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Starting Rotation 8.1

Starting Rotation 8.1

It's Sunday and we have 10 games in front of us and the pitching side of things remains mysterious in this part of the season. We had all sorts of oddball performances once again, including Yu Darvish striking out eight but giving up home runs left and right (by his standards). This slate doesn't have the traditional "ace" so it will be another challenge to figure out in the Starting Rotation 8.1!

Starting Rotation 8.1 Main Targets 

Sandy Alcantara 

If this was before the Trade Deadline (and he was a little cheaper), I would love this spot for Alcantara. Seeing as how the Yankees should have at least two lefties in the lineup with newcomers Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo, the spot turns a bit more dangerous. Still, the Yanks are in Miami so they lose the DH option and Alcantara follows the path of other Miami pitchers who are better at home. The wOBA is .255 in Miami compared to .312 on the road and the IP are almost dead even. The K rate is no...