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Sports Betting – Montana


Montana sports betting is legal.

Montana sports betting has been legal since March 2020. However, the state has a relatively low profile in both online and retail sports betting due in part to its small population of roughly 1 million. Montana’s sports betting market is structured through the state lottery, with limited online options. Despite its unique approach, sports betting in Montana remains a low-key endeavor.

You can only register, log in, upload documents, browse the site, deposit, prepare wagers on your betslip, withdraw funds, set your personal limits, change your personal details when you are at home. Therefore, you cannot place bets through your personal computer or mobile phone while at home. You can only place wagers in an authorized Sports Bet Montana location.

Montana established sports betting as a government-run entity, rather than as a competitive market. The Montana Lottery is both the regulator and the purveyor of sports betting in the state. All of the sports betting products that you can find in the state, whether retail or online, are extensions of the lottery.

Perhaps the most significant part of the law is the restriction that it places on online sports betting. The lone legal sports betting app, Sports Bet Montana, is part of a state agency. Players cannot place wagers outside of the premises of one of the many sportsbook locations in the state. The app allows registrations, deposits, and the like without a visit to a physical location, but the final step to secure your wager requires travel.

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