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Welcome to the Monday edition of the Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

Tonight’s main slate is an 11-gamer that really only has 4 games that truly mean anything.  With a Braves win or a Mets loss tonight, the Braves will clinch another NL East title <insert mopey face emoji>.  The only other games that really mean anything at this point will be the Brewers vs. Arizona and Philly vs. Houston.  The Brewers are in must-win territory at this point with the Phillies having a 2-game edge on the wild card.

Let’s dig in and see if we can find some stacks to use today!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Brandon Woodruff vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Coming off a 2 straight losses to the Miami Marlins, the Brewers turn the ball over to their ace in Brandon Woodruff.  Woodruff is pitching as well as he’s ever pitched.  Over his last 4 outings, Woodruff has struck out 42 hitters, while only giving...

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Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Aces and Bases, where I’ll be going through the top MLB DFS Aces and Stacks on DraftKings and Fanduel. 

Tonight we have a nice-sized 8-game slate of MLB DFS tonight.  I will more than likely be paying up for both pitchers tonight as there is no clear-cut safe stack. 

Let’s dig in and see if we can find some stacks to use today!

MLB DFS Aces – Main

Justin Verlander vs. Baltimore Orioles

Justin Verlander gets a strong matchup tonight vs. the Baltimore Orioles.  While the Orioles have significantly improved this season, they can still be dominated and that’s what will happen tonight at the hands of Verlander.  Verlander continues to age like a fine wine.  His age 39 season has been one of the best of his career. His ERA is at an all-time low of 1.78 and his HR/9 is the lowest since 2010. 

This is going to be only his second start after a 2-week sting on the IL.  His first start could not hav...

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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a nice sized 13 game slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through. My goal today will be to walk you through my 3 favorite pitchers and 3 favorite stacks on the day.  We are in the home stretch and there are only a handful of teams that are playing for anything right now.  NYY, BOS, TOR, Sea, and OAK are all battling for the 2 wild card spots in the AL.  Braves and Phillies are battling for the NL east and the Dodgers are currently chasing the Giants for the NL West crown.  At this point of the year, my pitchers will mostly come from those teams as we’re certain to get the regular outings out of them. Let’s dig in to today’s slate!MLB DFS: The AcesBrandon Woodruff ($10.2k) vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Cardinals have to lose at some point right?  Well I think it’s today against the Brewers Ace.  Over the last 30 days Woodruff has been superb.  He has a 2.73 xFIP to go with his elite 32% K rate.  He...

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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a nice sized 11 game slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through. My goal today will be to walk you through my 3 favorite pitchers and 3 favorite stacks on the day. Let’s dig in to today’s slate!MLB DFS: The AcesBrandon Woodruff ($10.2k) vs. St. Louis Cardinals – On paper the match up isn’t great for the highest priced pitcher on the slate.  Cardinals are a solid lineup that over the past month has only struck out 23% of the time vs. righties.  That said, we saw last night that they are susceptible to strike outs against strike out pitchers.  Peralta was able to fan 9 in just 6 innings of work.  W/ Woodruff we have very similar strike out upside to Peralta, if not greater.  Over the last 30 days Woodruff has a near 32% K rate.  No pitcher on tonight’s slate has the pure K upside that Woodruff has.  However, you could make a strong case tonight on FD to fade him due to him being the only arm over $10k.  If he fail...

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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a massive 14 game main slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through. My goal today will be to walk you through my 3 favorite pitchers and 3 favorite stacks on the day. Let’s dig in to today’s slates!MLB DFS: The AcesBrandon Woodruff ($10.6k) vs. San Francisco Giants – The Giants bats have been scuffling a bit of late and I’ll look to take advantage of that with an ace in Woodruff.  Over the past 30 days Woodruff has been pretty dominant.  He has a 29% K rate and a 3.25 xFIP.  Batters have just a 22% hard hit rate against him over that stretch as well.  This is a match up that lines up really well for him too.  The Giants should have 5 lefties in the lineup.  During the month of August Woodruff has a 36% K rate against lefties.  Really like Woodruff’s chances of having a solid night tonight.Blake Snell ($9.4k) vs. Arizona Diamondbacks –...

