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Starting Rotation 7.19

Starting Rotation 7.19

Monday greets us with 11 games on the MLB slate and it's not one that holds many attractive cheaper options. I apologize for no article yesterday but we are ready to rock tonight! The higher-end and midrange look pretty fascinating and my early lean is to stick in that midrange. Let's talk about who's slated to pitch in the Starting Rotation 7.19 and see if we can't find another day of pitchers that lay the foundation for green screens!

Starting Rotation 7.19 - Main Targets

Yu Darvish 

Braves Ranks vs Cutter - 8th FB - 8th

Darvish is sort of a mystery bag tonight. He's coming off the IL, but I don't think we'll see a restricted pitch count. I'm not a big fan of seeing his spin rate down in the past four starts, but he has a ceiling game in that mix against the Dodgers with 11 strikeouts. He now gets an Atlanta offense that is without Ronald Acuna and Darvish has a 29.8% K rate on the year. I'm willing to not sweat the last start with the injury ...