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NFL DFS RB Report Card for Week 3

Throw in the towel! Not because of our RB recommendations here at the Running Back Report Card. After all, we hit on six of the top ten scoring RBs last week! But because of the numerous injuries that ball carriers incurred in Week 2. And also, for the curious playcalling by several OCs, including one up in New York.

Using data to pick the best spots for RBs in a given week is challenging enough. But then you add injuries and unpredictable game scripts, and it all becomes much tougher. Ultimately, it was heartbreaking to see Nick Chubb go down with a severe leg injury and for Saquon Barkley to hurt his ankle when the Giants were running out the clock for a game-winning field goal. So erase those bad thoughts. Throw in the towel for Week 2, and let's start a new contest with the below building blocks for your DFS lineups.

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