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Starting Rotation 7.22

Starting Rotation 7.22

I'm not going to lie to you, we are in a bit of a slog as far as pitching options go. It feels like forever since we've had a dynamite slate, let alone one that was even really good. We do have a couple of bigger name options at the top that are interesting but let's talk about that and more in the Starting Rotation 7.22!

Starting Rotation 7.22 - Main Targets 

Walker Buehler 

This is a tough spot to get a read on for Buehler. He's faced the Giants three times already and has scores of 30, 13, and 23 DK points which sounds about right. There are some good and bad that can come across. The good is the K rate for Buehler has come up to 26% while the Giants are over 25% as a team. He also has an 11.5% swinging-strike rate even with throwing a four-seam almost 48% of the time. Only his curveball has a whiff rate over 29.1% on the season which is moderately impressive since the K rate is so high. 

The flip side here is the ERA is 2.37 and ...