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Starting Rotation 6.14

Starting Rotation 6.14

Last Monday brought us just three games total but MLB made up for it tonight with 13 games. That's all well and good, but the pitching options are fairly dreadful tonight. It's going to be tough sledding and my honest opinion is to make this a smaller bankroll night. I could see it ending up like Saturday's pitching slate, which was totally out of whack. Let's figure out who in the world we're pitching tonight in a challenging version of Starting Rotation 6.14 to lay our foundation for green screens!

Starting Rotation 6.14 - Main Targets

Tyler Glasnow

White Sox Ranks vs Pitch Types - FB - 3rd SL - 5th CB - 3rd

There are plenty of nights that we can figure out other paths besides playing the top-tier chalk. I don't see this being one of those slates since Glasnow is pretty far and away the best pitcher on this slate on paper. He ranks second in the swinging-strike rate at 17.3%, third in CSW at 33.7%, and fourth in K rate at 36.1%. The ER...