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Sports Betting – Maine


Maine sports betting is legal.

The launch of sports betting in Maine is likely to be delayed until late 2023 or early next year.

Milton Champion, executive director of Maine’s Gambling Control Unit, announced the first proposal of betting rules in January, and the time period for public comment on the proposal ended last week.

Champion said he and his staff are in the process of going over 581 comments before they can release the next version of the rules proposal, with the hope of making that announcement in May.

Another benefit of launching sports betting in the summer, Champion said, was the state could work out any potential kinks in the system before major events like the NFL season, Super Bowl, and March Madness begin.

In the meantime, potential mobile or walk-in gaming businesses can begin their application process. Champion said if the application is completed, the application fees are paid, and the background investigation is finalized, that is all that is needed. Then those businesses could be granted their gaming license the day betting goes online.

Champion said there will not be a set date for mobile gaming to launch nor a date for in-person betting facilities to open. The applications will be processed at the same time.

No one has submitted their application to Champion’s office as of Friday.

“We’ve had inquiries, that’s all,” he said.

Maine’s sports betting law gives exclusive mobile gaming rights to Maine’s indigenous tribes. Champion said he’s spoken with the tribes. They were informed they can work with mobile gaming to negotiate partnerships but cannot sign a contract until the rules are finalized.

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