shortstop 

Corey Seager, LAD at SD

DK ($4,700)   FD($3,800)

Seger is finally hitting his groove as we near the postseason, andnow is a great time to plug him in at SS in the 9/24 DFS main slate. He’s got a123 wRC+ against RHPs and has a .381 WOBA and .314 ISO sine the start of September.There’s no time like the present, and presently, Corey Seager is raking.

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9/24 DFS Hitting Outfielders 

Cody Bellinger, LOS at SD (1B/OF on DK)

DK ($4,800)   FD($3,200) 

Cody might just ring that bell again on Tuesday night against “BadRonald” Bolanos, who’s given up three homers in 14 innings. Bellinger’s 166wRC+ and ridiculous .314/.414/.641 slash line vs. RHPs means he’ll be in all thelineups I can afford him in, regardless of the venue and the fact he’s on the road(149 wRC+ in away games this season).

Ronald Acuna, Jr., ATL at KC

DK ($5,300)   FD ($4,400)

He makes for a fine one-off if you’re not using the Braves stack, and he’s putting up obscene numbers against both LHPs and RHPs. Another interesting stat about Acuna is that he’s slashing a robust .281/.370/.510 with a 125 wRC+ at home and .279/.361/.527 with a 128 wRC+on the road. There’s not a day that I don’t consider him, even against the league’s top pitchers and regardless of the lofty price tag.

Austin Hays, BAL at TOR
DK ($3,800)   FD ($2,700) 

Hays had a monster night in Toronto on Monday and he’s once again in a good spot facing a lefty. The 24-year-old slugger is slashing .302/.362/.535 in the 15 games he’s played in the majors, and he’s still very inexpensive on both sites. If he’s in the Orioles lineup on Tuesday, I’ll be grabbing shares.

9/24 DFS Additional Stack Options:

C: Wilson Contreras ($4,400 DK, $3,200 FD), Sean Murphy ($4,000DK, $3,100 FD)

1B: Anthony Rizzo ($4,900 DK, $4,100 FD), Trey Mancini ($4,700 DK,$3,900 FD)

2B: Jose Altuve ($4,700 DK, $4,200 FD), DJ LeMahieu ($5,000 DK)($4,200 FD – 3B)

3B: Gio Urshela ($4,100 DK, $3,000 FD) Vladimir Guerrero Jr, ($3,800DK, $3,200 FD)

SS: Francisco Lindor ($5,400 DK, $4,300 FD), Nico Hoerner ($3,700DK, $3,000 FD)

OF: Anthony Santander ($4,000 DK, $3,400 FD), Brett Gardner ($4,500DK, $3,500 FD), Randal Grichuk ($4,100 DK, $3,000 FD), Ramon Laureano GPP($3,100 FD), Austin Riley GPP ($2,200 FD), Adam Duvall GPP ($2,400 FD)

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9/16 MLB DFS Pitching and Prop Picks

This 9/16 MLB DFS slate is small but extremely appetizing. Any time we have an implied total of 13.5 runs in any MLB game it becomes a clear indicator of where all the ownership is going to be directed. The problem is, we also have some excellent SP1 options tonight. So, with the new Sect LP playing in the background, I bring you today’s pitching picks.

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On theDefense

Salary is a huge issue on this 9/16 MLB DFS slate, we haveseveral top priced starters with little in the way of mid-tier value. This isgoing to make stacking Coors Field tough unless you take some serious chances.

StephenStrasburg vs. St. Louis Cardinals

$10,400 FD / $11,800 DK

There is little question that Strasburg is the top pitchingoption for this 9/16 MLB DFS slate. The Cardinals are striking out 22.5 percentof the time versus RHPs with a wOBA of .313. The last time “The Stras” faced St.Louis he had nine strikeouts over 6 2/3 innings while allowing one earned run.If you are going to spend tonight, here is where to look for the highest Kupside.

