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Starting Rotation 6.3

Starting Rotation 6.3

We have another eight-game slate tonight and once again the pricing is making life difficult. It seems to be a recurring theme lately that we have one nailed on ace at the top of the salary ladder that will attract major attention. Past that, things get a little dicey with salaries involved so let's get to work in the Starting Rotation 6.3 and find the green screens!

Starting Rotation 6.3 - Main Targets 

Yu Darvish 

Mets Ranks vs Pitch Types - CT - 29th SL - 12th FB - 17th

With the Mets still hampered in their lineup and missing four starters, it's hard not to slot in Darvish and just get different elsewhere. Over the past two weeks, New York has been striking out over 25% of the time and is below average in wOBA, wRC+, OPS, and OBP. On the Darvish side, there is room for some small regression since the ERA is 2.16 and the xFIP is 3.82. Against a better offense, I may be slightly more concerned but Darvish is also sporting a 30...