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Formula 1 DraftKings DFS: Race Week Singapore Grand Prix, October 2022

Welcome to the 17th edition of Formula 1 Race Week: Singapore Grand Prix, October 2022.

Singapore plays host to the 17th race this year. With 61 3 mile long laps with long straits and heavy breaking zones.

Qualifying was slightly hampered by rain, which always leads to a very interesting grid. Lets find some plays for our DFS lineups.

Formula 1: DFS Top Captain Options

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing $18,600

Starting in P8 after some interesting developments during his final qualifying lap. The Red Bull is the class of the field and Max can win his 2nd drivers championship this weekend. He should be able to pass the cars in front of him and run away with the championship, but Red Bull has been a little bit off this weekend. If I am playing multiple lineups Max should be a heavily owned captain option.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes $15000

Heading into the weekend there was a thought that this Singapore circuit would benefit Mercedes. With a narrow circuit, long straits and heavy braking like I mentioned before, this track would help hide Mercedes’ weaknesses. Lewis can win this weekend from P3, his teammate starting in P11 helps lewis potential maximize his DK points as well.

Charles Leclerc $16,800 The Ferrari looked great in the hands of Charles, and Carlos to be honest. Carlos Sainz $13, 800 is just as much in contention as Charles is. Carlos starts in P4, putting Ferrari as the constructor a strong play as well.

Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing $13,200 puts Red Bull Racing constructor into play as he starts in P2. Of Course, Sergio can win this race as well.

Formula 1: DFS Mid Tier options

Lando Norris McLaren $7600

Lando and Mclaren are constantly nipping at the heels of the top teams. In a tight battle with Alpine for the 4th constructor position, Lando has been amongst the quickest cars over the weekend. Riccirado starts in P17 which really helps boost Lando’s DK position.

Fernando Alonso $7000 Alpine is also helped by his teammate, Esteban Ocon starting in P18. Fernando just like Lando should be in position to maximize DK points.

Alphatauri $3400 ended up being the best of the lower rung teams after qualifying. With both drivers starting in the top 10, they should make for solid options as long as they stay in their positions, however if there was one car that looked better in the wet conditions was the AT.

Haas‘ drivers aren’t far off though, so I might end up rotating through the 4 drivers and 2 teams as yellow flags and issues in general are not far away on this Singapore circuit.

Formula 1: DFS Other options

The aforementioned Magnussen $3200 Haas and his teammate Mick Schumacher $4000 line up behind Alphatauri whom have demonstrated an inability to stay up front on race day.

Formula 1: DFS Value 5-point options

Magnussen $3200 I have K-Mag in here twice as I don’t think there is much value overall this weekend. Therefore using K-mag as a last guy in option makes a ton of sense.

Tsunoda, again with a lack of value overall, Yuki makes the article twice. $3600 in P10 is to good, sprinkling him into lineups if playing multiple lines helps finish making a lineup.

DFS Constructor options

  • Ferrari $11,200 Both drivers in the top 3. 
  • Red Bull Racing $11,900 The class of the field, Max is nipping at championship #2
  • Alphatauri $3700 Alpha has the strange knack for qualifying well, but then falling apart in the race, trade lightly with this play. 
  • Haas $3400 if Alphatauri does AT things and falls apart, Haas could realistically see a double points finish. 

Race Week Singapore Grand Prix DFS overall strategy

With a wet qualifying we had a fun session to watch. The drivers said they had plenty of grip, so I think we saw the odd wet quali that was more true to form than not. The Ferrrari drivers look really good, so overlooking them might be at your own peril. The circuit is tough to overtake as well which really plays into the Ferrari’s hands.

If you have questions please feel free to hit me up in discord @tcuz86, or on Twitter @tcuz86. Have fun and thanks for reading Formula 1: Race Week Singapore Grand Prix, October 2022.