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Starting Rotation 7.1

Starting Rotation 7.1

We have seven games scheduled for tonight but there is one game already under threat of rain, so we'll have to see how that develops. The good news is we have two stud pitchers at the top and it will be interesting to see if we can fit them both or if we have to choose a cheaper option to pair up with one of them. Let's talk about all our options tonight in the Starting Rotation 7.1 and lay the foundation for green screens once again! 

Starting Rotation 7.1 - Main Targets 

Jacob deGrom

Atlanta Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 13th SL - 22nd CH - 5th

I get that deGrom was very average last time out but that was nothing more than an outlier in my eyes. His spin rate (not accusing, just addressing) was not anything that raised concerns in that start so there's no fear there. Sometimes, he's just not the fantasy monster we know and love. That doesn't mean he shouldn't get right back to dominance tonight in Atlanta. They are eighth in K r...