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Responsible Gaming

At Win Daily Sports, we want to make sure that you’re betting responsibly.

Responsible Gaming means playing recreationally and staying within your normal standard of play in terms of both time and money spent gaming.

Whereas, Risky Gaming is gaming behavior that puts a person at greater risk for a problem (e.g., spending more money or time than intended, chasing losses, etc.).

Accordingly, Responsible Gaming involves playing for entertainment, and not interfering with other areas of your life. What does that specifically mean?

Responsible Gaming Means:

  • Playing for pleasure and entertainment but being aware of the likelihood of losing and understanding the risks. 
  • Being able to control the amount of betting.
  • Playing in balance with other activities in life so betting is not causing problems or harm for one’s self or others.

How Responsible Gaming Can Be Enforced:

  • Self-Exclusion/Time Out – This allows players to put their account on temporary (reversible) hiatus.
  • Reality Check – A pop-up is triggered at certain time intervals in order to remind players to take a break or stop playing.
  • Time Limits – Used for setting strict time limits on playing sessions.
  • Deposit Limits/Account Tracker – Used for enforcing a limit on deposits.
  • Permanent Account Closure – This lets players close their account and cut off all contact with the gambling operator.
  • Credit Card Restrictions – You can make a request to your bank to block your access to internet transactions.

Four Tips for Responsible Gaming:

  • Avoid chasing losses and don’t try to make up for prior wagers.
  • Take a break for the amount of time you feel necessary.
  • Set a realistic budget and never play beyond your means.
  • Educate yourself and be knowledgeable about the picks that you are placing.


Betting is more fun when it is for fun. However, if it turns into risky gambling, it may be time to analyze habits and make some changes.

If you need help please let us know. More information on Responsible Gaming can be found outside Win Daily at RGC “Responsible Gambling Council”.