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Welcome to the Thursday edition of Picks and Pivots.  Today we have an 8 game day slate of MLB DFS on Draftkings to navigate through.   Main Slate BreakdownIt’s Jared and I’ll be filling in Brian over the next 2 weeks when I’m not writing Aces and Bases as he takes a much needed and well deserved vacation. On this fine Thursday we have an 8 game slate during the day that I’ll be focusing on .  One thing is clear.  Brandon Woodruff ($10.2k) is a must play.  He’s certain to be chalk, but I just don’t see how it’s chalk we can avoid.  Burnes struck out 15 Cubs last night.  Over the past week the Cubs are striking out 40% of the time.  That is just an insane mark.  Woodruff doesn’t have the same level of strike out ability as Burnes, but he’s still someone that can dial up some strikeouts.  In his last 24 innings of work he has a 31% K rate.  He has more upside than anyon...

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Welcome to the Sunday Funday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a nice sized 11 game main slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel to navigate through. It’s the final slate before the All Star break so let’s make it a good one.  We have a bunch of solid mid-tiered options today on the hill and a few good hitting environments.Let’s dig in to today’s slates!MLB DFS: The AcesJose Berrios ($9.9k) vs. Detroit Tigers – Berrios is a little more expensive than I’d like, but he gets a great match-up today vs. the K heavy Detroit Tigers.  On the year the Tigers have really struggled against righties.  They have a near 27% K rate while hitting for limited power.  If we look at more recent data, we can see that the Tigers have really been struggling of late.  Over the past week they have a 29% K rate.  Even Happ was able to man handle them recently.  Berrios himself is coming off a 10k performance.  It was the first time he reached double digits all year.  Can he do it agai...

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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Aces and Bases.  Today we have a massive 14 game main slate of MLB DFS on Fanduel. We have a couple of guys that are in the ace or near ace category to go along with some bats that are in some really nice  match-ups tonight. With that being said, let’s dig in to today’s slates!MLB DFS: The AcesBrandon Woodruff ($11k) vs. Kansas City Royals – I don’t make it a habit of picking on the Royals.  They can have a pretty stingy offense but against righties this season they’ve been pretty mediocre.  They are sporting a 26% K rate, a .283 wOBA, and a wRC+ of just 77.  These metrics tell us they are a very attackable team, especially when going against a stud like Woodruff.  If it wasn’t for Corbin Burnes, Woodruff would be the ace of the Brewers staff.  He has a 33% K rate, a 2.7 xFIP, and has only given up 3 homers in 49 innings of work this season.  With the Royals struggles against righties this season, I see no reason why ...

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It always amazes me how quickly the MLB season flies by. It seems like one day you are studying for upcoming seasonal drafts and the next you are sitting here writing a Wild Card round article. This 10/1 MLB DFS piece will guide you through everything you need to know to succeed for the Tues-Wed slates. With Incendiary’s “Cost of Living” playing in the background, and a hopeful Dodgers future, let’s get this show on the road.

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The most important fact to consider when selecting postseason pitching is, they are all top starters. Especially in one game situations. All four pitchers on this slate are viable options, even if the starter for Oakland has not been officially named yet. But, if it is Sean Manaea like we all think, for his salary on DK he is just as much in the mix. On this 10/1 MLB DFS slate I would have no problem locking him in while I wait to see what develops.

Max Scherzervs. Milwaukee Brewers (Tuesday)

$11,000 FD / $9,400 DK / $12,600 DK-SD / $18,900 DK-SD-CP

This game could be a lot higher scoring than most believe. The Brewers are striking out 25.8 percent of the time versus RHPs this season while coming in 15th in MLB in wOBA. We do have several factors in play here for this game, the first being that Scherzer’s ERA has more than doubled in the second half. There was serious talk of possibly not having him start this game, but Dave Martinez decided Mad Max’s 1.50 ERA versus the Brew Crew with 10 strikeouts over six innings was enough to give him the nod.

The next big factor to look at is the Brewers themselves. The get a negative ballpark shift playing on the road in Washington despite Scherzer’s higher home ERA. Plus, let’s not forget the monster known as Christian Yelich is on hiatus due to injury. All numbers point to a low scoring game to be decided by the bullpens. On this 10/1 MLB DFS slate every starter is viable, especially the Scherz.

