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NBA DFS Today: Gems with Ghost & Adam 4/9

NBA DFS Today: Gems with Ghost & Adam 4/9

We only have three games tonight as the NBA season is just about to wrap up and get us into the playoffs. Tonight's slate is not one that has any teams that need to play hard, which could lead this one to be a tricky slate. Motivations are in question but there is still money to be made in the NBA DFS Today: Gems with Ghost & Adam 4/9!

Question 1: “Which approach are you taking when building a single lineup? Stars & Scrubs, Balanced, Game stack, etc.?”

Ghost: Balanced; the only studs on this slate are Paul George and Ja Morant, who makes his return to the Grizzlies lineup after a lengthy absence. 

Adam: You really don’t have a choice but to go mostly balanced because on DraftKings, there is no player over $10,000 and Paul George is only $9,300. It’s possible Ja Morant plays but there’s no telling how many minutes he’d play with nothing for the Grizzlies to achieve. At least with George, he’s facing Sacramento and i...