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Starting Rotation 6.26

Starting Rotation 6.26

We have two slates of MLB action today, one 10 game and one four-game. This is going to be a Super Size Starting Rotation because I'm going to be covering Brian for Picks and Pivots as well! The 10 game slate will have the full breakdown with offenses and the four-game slate will be a bit more condensed but cover all the bases. Brian will be doing the same for Sunday, but let's get right to work today since we have quite a bit to get to in the Starting Rotation 6.26! 

Starting Rotation 6.26 - Main Slate Targets 

Jacob deGrom 

Phillies Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 24th SL - 11th CH - 18th

Play him. Move on. 

Alright, I'm going to go slightly more in-depth since there have been some injury concerns the past couple of starts. I would be lying if I said I didn't have some small worries because the Mets are going to baby deGrom without question. The flip side is th...