BrandonWoodruff vs. Washington Nationals (Tuesday)

$6,200 FD / $6,400 DK / $10,000 DK-SD / $15,500 DK-SD-CP

Much like Scherzer on this 10/1 MLB DFS slate Woodruff benefits from the same positive park shift. However, the Nationals are seventh in MLB in wOBA versus RHPs, and near the bottom of the league in strikeouts. This season Woody dominated the Nats in his only start, facing them back in May, striking out nine batters over six innings while only allowing one earned run. Keep in mind he is working his way back from injury and more than likely will only pitch a few innings.

Charlie Mortonvs. Oakland Athletics (Wednesday)

$9,500 FD / $8,600 DK

As much as I would love to see Oakland advance here the numbers are really telling me differently. Against the Athletics over two starts, Morton has a 0.68 ERA with 13 strikeouts over 13 1/3 innings. Much like tonight’s game this one is also going to come down to the bullpens. With the A’s batting .207 over the last seven days Morton is going to feast on them tomorrow night.

2019 Starting Pitching Stats

Max ScherzerNationals172.112.691.720.9440.80%11.60%2.922.88
Charlie MortonRays194.211.12.640.6948.20%10.40%3.053.28
Brandon WoodruffBrewers121.210.582.220.8944.60%12.00%3.623.36
Sean ManaeaAthletics29.


So, here is the trick to selecting offense on this 10/1 MLB DFS slate, attack the bullpens. With top tier starters taking the mound often it’s that dicey bullpen who ends up surrendering runs. This means we need to look at their numbers. My favorite stat for this is second half bullpen ERA. By this point in the season most guys are wearing out, especially on teams that have found themselves in high leverage situations leading up to this point. Like most Wild Card teams. I expect a lot of pitching changes tonight, much more so than tomorrow night, so I would focus my offense on the Brewers-Nationals game.

Second Half Bullpen Stats


Stack #1: Brewers versus RHPs

As mentioned, this is the game to stack on this two-game 10/1 MLB DFS slate. After locking in Manaea and Morton for tomorrow night you are left with a remaining player salary on DK of nearly $4,300. With the Nationals having one of the worst bullpens in MLB in the 2nd half, I prefer Milwaukee tonight.

Don’t let he BVP scare you versus Scherzer tonight. If he finds himself giving up a few runs, or in trouble, he will be pulled early.

Keston Hiura2656.80%30.20%0.2360.418159
Eric Thames39710.60%30.50%0.3530.362122
Yasmani Grandal43816.40%21.90%0.7530.35114
Mike Moustakas4039.90%17.60%0.5630.342109
Ryan Braun3325.40%23.50%0.2380.338106
Trent Grisham14711.60%23.10%0.510.31994
Lorenzo Cain4457.60%17.10%0.4590.29679
Ben Gamel27710.10%29.60%0.3410.28471
Travis Shaw21916.40%32.90%0.500.27867
Cory Spangenberg847.10%32.10%0.2220.2762
Orlando Arcia4117.80%20.70%0.3870.26156
Hernan Perez1275.50%33.90%0.1620.2442
Manny Pina989.20%25.50%0.3600.23338
Tyler Austin6910.10%44.90%0.2310.23241
Tyler Saladino527.70%32.70%0.2420.1888

Stack #2: Nationals versus RHPs

Brandon Woodruff as nasty as he is may not go deep into this game. His recent starts suggest maybe three innings. Unless of course they have been babying him and plan on letting him go full bore tonight. Either way, I still prefer the Nats offense tonight over both teams tomorrow night.

Juan Soto43818.30%20.30%0.990.414155
Anthony Rendon47511.40%12.40%0.9220.411153
Howie Kendrick2447.80%12.70%0.6110.385136
Trea Turner4417.50%20.40%0.37270.36120
Adam Eaton49910.60%15.60%0.68110.342108
Asdrubal Cabrera37410.20%22.20%0.4630.33299
Kurt Suzuki2377.20%11.40%0.6300.31993
Victor Robles4585.90%23.60%0.25160.31490
Matt Adams2707.00%35.20%0.200.31489
Brian Dozier34612.40%22.30%0.5620.31288
Gerardo Parra2326.90%19.80%0.3560.29176
Ryan Zimmerman1379.50%19.70%0.4800.27765
Yan Gomes2738.40%25.30%0.3320.27564
Michael A. Taylor577.00%36.80%0.1950.2654
Wilmer Difo1159.60%18.30%0.5200.25450

Stack #3: Rays versus LHPs

The numbers suggest the Wednesday games will be lower scoring. For the simple reason I see more innings coming out of Morton in this one, the Rays take precedent over the A’s. There will be more bullpen exposure here, pure and simple.

