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Starting Rotation 7.20

Starting Rotation 7.20

If you thought last night's pitching was kind of rough, I may have some bad news. Tonight is not a whole lot better even though we have two more games to bring the total to 13. We have a minefield to navigate tonight in the Starting Rotation 7.20 to figure out who we need to target this evening!

Starting Rotation 7.20 - Main Targets 

Note - We've talked about Yu Darvish, Luis Garcia, and Trevor Rogers in yesterday's article. My feelings on all three really haven't changed past the fact they all saw the salary rise. I'm slightly less interested in all three but the complexion of the slate might push them more into play than I would like. 

Aaron Nola

Yankees Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 17th CB - 16th CH - 27th

I'm not exactly a giant fan of Nola and likely don't play him but he's one of the most talented pitchers on the slate and needs to be discussed. His pitch types are interesting because every single pitch has given up at least a ....