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Sports Betting – North Dakota


North Dakota sports betting is legal but is limited to retail betting.

Two bills were introduced to the ND legislature in 2019. This included one which would allow complete legalized online sports betting and one just for retail betting. But both failed to gain any traction, with HB1254 passing through the House, but failing in a landslide 38-7 vote in the Senate.

Then as retail betting gained subsequent traction, North Dakota officially legalized sports betting at the beginning of December, 2021.

Sports betting can legally only take place in tribal casinos in the state. There are currently three tribal casinos that are owned and operated by the Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise. Currently, in-person retail sports betting is all that is allowed. The laws that legalized sports betting did not address mobile betting.

A house resolution was introduced in 2023, although it failed.

HCR 3002 would have required the legislative assembly to authorize sports betting in the state. It would also be licensed and regulated by the state. It also said betting would only be allowed on professional sports.

“We have seen few, if any, betting scandals surrounding college sports teams in states where sports betting is taking place,” said Representative Greg Stemen. “Because of legal and legitimate sports gaming companies, there are more built-in protections to prevent those things from happening than ever before.”

Representative Stemen said if sports betting were to be permitted in North Dakota, it would offer better consumer protection. However, some people feel that completely legalizing sports betting may not only harm the person but also eat away at the common good.

“Sports gambling, especially facilitated by commercial operators, not only diminishes the sport, it disrespects the dignity and comes very close to exploiting the human person, the athlete,” said North Dakota Catholic Conference Executive Director, Christopher Dodson.

We will see what happens in 2024.

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