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Starting Rotation 6/29

Starting Rotation 6/29

Every team in the majors is in action Tuesday night which means we have 30 pitchers to choose from! There do appear to be options from top to bottom on this slate and we have to deal with Coors Field in some capacity. Let's not waste a whole lot of time and get directly to work in the Starting Rotation 6/29 and lay our foundation for green! 

Starting Rotation 6/29 - Main Targets 

Note - Both Lucas Giolito and Kenta Maeda pitch tonight and saw their salaries decrease. Both are broken down in Starting Rotation 6/28 and both of these players would get a write-up if this was just a normal slate, so the main targets list will be a touch shorter. I wouldn't be surprised to see Maeda as the most popular SP2 option on the slate tonight. There's no need to re-hash what was written in that article. 

Brandon Woodruff

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