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Starting Rotation 6.25

Starting Rotation 6.25

We are back for a busy Friday night on the diamond and I thought we might have some fantastic options when I looked at the probable pitchers. The bad news is we got robbed of Corbin Burnes and Aaron Nola because those games start at 4:00 today. Things should get a bit more condensed with those options unavailable to us. Let's talk about the upper tier and a bunch more in the Starting Rotation 6.25 to lay the foundation for our green screens! 

Starting Rotation 6.25 - Main Targets 

Carlos Rodon 

Mariners Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 27th SL - 25th CH - 25th

Rodon is going to be heavy chalk I would suspect and he's just been outstanding this season. His four-seam and slider have been borderline untouchable with a total of 103 strikeouts out of 105 he's recorded. Both pitches have a wOBA of .230 or worse and both are over a 30% whiff rate. If he qualified, the slider would rank sixth among the league in FanGraphs rating. His ...