Tommy Pham19718.80%17.80%1.0680.407161
Yandy Diaz11712.00%21.40%0.5610.402158
Travis d’Arnaud1508.70%21.30%0.4100.362130
Eric Sogard1209.20%18.30%0.520.353122
Michael Brosseau734.10%23.30%0.1800.347120
Austin Meadows1775.10%29.90%0.1720.346120
Guillermo Heredia1246.50%23.40%0.2800.337114
Kevin Kiermaier1303.80%21.50%0.1850.332110
Avisail Garcia1777.90%22.60%0.3500.328107
Jesus Aguilar14512.40%22.10%0.5600.30386
Daniel Robertson9610.40%28.10%0.3710.29988
Brandon Lowe682.90%52.90%0.0600.28277
Ji-Man Choi9411.70%23.40%0.500.2875
Michael Perez110.00%45.50%000.26967
Willy Adames1986.60%27.80%0.2410.24551
Matt Duffy6613.60%19.70%0.6900.24551
Mike Zunino1019.90%33.70%0.2900.21430
Joey Wendle596.80%25.40%0.2710.168-1

Stack #4: Athletics versus RHPs

With Charlie Morton having dominated the Athletics this season, and the Rays having one of the best bullpens in MLB, this really lowers the offensive production possibilities. This places Oakland at the bottom of the list for me.

Mark Canha34012.90%23.50%0.5520.405160
Sean Murphy4010.00%27.50%0.3600.394152
Matt Olson37411.20%25.90%0.4300.391150
Seth Brown6910.10%27.50%0.3710.379142
Marcus Semien54511.60%14.30%0.81100.367134
Ramon Laureano3466.40%26.60%0.2490.361129
Matt Chapman49110.20%22.80%0.4510.355126
Robbie Grossman42412.50%17.50%0.7280.30793
Jurickson Profar3998.80%14.50%0.670.28679
Chad Pinder1914.20%25.70%0.1600.2875
Stephen Piscotty3018.00%22.30%0.3620.27269
Josh Phegley2395.00%21.80%0.2300.26666
Khris Davis3837.30%30.80%0.2400.25256

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DraftKings Showdown

Obviously, you are going to want both starting pitchers in all your lineups. The big decision is the Captain spot. I would find a cheap player that steadily produces fantasy points and reserve this spot for him. This allows you the spending power to pretty much have your way with bats. Here is a screenshot of two of my Showdown lineups for tonight as an example.

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This one seems easy for me tonight. Scherzer, despite having some recent woes with earned runs allowed, still strikes out batters at an incredible rate. This one is over all the way.

Brandon Woodruff may not go deep into this one but will certainly achieve this over in a matter of three innings.


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Cash with the Flash Best Bets is back for another day. giving you our best bets of the day. Reilly Opelka won at +145 for a winning day on Monday and we await the results from the Mikhail Kukushkin-Fabio Fognini result to see how much Cash with the Flash Best Bets won for our subscribers on Monday.Cash with the Flash Best Bets will have plenty of tennis later today but for now, we have the National League Wild Card game on Tuesday.MilwaukeeBrewers (+160) @WashingtonNationals (-180)Brandon Woodruff (11-3, 3.62)vs MaxScherzer (11-7, 2.92)Cashwith the Flash Best Bets: Nationals -180Cash with the Flash Best Bets thinks this should be a very good baseball game on Tuesday night. Milwaukee has won seven of it's last 10 but enters this game hoping to end a three-game losing streak, with three consecutive road losses to the last-place Colorado Rockies. Washington has won nine of it's last 10 and enters this game riding an eight-game winning streak. Cash with the Flash Best Bets highlights:Insev...

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