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Starting Rotation 7.4

Starting Rotation 7.4

We only have nine games on Sunday for our main slate but we have some very strong options for our pitchers up top. Diving into the value range gets a whole lot trickier even with a recognizable name near the bottom. Let's talk about him and the rest of the gang in the Starting Rotation 7.4 and lay the foundation for our green screens! 

Starting Rotation 7.4 - Main Targets

Freddy Peralta 

Pirates Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 30th SL - 26th CH - 12th CB - 25th

I'd have to imagine Peralta is the most popular option on this slate. The Pirates continue to not only be the worst team in the league against the fastball, but they rate at a -47 on FanGraphs while the Cards at 29th rate at -25.6. That's just an enormous gap. They're not real hot against the slider either and for Peralta, those two pitches have 113 of 122 strikeouts on the year and they both have at least a 31.2% whiff rate. His four-seam is ranked 10th on FanGraphs and t...