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Starting Rotation 7.27

Starting Rotation 7.27

We have all 30 teams in action tonight but I'm not sure exactly what that means as far as pitching options. We do have some strong arms but we'll be paying for them if we go that route and paying for aces has been frustrating lately. We have the high end and plenty in between to get to so let's get rolling in the Starting Rotation 7.27 to set our foundation for green screens!

Starting Rotation 7.27 - Main Targets

Lance McCullers 

He's certainly expensive, especially for a pitcher who has five starts of under 20 DK in his last 10. The good news is McCullers has plenty of ceiling with two starts of at least 35 DK and this strikes me as a spot that could feature a ceiling. McCullers has a K rate approaching 28% and generates an 11.6% swinging-strike rate. His two secondary pitchers of the curve and slider both have a whiff rate over 34% and the wOBA is under .285. The sinker has been the weak spot with a .347 wOBA and four out of six home runs...