JoseBerrios vs. Chicago White Sox

$8,500 FD / $10,200 DK

At times I am baffled with the price differences between thesites on this 9/16 MLB DFS slate. For $8,500 tonight on FD Berrios is a highupside option at a bargain price. On DK I have to say “No way Jose” outside oflarge field GPPs. Regardless, the White Sox are striking out 25.7 percent ofthe time versus RHPs with a low .312 wOBA. This season Berrios is 3-1 versusthe Sox with a 3.00 ERA and 25 strikeouts over 27 innings. Love the matchup,hate he is not cheaper on DK.

DakotaHudson vs. Washington Nationals

$8,600 FD / $8,100 DK

Sniffing out the third pitching option on this 9/16 MLB DFSslate was like threading a needle with fat fingers. Although I do like TannerRoark versus the Royals, that $9,300 price tag on DK scared me away. Robbie Rayseemed like another option with great numbers versus Miami, like everyone else.But that blister issue is one where it seems prudent to hold back the cash fora start while we wait and see. Remember Rich Hill’s blister?

The clear choice seems to be Hudson. On FD I prefer Berrios, but on DK here is your best SP2 option at the price. The Nationals are 10th in MLB in wOBA versus RHPs, and on the lower side of the strikeout world at 21.2 percent. Hudson, however, did strike out seven while only allowing one earned run over six innings in his only start facing the Nats this season. On a tricky 9/16 MLB DFS slate he is the shining star in a SP2 galaxy of dead planets.

Boom orBust

One possible matchup stands out to me on this 9/16 MLB DFS slate for an uber cheap SP2 option. The problem, of course, is he has serious potential to sink you as well. If you are not among the faint of heart this is for you.

PabloLopez vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

$6,700 FD / $5,500 DK

If you are playing on FD on this 9/16 MLB DFS slate, you are better served spending up. The pricing is reasonable, and you can still fit some great bats in without taking this risk. On DK, it is a different world. The Diamondbacks are striking out at a lower 21.3 percent of the time facing RHPs with a low .306 wOBA. Over the last seven days they are batting a pathetic .167 with a wRC+ of 26. If memory serves me that is about the lowest wRC+ I can remember. Attacking a slumping team with a sub-par pitcher sometimes is like hitting the DFS jackpot, or the toilet.

Stephen StrasburgNationals17610.792.311.0450.10%15.60%3.493.2
Jose BerriosTwins1288.62.291.1942.10%12.10%3.634.38
Dakota HudsonCardinals1576.934.231.1857.20%21.20%3.384.49
Pablo LopezMarlins587.972.161.3146.60%15.90%4.974.24

On theAttack

On this small 9/16 MLB DFS slate the attack options arequite limited with the volume of positive pitching matchups. The Mets / Rockiesgame is where the DFS world is looking so why not look elsewhere?

KevinGausman vs. Chicago Cubs

There is a bit of confusion here as to whether it is Sonny Gray, or Kevin Gausman starting tonight. The latest report I have is Gausman. Lucky for us the pricing is still adjusted to Gray. This means all the Cubs bats are discounted facing a pitcher with a 6.28 road ERA against one of the best hitting teams in baseball. On this 9/16 MLB DFS slate attack this with everything you got.

ChicagoCubs vs. RHPs

Nico Hoerner2611.50%11.50%00.4230.5650.9880.402149
Anthony Rizzo44312.40%14.20%40.4130.5410.9540.4147
Kris Bryant4779.90%22.40%30.3750.5160.8910.375131
Willson Contreras2909.70%24.80%10.3590.5280.8860.368127
Jason Heyward44012.50%17.50%80.370.4880.8590.359121
David Bote25113.50%24.70%30.3860.4580.8440.358119
Victor Caratini19710.20%22.30%10.3550.480.8350.351115
Kyle Schwarber44711.60%25.10%20.3290.5220.8510.348113
Nicholas Castellanos5055.50%24.40%20.3210.490.8110.338108
Javier Baez4484.50%27.90%30.3080.5120.820.337106
Robel Garcia515.90%39.20%00.2750.5110.7850.31793
Ben Zobrist10911.00%13.80%00.3580.3470.7050.31189
Ian Happ9011.10%22.20%20.30.430.730.30887
Jonathan Lucroy2159.30%14.40%00.330.3780.7080.30891
Albert Almora Jr.2414.10%16.20%20.2840.4420.7260.29981

ColeHames vs. Cincinnati Reds

Cole Hamels was lit up in his only start this season facing the Reds allowing five earned runs over four innings. With cheap bats in need on this 9/16 MLB DFS slate there is a bevy of value to be found here on both sites tonight.

