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Starting Rotation 7.6

Starting Rotation 7.6

Let me be the first one to wish the Win Daily crew Happy Jacob deGrom Day! We all know that Rotation takes on a bit of a different format on those days and it's going to be mainly concentrated on finding a great SP2 to go with him. We're going to have some strong options at the top but the question is what we can find at the lower tier of salary in Starting Rotation 7.6! 

Starting Rotation 7.6 - Main Targets 

Jacob deGrom

DK still has not pitched him over $12,000. It doesn't get much more plug-and-play than this. deGrom wasn't even at his best early last game and still whiffed 14 hitters. He threw 93 pitches so there's little fear about nagging injury and pitch count issues. deGrom also continued to use the slider as his primary pitch but when it's getting a 62% whiff rate, you can't argue. Milwaukee strikes out over 25% of the time and they face one of the best pitchers in the middle of a historic season. Don't overthink this.