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Starting Rotation 6.24

Starting Rotation 6.24

We're back for an eight-game slate tonight and looking to replicate the success we saw yesterday! It's not going to be easy because the options tonight are not all that great on the surface. One duo stands out and I already can see them becoming the chalk pair. Let's talk about those two and some other options in the Starting Rotation 6.24 to lay our foundation for green screens! 

Starting Rotation 6.24 - Main Targets 

Walker Buehler 

Cubs Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 22nd CB - 5th CT - 11th SL - 11th

I did my once-over of this slate and let out an exasperated sigh because A. the options are sketchy and B. Buehler is the clear top option on paper. I already dislike paying the high salary for him and if you've read through this season, you know we rarely get along. Every time I play Buehler he pitches poorly and if I fade him as chalk, he goes seven innings and smashes. This spot stands out for a couple of reasons and one...