Cincinnati Reds vs. LHPs

Phillip Ervin847.10%20.20%0.3500.4050.6621.0670.3120.436168
Aristides Aquino437.00%32.60%0.2110.3720.6671.0390.3590.423160
Eugenio Suarez14317.50%30.80%0.5720.4060.5740.980.2960.401145
Alex Blandino2425.00%20.80%1.200.4170.2780.6940.0560.332101
Curt Casali8810.20%19.30%0.5300.330.4290.7580.1690.32193
Freddy Galvis1831.60%20.80%0.0820.2950.4220.7170.1390.30285
Jose Peraza1007.00%12.00%0.5820.320.3760.6960.1080.380
Jose Iglesias1194.20%10.10%0.4200.3110.3890.70.1150.379
Joey Votto16311.00%23.90%0.4620.3440.3220.6650.070.29979
Josh VanMeter2611.50%30.80%0.3810.2690.2270.4970.0910.23437
Derek Dietrich250.00%36.00%000.240.2170.4570.0430.21121
Tucker Barnhart4912.20%26.50%0.4610.2450.1630.4080.0230.1886

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Monkey Knife Fight Prop Pick

With no interest in either sides of the plate tonight and two starting pitchers both capable of easily reaching these totals I am going with the over on both.


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A flashback at some of the best performances from the Sunday slate plus their outlooks for the remainder of the season on the 9/16 MLB DFS review and look ahead.

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9/16 MLB DFS Winner: Anibal Sanchez

Anibal Sanchez was able to provide value for any DFS player that added him as their pitcher. Against the division-rival Atlanta Braves, Sanchez went seven shutout innings while only allowing three hits and a walk. He also added three strikeouts.

Outlook for the rest of the season: Sanchez could get postseason starts depending on how the Nationals want to line up their rotation and if they could advance out of the Wild Card round. More of a question mark is his 1.29 WHIP, but he could be a long man on a playoff roster if need be. Expect two more starts out of him and for Sanchez to throw a good amount of innings.

9/16 MLB DFS Winner: Howie Kendrick

The Washington Nationals were able to avoid being swept. Howie Kendrick was a big part of the reason the Nats were able to win the final game of the series vs. Atlanta as he went 3-for-4 with a home run, three RBI and two runs scored

Outlook for the rest of the season: In about a half season of at-bats from Howie Kendrick, he is producing very well. He is now at .336 with 15 home runs and 60 RBI. Almost as important as his numbers, he provides veteran leadership to a Nationals team where early postseason exits seem to be common. Expect Kendrick to produce well in his at-bats for the final stretch of the season and beyond.

9/16 MLB DFS Winner: Wellington Castillo

In a battle of two teams trying to see what they have going into 2020, the Chicago White Sox travelled to Seattle to play the Mariners, Wellington Castillo had a solid day at the plate, going 1-for-3 with a grand slam and a sacrifice fly.

Outlook for the rest of the season: This has not been a very good year for Castillo, as he is batting just .204 in 211 at-bats. Someone should remind him how the balls are juiced this season as he has a swing that could produce more home runs than just the 10 he sits at. Expect Castillo to play a decent amount of the remaining games and try to figure something out offensively, as he could be a free agent at the end of the year.

9/16 MLB DFS Winner: Chicago Cubs Offense

The Chicago Cubs dominated at Wrigley Field last night against the division-rival Pittsburgh Pirates, scoring 16 runs on 19 hits with three walks and reaching on an error. The production was evenly spread across the lineup but Kris Bryant went 3-for-5 with a pair of home runs.

Outlook for the rest of the season: At the time of this writing, the Cubs are sitting in the second Wild Card spot and are just two games behind the Cardinals in the N.L. Central. The Cubs have the sixth-lowest team ERA with a 4.04. The offense also scores 5.11 runs per game. Expect the Cubs to continue their winning ways and make the postseason as it would be a huge disappointment if they fail.

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